Chapter 11


They impacted with Earth, a jolting force that Bulma was spared from by Vegeta's arms. She noticed he held her secure within them and Kami's words returned to her before the pod's door opened. 'Follow your heart.' Words she indeed needed to follow, for she was torn. No doubt Vegeta would be facing off against her friends. Siding with her friends and not with the enemy. Her heart also agreed, yet not. She wanted her friends to be alive, her world safe, and to be with him, the Sayjian Prince. 'What about Yamcha?' What about him? He would be there, and she did love him, or did she?

The pod's door had opened and the bright light made Bulma cringe - it blinded her. She slowly got up and out of the pod, Vegeta following her. She hadn't taken three steps before Vegeta slipped one arm around her waist, pulling her firmly against him. By instinct, Bulma encircled her arms around his neck as he began to rise into the air.

As they levitated from the ground, Bulma saw people all around, some not knowing what to think, but most frightened for their very lives. There was silence from all around except for people screaming in the distance, sirens, and the sounds of people trembling in fear. "Pathetic," was all Vegeta had to say, snorting in disgust.

"Vegeta, mind that I do something about it?" Nappa asked.

"No, go right ahead," replied Vegeta, not really thinking, assuming Nappa was going to run off around this city and start to blow things up. But Nappa had other things in mind, and used a technique that leveled the area completely in a square five miles radius.

Bulma screamed, her eyes blinded, she felt herself being burned before she even knew what was happening, a warmth shot through her like lightning, and the pain stopped. She then realized as she kept her eyes closed tightly that Vegeta was now holding her with both arms, one still around her waist, the other holding her shoulder to him.

"Nappa, you idiot!" Vegeta's angry voice shouted close to Bulma's ear. Slowly she opened her eyes and the horror of what had happened clicked into mind. A choking sound emitted itself from her throat as she stared, trembling in Vegeta's arms while ignoring the two Sajians. Vegeta commented on the possibility of a dragon ball being in the part of the city Nappa had just eliminated. Vegeta's arm that was supporting Bulma's shoulders suddenly disappeared, and having unknowingly relaxed her hold to nothing around the Sayjian's neck, Bulma softly cried out reflexively before securely locking them again. The Prince only growled at her actions and turned his head in the direction his scouter indicated. "The strongest power levels are all together in that direction."

Without another word he blasted off with Bulma in his arms and Nappa at his side but slightly back. A new sensation engulfed Bulma as Vegeta power ran over her, protecting her from the force of the wind. It was a warmth that she hadn't even felt when Radditz first kidnapped her and took her to Vegeta. All she knew was it was somewhat peaceful. She would have thought she was dreaming from the sensation if it wasn't for Vegeta's scouter constantly beeping, and telling them which directions the power levels were, with figures and a moving arrow. She sighed, laying her head against Vegeta's collar bone.

Vegeta looked at Bulma through the corner of his eye. He didn't know why he just hadn't killed her yet, why he had protected her from most danger, but he knew it wasn't just a fetish. Her exotic blue hair and deep eyes did captivate him, but something told him he would indeed have a use for her, whatever the hell that was. All she had been so far was trouble, and a few great lays, correction, but best lays ever. Then again he only had access to the whores on Freeza's ships to satisfy any male needs after long periods without being with a female. But with this female, it was a hunger. His scouter beeped in the pattern signaling that the foes were dead ahead. Pushing all thoughts of the blue hair out of his mind for the time being, Vegeta focused on the three figures in the distance with his Sayjian enhanced sight. He knew at once that one was not human, it was the Namek.

He quickly scanned the area, seeing it was generally a small, but a fairly good size rocky canyon. He spotted one tree near the entrance of the area before expanding to mostly flat plain in the horizon. He landed some forty feet from their adversary, but only twenty, in his hearing distance, of the tree. The ground was littered with boulders in some areas. But the space between the two groups was empty of such. He chuckled evilly as two of the three gasped at the sight of Bulma.

"Bulma!" Krillin yelled. He took a step forward, but not more, holding himself back from attacking them. He examined all three of them, Bulma first. She looked okay, but was in some odd toga like outfit. It shimmered a whitish-blue that reflected the sunlight, having a metallic look, yet soft and silky. It left her right shoulder bare, having a loose perspective, however molding her body to give a good sense of her curves. The two Sayjians were wearing the same kind of armor as Radditz, with only slight variations. The bald big guy looked nine feet tall. The smaller one about the same height as Bulma, not including the flaming hair's length. He also noticed how the smaller one had a possessive arm around Bulma's waist when they had landed. Now Bulma stood on her own but by the smaller one. 'Run, damn it. Just Run.' Krillin wished she would, and wondered why she wasn't running to them and away from the Sayjians. Wrapped up in his head, he didn't realize the others were near until both Sayjian's scouters beeped and turned their heads to the left.

When Yamcha landed behind Krillin he had shouted Bulma's name before dashing toward the Sayjians.

"No, don't!" Krillin yelled before grabbing his arm, Tein getting ahold of the other. Yamcha hadn't even covered a yard. The smaller Sayjian had taken hold of Bulma's waist before she could take more than one step forward, pulling her to him, and he began laughing evilly at the sight of the other warriors.

"Let her go!" Yamcha yelled without thinking, struggling against Tein and Krillin.

"Oh, do I have something of yours?" Vegeta asked sarcastically. Bulma began trying to pull away from him, but Vegeta ignored her, easily holding her in place.

"Get your hands off her, bastard!"

"I'd watch it, weakling. I am Vegeta Prince of the Sayjians."

Yamcha continued to struggle as Krillin spoke to him. "Yamcha stop, attacking them senselessly won't get us anywhere. We have to stall them till Goku gets here, we need everyone, including you. Suck it up, man!" It took a few moments before Yamcha stopped.

"Fine!" Tein and Krillin released their hold slowly. Yamcha stood there, loathing the smaller Sayjian.

"Now that you have stopped your petty squabbling Yamcha," Piccolo spoke without looking at the man, "I suggest you stay focus on the battle, and not getting at Vegeta or removing Bulma from his hold." Only knowing he was right, Yamcha did his best to.

"So, are all the pathetic warriors of this planet present? It won't a be challenge either way, only more interesting on our benefit." Vegeta shouted at the earth's warriors.

"Just you wait till Goku gets here, then you'll eat your words!" Krillin shouted at them in return.

"Kakarrot is a coward, I don't see him and the strongest of you weaklings are right in front of us."

"Don't you call my father a coward, you, you Jerk!" Gohan yelled, angered and afraid at the same time. Bulma focused her attention on him. He had changed, gone was the little shy boy who wasn't allowed to train by Chi Chi's order. What had happened while she had been gone? She knew training, but highly doubted Chi Chi would have allowed Gohan also too.

"Goku is coming, just you wait." Stated Yamcha, but he was looking at Bulma as if to reassure her.

"Peh, weaklings. You have such faith in this traitor. You actually think a third class will stand against an elite? Go ahead and waste it. If Kakarott wants to live, he will not come and face my wrath."

All the Earth's warriors crouched down into fighting positions. "Are we going to fight, or not?" Piccolo yelled, getting tired of this talk.

Vegeta only raised an eyebrow before laughing. "Oh, I have a much better idea than this. Nappa, how many more Saibamen do we have?" Bulma looked between the two Sayjians a moment before looking at her friends. What did Vegeta have planned now? She remembered the planet they had visited before Vegeta later destroyed it. She shuttered, he was going to play with them as he had done with that race.

"Six I think."

"You six fight our last Saibamen, one and one. Those who last and are able to live and defeat your Saibaman, will have the chance to fight Nappa, all at once. If you somehow defeat him, you'll have your shot at me before getting your life ended by my royal hands."

"No." Bulma hissed at Vegeta. She would not let him play his game. He tightened his arm around her painfully tight in warning, other than that he ignored her.

"Well? What will it be? Fight Nappa now, or the Saibamen, either way, you die."

The Earth's warriors turned to each other to discuss it.

"What should we do?" Gohan asked Piccolo.

"I say we fight the Saibamen."

"What?!" Yamcha hissed. "That's crazy, they are only toying with us."

"It give us time to stall them, and wait for Goku to get here. Without him, there is no possibility we can win." Piccolo argued back. No one said anything in return, point taken. And he turned to the waiting Sayjians. "We will fight, Saibamen."

Vegeta laughed at them. "Good, something amusing while on this stupid planet."

* * * * *

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