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The Fast and the Furious
By: ~Scrambled Thoughts~

Chapter 1 Meeting the Bastard

Bulma stepped out of her sleek red and blue race car and walked into the outside restaurant sporting the name "Diesels". 'Damn, it's hot' ,she thought, dusting off her sandy jeans . She grabbed a stool at the bar and took a seat, checking out her options. 'A cheeseburger with the works looks nice,' she thought. She spotted a pretty black-haired girl, around her age, and waved her over.

"What do you need? Special today is the white meat with delicately toasted bread," she said reading off the board. "Fancy way of saying 'tuna sandwich.'"

Bulma smiled. "Nah, I'll just have a cheeseburger. Everything on it."

"No prob. Hey Yamcha!" she yelled, turning to the back of the bar where only employees go. "Throw this chick right here a cheesburger. Onions and all!"

She turned back to Bulma. "The name's Chichi." she said, holding out her hand. "Friends call me Chi." Bulma shook her hand replying, "Name's Bulma. Not so much of a 'friend' kind of person."

Chichi laughed. "Not so uncommon around here. You see that guy right there?" Chichi pointed to a man in the back room wearing a white shirt with the sleeves cut off. Bulma recognized him as the professional street racer, Vegeta. She couldn't see his pants through the glass window but his ruggedness was appearent. His blunt features and fiery black hair made Bulma look twice. And she wasn't the kind of person to look twice at a something as unimportant as just a handsome man.

She was more of a fuck 'em and leave 'em type of girl.

Chichi broke off her train of thought. "Yeah, well he's not so friendly either. That's Vegeta as I'm sure you probably know off the sneak tip. Got a stick so far up his ass, it's unexplainable. Anyway, what brings you to this part of town? Not a lot of people come up here. Seeing as to how hot it is and all."

"Yeah, well we have some business to attend to," Bulma said, brushing a stray blue strand of hair from her face.

"We?" Chichi inquired. "Who's we?"

"You see that guy over there?" she asked turning to point at her racer. Chichi nodded. "Yeah, well that's Goku."

Chichi really couldn't see his sleeping figure from there, but she got the general idea. "Well, why isn't he in here? Doesn't he eat?"

Bulma wanted to laugh. 'He eats so much that he'll bring too much attention on us. And we can't have that.' she thought.

"No, he ate on the way here. I told him I'd rather eat at this gig than anywhere fancy. I noticed it on the way into town."

"You go with him?" Chichi asked.

"Nah, I've just known him for a while." Bulma said curtly. Chichi was getting too into stuff.

"Here's your cheeseburger. Onions and all." said one of the workers swooping in with her burger. He was dressed in the common casual shorts and t-shirt.

Bulma smiled at him, grateful for the interruption.

"And who might you be, oh-beautiful-one?" he smiled at her then turned to Chichi. "She's not a regular. I've never seen her in this part of Chikyuu."

"No Yamcha. She just moved into town and--"

"You guys wanna do your fucking job for once in your pathetic lives?"

Bulma turned to see the man named Vegeta with a sneer on his face and his arms crossed. "Oh, c'mon Vegeta. Doesn't hurt to socialize once in a while." Yamcha said.

"It does when I'm in charge. Now get to work in the back. Chichi, I want you to fix up my racer." He threw a wad of 50's on the counter. "And get me two containers of Nitrus Oxide. And you, " he said, turning to Yamcha, "Tell Krillin and Juuhachi to quit their damn necking and work on the ride. It's Thursday. You know how it works tomorrow."

Bulma sneered. "Maybe if you asked a little nicer, things would be much more easier for you."

Vegeta looked at her as if he had just noticed her. "Who the hell are you?"

"Believe me, you don't even want to know me."

Chichi butted in, knowing that there would be some kind of arguement. "She's a new regular. Just moved into town." Bulma glared at her. She didn't like people talking for her.

"Well if you're new in town, wouldn't that mean you don't have a job?" Yamcha asked.

"That would be correct. But I really don't need your simpathy."

"Well," he replied, looking at Vegeta hopefully, "maybe you could work here?"

Bulma gave him a questioning look. "I don't do restaurants."

"No, I mean, in the back. We work on cars. Do you have any experience with mechanics?"

"First of all," said Vegeta, butting in, "who the hell says she can work here? And secondly, I'm sure she's an ignoramus when it comes to doing anything with cars."

"First of all," Bulma said mocking him, "who the hell says I want to work here? And secondly, I bet I can work cars much better than you can ever dream of doing! I am a mechanic after all."

Vegeta smirked. "Then maybe we can use you. You start tomorrow. Bring your friend." He said gesturing to Goku in the car. He abruptly turned away leaving her stunned.

"How dare he assume that I want to be here! What if I have something better to do?!"

"But you don't, do you?" Chichi asked trying to supress her laughter.

"No, but that's not the point!!" Bulma turned around agrily and walked back towards her car.

"You'll be here tomorrow though wont you?!" she heard Yamcha yell. She flipped him off.

"I'll take that as a yes!"

* * * * *

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~Scrambled Thoughts~

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