Chapter 7


Bulma sat, and found herself watching Nappa and Vegeta arguing in a strange language. By the way Nappa kept glaring at her, there was no doubt that she was the topic. She felt insecure, and uncomfortable, being talked about in another language that she didn't understand. She, Bulma Briefs, hated to have people talk about her illy, and boy to people know it.

Vegeta on the other hand, was quite annoyed, Nappa was arguing that she should be killed and just to get it over and done with. The fact was he didn't want to kill her because even thinking of her set fire to his loins. The woman had a strange effect on him, one he enjoyed, and another was disturbed with. Never had any woman, not even a Sayjian had such an effect on him, which is why it disribed him.

The argument stopped with a halt as the sky began to darken, and lightening began to flash. Bulma's face was covered with horror. She knew the Dragon Balls had been summoned ... but why?

* * * *

Goku, and all the others that had seen Bulma been taken away yesterday all stared at the Eternal Dragon. They had spent the last 24 hours gathering the dragon balls and have decided to wish the Sayjains away from where ever they had come from, and if they would return, they would be more ready. They planned to train.

* * * *

Vegeta grabbed Bulma's arm painfully ruff and pulled her up to stand. She yelped in pain but shut up at the look Vegeta gave her. He began to walk, pulling her right next to him. Bulma bit her lip to keep from crying. She wouldn't walk at the speed he was pulling her, and because she could tell he was mad at her for some reason, she figured it best to keep quiet.

Nappa brought up the rear, they seemed to talk the entire way, arguing. Bulma tripped on a root as they were walking though the forest and screamed in pain. Vegeta stopped and stared down at her, Bulma lowered her gaze, expecting to be hit or killed. The prince had changed into a monster compared to the wonderful lover he was the night before, confusing and frightening her.

Vegeta lifted Bulma into his arms slowly, he sensed what was wrong, he had been to ruff on her last night as he suspected. He carefully moved her legs not wanting to hurt her, though his face was a mask of no emotion the entire time. Again, Nappa protested in their native tongue. But Vegeta ignored him, as he jumped into the air and started to fly where the pods where.

* * * *

"What is your wish?" The Eternal Dragon commanded, he hated being here. "We want to wish the Sayjians back to where they came from, except Goku." Said Master Roshi. "Very well, but I warn you, that would also be sending the son of Son Goku." The Eternal Dragon replied, as he was told what to do telepathically from Kami. But before Roshi could reply, Oolong was to impatient to be safe from the Sayjians. "Then send the other 2 back to where ever they came from!" "NO you Fool!" Came a voice behind them all, but it was to late. "It is done." Was all the Dragon said before leaving.

* * * *

A glow of light surrounded Nappa and Vegeta. They were being pulled toward the pods with so much force that they couldn't resist. But Vegeta wasn't using his strength to stop from being pulled, but keeping Bulma in his arms as he was shot into his pod and then vanished from the earth along side Nappa. Bulma was trapped in Vegeta's arms inside the pod, she also disappeared.

* * * * *

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