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Chapter 3


Bulma winced as she heard another car being revved up.

‘I don’t understand how anyone can stand this crap every damn Friday night.’

It was almost 10 o’clock at night and already, whordes of people were standing on MLK street waiting for some nice ‘n juicy street action. Some just used it as an excuse to do other things. Drug dealers, sluts, players looking for a good lay, and gamblers betting on races, along with many others.

Bulma opened the hood of her prized, fiery, yellow and black racer and checked its contents. She did a quick inventory.

‘2 canisters of NOS, 1 backup, hyper sustaining motor, 2 fast acting jumps, backup carborator, radiator, thermostat, backup battery…’ She smiled, satisfied, and pulled the hood down.

Bulma looked around at the crowded street and tried to figure out what to do next. She could just stand by her car and try to look cool but…no. That would just be trying too hard. So, she decided to walk around and see what the street racing life was all about.

She passed through the crowd, feeling constricted in her black leather mini skirt and white tank top. ‘All part of the job, Bulma,’ she reminded herself.

She passed by a sleezily dressed Asian woman on top of the hood of a car, looking down at a black dude who was centered between her bare legs.

"So, baby, if I win this race, how about we get a little freaky in my jacuzzi?" he asked. She smiled playfully. "If you win, I’ll even bring my friend along with me."

Bulma rolled her eyes in disgust as they started to grope each other once again. ’Get a frickin’ room.’

She suddenly spotted Jared, to whom she had been introduced to that afternoon, guiding cars in and out while Chichi kept watch for the police, using a walky talky.

* * *

"This is my office right here," Jared said femininely, sweeping his hands in the air, gesturing to the cluttered computer room.

"So, what do you do?" Bulma asked.

"Oh, I mostly make the parts for anyone racing, mainly Vegeta. And thanks to the handy dandy technology of the 21st century, I can make practically anything."

"Does that make you a genius?" Goku asked.

"Well, to make a long story short, I was wanted by Yale, Oxford, Harvard, and Stanford, among many others. Not that I like to brag or anything, but what does that tell you? Ah, who the hell am I kidding, of course I like to brag."

Bulma smiled. She loved hanging out with gay males. They were all funny in the smart kind of way. Jared was one of those ’I’m-gay-and-you-damn-well-better-believe-it type of guy.

Goku smiled and scratched his head. "Man! I wish I was that smart!"

* * *

Bulma smiled and waved at him. As she did, she forgot to look where she was going and ran right into Goku. "Hey Bulma! Man, it’s crowded out here. I couldn’t even find a spot to park my car. Then I remembered that I’m in the race so I--"

"What? No you’re not! It’s bad enough that I am, let alone you. We really have to keep things quiet, man."

Goku frowned. "Hm. Is that right? Well, that sucks. Hey, I’ll tell you what. I’ll be over at that snack bar over there." He pointed. "Shoot me a call when you need me."

Bulma smiled and shook her head. ‘What a one track mind.’

She continued to walk down the crowded street and after many drug offers, sexually oriented offers, and "hey cute thang"s, she spotted Vegeta. And seeing as to the fact that he was the best racer for miles around, he was flocked with women whispering in his ear and putting their hands all over his body.

She couldn’t blame them though. He did look kind of stylish with a white wife beater on and black baggy jeans. Simple but sexy. It rang out ‘I’m a bad boy! Take me now!’ And of course, he just had to sport new kicks.

Bulma gave a disgusted look when he saw her and smirked arrogantly. He whispered something in one of the girls’ ears and she giggled and let him go. "Let me handle some business," she heard him say. He slowly walked over to Bulma and crossed his ripped arms.

"So, woman. I hear through the grapevine that some mysterious blue haired chit has entered the race tonight. Hm, I wonder…" he said, pretending to think, "…who could that be?"

She rolled her eyes. "You seem a little bit too confident there Vegeta. Maybe you should worry about your skills instead of the cheap thrills," she said, referring to the women who were waving at him seducingly.

He smirked. "Do I sense a bit of jealousy? Damn, I haven’t even known this woman for 2 days and already she’s green with jealousy."

"For your information, it’s ‘green with envy’ and I really could care less about what you do. Your just my employer, right?"

"Uh huh, right." She could tell he didn’t believe her. "So where’s that little guy friend of yours? No doubt staying the hell away from you."

As if on cue, Goku came up behind Bulma, out of breath, as if he had been running. He smelled faintly of French fries.

"Whew! Man, there’s this chick out there, stalking me. Says her name is Cecily Snake or something. Gotta watch out for people like her!"

Vegeta looked at Goku and got a weird look on his face. As did Goku. "Kakarott?"

Goku’s eyes widened. He grabbed Bulma’s shoulders and dragged her towards her car. "Hey, what was all that about?" Bulma asked.

Goku glanced at her, deciding whether to tell her or not.

"Come on Goku, we’re partners here." She watched as he made various facial expressions, contemplating if he should spill.

‘How transparent,’ she thought. Goku sighed. "Ok, well I know him from a drug bust a few years back. I knew I’d heard his name from somewhere else before, but it just now clicked. Didn‘t know he joined the street life."

"Well, didn’t you see him this afternoon?"

"Yeah, sort of. But I was a little… preoccupied." Bulma nodded knowingly. "Chichi huh?"

"Yeah, she’s a cool kind of gal. Says she can cook." By this time they had reached Bulma’s racer. She opened the driver’s seat and slid in, closing the door behind her. She slid the window down so she could talk to Goku.

"Good luck, huh? I’ll be rootin’ for you," he said, lightly tapping the roof of her car.

"Thanks Goku," she said before rolling up the window and maneuvering her way through the crowd and towards the starting line area. She stepped out, seeing Vegeta’s red and black vehicle beside hers.

‘Great. Of all places to park.’

She saw him leaning against his ride and talking to Rayven. She was making a show of tossing her beautiful green hair and fluttering her eyes. Bulma watched, amused. ‘That’s what I call trying too hard.’

Vegeta looked up, catching her eye. He smirked smugly and called to her. "So you’re nervous? Or just scared that I’ll beat you and these other pathetic losers?"

Rayven turned, seeing Bulma, and scowled.

"Don’t get so cocky. I’m chock-full of surprises."

He looked at her evilly. ‘I bet.’ His gaze swept over her, noting her leather skirt that came just above her thighs, showing much skin. She wore a white tank top, not bothering with a bra seeing as to how hot it was. Her hair was put up into a messy ponytail which only added to her look of sexy indifference. His eyes briefly scoped out her legs and thought how good they would feel around him right then.

Rayven glared at her with pure hatred. But before she could say anything, a loud horn blared, signaling 5 minutes until the race.

"That’s your cue," Vegeta said to her, still watching Bulma. "Stay on the sidelines with Jay or Jared or somebody."

Bulma could tell that Rayven highly resented being brushed off. She watched as Rayven turned her glare into a sweet smile and rubbed her chest up against him. "Good luck, Vegeta," she heard Rayven say before giving him a light kiss on the cheek and leaving.

Bulma turned around, disgusted and strapped herself into the car, not noticing Vegeta’s own look of disgust. She looked at the manual/voice activated computer coming from just below the dashboard on the passenger side.

‘I’ll just put it in hyper sustaining mode…’ she thought, typing in the code. She double checked everything over again.

Another horn blared, announcing for the 8 racers to move to the starting line a few yards away. She put her car in gear and drove it to the line. She cursed and backed up as she went a few feet over it and looked to her left, seeing Vegeta highly amused.

‘Dammit Bulma! You haven’t even started the race and already you’ve humiliated yourself,’ she scolded.

"Racers, get ready!" the loud speakers blasted. Bulma turned on one pack of Nitrus Oxide and tweaked up the HSM.

"Racers get set!" She cranked up the engine, her hands set on the steering wheel determinedly. A gun blasted, signaling the start of the race.

Bulma stepped on the gas furiously and mentally blocked her ears to the screeching of tires.

They were off, a cloud of smoke behind them. Bulma quickly and efficiently pulled into third behind a lime colored car. ‘So far, so good. Now to just get passed this guy.’ She pressed harder on the gas but before she could pull up beside him, a pipe protruded from the back of his car, releasing a thick, black cloud of smoke.

Bulma panicked as she tried to see through the windshield but couldn’t. She looked to the right and flicked on the first can of NOS, hoping she wouldn’t collide into anything. She gasped as the force of gravity pulled her back into her seat.

She zoomed passed the lime car and smiled proudly. Her next task would be to pass Vegeta.

‘Damn, he’s fast!’ The finish would be coming shortly and she had to hurry. Bulma flicked on the second NOS switch, preparing for the next adrenaline rush. When it didn’t come, she frowned.

She looked down at the computer screen and cursed as she saw what was wrong on the heat visual.

‘Oh great! What a great time for the fucking radiator to shit out on me! Think fast, Bulma, think fast!’ She frantically looked around the car, while simultaneously trying to keep in second. But that was as hard as a bitch when 6 other motherfuckers were right behind her.

She spotted the hyper sustainer and noticed that it was only turned at half of what it should have been. She tweaked it up even more and got a determined look on her face.

"Time to quit the child’s play." She flicked on the last NOS switch and was again met with the same rush, but this time it was much more exciting. This time she would be crossing the finish.

Bulma brace herself for the win. She could already see the faint outline of the finish line.

‘Just a few more feet.’ But before she could cross it, a flash of black and red zoomed passed her, its passenger smirking. It crossed the finish only milliseconds before her.

And that was it.

She screeched her car to a stop in anger. "Fuck!" She yelled, slamming her fist down on the wheel, inadvertently honking. She violently threw off her straps and got out of the car, only to be met with a crowd whording around the first tow cars that had made it in: hers, and Vegeta’s.

People were congratulating him and patting his back, if not to give him praise, then just to be able to tell their friends that they had touched Vegeta.

Bulma just glared at him, anger evident in her deep blue eyes. He looked over at her smugly.

"It was a nice try woman. Cute, actually. But this is no place for amateurs like you." The crowd silenced, waiting for what she would say.

"Is that right?" She asked sarcastically. "Well I guess I’ll just have to get myself a new ride."

"Baby, you can sure as hell ride this!" came and anonymous voice from the crowd which got them all laughing.

Bulma rolled her eyes. "You know damn well that I’ve come closer to beating you than any other person has. You only beat me by, what? Half a second?"

Vegeta snorted. "It doesn’t matter whether you win by an inch… or a mile. Winning is winning. And that’s the first lesson you need to learn if you plan on joining the game."

"Oh, don’t worry. I plan on joining. And it’s only a matter of time before I take you out of it."

The crowd "ooohed" and looked at Vegeta to see what he would say. But before he could respond, two shots rang out.

"Oh shit!!" someone yelled. "Cops! Everybody run! It’s the 5-0!!" As that was said, everyone sprinted towards their cars, creating a huge mosh.

Bulma looked around frantically for Goku, but didn’t see him. ‘Great,’ she thought. ‘Now the damn Po Po have to get in the mix!’ She stared to run to her car but someone grabbed her by the shoulder, turning her around.

"Come with me, woman. You’ll probably get your foolish self locked up if you go by yourself."

He took her by the hand, pulling her towards his car. He opened the driver, assuming she knew to get into the other side. When they were both strapped in, Bulma looked at him uncertainly.

"Are you sure you know what you’re doing Vegeta?"

"No," he said simply, before hitting the gas.



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