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Chapter 4


Vegeta drove as fast as was possible, maneuvering the car through the panicked crowd. Only when they got out onto the clear street did his shoulders lose its tension.

"Where do you live?"

Bulma was jerked out of her thought process and looked over at him. "Huh?"

He sighed, irritated. "You know. Where do you go to after work? In what place do you reside?" He kept his eyes on the road. She noted his sarcasm and rolled her eyes.

"Turn left. Right…here."

"Left or right woman?"




He made a right.

"I said make a left!"

Vegeta growled in frustration and turned the wheel to make a U-turn. "Aw, shit," he said quietly.

"What?" Bulma asked. But he didn’t have to answer. She immediately saw the red and blue lights flashing. "Hold on woman," he said when the sirens began to blare. He stepped on the gas forcefully, passing up a red light.

"Oh, great!" Bulma said to no one in particular. Can my night get anymore worse?!" They sped down Rovello drive, cops still sweating them. Vegeta "Aw fuck"-ed once more as they met up with two other cop cars heading towards them.

"I think that’s your answer."

Bulma bolted up in her seat. "I know this place! Here, make a right!"

"Oh, no. I’m not falling for that one again."

"Just do it!" He turned down a one-way alley.

"Where the hell are you taking us?" he demanded.

"There should be a huge parking lot around here somewhere… (AN:You know, the ones you park at when you go to the mall? Work with me here people!) Just make a left at the end there…"


Vegeta pulled his racer to a stop and threw it into park. "C’mon. Let’s go." They strapped out and left the car, knowing it would be safe until morning. They walked down the deserted street, trying not to look too suspicious.

"So, where are we headed now?" she asked him.

"My place."

Her eyes quirked up at this. "Get your mind out of the gutter, woman. Wouldn’t even think of it. We’ll head there, get one of my racers, and if everything is going for us, you’ll be home by curfew."

"Boy, aren’t we full of sarcasm tonight."

"What were you expecting? A fucking teddy bear and cotton candy? Don’t bet on it."

Bulma had her mind set on retaliation when she saw that familiar red and blue flashing. She groaned. ‘And worse and worse and worse!’

Suddenly, (AN: ‘cause things always happen so damn suddenly) a light bulb popped in her head. She grabbed Vegeta’s hand.

"What the hell are you doing?" he asked, teeth gritted but not wanting to make any sudden moves.

"Just work with me." The cop car pulled up beside them, lights flashing like a damn disco. A man stepped out of the car and walked towards them. "What a fine Friday night it is, isn’t it?" the cop asked, once he was close enough.

‘What the fuck?’ Vegeta thought. ‘Is that some kind of trick question?’

"Yes it is officer," Bulma answered, knowing that from Vegeta’s death-glare, that he wasn’t answering any stupid ass questions. "What do you think honey?"

Vegeta got a confused look on his face. ‘What kind of game is she playing?’ She squeezed his hand, still smiling sweetly. ‘Oh, right. Play along. Why do that when I can punch this guy’s lights out?’

"Yeah, officer. It’s a damn fine evening. Wouldn’t you say, darling?" He squeezed her hand painfully.

"You see, that’s just it," said the officer. "It ain’t evenin’ no more. It’s almost 1o’clock in the morning’. Might I ask what you two are doin’ out so late on a deserted street?"

‘No you can’t ask motherfucker,’ Vegeta wanted to say. But instead he said ‘racing’ which was a mistake ‘cause at the same time, Bulma had said ‘at a bar.’ So he switched his answer to ‘at a bar’ at the same time the foolish woman stated ‘racing.’

"Watching a race at a bar," Bulma covered up quite nicely. "Gotta love that Dale Ernhardt Jr." (AN: Don’t know jack-shit about racing so pretend I spelled that right.)

"Is that right?" the cop asked.

‘No, you asshole. We were out doing some illegal street racing with a bunch of drug dealers and prostitutes. Do you really want to know?’ Vegeta thought.

"I think you two should come with me," the officer said, trying to be heard over the walky talky static crap.

Bulma’s eyes widened with fear. She looked at Vegeta and mouthed the words "Do something."

‘What the hell do you expect me to do?’ his eyes asked. She shrugged.

‘Ok, but don’t say I didn’t warn you.’ He turned and promptly socked the guy right in the nose. The cop fell to the ground, half conscious and sporting a bloody nose. "Run!" Vegeta yelled.

He tugged on her arm as they sped down the street, and into the darkness.


Bulma stopped to take some much needed breaths. "Are you crazy?! What were you thinking?!"

"At least I did something about it." Bulma continued to catch her breath, and soon, the sound of her panting turned into laughter. "God, that was the most fun I’ve had in a long time!" she said around laughs.

Vegeta took a good look at her and noted once again just how damn sexy she was. Cheeks painted light pink from all the running, hair wild and windblown, damp and clinging to her face. Damn, she was all sweaty. Especially in the chest area, where the glistening went right into her tank top. What he wouldn’t give to….

All she would be good for was a good lay. No doubt about that.

"Are we almost at your place?" she asked.

"Yeah, just a few more blocks." he answered gruffly.

"I hope we get there soon. It’s frickin’ hot! And at this time of night!"

"If you’re going to live in L.A, then you have to deal with it."

"God, does everything have to end up in an argument with you?


"And I thought I was bitchy."

"Not bitchy. Just plain bitch."

"Speak for yourself. You know, why am I even arguing with you? If we have nothing nice to say to each other, then let’s just not say anything at all."

They walked in an uncomfortable silence, neither knowing what to say. Soon, it just got old. "Okay, screw that," Bulma said. "I have to ask you a question before I explode."

Vegeta raised an eyebrow, and waited for her to ask something to the effect of ‘Vegeta, will you have sex with me,’ or ‘How ‘bout we skip your place and head straight to lover’s walk,’ or something.

"Where did you meet Goku?"

God, tonight was just full of dumb questions.

"Who, you mean Kakarott?" he asked, not taking his eyes off the deserted street. She nodded.

"If that was your business, I’d gladly tell you," he said, feigning kindness. "But since it’s not…"

"Fine then. At least settle for telling me why you didn’t notice him this afternoon…or yesterday afternoon… technically."

"I was too preoccupied with more…interesting things," he said, looking her up and down.

She felt her skin go hot, growing with awareness, as his eyes slowly grazed her body. Bulma was sure as hell not the type of girl to blush, but she felt her cheeks grow warm. Suddenly, her ears perked up.

"Do you hear that, Vegeta?" Music was blaring from somewhere.

"What? It’s just music."

"Where the hell is it coming from?

They rounded the corner. "Oh, great," Vegeta said, more irritated than he was a few minutes ago.

"My place."


Vegeta angrily walked into his crowded living room, Bulma right behind him. Music blasted from the entertainment system. The two walked passed people, who were sexily dancing to the music.

Vegeta dangerously walked over to Yamcha, who was sitting in an armchair chatting, a girl in his lap, and a beer in his hand. Vegeta grabbed him by the collar, lifting him up, the girl toppling over as a result. He violently threw him against the wall, still clutching his collar.

The music stopped.

"Where the hell were you guys!? While I’m out there running from the damn cops, you’re at my place having a fucking party!?" He looked over at the others. Krillin, Juu, her brother Jay, Jared, Rayven, Chichi, and even Goku, who Bulma was relieved to see, were standing around looking guilty.

Yamcha looked down at Vegeta. "We didn’t know man! We thought you’d make it back here safe. Besides, this is all for you," he said gesturing to the party. "A sort of congratulations. You know, like how we do every Friday."

Vegeta slowly lowered him down. Rayven touched his arm affectionately. "I’m sorry we left you with her," she said, as the music started up once again, and people started dancing. The fight all but forgotten since most of the people were just too drunk or too high to care.

"It must have been hell trying to get her to stop smothering you." Vegeta nodded, not really listening, paying more attention to the beer someone had just passed him.


Bulma looked across the room and spotted Goku boyishly flirting with Chichi. ‘How cute,’ Bulma thought. She’d never found anything like that. She was too prone to one night stands.

"You going to sit there staring at your boyfriend all night or are you going to come dance?" She heard a gruff voice behind her ask.

She rolled her eyes and gave him her hand, allowing him to lead her into the middle of the room. A slow sexy song started up. (How convenient!).

I’ve been doing my own thing

Love has always had a way of having bad timing

But to my great surprise, ever since I looked in your eyes

I’ve had one question for you

Vegeta grabbed her by the hips and pulled her close. She slid her hands around his neck and began to gyrate her lower body against him. Vegeta smirked as he felt her skirt slowly ride up her thighs. He slowly moved his hands to her back and down to cup her ass. Bulma moaned softly in his ear.

Tell me if you want me to
Give you all my time
I wanna make it good for you
‘Cause you blow my mind
I promise boy that I’ll be true
You’re the perfect one so
Tell me if you want me to

She turned around slowly in his arms and guided his hands back to her hips. She hooked her arm around his neck, nesting her head on his shoulder as they gently moved to the rhythm. Bulma let the music take over as he glided his hand across her stomach slowly inching his way down to her skirt.

If you fall asleep on this
Boy you’re wrong ‘cause all I dream about is our first kiss
And you’re the first one, to make me
Feel like this
And this is one, opportunity that I can’t miss, no, no

She held her breath as she felt his fingers inch to the hem and move upwards. She was hot. And she could feel it right at her center, like a fire that needed to be put out. He inched his way slowly upwards, caressing her skin. Just a few inches more and…

"Hey Bulma! Snap out of it! Vegeta says to stop staring at your boyfriend and for me to take you home. Ready?"

She nodded absently. She was panting.

"Yeah. Thanks Yamcha. I’ll meet you outside."

She walked passed Rayven and Vegeta who were heading upstairs.

‘I really need to get a boyfriend. Either that, or a really good lay,’ she thought, before heading out the door.



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