Chapter 2 Hos are bitches

Bulma and Goku pulled to a stop in front of Diesels, not too hyped about going in. "I hope I don't do anything stupid." Goku said, his hand still on the steering wheel. Bulma smiled patting him on the leg.

"That, my dear friend, is inevitable. Anyway, that's just the least of our worries. What we need to focus on is not blowing our covers. So try not to act too suspicious, while still being yourself." He nodded, and they both walked out of Goku's newly purchased , smooth, black racer.

They each pulled out a seat at the bar and waited for someone familiar to walk over. Bulma looked up at the T.V screen, catching the last bits of a news report.

"And Federal Investigators have found the body of truck driver Taron Maui." said the female news reporter. A small box popped up, with the victim's picture. "Maui's death is the sixth in the West City in the last 3 months. Like the others, he was carrying car parts and DVD players, along with other valubles. We are not sure what the purpose is. Investigators say he was attacked by a gang of at least 3 hoodlums. Reportedly, they are very proffessional and very dangerous.They dress in all black, riding in black cars for their sneak attacks. They are very brutal and are reported to slit the throats of their victims. We all send our condolences to the Maui family and wish them the best of luck. In other news..."

"Yeah, that is kind of ruthless. Those guys must be desperate, rippin' off DVD trucks." a voice said. Bulma turned from the screen, seeing Chichi, her head tilted up at the television. Chichi shook her head and turned to Bulma.

"So, I see you came back. Wasn't really expecting it. Anyway, why don't you two follow me to the back?" Bulma and Goku stood up.

"Oh, Chichi, this is my friend, Goku. Goku, Chichi." Chichi smiled, taking his hand.

"Nice to meet you, Goku." He smiled back.

"Same here." She smiled once again, turning to show them to the back. They walked into a small office like room. It looked more like a storage room, as messy as it was.

"Yeah, don't mind this place. Belongs to Vegeta. Too busy with his own complex life to worry about his surroundings."

"I bet." Bulma said, not really that surprised.

The room had one small table cluttered with papers and magazines. Many of them of cars reading "Monstertrucks" or "Streetracing". The room had 3 walls and one big garage door. (If you've ever seen the Real World Chicago, you'll know what I'm talking about. You know, their elevator.)

Chichi pulled it up, revealing a garage filled with workers and cars.

Bulma's face remained expressionless.

"Wow," Goku said, awed. "Who would've known there'd be a garage in the back of a diner?"

Chichi grinned and walked them in. "Yeah, pretty amazing, huh? Anyway, why don't I show you two the ropes? Not too much to learn. If you know what you're doing."

"And of course, they don't."

The three turned to see Vegeta with a usual scowl upon his face. Bulma glared at him.

"That's what you think."

"You're damn straight."

He turned to Chichi. "Take this guy right here and get him started. I suspect she needs more proffessional help." he said, refferring to Bulma. She rolled her eyes as Chichi took Goku, leaving her with Vegeta. He turned the other way, expecting her to follow.

She shook her head and did just that.

"Those," he said gruffly, pointing to a group of objects that looked like fire extinguishers but a bit smaller, "are our extra canisters of NOS. Don't touch them. Don't go near them. Don't look at them. As a matter of fact, don't even breathe the same air surrounding them. Don't even--"

"I think I got it Mr. Overprotective." she said sarcastically. "And besides, you may not know it, but I know how to handle myself well when I need to."

He had, for the last hour and a half, shown her around the garage, telling her the Do's and Don'ts, or rather the Don'ts, of her job.

"Well then," she said, loudly, clapping her hands together. "I guess that means I get to work now, don't I? What should I do?"

"Go to her," he said pointing past a blonde giggling with a cute, short dude, to a slim looking green haired chick.

"That's Rayven. She'll tell you what to do." He then walked away, leaving her on her lonesome. Bulma went to the girl and tapped her on the shoulder. She turned around and eyed Bulma up and down hostiley.

"So you're the new broad Vegeta was talking about? Hmph. There's nothing so speacial about you."

"You'd be surprised. And I don't especially like myself being refferred to as 'broad'. I have a name and it's Bulma. So, why don't you tell me where to start, 'cause I can already tell that I'm not going to like you."

Rayven sneered and jerked her head to a shiny red and white motorcycle. "Handle that bike. It needs a new motor and a can of NOS. Use the one on the ground next to it. Don't fuck anything up."

She brushed past her, making sure to make shoulder contact. "Oh, and one more thing. Stay out of my way."

Bulma smirked. "That won't be a problem. The only problem is getting you to stay out of my way."

Rayven walked by her leaving Bulma to do her work.

'Those bastards are in for it. Can't wait 'till tonight. All I've got to do is get me a few cans of NOS and fix my ride up, and they'll be damn surprised. She smiled wickedly as she jerked open the back of the motorcycle, and thinking of her first streetrace that night.

* * * * *

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