Chapter 5

"So, what was that Vegeta guy's problem?" Yaumcha asked as they walked down the hall.

"I don't know what you're talking about, there's nothing wrong with him."

"Well, it just seemed as if there was some sort of tension between you both. Did something happen?"

"Vegeta is like that with everybody Yaumcha. Just drop it!" Bulma snapped.

"Ok, Ok," Yaumcha backed off, but he still wasn't convinced. He was sure there was something deeper behind this. He couldn't shake the image of the way Vegeta looked at Bulma out of his head. Oh no! "Bulma, has he ever hurt you? You don't have to be afraid . . ."

"WHAT?" Bulma stared at Yaumcha incredulously. "That is so ridiculous, he would never hurt me, now DROP IT!"

Yaumcha shut up and they walked down the hall in silence. Eventually the tension eased and they talked and joked like old times. The tour lasted a couple of hours and ended at Bulma's quarters. Bulma had to go back to work while Yaumcha settled in. Before she left, he made her promise that they'd have dinner that night.

Back in her office, Bulma's mind wandered back to the way Vegeta had acted. It was almost as if he was . . . was . . . jealous. Bulma giggled at that though. Serves him right for thinking he owns me. Still, if he was jealous, then that meant he had feelings for her . . . in some weird and twisted Saiyan way. Perhaps there was hope after all.


After meeting Yaumcha the "Human Baka," Vegeta ordered the guards to greet the arriving diplomat that he had been waiting for at the docking bay, and then went to train for the day. He had to blow off steam, especially because of the way the woman infuriated him.

How dare she dismiss me like that? I am the Saiyan Prince, her superior. She belongs to me and I don't want her near that weak human. Vegeta chalked up his possessiveness to lust and control, nothing more than that. He would find her later tonight and order her to stay away from Yaumcha, and she had better listen, or else!

King Vegeta entered the training facilities to speak with his son.

"Well brat, Leeka will be arriving in a couple of days."


"Your promised mate, you baka! The least you could have done was learn her name."

"I told you father, I don't care about this marriage. I'll do what needs to be done, but don't think I'll welcome her with open arms."

"You better be on your best behaviour brat! Her father will also be accompanying her and I don't want anything messing up our reunification deal!"

"I could give a flying fuck about your deal."

In an instant, the King booted his son across the chest. Vegeta reacted just before he hit the wall, propelling himself off of it, flipping and landing on his feet. He looked up hatefully as his father walked towards him.

"When you are King, maybe you'll understand what it is I go through, but until then, YOU WILL DO AS I SAY!"

The Prince looked at his father but said nothing. King Vegeta smirked at his son as he studied him. For a brief moment, his smirk faltered when he saw his son's neck.

"What is that?" he demanded, pointing to the bite mark on Vegeta's neck.

Unconsciously, Vegeta's hand went to cover it, then he scowled, "It's nothing, just a scratch. Unlike you, I don't take it easy when I train."

Knowing that's all he would get out of his son, the King changed the subject. "There is still the matter of a concubine. The wedding will be soon, so you had better make your choice."

Vegeta's lips quirked, "I may have someone in mind, but that's none of your business."

Nappa entered then and asked to speak with the King. No longer being able to stand his father, Vegeta left to shower.

"So what is it Nappa?"

"I just need you to go over the scouting reports from this morning . . ."


Bulma stretched, then turned off her computer. She was looking forward to just relaxing tonight, especially after her hectic day. Never mind that Yaumcha showed up and she had to give him a tour, but with all the parts her father sent, everything was a busy mess trying to reconstruct NEXUS. Bulma told everyone to go home and get some rest, and then they'd try again tomorrow.

After locking up her office, Bulma headed towards her quarters, with a minor detour to the training room. For some reason, she wanted to see if Vegeta was there, though she didn't know what she would say if she saw him.

Coming up to the main doors, one was slightly open and she could hear two voices inside.

" . . . . other than Androjen sector, reports are fine."

"Very good my King, will that be all?"

"Yes Nappa . . . no, wait. Perhaps you can help me. As you know, Vegeta will be getting married in a couple of weeks."


"Yes Sire, did you want to make any more wedding arrangements?"

"No, no, no, it's nothing like that. I was wondering if you might know who he will pick as his concubine until he decides to have an heir?"

"Well, I wouldn't presume to know what goes on in the Prince's mind . . ."

"Nappa, cut the crap. Has any woman caught his fancy as of late?"

The bald headed Saiyan cleared his throat. "I hate to tell you this Sire, but last week I caught him in a shameful display with a blue haired woman. They didn't notice me, but they were right in the open, anybody could have walked in on them. It was disgusting, seeing the way your son acted over the weakling female. With the way they carried on, I believe she would be the Prince's choice and I also would assume you wouldn't be having a grandson for a very long time."

The King furrowed his brows, "There are no blue haired women in the Royal Harem."

"That's because she's a scientist. A human I believe, the head of the science department."

"But humans are weaklings, what could my son be possibly be thinking?"

"She is unusually beautiful Sire, I can understand why Vegeta is taken with her."

"Yes, but lust can be very dangerous. Humans are too weak, he will most likely break her." An evil smile spread across the King's face. "It would serve him right, and he wouldn't be able to pick another mistress if he's already married. Hahaha, that ungrateful whelp of mine will be miserable!"

The King's laughter twisted Bulma's stomach, she had to get out of there, she couldn't bear to listen anymore.

Vegeta was getting married and he had known it all along. She had been nothing more than an object of lust, and he planned on making her his sex toy until he felt he was ready to have a son with his wife. This was too much, just too much. It was worse than she ever could have imagined, the asshole had been using her all right, but just to get his jollies before settling down with his wife.

When Bulma had found out Vegeta's identity, she knew then that any relationship with him would be doomed. But now, why did it feel like her heart was breaking?


Yaumcha was in the living room when he heard Bulma enter. His smile fell when he saw her expression.

"What the hell happened to you?"

"Nice to see you too, Yaumcha." Bulma said sarcastically.

"Jeez, I just meant that . . .well . . .you look terrible."

Bulma's nose was red, her eyes puffy and hair all disheveled.

"Look, why don't you take a hot shower and then get ready for our dinner date. The evening can only get better right?"

Bulma smiled feebly, and went to shower. She felt a little better afterwards but not by much. She tried to appreciate Yaumcha's compliments but that wasn't working either.

As they were seated in a restaurant in the private sector, Bulma asked for a glass of champagne, then another, and another. With each glass she seemed to forget her troubles and realized she had to move on. After 3 more glasses, she began to notice how charming Yaumcha's smile was.


When he had finished washing up, Vegeta went to his quarters for dinner. For some reason, towards the end of his meal, he started to feel a little woozy and lightheaded. He stood up and got dizzy and he stumbled when he tried to walk. Then, just as quickly as it had come, it passed.

What the? That's it! I need to go for a walk, clear my head.

He did so for a couple of hours, and found he had wandered into the private sector.

The Woman's quarters is a few minutes from here. The thought had just popped into Vegeta's head, and before he could question his actions, he was making his way to her apartment.

When he got there, he found the door unlocked, so he entered. He crept quietly to her room, but it was empty. Sighing, Vegeta turned to leave but then heard muffled sounds.

They were coming from another room down the hallway. A room that's door was closed and lights were off. He slowly made his way there and the noises grew louder. He stood just outside the door and heard the movement inside.

He could hear the heavy breathing and the moans from a very male voice.

Vegeta shut his eyes, No . . .

"OHHHHHH BULMAAAAAAA!" The man cried out.

The dejected Prince couldn't take it and his anger got the better of him. He broke down the door and saw a half-conscious Bulma underneath a heavily panting Yaumcha.

"What the fuck? Vegeta?! What the hell are you doing here, can't you see we're busy?"

Vegeta didn't respond with words, he grabbed the human off of Bulma and threw him into the wall.

"STOP IT Vegeta!" Bulma cried, jumping off of the bed. "You have no right coming here, leave NOW!"

The Saiyan turned from Yaumcha to glare at the blue haired woman.

"I have every right!" he roared. "I am the Saiyan Prince and you belong to me! No man other than myself should be allowed into your bed!"

Bulma stumbled as she walked to Vegeta, not caring she was naked. She poked a finger into his chest, wanting to let loose her anger at him, but everything came out slurred. "I belooong to noooo one Vegeta! NO ONE! And why should youuuuu carrrre who I sleeep with anywayyyy? You never carrred for meee, you just wanted sexxxx." She fell against him, no longer being able to stand. Vegeta gently held her up and looked at her strangely. The smell of alcohol overwhelmed his senses.

"Woman, how much have you had to drink?"

"How many glashesss or bottlesss?"

Vegeta turned back to Yaumcha enraged, "YOU ASSHOLE! You took advantage of her."

Yaumcha stood up, his back against the wall, "Hey man, she's the one who came on to me."

"She didn't know what she was doing."

"So she drank a lot, but she was my girlfriend, how was I to know this wasn't what she wanted?"

"Things change," Vegeta said coldly, suppressing every urge to kill the human where he stood. But he still held Bulma in his arms, so he merely said, "Get out!"

"What? Where am I supposed to go?"

"I don't care, just GET OUT, or I'll blast you to hell!"

Yaumcha quickly grabbed his pants and shirt and ran out.

"Vegeeeeta," Bulma whined, "why'd you make him leeeeeave?"

"Woman, don't start with me, I'm not done with you yet. What the hell were you thinking?"

"Oh no you don't! Don't you be yelling at meeee. This ish all yourrr fault!

"My fault?"


Vegeta was shocked. He knew she would have been angry when he told her, but he didn't think she'd find out before then.

"Calm down Woman. Yes, I am getting married but that doesn't change anything between us."

"You're getting married Vegeta," Bulma broke down and cried. "I won't be your whore, I WON'T! I deserve better than that," she sobbed.

Vegeta held her as she cried, not knowing what to say. He sat on the bed and rocked her until she fell asleep. He buried his face in her hair then realized he could still smell Yaumcha on her.

Vegeta stood up and carried Bulma to the bathroom. He filled the bath with hot water, determined to wash away every trace of the scarred human. Gently laying her in the tub, Vegeta quickly discarded his clothes and joined her.

She lay on his chest as he softly scrubbed her body with a washcloth. He brought it up to her face, as well as her hair, rinsing as he went along. Through it all, Bulma remained sleeping peacefully.

When he was done, Vegeta stood and dried them both off with his ki. He walked to Bulma's bedroom, got into bed, and pulled the covers over both of them.

Holding her close, Vegeta traced the features of Bulma's face with his fingertips. Unknown feelings and emotions washed over him, though he still wouldn't acknowledge them.

For hours, Vegeta just watched Bulma sleep, keeping her so close he could feel her warm and steady breath on his face. He was simply mesmerized and couldn't recall thinking about anything else but her.

Very slowly, Bulma's breathing rate changed, and her eyelids fluttered open. She was surprised but didn't move when she was confronted with Vegeta's face gazing intently at hers.

Nothing was said for a moment and Bulma blushed as she remembered everything that happened a couple of hours ago. But why she felt clean, and why she was in her room was a complete mystery.

"I bathed you , then brought you here," Vegeta said, as if reading her mind. "I couldn't bear to have that weakling's scent all over you."

"I-I'm sorry Vegeta," Bulma whispered. "But I had just found out you were getting married. I was just so upset . . ."

"So what if I'm getting married little one? We could still be together."

"It's just not right," Bulma said as tears formed in her eyes.

"How is it not right? Such marriages are common for royalty, I'll bet the Queen will have her own lover on the side."

How can I make him understand that I don't want to be "on the side"? I want more . . .

"Besides woman, you are mine . . ." he brought a finger to her lips to silence any protest. Vegeta wrapped his tail around her waist drawing her closer, so their bodies were touching. He brushed a strand of hair from her face and looked into her eyes. "You are mine . . . as I am yours."

Before Bulma could react, he pressed his lips to hers and encircled her in his arms. He slipped his tongue in her mouth and Bulma responded fully as she entwined her hands in his hair.

Vegeta pulled back and sat on the bed, pulling Bulma into his lap.

She straddled his waist and he lifted her, gently sliding her onto his throbbing member.

Bulma wound her legs firmly around Vegeta and hugged him tightly, burrowing her face into his neck. Vegeta grasped her hips and they slowly built up a very slow and very long rhythm. They gyrated their hips against each other, Bulma's body embracing, welcoming Vegeta's deeper and deeper.

Vegeta wrapped his arms around Bulma's back and cried into her hair as he felt himself go over the edge. Bulma climaxed at the same time, her scream muffled into Vegeta's neck.

The Saiyan Prince laid his human lover onto her back and started his thrusts again. He wanted to watch her, see her writhing in ecstasy, hear her scream his name.

He slid back and forth on her, his face an inch above hers. One hand travelled all over her body as he watched her reactions to his ministrations. Her eyes were half lidded, her full lips slightly parted, and oh how the moans coming from them were music to his ears.

Her arms clutched his back as he hardened his rhythm.

Oh Kami, she's so warm, so tight, so wonderful . . .

He felt their heat building and so he quickened his pace. He kept his eyes open as Bulma arched her body against his, almost lifting them both further off the mattress, and howled his name in release.

She fell back against the mattress with a huge smile, and opened her eyes. To Vegeta, it was the most beautiful thing he had ever seen. He grinned down at her - not a smirk, but a grin and he closed any gap between them as he went in to kiss her.

Bulma sighed as Vegeta started his movements again inside her. She never felt more wonderful than when she was with him. She knew he cared about her now, he practically said as much, but that didn't change the fact that he was still getting married. Bulma inwardly frowned. Well, we still have time before then and besides we can deal with those problems tomorrow, right now I . . . ohhhhhhh . . .

All thoughts were then driven from her head.


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