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Chapter 7

I don't understand women! Correction, I don't understand a certain woman. Why is she making this so difficult, how dare she make me choose? Vegeta thought angrily, not acknowledging the fact that having to make such a decision disturbed him more than it should. Had he been the Prince he was months ago, the answer would have been clear: honour, duty, pride above all else. Now he didn't know what to think and he cursed himself because of it.

As he made his way to his quarters, he passed his father's room, from which little giggles could be heard. Wanting to distract himself, Vegeta barged in, surprised to see his father and Leeka eating dinner.

"Brat, what the hell are you doing intruding in on our meal like that?"

"Oh, I'm so sorry father," Vegeta sneered, sarcasm dripping from his voice. "Had I known you wanted to be alone in your room with my supposed future mate, I would have known better than to disturb you!"

"Calm down boy, we're just eating dinner. It was expected that you would have dined with Leeka tonight but you've been disappearing to Kami knows where these past couple of days, I thought it would be rude to leave our guest all alone."

His son snorted, "You don't need to explain yourself, I could care less what you do. Now, if you don't mind, I'd rather be somewhere else."

"Oh please my Prince," Leeka jumped up, "let me come with you."

"Feh, so be it."

Running to catch up, Leeka tried to keep in step as she gave an apologetic smile to the King and exited the room.

They walked in silence as they maneuvered the halls until finally, Leeka spoke up.

"Is something wrong Prince Vegeta? You seem distracted, edgy even."

"I am fine!" he snapped.

She decided to change the subject, "The Mating Ritual will take place soon, are you prepared for it?"

"I am always ready for anything." He eyed her, "You are aware of my rights?"

"You mean your concubine? Of course! I know practically every law of Vegitasei, even the ones so old, they are mostly forgotten. I plan to be Vegitasei's greatest Queen. With our power and the reunification of our people, we will be unstoppable!"

"You sound quite sure of yourself!"

"And why not? I am the strongest female Saiyan ever born and you are the prophesized Legendary. Think of the power our son will have, the Empire of Vegitasei will be known throughout the universe!"

"That has been my vision since childhood," Vegeta murmured.

"See, we are so much alike you and I, that is why this union is so perfect!"

Vegeta looked long and hard at Leeka.



"Don't question me, just go. I need to be alone, I-I'm going to train."

"Of course. One can never stop getting stronger, I'll find my way back."

"Yeah, whatever." He watched her leave and then went to the training room.


Bulma sat in her room crying. What had she done? She had pushed her love away, and it very likely could be forever. She had sensed it from him, his inner conflict, but nothing was stronger than the pride she had felt. That was his everything, and if he were to choose her, that would mean giving it up. She sobbed harder, knowing that that was almost impossible.

How come doing the right thing always has to hurt?


For the next week, Bulma and Vegeta did whatever they could to keep themselves occupied. He would train relentlessly, and she threw herself into her work. It was hard though, they lived like empty shells. Any joy they had once found in their daily routines was now gone. Bulma knew the reason, but not Vegeta. He just grew more and more infuriated with each passing day, and frustrated when he couldn't find the answer.

It was in his lowest hours, just at the brink of falling asleep when he would admit to himself that he missed her. He missed his woman. He missed her fire, her anger, her body, her hair, her eyes . . . the list went on. Then his eyes would slowly shut, his hand fingering the mark on his neck and he'd smile.

Bulma . . .


Leeka watched with interest as her future husband sparred with three trainers.

He is a magnificent warrior.

She had barely spoken to him since a week ago, and while the conversation had been short, she had been very impressed by him. Hopefully her father would come soon and then they'd be able to get on with the marriage. She couldn't wait to be Queen, not to mention getting her hands on the handsome Prince.

Vegeta paused in the air after he sent all three of the trainers hurtling to the ground. "Pathetic!" he growled, "I want a challenge! Let's do some ki attacks!"

The fighters fared a bit better in that they actually hit Vegeta, however, he still remained unscathed. Disappointed, he told them to leave, and then noticed Leeka.

"What are you doing here?" Vegeta sneered as Leeka made her way to him.

"That was an excellent work out my Prince. I only came to see the most powerful Saiyan in action."

He smirked, "Oh really?"

"Yes," she drew closer, a little aroused by the sweat glistening off his chest. "I think sparring is an excellent way of relieving tension. Do you know what else works?" she purred.

"Finishing an enemy off."

"Not what I had in mind, but yes, that would do," she started to circle Vegeta in a predatory manner. She stopped when she saw the mark on his neck and ran her fingers across it.

In a flash, Vegeta had grabbed her arm in a death grip and held her in front of him. "What did I tell you before? You are NEVER to touch me, how dare you man handle your Prince like that!"

"I'm sorry Prince Vegeta, I was just wondering how anyone could have gotten a scratch on you."

"It was just probably from my armour when it was blown off, though it should not be any of your concern."

Yeah right, thought Leeka; she knew where that mark really came from. It was from that Briefs woman. How could he let some low class slave mark him? This could be more serious than I thought. What if they were . . . oh Kami don't think that, it could ruin everything. If that is the case I'll just have to take matters into my own hands, all I can do now is sit and wait.

"Forgive me your Highness, I only hope that you do not feel the same way on our wedding night."

"Hmph!" he replied, but then his eyes drifted off as he seemed to be thinking about something.

His wedding night? He tried to picture her in his bed, by his side on the throne, perhaps in an argument or two . . .

He frowned.

"Prince Vegeta," Leeka interrupted his thoughts. "Is something wrong?"

"Of course not woman," he scowled. "Don't you have anything better to do than bug me?"

For a moment, Leeka's eyes flashed in anger and Vegeta looked on with interest. However, she caught herself before she said something she'd regret and obediently left, apologizing for her intrusion.

Vegeta sighed in resignation. I'm surrounded by yes men, though he suspected his fiancée wasn't as docile as she seemed. In fact, she seemed to be the perfect Saiyan mate. She was beautiful, strong, loved to fight, knew the importance of power, and yet . . . Kami, he wanted someone that made his heart race, that was as stubborn as he, never wanting to back down, never leaving until they had gotten the last word. He wanted passion, he wanted an equal, someone not afraid of him, someone who wouldn't always obey him no matter how hard he tried to make her. He wanted a free spirit, someone wild, warm, seductive, but most of all, he wanted to . . . feel.

DAMMIT!! That does it! This has gone on long enough, I refuse to live like this anymore.

The past week had been hell. Every night he was haunted by dreams of her, and in his waking moments, she would sometimes pop up in his head. It was more than lust, an obsession perhaps? Whatever his way of rationalizing, he always came to the same conclusion:

He wanted her.

Now he had to find her.


Bulma entered her darkened quarters, another long day of work had passed, a day filled with her thinking of Vegeta.

Wait a minute, why is the room dark, I swear I left a light on this morning?

"About time you got home woman, it's not nice to keep a Prince waiting."

Bulma gasped and turned around, shocked to see Vegeta standing by the window.

"Kami Vegeta you scared me. What are you doing here?"

"I. . ." Vegeta paused a moment and then continued in a gruff voice, "I've made a decision . . ."

Bulma's heart caught in her throat, almost afraid of what he might say. She whispered, "And . . ."

The Saiyan Prince drew closer to the human, his expression never wavering. Bulma took in a deep breath, his nearness was getting to her, she had missed him so much the past week. Using his right hand, Vegeta cupped Bulma's chin, and slowly went in to kiss her.

Tears of joy ran down Bulma's cheeks as she realized what this meant. They both wrapped their arms around each other, intensifying the kiss. Their mouths were starving for the other, the week-long hunger strike finally satiated when their lips met.

Breaking the kiss, Bulma crushed herself to Vegeta's body in a tight hug, never wanting to let go.

"Tomorrow I will tell my father that the marriage is off," Vegeta whispered into her hair. "Tonight however, is ours."

"Oh Kami Vegeta, I love you so much."

Shocked at the word never once addressed to him before, Vegeta pulled back to look Bulma in the face. Happy tears ran down from the corners of her eyes and Vegeta brushed them away with his fingertips. Vegeta gave his love a small smile and tenderly kissed the middle of her forehead.

He picked her up and carried her to her bedroom. He had a week's worth of lovemaking to catch up on and he didn't want to waste another moment.

Setting her down gently, he crawled on top of her and pulled her into a heated embrace. Together, they rolled about on the bed, eventually stopping amid the pillows. Vegeta looked upon the beauty underneath him and gave a small smile - he had made the right decision.

Bulma let her free hand trace the lines of her Prince's face. He shut his eyes as he felt her delicate touch sweep from his brows, down the side of his cheek, back up again, down the length of his nose, across his lips, down his chin, his neck, his chest, further down, down, down . . .

Vegeta snapped his eyes open. Impatient woman, he smirked.

He grabbed her hand, brought it up to his lips and then set it above her head. He smoothed his hand back down her arm, coming to rest on her right breast as he gently cupped it. He kissed her again and started to unbutton her blouse. He undid the bottom button and let his cool hand graze her stomach, causing her to jump.

Vegeta laughed, "What's the matter woman, ticklish?" Knowing that of course she was, he proved his point by letting his fingertips dance across her belly.

"V-v-egeeeeeeta, hehe, please, ohhh, haha, Kami, s-s-stop," Bulma squealed, uselessly pounding her fists against him.

"Little weakling," he mocked but stopped his 'attack'. Sitting up, he pulled her against him and buried his face in her neck. Placing kisses all over, he rid her of her shirt and unhooked her bra. Bulma let it slide off then wrapped her arms around Vegeta's neck, arching her back as his head descended to the valley of her breasts. Lowering her back down, Vegeta then slid her pants off as he got up from the bed.

Bulma looked up with question, but he grinned wickedly as he removed his clothing. She gave a grin of her own as she dove under covers, turning her back on him as if she were going to sleep. A minute later, she felt the mattress depress and the covers move. An incredible warmth overcame her and she was pulled back against a wall of naked muscle.

"I'm going to keep you up all night Little One," Vegeta whispered in her ear, satisfied as he felt her shiver. In one smooth movement, he filled her from behind allowing her left leg to rest on top of his. She gasped, not expecting it, and felt his tail wrap around her, closing any possible gap between them, and leaving his hands free to 'play'.

He moved against her, within her and sank his teeth into her neck. His arms were around her and he let his fingers entwine with hers. Bulma couldn't think clearly as tingles of pleasure ran through her and she moaned Vegeta's name continuously.

The said Saiyan had broken his love bite and moved to her ear. At first, Bulma could only hear his heavy breaths, but as she listened more closely, it sounded like his was whispering something, almost rhythmic, like a mantra . . .

Bulma . . .

At that moment, the heat inside her exploded, her whole body jerking in response to the most powerful orgasm she had ever felt. Vegeta followed suit as he grabbed her hips and pushed forward, a growl escaping his lips.

Completely spent, they both laid there, Bulma lightly caressing his tail, and Vegeta burying his face in her aqua mane. Time passed, they couldn't tell how long, but they stayed like that, comfortable in each other's silent presence, neither one falling asleep.

Eventually Vegeta shifted, gathering Bulma in his arms, once again rolling her beneath him. Every feature of her face he had embedded in his brain, yet everytime he looked at her, it was as if it was the first time. She smiled at him, oh Kami how that melted his heart, and leaned up brushing her lips against his. She leaned back down against the pillow, looking up expectantly, and he, completely taken with her, went in and softly kissed her lips. He moved his trail of kisses to her neck, and he could feel that she was doing the same. She stopped at his ear and he gasped as she grabbed the base of his tail.

"I need you Vegeta," she whimpered. "Please, I need you."

Not wanting to deny her, he took her, and then again and again and again - all through the night. The sheets entangled them together, rumpling, shifting with each passionate thrust, soaked with their sweat and love by the end of the night.

"I love you Vegeta," was the last thing Bulma said before she fell asleep on Vegeta's chest. The Saiyan Prince soon followed suit, but what was most notable was the content smile that had spread across his face as he joined his mate in slumber.


Rays of light from the red sun streamed into the cozy bedroom. As usual, the Saiyan Prince was the first to greet the morning, savouring the feel of his beloved pressed against him.

The said human started to stir and giggled as Vegeta nibbled on her earlobe. He rolled, bringing her on top and smirked as she gazed down at him, her arms on his chest, supporting herself.

She leaned in to kiss him, her lips lingering for a moment, then pulled back and smiled. Suddenly, her expression twisted and she brought a hand up to cover her mouth while desperately trying to free herself from Vegeta's grasp. Sensing her urgency, he complied and watched with worry as she ran to the bathroom and promptly emptied her stomach's contents into the toilet.

As Bulma bowed to the porcelain gods, Vegeta was already up, getting changed and grabbing some clothes for her. She flushed the toilet and was rinsing her mouth when he came in.

"Put these clothes on woman," he demanded, "I'm taking you to the infirmary!"

"Vegeta, I'm fine, it was just probably something I ate."

"Do not argue with me woman, you could be sick," he insisted.

Bulma was about to protest some more but saw the look in his eye. He was worried, was trying to protect her. He was a bit rough about it, didn't know how to act, but that made sense, he never cared for anyone but himself before.

Bulma sighed, "Ok Vegeta, you win. I'll get dressed and then we can go."


Vegeta stood in the corner, watching the doctor intently as he examined Bulma. He stiffened everytime she was touched but calmed down as he reminded himself that it was the physician's job to do so.

An hour already had passed and Bulma was getting fidgety. The doctor, a human, was new on Vegitasei and was testing her for every possible bug/virus/contamination he had studied about alien cultures.

"I'm sorry about all this Ms. Briefs, but maybe you can tell me about your symptoms one more time and hopefully I can get to the bottom of this."

"Well, I woke up this morning, and then I got sick . . ."

The Doctor's eyes lit up, "Of course, it's so obvious. Ok, Ms. Briefs, I'm just going to perform a couple more tests and see if it confirms my theory."

Bulma groaned, and lay back down as he did his work. A little while later, he came back smiling.

"Congratulations Ms. Briefs! It looks like I was right, you're going to have a baby!"

Her eyes widened in shock, "I-I'm pregnant?!"

Vegeta was on the doctor in a second. "You are sure about this?" he growled.

Dr. Mertle stuttered, "O-o-of course. Would you like to see it?"

"You mean like through an ultrasound?" Bulma asked.

The doctor laughed, "Oh no, something much more sophisticated than that. Here, let me just put these on you," he placed what looked like little electrodes on Bulma's stomach, and then he told them to face a console. He flipped a switch and a holographic image appeared before them.

"See Ms. Briefs, judging from this and the tests, it looks like you're having a healthy baby boy."

"A boy . . ." Vegeta whispered and then an unpleasant feeling hit him. "It looks human?"

"Yes, absolutely, the boy is human!"

Vegeta looked from the doctor to a paling Bulma.

"Human!" he repeated in absolute disgust and walked out the door.

"N-no Vegeta, please don't leave," Bulma sobbed as she ran out after him. But when she got to the hall he was no where to be found.

"Damn you Vegeta, how could you walk out on me like this?" Dejected, she slid down the wall onto the floor, anger and sorrow filling her heart. Then a thought flashed inside her head. Oh Kami, how am I going to tell Yaumcha?!

* * * * *

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