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Chapter 10


Vapor once again filled the small space of the two occupants. The steam awoke them, three hours from their destination. Vegeta woke with his senses on alert, as they always were. Bulma, in his arms, rested, not totally awake, as usual. Vegeta didn't move her or try to make her wake up fully, only watched. He wondered where the fiery spirit was in her that made him desire her. If she did not show it this day, he would rid of her. He was becoming irritated with the weird surges of emotions he had been receiving in the time he had had her around him.

His thoughts vanished as Bulma moved slightly as she was awaking up then, her leg rubbing his member, and he became aroused. With about three or so hours to go till destination, he could have some fun with his captive. "Computer, block all communications until approximately ten minutes before planet fall." Bulma raised her head to his voice, confused, but quickly became full of fear. Lust and desire were in his eyes, as they always were, but missing something that they had their first night. He took her chin with his gloved hand, slowly bringing her face to his. He kissed her slowly, and the same heat that had engulfed Bulma that first night engulfed her again.

She moaned against his mouth, wrapping her arms around his neck, forgetting everything, only knowing that this felt so right. Vegeta's hands went to her shoulders, slowly lowering the clothes she had received at the planet he had destroyed; they were a faint white-blue color. Soon her creamy ripe breasts were exposed to his desire, his mouth left her, trailing down her chin, neck, to her breast. He removed his gloves, not taking his lips from her skin, fondled her breasts, licking slowly around the nipples, but not coming in contact. Bulma's hands came to his head, pulling him closer. Very bold, but she had to have him close when lost in this intimate web.

Vegeta took hold of Bulma's left nipple, sucking from it as a new born would. Bulma unknowingly brought her knee against his member hidden within his pants. Vegeta gasped, looking up at her confused eyes, only growling in return. He moved fast and swift, pinning her against the seat; now he was above. He smirked down at her as he moved his hand under her clothes, hearing her gasp and instinctively stiffen.

Once his hand touched her once virgin mound, she instantly relaxed. His hands moved and one slowly brought her under garments while the other teased and beckoned her. Bulma twisted and groaned against the torture, her face becoming highly flushed, her breath uneven. Vegeta halted before her climax could erupt, earning a painful moan of displeasure. He chuckled lightly, pulled his pants down to his knees, and moved with swift movements again, he had her on top of him.

Bulma instinctively knew what he wanted, what to do, though she had never done it before. She pulled the bottom of her toga high to her waist and Vegeta grasped hold of her hips. His member was hard and stiff, waiting for her hot, wet, flower. They were both left gasping for air, as Vegeta's hot member began to enter Bulma's tight nether lips. Once fully mounted and imbedded, Vegeta pulled Bulma's hips up and then brought them down, at the same time bucking up.

Bulma placed her hands on his shoulders, leaning forward she allowed his member to go deeper than before. Vegeta lifted his head when he bucked kissing her, Bulma followed his lips as he lowered again. Her hips moved with his help on lifting her hip, creating a rhythm for them both, as one. They picked up the pace, harder, faster, they moved completely as one, as if they knew the other's every thought, every move, every care. Bulma began to shout out in the pleasure she had missed from their last match, when Vegeta lost control completely, and harmed her so. She did not think of it, she did not know its existence. All she cared for was Vegeta, the one she was with for now and forever. She somehow knew it would be that way, lost into this ultimate pleasure. Vegeta could no longer hold his grunts of pleasure, though he wished to scream and ravage her, he remembered how fragile she was. His control, her well being and pleasure seemed to add to his.

Passing by the asteroid belt that surrounded the inner half of solar system of earth, the sun's light burst into the pod in a flare as they climaxed. Bulma's inner walls crushed Vegeta's member, and Vegeta in return, moments later, spilled his seed within her. Bulma fell forward into Vegeta's embrace and closed her eyes, weak from their intense mating. Vegeta held her close, resting slightly. Minutes pasted as he realized that for some reason he would never want her to leave his side, for something called to her. He pushed the emotions and thoughts out of his mind, watching them approach a planet that was red far away, still the size of Napa's fist, but growing.

"Computer, vapor bath and dry." A mask came from the roof of the pod, Vegeta placed it over Bulma's face and took a deep breath before the gas began to fill into the pod. Vegeta's spilled seed and Bulma's juices were evaporated and the gases changed, cleaning them of sweat and grime. The last was plain air and Vegeta exhaled, a ten minute process he was used to and able to hold his breath for a very long time, but knew Bulma could not. When the mask was lifted up Bulma's eyes met his. "We shall soon be on earth once again." Bulma tried to turn away, but Vegeta pulled her close into his arms. "Do not think you will leave my side. Even if I battle, Napa will be watching to make sure you do not escape, you have your worth." Bulma trembled having no idea what to do, he had basically just said she was a good lay and would not let her go. But when would he? That was the question that plagued her mind now.

Minutes passed and Vegeta pulled his pants on while Bulma pulled her toga-like outfit back into place. Bulma was determined to find a way to escape the prince, her heart seemed to hurt every time he spoke of her worth, what she was for and now of her determination to leave him. What was wrong with her? The computer beeped, "Ten minutes till planet fall of final destination." Bulma turned her head to Vegeta, tears of fear in her eyes, and for an unknown reason to them both, she fell into his arms, and he held her, not saying one word.

Soon they were coming toward earth, passing the moon in a fast speed. Bulma twisted around, still in Vegeta's arms watching earth, unsure what to do. A voice came to her mind as they came to earth about to enter the atmosphere. 'Follow your heart.' It was Kami, speaking to her, her gaze didn't waver from the earth as the pods began to shake; they were entering. 'When lost, caught between, close your eyes and do what your heart tells you. Don't think of what will happen, follow your heart, child.' Kami's voice disappeared as they went past the clouds; the earth's surface about to impact with them.

* * * * *

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