Chapter 8


Piccolo stood behind Goku and the group, but Oolong was hiding behind Goku right beside Gohan. Piccolo was furious. "You little idiotic perverted pig! You only sent two of the three Sayjians that have just came to earth!" Everyone stood still as it was sinking in.

Goku was the first to reply,"Then that means...."His sense went wild, as well as Piccolo's as they sensed Radditz coming. "Its Radditz! He's coming!"


Nappa, Vegeta, and Bulma all landed with a hard 'thud' on the ground of the planet that Vegeta and his followers had been on before the yearlong travel to earth. Nappa and Vegeta landed with grunts, while Bulma screamed from fright and pain. She couldn't hold the tears back, though she tried, any longer. She softly cried into Vegeta's chest as he still held her, he was confused of what had happened.

Nappa first broke the silence by cursing while he climbed out of his pod. "How the hell did we get here?! We're on the planet we were on before we left for that pathetic planet Earth!"

Vegeta didn't argue at the moment, he slowly got out of his pod. He was careful on Bulma, trying not to comfort her, or even seem like it. But for some reason he couldn't put her down and shove her crying form away. He tried to think, but her crying and Napa's rambling were getting on his nevers. One would have to stop. "Nappa! Shut up! Your rambling is useless!" So Nappa did, and before he could comment on Bulma's crying, Vegeta was tapping at his scouter, to hear the battle going on between Radditz and the Earthlings. Which was over, but he and Nappa had tuned in to hear Piccolo talk of the Dragon Balls, and Radditz telling them that they would be back in one year.

"How about that Nappa, these Dragon Balls sound pretty useful." Vegeta said and smirked at the thought of immortality. But it also caught Bulma's attention.

"Huh? What do you know of the Dragon Balls?" She asked stupidly, too distressed to think clearly.

"Oh nothing really..." Vegeta smiled darkly down at her."Only that I can wish for immortality to rule the universe!"

"No!"Bulma cried from with his arms as she tried to pull away. Vegeta only laughed at her and walked toward the pod.

"Come on Nappa, we have a to pay another visit to Earth." Vegeta ignored Bulma's cries and pleas to stop and climbed into the pod and setting course.

Once they had taken off, Vegeta pulled off his scouter and set it aside. "Computer, de-activevate suspended animation till I give further word in this pod." It complied and the lights when out, except a dim one above him, but while Nappa was asleep, he and his captive were awake. She was still struggling against him and tears were poring down her face. "Stop crying!"

Bulma only turned her face away, scared he would hurt her, she tried to stop crying but she couldn't. She felt alone, unsafe, and as if she was facing death. Vegeta was quiet for a few moments, and she slowly stopped crying, but her eyes were red, and her face tear-streaked.

Vegeta gently took her chin, slowly turning it so she was facing him. He held her in his lap. For some odd reason, he knew she felt unsecured, and unsafe, in need of protection. He didn't know why, but he drew her closer, so she was snuggled against him as he stroked her back. It calmed her, which shocked her. She laid her head on his chest and began to drift off to sleep.

Once she was soundly asleep and her breathing deep Vegeta slowly rested back and closed his eyes."Computer, along the way to earth awaken me when we approach the planet Arlia. Also, half way inbetween Arlia awaken me. Activate suspended animation"

"Yes, Prince Vegeta." A light fog engulfed Vegeta and Bulma, and they both drifted off into a deep slumber that would last for months.

* * * * *

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