Chapter 5


The sun raised itself into the hottest part of the day, and all could feel it, all but two sleeping figures who were sound asleep. In a bath of torturing night love-making, and the sweat that was being made for the climate while they slept, one figure remained in a ball curled up to her 'mate', and with his arms around her.

Bulma snuggled nearer to the Prince of the Sayians that held her so close, and so wonderfully. Resting her head against his neck and under his chin, the Prince's eyes opened at this movement. He remained still, watching his new pet. But his eyes widen seeing the mark on her neck, he had bitten her as his mate. He looked her up and down, thinking what he should do now, she was great the night before.

His eyes stopped, spotting little drops of blood, and patch there and here. Had broken her? His hand moved down, finding a dried substance at the base of her legs to her body. He had lost control with her, his animal side had really gotten to him. He gently moved his hand to her cheek, rubbing her sweat away from her face. She was so amazing, they fit so perfectly, he wanted to take her again.

But a whimper told him she was not up for that or walking he figured as she moved herself. But something else caught his attention, and embarrassment, his stomach let out a painful hungry growl. He moved slowly not to wake the prize in his arms, slowly he set her out on bed by herself, alone.

He bends over, he feels the need to do something, another animal instinct. Vegeta finds his hands running over and though Bulma's hair, mixing the sweat. Her scent was making him think in another way, like he was watching his body do this, but feels all and smells all that his body does. Vegeta lightly kisses Bulma's lips tasting her skin, her sweat, and, something else he didn't know what it was.

His tongue traveled down to her cheek, then to the side of her chin. He licked and nipped it, before raising his body, stopping to press his forehead to hers. He stared into her closed eyes, they had some type of connection, but he didn't know what was happening. Was it the heat? Was is getting to him? Or was it cause of the moon and the transformation, and sex?

Vegeta raised up and stared in awe at what he had done just a few moments ago, he only stared into her face as he turned to the door and collected his clothes and walked out of the room. He began to dress himself, thinking only of the sleeping form in the next room. As soon as he was dressed, he grabbed his scouter, turned to the room that held his prize, and he smirked.

"Yes, you are fun, stay here human. I will be back for you little one." With those words said, Vegeta left to hunt for his next meal, and to continue his mission here.

* * * * *

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