Chapter 6


She was cold. There was no warmth, she was sweaty and hot too. As she began to wake she wondered how she could feel cold when her body was hot and sweaty. Bulma's eyes snapped open and she sat up in a flash, only to regret it. The sudden movement hurt the place in-between her legs. The events from last night began to flood her head. She let out a frustrated growl and launched herself into a pillow,"Damn hormones!"

She couldn't believe she willing gave herself to, to, to that sayjian! But she couldn't block the fact that the guy had a hell of a body. She slowly sat up again being more careful. She looked around and found herself alone. The thought of herself being used as a one-night-stand hurt. Bulma slowly got out of bed, moving slowly for she was still really sore in-between her legs.

Bulma walked over to the dresser and got some clean clothes, remembering that the Prince in his 'ape' form ruined all of the ones she was wearing. She pulled out a plain blue shirt and black shorts. As she continued to dress she was grateful that socks and shoes where to be found also.

Bulma sighed, she had fear in her, but she had to go outside and find her capsule case. Only then could she get away. Bulma did wish she could take a bath, but she needed to get away from this place. She walked out of the room and stopped at the door leading outside. Taking a deep breath she opened the door, only for it to be taken away.

The waterfall and clearing were - as there was no other way to explain it - amazing. The waterfall had a rainbow caused from the mist at the bottom, the small pond looked more like a lagoon. The water was totally crystal clear. She slowly walked over to the water, and carefully crouched down. Taking the water in both hands, she took a sip and found it to be the most refreshing water she had ever tasted.

Two figures watched her from the cover of the forest. They smirked at each other, hoping they would get a bit of a show. Sadly for them Bulma stood and began to walk around, looking for her capsule case. Both faded from sight. Radditz appeared before her, making her scream and back up, Nappa faded in behind her. Bulma bumped into Nappa and found herself cornered by them.

Vegeta's head jerked up and he turned from his hunt hearing a scream in the distance. He knew who held the scream, and took off in a dead out run through the forest to where he had left the female native. 'I should not have left her with Nappa and Radditz!', he thought as he continued to run at top speed.

"Calm down you weakling!", Nappa yelled at her. Bulma only jumped back from him, and bumped into Radditz. Radditz frowned remembering Prince Vegeta's instructions.

"Nappa, knock it off, Prince Vegeta said not to harm nor scare her."

"You baka Radditz! She's a afraid of us no matter what."

"Well, Commander Nappa, you seem to be good at making it worse!"

As the two continued to argue, Bulma slowly backed away toward the forest. From all that had happen, and all she had heard, Bulma knew that if she was going to be even a bit safe, she was going to have to stay near Vegeta. She took her chance and was about to run when she bumped into something and arms came around her. She was about to scream, but lips of fire kissed her and was guiding her to the clearing. She looked up and found Prince Vegeta was their holding her again.

Vegeta released her and took her by the arm and walked to clearing and up to the two arguing sayjian, "Bakas!" Both Nappa and Radditz were jerked to attention. Both blinked seeing Vegeta holding Bulma by one arm, and Bulma's face was with discomfort. "You two can't even watch her for 2 hours!" Before Radditz or Nappa could answer he spoke again. "Radditz go give your brother a visit, finish what you were sent to do yesterday, then come back here."

Radditz only nodded and took off for the skies and to track his brother down. Bulma tried to wiggle free of Vegeta's grip, "Let go, you're hurting me.." Vegeta released her without a word, causing Bulma to fall on her butt, and hurt the area in-between her legs. She whimpered and curled her legs to her chest. 'Kami, why me? What's going to happen to me now?' She wanted to cry. The Prince was not as kind as he was the night before.

* * * * *

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