Chapter 4


Vegeta awoke to a sensation, the moon was setting. He lifted his hand slightly as he watched Bulma sleep under his hand. She was naked and shivered from the wind that blew on her skin that was seconds ago covered by his warm hand. Then it happened, the moon had set and he began to shrink. His form changed slowly from ape to his normal form, but Bulma remained on top of him, and his hand was now at her waist. He brought both of his arms around her tightly without waking her.

It wasn't for a few hours, as the sun began to make a thick fog cover them, did Bulma begin to awaken from her peaceful slumber. She opened her eyes and felt cold and numb, yet warm. After a while her brain told her she was on something warm, hard, and she was naked from her back being so cold and damp. All she saw was thick fog. She shivered and brought her arms closer, but then grabbed something else, and she knew she was on someone. Then she remembered Vegeta, ... it was daylight so she was on him.

Vegeta felt Bulma move and she now struggled to get away. His eyes were closed and he tightened his grip making her yelp in pain, getting the message about stop moving. Vegeta let her go but grabbed her arm, and got up, as he did he threw her over his shoulder. Vegeta used his ki and blew much of the fog away as he walked over to a bed of moss. He dropped Bulma as he began to take off his clothes.

As soon as Vegeta's armor came off Bulma knew what he had in mind and took off running. Vegeta faded in and out right before her and Bulma ran into him, he was bear of chest now. He gripped her arms and held her naked form to him, taking in all her scent, and the feel of her skin under his palms.

"Please," Bulma pleaded to him, she was scared, and had no idea what to do. She was a virgin. Strangely, Vegeta brought her closer and wrapped her in his arms and lowered his head next hers.

With a calm, soothing, yet low growling tone he spoke in Bulma's ear, "Shush, I am not going to harm you, unless you make me little one." He licked her ear and then kissed it softly, making Bulma shiver, and her knees went weak as he slowly and softly kissed down her the side of her head, down her cheek to her lips. Bulma was numb to the sensations he was giving her. She kissed, and such with Yahmcha,…but this…was different.

"Please ... not here..,"Bulma tried to speak, she was too lost in her sensations. Vegeta paused on the other side of her neck, but didn't stop kissing it, he just didn't continue. He slowed the pace of his kisses, letting her clam down to finish want she was saying. "I have.. capsule houses. So.. we can ... have this.. on safer ground." Bulma said her eyes nearly shut. She was amazed, seconds ago she was afraid, and yet now she was not.

Vegeta continued his gentle kisses and picked her up slowly and gently not to break the trance he had her in. Her beauty did something to him, her scent was driving him insane. He walked and slowly brought her down and broke the kisses and looking into her eyes, she looked back still entranced by him. Bulma got up slowly and went to find her shorts. Vegeta followed staying behind her, keeping his low breath on her back and her scent around him.

Bulma found her shorts were she left them and took the case of the capsules and found the one she needed. She turned and Vegeta followed, watching her fully awake, and alert. Bulma pressed the top and tossed it a good few meters away. She closed her eyes and leaned on Vegeta, "Vegeta..." Something about him made him different to her. Flashes of how he took care of her, and protected her. Somehow ... she trusted this alien now.

The capsule burst with a cloud of smoke, and there stood a capsule house. Vegeta slowly picked Bulma up and took her inside. He stared down at her as he found his way to the small bedroom. She locked eyes with him, and something told him she was different, somehow he cared for her strangely. Something pulled at him to be near her. He only pushed it aside.

For hours on Bulma and Vegeta mated, Vegeta himself became entranced, and marked Bulma without knowing it. Vegeta's wild and animal side grew stronger than him, causing harm to Bulma at the end of each of their climaxes. But he didn't care, and continued on and on though out the morning to the afternoon.

* * * * *

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