Chapter 9


Silence, no sound, no movement, nothing. Three travelers sleeping in their pods of two. Lights of bottons came to life, as the computer calculated its destination. A warm vapor engulfed the pod of two, "Wake up Prince Vegeta. Destination, Planet Arlia." The prince slowly opened his eyes, becoming fully awake and alert. The girl in his arms, not so. Bulma moans a little from the uncomfortable arrangement she finds herself in as she wakes.

Vegeta smirks down at her slightly and rubs her back with one hand, while his other goes to his scouter. "Nappa, wake up. We're at Arlia, I'd thought we'd stretch our legs a bit before continuing to Earth." Bulma turns her face up, looking at Vegeta, her's inches from his. Gently Vegeta kissed her, Bulma meant to move away from the kiss, but she didn't. Vegeta pulled her into a tight, secure embrace as the pods crashed into the Plant of Arlia.

Bulma felt as though she was in heaven, he was so gentle, and it was so right. But soon the impact brought them both out of the kiss, as the pod door opened. Vegeta slipped one arm under her legs, the other behind her back. He exited the pod and levitated up to ground level, and away from the creator. Once reaching the surface, Vegeta set Bulma to her feet and not saying a word he crossed his arms. Nappa complained of just about everything, no life and such, while ruins here and there collapsed, spooking Bulma to jump and flinch.

Suddenly the ground trembled and bug like life forms surrounded them, Bulma running behind Vegeta while the aliens ordered them to surrender. Telepathically Vegeta persuaded Nappa to surrender,.. for the time being. While being cuffed Bulma shirked against Vegeta. Vegeta felt strange that he wasn't finding this intriguing, but disturbing to the fact of feeling protective of Bulma. Wanting to blast the grasshopper alien to hell for scaring her so.

While in a cage that was rocked around like hell from the rocky ground, Vegeta allowed Bulma to cling to him. He put an arm around her waist, making Bulma feel safe and protective. Nappa on the other hand, didn't like it, but said nothing because Vegeta was the prince. After a small debate in his head, Nappa concluded that it was just the fact that she'd get hurt some way if the prince didn't hold her from flying around from the rocking cage.

Once they arrived at the aliens strong hold, the aliens tried to sperate Bulma from Nappa and Vegeta. "She stays with us." Vegeta ordered, fury in his tone. "You have no say in the matter. You're captive, she's female. The king wishes to see her while you are taken to the dungeons, before being summoned.

Bulma screamed as the bug-men dragged her away, ripping her clothes from her struggles. "No! Please, no!" Her eyes pleaded Vegeta's, but she found nothing in his depts. Bulma cried, kicked, and screamed as they took her to the arena. Vegeta felt the connection once again, but fought against it, not letting the fact sink in, he was bonded to her. He refused to allow that to acknowledge it. Vegeta took a deep breath for control as he and Nappa were lead to an underground area.

* * * *

Tears streamed down her face, she had been betrayed by her heart. Vegeta had tricked her, used her. Why the hell did he drag her along anyway? Now, she stood before this bug-like king.. and the queen next to him, well Bulma had to admit, she looked beautiful. But, she didn't look happy by the way she held herself. Bulma didn't care, she refused to kneel when the guards around her did. That caught the attention of the bug king who was eating like a pig. "You bow before me!"

"I bow before no one!" Bulma yelled at the stupid king. A guard grabbed her by the shoulder and brought Bulma down with such force, she was slammed into the ground on her chest. She tried to get up to cough some air into her lungs. "Sire, this is a female of the aliens that have landed. The other two are down with the traitors. They had tails, unlike this one, and had armor of some sort. They surrendered, while this one struggled continuously." The guard reported.

"Brave little ugly thing, but foolish-" The king said, but interrupted by a scream, "UGLY? Who are you calling ugly, you bug face shit!" A guard grabbed Bulma and pulled her up enough to give her a sharp slap, earned by more than a simple scream from her but from a voice off the side. "ENOUGH!" The voice of fury, rage, and more order than the puny king.

Vegeta moved forward slowly in authority manner. His very blood seemed to be on fire with rage from Bulma being smacked too hard. He was foolish! He shouldn't have surround her to that bug! He should have just blasted it and started the original plan! "Guards!" The pathetic king yelled, getting out of his seat like a coward, "Stop them!" Many bug guard surrounded Nappa and Vegeta, firing blasts at the same time, and an explosion followed. But what looked like victory, soon showed horror. Vegeta and Nappa stood unharmed, or frightened. Nappa, pleased to be able to kill now, Vegeta raged to kill.

The king yelled and yelled for things, but neither Nappa nor Vegeta paid attention to it. Both already starting their killing spree. Vegeta first went to Bulma's aid, taking her out of harm way and into his arms. Bulma only snuggled into his arm and blacked out from the stress.

* * * *

When Bulma next woke, there was death around her, but she was safe in Vegeta's arms and the female bug that had been next to the king, was speaking with Vegeta. Vegeta slowly set Bulma down, allowing Bulma to get her bearings. "Follow, that one." He pointed to the female pink bug. "She'll give you something more suitable to wear than rags." Bulma didn't argue for the moment and followed.

When Bulma returned, Vegeta was speechless. Though Bulma's hair was not blue on the planet, (a deep red), she was in the same type of gown the female bug wore, only adjusted to her fitting. The pods then landed a few feet away, but no bang of a creator, only a little dust was created. "We leave now." More of an order than anything, Bulma sighed, she couldn't stay here anyway, it was basically a dead planet with no water or vegetation.

Soon they were lifting off the planet, and Bulma laid back against the Prince who had saved her and had been her care taker, so she'll stay put for the day. She smiled, but it was whipped off her face as her eyes widened, and the door to the pod opened up into space, with Planet Arlia below. "Stay in here." Vegeta told her as he moved her behind him so he could get out, and Bulma stared with horror as the planet was blown up before her. When Vegeta turned to her again, entering the pod. "Why?!" She cried out in his face. "It was worthless, nothing more, nothing less." His eyes were of ice, not emotion, it made Bulma tremble. Once again, he had shifted from savior to evil again, and again in one day. Soon they were all in a deep sleep, on the final stretch to Earth.

* * * * *

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