Chapter 6

Vegeta laid awake, his body entwined with Bulma's. Already it was late morning and he had been up for half an hour watching the delicate blue haired creature, laying on his chest, sleep.

What are you doing to me little one?

Shifting, he laid the human on her back. Soft blue tendrils framed her face, and he brought his hand up to run his fingers through her hair. Closing his eyes, he placed a tender kiss on her forehead and made his way down to her neck, stopping at her bitemark of which he started to lick and suck at.

Bulma's breathing came in harder and quicker intervals, but she did not wake. Vegeta smirked, after last night's activities she still had hours of sleep left to go before she'd feel refreshed. He pressed his body to hers, holding back a groan as he rubbed himself against her. It was incredible what she made him feel - incredible as well as scary. It was dangerous the way he kept sacrificing his pride for her, yet at the moment of every time he did it, he never gave it a second thought. She had power over him and he over her.

Never had he ever imagined he'd be taking to bed an equal. He had always considered himself above everyone - even his father - so, it never crossed his mind that a mere woman could rise up to meet him. But it happened and she was now in his arms. She challenged him in every way possible, even physically - yes, Vegeta smirked, she may not fight but she has other methods, referring to their nights together. He would let nothing come between them.

Vegeta looked at his sleeping beauty. She needed her rest, so he gently disentangled himself from her. It would be awhile before she woke up, so he decided he should train (actually, he should have been at training hours ago, but something else had come up).

Quickly donning his body suit, he immediately made his way to the training room.


King Vegeta stood, watching his guards spar as he angrily waited for his son.

Where the hell is the brat? He should be here by now but he isn't. No one knows where he is, he never stayed in his room last night . . .

The wayward Prince then entered the room.

"BRAT! Why are you so late, and where have you been all night?"

"That is none of your concern," Vegeta barely acknowledged his father. "My business is none of yours, so get off my back."

"Why you insufferable whelp! If we had the time, I'd beat that attitude out of you. Unfortunately, Leeka's ship is about to dock; they made excellent time, hence they are arriving early. There isn't even enough time for you to change into proper clothes! Come, we are to meet them." Not even waiting for his son to respond, the King left.

Leeka? Who the hell is . . . ohhhhh, Vegeta smirked. The woman's not going to like this.


The huge transport ship made its way to the dock. A door opened and a ramp was extended, followed by two rows of guards.

At the top of the ramp was a Saiyan woman, wanting to make her grand entrance. She stood there, waiting until the guards were on the ground, outlining a walkway for her. She slowly sashayed down the ramp, her thick black hair that had been swept out of her face, cascading down her back. The tight bodice of her long gown proved she was a warrior, showing a feminine but muscular figure. She descended the ramp, a small smile on her pretty face, but her big brown eyes were cold and calculating.

She stopped when she was about 2 feet away from the King, and slightly bowed as she greeted her former sovereign.

King Vegeta licked his lips; his son was definitely lucky. Leeka was a beauty and as his eyes wandered over her sleek, athletic build, he couldn't help but wonder how much stamina she had . . .

He snuck a peek at the Prince, who wore a stony facial expression.

"King Vegeta," Leeka spoke. "My father sends his best wishes in the union between your son and I and apologizes that he cannot be here just yet. He will join us later but also looks forward to the reunification of our tribe."

"Your father is a wise man. Now, let me introduce you to my son, this is Prince Vegeta."

Vegeta stiffly bowed before Leeka, his boredom having set in. Had he met her a couple of months ago, perhaps it would have been a different story. It was uncommon to find such beauty in a Saiyan woman, but, Vegeta also countered, his interest barely would have held the moment he spied his human goddess.

Leeka had other ideas in terms of greeting Vegeta and embraced him after his bow. She brought her mouth to his ear and in a sultry voice said, "My Prince, it's a pleasure to meet you," emphasizing the message by pressing her body against his, hoping to turn him on.

She frowned when she got no response and frowned deeper when she picked up a foreign scent on him. It was sweet and rather feminine and his whole body emanated it. She knew what that smell was . . . and to think he didn't even bother to shower before coming to meet her . . .

Vegeta roughly dislodged the arms around his neck and pushed Leeka away. "Know your place," he growled. "Even if we're getting married, such actions are inappropriate. I'm sure my father has plans to keep you busy, so if you don't mind, I have to get back to my training."

Leeka stared open mouthed at Vegeta's retreating back. How DARE he . . .

"My Lady, forgive my son. He is like that with everyone and is obsessed with getting stronger. Give him awhile and he'll come around, but now that you're here, how about a tour of your new home?" the King asked holding out his arm.

Leeka smiled slyly and wrapped her arm tightly around his. "Of course my King, I want you to show me everything."


Bright blue eyes slowly opened to take in the world around them. When Bulma was fully awake, she quickly sat up in her bed. Looking around her, she failed to see any trace of her Prince, with the exception of the indentations on her bed, signifying that she had not slept alone. She lazily smiled, last night Vegeta practically proved that he cared for her, that he wanted her, not only her body but mind and soul as well.

Sighing, Bulma stretched and rolled out of bed. She knew she had a lot of explaining to do today, especially to Yaumcha; she only hoped that she'd be able to find him. Putting on a blue shirt and black pants, she went in search of her former boyfriend.


Yaumcha sat stone faced, watching people pass on the promenade. He had been there all night and all morning, just sitting, staring, and occasionally thinking. Feelings raged inside him; anger, jealousy, pain, betrayal, sadness . . . Just as an emotion was about to break to the surface, another one would quickly replace it. To think, he had traveled halfway across the galaxy because he missed her, only to find that she had gotten over him in the blink of an eye. He had been a fool to think he had a second chance with her, but all she had been doing was using him to get to Vegeta.


He knew it. The moment he had seen the Saiyan Prince and Bulma argue together, he knew there was more than met the eye. He just never expected it to be . . . the shock was just so . . .

"Yaumcha," a soft voice interrupted his thoughts.

The human in question turned to look at the woman beside him. Bulma flinched; great pain radiated from his eyes. Cautiously, she sat down in the chair next to him.

"We need to talk . . ."

Yaumcha didn't say anything, but he did look expectantly at the woman he thought he loved.

"Yaumcha, I'm just so sorry about last night. I never meant to hurt you, to lead you on like that. Oh Kami, I'm sorry about Vegeta, I'm sorry I never told you the truth . . . "

"And just what is the truth, Bulma?"

"I . . . it's complicated. What I feel for Vegeta, I can't describe, I'm not even sure it can be described. The way it happened was just too unreal, but I know . . . I know . . ."

"You love him?"

Bulma hung her head, she couldn't meet Yaumcha's eyes. "Yes."

"Did you ever love me?"

Her head shot up, "Of course Yaumcha, I loved you, I still love you, but, it's not the same kind of love. You are my dear friend Yaumcha, and I wanted you to know that no matter what you decide to do. Please forgive me, I know I have no right to ask that, but please, I beg of you."

Yaumcha saw the crystalline tears forming in Bulma's eyes, and believed her sincerity. She hurt him, but she wasn't entirely at fault. When she left Chikyuu, they had already broken up, what she did after that needed no excusing. But they had parted on such bad terms, he had to see her, had to make everything right again, and deep down, he had been hoping they could make another go at their relationship. He had never counted on her finding someone else, and so quickly - it just wasn't meant to be.

"I love you Bulma, you know that, and I'll always be there for you. If that Saiyan Prince ever gets out of line, if he ever hurts you . . ."

"He won't, I'm sure of it."

"Yes Bulma, I forgive you. I rather have you in my life as a friend, then not have you in it at all."

Bulma, smiling through her tears, embraced Yaumcha in a hug. "Thank you," she whispered, "thank you so much."

After their special moment, Yaumcha realized something. "Um, Bulma, I'm still going to be on Vegitasei for awhile, and even though we're friends again, I don't think Vegeta would appreciate it if I still stayed with you. Do you have any idea of where I could stay?"

Bulma thought for a bit, then smiled, "You know, I think I do."


" . . . and here we have the throne room. As you can see, portraits of every Saiyan King line the walls, dating back to . . ."

"King Vegeta!" A guard interrupted the tour being given. "I'm sorry to intrude Sire, but it's urgent. The Drojens on Ursa Prime are breaking our treaty, and threatening war if we don't give into their demands."

The King snarled, "Why those impertinent pests! Have a sweeper squad ready, those reptiles have been a thorn in my side for long enough." He turned to Leeka, "I'm sorry my dear, I'll have to get someone else to continue your tour. However, I shall be free later, so perhaps you will join me for dinner."

Leeka smiled flirtatiously, "But of course my King, you must do what you must. Those who oppose the Saiyan Empire must be shown the error of their ways immediately."

King Vegeta grinned, "So right you are. Lattuga here will take my place, so please do enjoy the rest of the day."


Bulma was in her lab, talking with Linna, when two Saiyans entered. One she recognized as the King's Guard, Lattuga, but the other, the other was a Saiyan woman? Bulma was surprised, since being on Vegitasei she couldn't remember ever seeing a female Saiyan. Her curiosity grew as it seemed the Guard was taking orders from the woman.

"Can I help you with anything?" Bulma asked.

The Saiyan woman looked up and frowned, "Tell me, who runs the science department?"

Bulma did not like her attitude, "I do, is there something wrong?"

"Obviously, if a weakling such as yourself is in charge. What the hell are all these trinkets you are making? Where are the weapons, where are the training facilities, where are the plans for better ships? Your first duty should be to Vegitasei, and yet I see nothing here that will help her or the empire."

Bulma's eyes flamed, "How DARE you! You have no right to question me. The King brought me here because of my genius and I have free reign on how things are handled. I don't need some Saiyan tramp coming in here telling me what to do, especially when she doesn't have the mental capacity to understand the basics of our jobs."

"I am your future Queen, slave, so you better get used to taking orders from me. I don't know why the King puts up with you now, but you can be sure that when I receive my title, I will not take this lack of respect lightly. You can bet your life on it."

Bulma almost choked, "Queen?"

Leeka smiled, So the bitch is eating her words. "Yes, Queen! The Prince and I will be getting married shortly, so enjoy whatever freedoms you have now because I can assure you that they will be gone in a matter of weeks!"

Leeka noticed the change in Bulma's composure. She still saw the rage in her eyes, but there was something else as well.

And then she smelled it.

That scent, it was . . . it was from this morning, from the Prince. Leeka's eyes narrowed. It belonged to her; this weak Chikyuu native shared her bed with the Prince. Then she spied the bitemark. He marked her? Vegeta sunk so low as to claim a human mistress? Well, he is the Prince, everything he touches is his property, I shouldn't be surprised. No wonder she is disrespectful, she thinks she has the Prince's favour. Poor little fool, doesn't she realize that every man has urges and that they'll satisfy them with whatever just happens to be on hand?

Leeka stepped closer to Bulma and lowered her voice so that only the two of them could hear. "You're in for a rude awakening if you think that by sleeping with the Prince you will get power. He doesn't want you, you are just there to satisfy his desires. Once we are married, I am all he'll ever need, so you better respect me or I'll have you placed among the common whores."

With a defiant look, Bulma responded, "We shall see who marries the Prince."

Leeka stared blankly at first and then started laughing. "You really believe that don't you, you believe that you have a chance with the Prince? Come now, what do you expect him to do? Turn his back on his heritage, go against Saiyan law? Do you think his people would accept you? You are an alien, a weakling, do you honestly believe he would sacrifice everything for a mere woman, who is the exact opposite of what he values? The best you can hope for is the royal harem, and even then, at most, you'd be second in his heart." Still laughing, Leeka turned and left the lab.

Shaken to her core, Bulma pushed past a confused Linna and locked herself in her office. Hunched over her desk, Bulma started crying because she could not deny Leeka's words. Even if Vegeta truly cared for her, he would not give up everything to be with her. He planned on making her his concubine, not his wife. She would be his whore, and that is something she refused to be. To truly love someone, is to do so completely. It is either all or nothing.


Yaumcha smiled politely at the golden-skinned woman with the bright red hair, who was helping him get settled in his new quarters.

"So, you are a friend of Bulma's huh?" chatted Linna. "Man, can you actually believe that she and the Prince got together? I mean they hated each other before they even met, but I guess those midnight romps softened them up . . ."

"Linna please, I really don't need to know all the details of their relationship."

The woman looked at Yaumcha and then gasped, "Oh, I'm so sorry. I didn't know you were that type of friend. Jeez, me and my big mouth. I take it you only found out about this recently?"

Yaumcha miserably nodded his head.

"Well, look, why don't we go out to dinner, take your mind off everything . . ."

"Thanks for the offer but I really don't think that would be the best thing."

"Oh Yaumcha, I'm not going to make a move on you, not until you want it anyways," Linna laughed. "Look, I can see how much you love Bulma and that you're hurting right now, I just think that going out will do you some good, take your mind off things. Come on, it can't hurt. You really need a friend right now, and since you're so far away from Chikyuu, I'd like to be that friend. What do you say?"

The scarred man sighed, "Sure, why not?"


Vegeta stealthily entered his woman's quarters, spying her asleep in one of the chairs of her living room. He smirked, knowing that she had been waiting for him, he being late because of his training in an effort to keep away from his fiancée. Gently picking her up, he quietly made his way to the bedroom, but the slight movement jarred her awake. He laid her on the bed and crawled on top of her.

"Hello little one, did you miss me?" he asked softly nipping at her jawline.

"Mmmmm, Vegeta . . ." Bulma groaned, but then snapped to attention. "No, wait, please, we have to talk."

Vegeta stopped his kisses and raised himself to look down on Bulma.

"I met someone today . . ."

Vegeta smirked, "So Leeka made her way to the lab?"

"You knew she was here, that she was coming today? How could you do this to me, especially after last night . . ."

"Calm down woman! I didn't know she was coming today, she showed up early. Besides, what does it matter if she's here or not, it doesn't change anything between us."

"That's exactly my point Vegeta. What do you see this relationship as? Am I some whore that you're just going to keep around until you want a son so badly, you'll go and be with your wife? I need to know what I am to you Vegeta, please, tell me . . ."

"You and your foolish questions," Vegeta growled. "Last night should have proven what we are. We are inseparatable, we belong to each other, nothing else should matter."

"But it does matter Vegeta, I need to know if you will marry Leeka."

"Marrying that female will not separate us. So yes, I will do my duty, I will abide by Saiyan law, I will marry Leeka when the time comes."

Tears formed in Bulma's eyes as she turned herself from Vegeta's grasp, and got off the bed.

"Then you will lose me."

Angrily, Vegeta rose to meet her and forced her to look at him. "Don't be foolish! My marriage won't separate us, by law I have every right to take a concubine, you will not be scorned."

"This has nothing to do with what other people think Vegeta. Don't you understand, I want a life, a future with the man I love. One in which we live equally as husband and wife and raise children together."

"What you want is not possible."

"Do you love me Vegeta?"


"I asked you if you love me?"

"I refuse to answer such a silly question."

Bulma sadly lowered her head. "Then you're right, what I want is not possible . . .with you."

"What are you blabbing about?"

"I deserve better than being a concubine for the rest of my life; I refuse to settle for second best. If you plan on marrying Leeka, then you can walk out that door right now."

"Woman, do you realize what you're asking me to do? If I don't marry my promised mate, I turn my back on everything I was ever taught to believe in: the Saiyan people, Saiyan culture and Saiyan law. You are forcing me to make a decision that devalues everything that ever shaped me, not only that but the reunification of the Saiyan people also depends on my actions."

"I know Vegeta and I understand. That's why you don't have to answer me right away. I'll give you a week, but until then," Bulma hiccuped, tears sliding down her face, "I don't think we should see each other."

"Little one . . ."

"Please Vegeta, just go."

"So be it," he said and walked out the door.


Ok, Jita here, I am sooooo sorry about the delay of this chapter, and I know it's not even that great of a chapter. In fact, I intended to end Chapter 6 with the ending I had planned for Chapter 5, but it looks like it's going to take another chapter to get to it. However, I PROMISE to get it out much sooner than this chapter and I know that I've still got a number of chapters to go before I even finish the whole fic. Please don't hate me.

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