Chapter 3


He walked on, carrying the small native in his hand. She was moaning as he approached the waterfall. She would soon awaken. He sees her head move and hears her moan more. Sitting down by the base of the waterfall and next to the pool that was totally clear to the bottem he watches her.

Bulma opened her eyes to see a roaring waterfall. She stared at it for a moment trying to get her brain to function. 'Am I dead?' she asked herself. She felt strangely warm. 'Last I remember is blacking out for death in the quicksand.' Then something clicked in her head and she snapped her head around to find the large ape that had saved her from another one, holding her in his hand.

Vegeta watched her stare at him with fear, he watched her growling low. He saw her back away in his hand looking at it then him. He lowered his hand slowly and placed it in the water, making a small pool out of its hand for her. He watched her every move. The mud on Bulma began to go away but had to be scrubbed to get clean.

Bulma just sat in the water staring up at Vegeta too scared to move. She breathed deep and slow trying to calm down her rising fear. "Go and bathe already, you're a mess woman." The beast spoke to Bulma making her jump and grab his finger next her, mistaking it for a rock.

Letting go of his finger and sitting in the middle of his palm she spoke to him, "Who are you and why should I?" She realized she asked the wrong thing as his hand came around her and held her tight before she could even blink. He held her in front of his face.

"Cause I said so woman. I am Prince Vegeta of Vegetasie you will do as I say!" He commanded to her making her tremble in his hand. He lowered his hand and placed her on the ground. She sat there not looking at him. He became tired of waiting and his hand lashed out and easily tore her clothes without harming her."Now clean off!"

Bulma's clothes were torn and were falling off her body. She went into the water keeping her back to him. She let her clothes fall but kept hold of her shorts, remembering she still had her capsules. She began to wash her hair but was surprised as Vegeta's hand was slowly letting water drip though his fingers in his now full hand. She moved to the side to wash her hair. After some time of him repeatingly bathing her she was now clean, but also very cold. Her lips were turning blue but Vegeta did not see.

Vegeta had bathed her and watched her intensely and his keen eye saw her trembling shoulders. Both of his hand went into the water behind her and scooped her so quickly Bulma could not hide her nude body and she laid on her side towards him. Vegeta was struck by her beauty, and also with worry. Her cold body shivered in his hands and her lips were blue as her hair.

Vegeta set Bulma down on a clean rock. He took off his gloves and put them on the ground. He put one hand next to Bulma. Bulma slowly crawled into his hand. Bulma moved around in his fur. It was rough but after smoothing it out it was smooth and soft. Vegeta laid down on his side, cupping Bulma in one hand and bringing the other down over her, making it nearly completely dark. Moving his hands to his chest, he laid his hands against his chest under the neck, letting his hairy chest give more room to her.

Bulma held onto his fur as tight as she could until no movement could be felt, other than his breathing. She was already warming up, and she laid down, curling into a ball welcoming the warmth of Vegeta's hands. She saw his hand open, and looked straight up to his face. She shuddered until she felt his hot breath stream down on her. She didn't smell anything, but the mixture of cool air and his hot breath was relaxing.

Vegeta felt her movements in his hand, even if a little unsettled, he would not move. The native had more beauty than he could dream. He truly was looking forward to the events he planned to do with her the following day. He watched her naked body lay in his hands and slowly fall asleep. She was a beauty, if she survived the pleasure events he wanted from her, he would keep her.

* * * * *

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