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Chapter 3


She walked through the busy, crowded streets of the town on the planet she knew so well. She had her inherited Saiyajin frown plastered on her pretty features. Her long, slightly spiked hair was pulled into a braid and her head was covered with a helmet. 'I can't believe that asshole!' she thought angrily to herself. 'I just can't believe he would do something like that behind my back!' She angrily turned a corner and trudged down the darkened ally way with her planet log held out in front of her. 'Damn you Kakarot. You know I'm not happy with this. We're supposed to trust each other, not do things behind our backs!' she thought as she pounded on someone's door. She was performing a census of all accountable Saiyajins in this town. She thought back to how she had gotten this kind of a job and let her bristled brown tail curl in anger.

* She tumbled out of the cold bed finding that it was empty. She was confused. He would never leave her like that, now that they were bonded. She quickly pulled on her spandex body suit, not liking the feeling of being naked and vulnerable. She slipped on the necessary armor of a first class elite, and marched out the door while trying with frustration to manage her unruly hair. She somehow could sense that Kakarot was somewhere near. 'Heh, another advantage of this bond thing: I'll know where he is 24/7.' she smirked to herself. She rounded a corner and saw her mate proudly strut out of the missions room. 'The missions room?' she asked herself, 'Why would he be in there?'

She quickly ducked back into the hallway so he wouldn't see her. She suddenly heard Kakarot stop, when he was hailed by his brother, Turles. "So, brother, did you do it yet?" Turles asked. 'Do what?' she thought curiously. "Yup, I just finished." Kakarot answered back. "Are you sure about what you felt, though? I mean it could just be a fluke or something. You know, Saiyajin women hate to be told one thing and find out that it was false, believe me." Turles said. "Nah," Kakarot answered, "I've known for a couple days now. But it's not enough for her to notice. But I'm sure that I'm right about what I felt." 'Nani!' she asked herself frantically. 'Felt what??' "Well then, Congratulations, little brother!" Turles exclaimed and she heard him give Kakarot a good-natured pat on the back. "Thanks." her mate responded. "But I want to ask ya something. Are you sure your ready for this? I mean it's a lot of responsibility you know..." Turles said as he drifted off. Kakarot was about to respond when Chichi finally popped out from her hiding spot.

The two brothers were startled. "Arrgh! I'VE HAD ENOUGH!! Will someone please tell me what the hell you two are talking about. And it better not be about another woman!" she threatened as she turned her accusing glare on Kakarot. "Uh..." Kakarot started. "Heh heh! I'll just let you explain it to her. Good luck. And oh yeah, one more thing Kakarot, remember they go for the eyes first." Turles laughed as he slinked away. Chichi glared after him but then retuned her ebony gaze back on her mate. "So, explain, Kakarot." Chichi said. He watched as her shiny dark brown tail wrapped tightly around her tiny waist. He let his eyes linger on her still flat stomach but then returned to her face. "Uh... Explain what?" he asked innocently. Chichi sighed in annoyance, "Alright then, first of all, tell me why were you in the missions room, eh? Thereís no way you would be canceling your call for that purging mission , so what is going on?" she asked, letting her voice calm. Kakarot narrowed his eyes and looked at her seriously, "I was in there canceling your call to purge the planet Kiero." he answered. Her jaw dropped slightly. Her mind was racing with thoughts: How could he do that? Why would he do that. He knew how much I wanted to go. "Wait, I get it. Youíre letting me go with you to Checkisu, right?" she asked with slight hope in her eyes. "Uh uh" Kakarot said as he shook his head. "No, youíre not going anywhere. you have to stay here, Chichi. Itís for your own good, okay?" he asked. "Nani?" she asked feebly, "Why not?" "Look Chichi, Iíve got something very important to tell you." he said as he took her slightly shocked form into his arms. He let her rest her chin on his shoulder.

"Hey, guess what?" he whispered. She shrugged to tell him to continue, "Weíre gonna have a baby." he announced to her. She heaved her shoulders up slightly, and sighed. "Really?" she asked quietly. He nodded. "That doesnít mean I canít go! I know how to take care of myself!" she yelled as she pushed herself away from him. She narrowed her eyes and slid down in a fighting position. "What are you trying to say, huh, Kakarot?? That Iím WEAK!" she asked with accusation in her voice. "Thatís not it at all, Chichi." he pleaded. "Shut up! Just shut up!" she yelled as she lunged her petite form at him. She was suddenly afloat and was stopped in her tracks. She looked up to find that he had her wrists in his hands. "Let me go!" she yelled at him. He tightened the grip on her wrists. She stopped her protesting when she felt the pain coming from his hands to hers. She winced slightly. He frowned. "You are not going on that ship, and you are not leaving this planet until the child is born. I donít care what you have to say about it, because you are not in a position to argue." he growled as he let her go. She sat on her knees while cradling her wrists. She glared daggers at him.

"I canít believe you!" he shouted at his mate, "I thought youíd be happy that we were having a child together, but all you want to do is be rebellious and put yourself and my child in danger! Damn it, Chichi, canít you see that all I want to do is take care of you?? I would kill myself if something were to happen to you." Chichi stared at him confusedly, she didnít know why he was showing her such affection. Of course, he wasnít as cruel and devious as his brothers, and definitely not like the other elites, but still, he was a Saiyajin. "Chichi, please, do this favor and stay here and be good. Youíre gonna be a mother soon and we donít want you out in space when that happens," he said but paused for a second as dread quickly ran over his features, "You do want to have this baby, right?" he asked. "Of course." she said as she stood up and embraced him with a hug. They let their tails intertwine as he nipped her on her nose playfully. *

Chichi sighed as she leaned against the house. No one was answering. She sighed as she remembered when Kakarot had told her that she would have to put her mind to use and told her that this was the safest job that he could find for her. "Arrgh." she seethed to herself, "All the other females get to go gallivanting across the universe. Thereís nothing to do here." she sighed but her face lightened up when she saw a brawl going on across the alley. "Or maybe there is something to do." She knew that the three men were 3rd class because of the all brown color of their armor, but there were six of them beating up on 2 of their own level. She hated to see that. She came up behind the first one, coincidently the biggest. He turned around surprised to see a woman like her in streets like these. "Hey guys." he said as he held up his palm for them to stop beating on the two, "Weíve got a broad who would like to interrupt our ísparringí session with these two." Chichi smirked and was about to respond when she was suddenly in a very tight hold from the big behemoth. She let her mouth hang in shock, she hadnít even anticipated a move like that.

"Humph!" he sneered as he looked over her armor, "A first class. Affiliated with an elite, too. And she didnít even know I was going to do that. What, did you whore yourself all the way up the class ladder?" he asked her mockingly. She narrowed her eyes and immediately kicked out at his totally exposed chest. He let her fall and clutched himself. Chichi was sure that she had heard bone crunching. Promptly, the man spewed blood and collapsed on the ground barely breathing. Three more lunged at her, and she wiped them all out with a white flare of ki from her palm. The remaining two stared at her, precariously. The one on the right decided to attack, and the other one joined in also. It was a double team attack. She smirked, she loved these kind of attacks because they were so unpredictable. Suddenly the two of them disappeared. She smiled and dropped down into her fighting stance. The taller of the two popped up next to her and aimed a punch to her stomach. In shock and motherly intuition she jumped back while at the same time protecting her womb. She suddenly felt a sharp shock of pain on her spine. The other one had hit her with ki. She growled as she dropped into her stance, this time more on the defensive. The two of them did a fading out trick that Chichi knew well. The taller one would end up floating above her and the shorter one would be behind her. She smirked as an idea popped into her mind. Just as the two faded in, she faded out, leaving them just enough time to blast each other dead. She smirked as she watched the charred carcasses fall.

She frowned as she turned to look at the people that the gang had been harassing. Just two little kids. About 14 and 17. "Look, you two go home now. Iím not going to hurt you." she said quietly. They nodded as they got up. "Remember to have someone take care of your injuries", she said as they scurried off. She sighed to herself as she blasted off heading for the palace.

Vegeta growled as he threw some more furniture at his walls. Nappa sat behind him wondering when the prince would finish his tantrum. "Who does he think he is?!" he yelled at the dented wall, "Making me wait because those damn bakas Kakarot and Turles are going on an íemergencyí purging mission!" this time he directed the question at Nappa. "Sire, it is evident that there was a planet that has gotten out of hand, too cheeky. I think it was Serisu-sei. It was needed to exterminate this race to set an example for the other planets that the Saiyajin empire has under its name." Nappa finished. "Damn, Nappa, youíre like a textbook." Vegeta growled as he sat on his bed. "Iíve been looking up this íCheckisu-seií and did you know that most of the population arenít native Checkisu-jin, but a whole lot of other races from that galaxy. You know the last time Iíve been to that galaxy was on a purging mission. To purge Earth of itís resources, then destroy it. Humph, maybe we would have taken the planet in had it not had such a frail structure. It blew up like a bomb." he related to Nappa. "Yes, I remember that purge, sire. One of your first." Nappa said.

Vegeta rolled his eyes, "When do you think we will be able to get to that forsaken planet?" the Prince asked angrily. "The stats say that it will take two days each to come and go, then maybe about a day, two at the most, to do the purging." Nappa said. He watched patiently as Vegeta picked up a chair and heaved it at his door. "DAMN! Thatís a whole freaking week!" he yelled in frustration, then powered up. Napa winced at the bright light Vegeta was putting off. "Nappa. Is Kakarot still on the planet?" he asked. "Yes, sire, he isnít scheduled to leave until tomorrow morning." Nappa answered. "Good, I will spar with the only other worthy Saiyajin on the planet." Vegeta said sarcastically. "Where would he be located?" Vegeta asked. "Actually," Nappa said thoughtfully, "I think heís with his woman right now." "Yeah? Whatever." Vegeta said as he fixated the scouter over his ear. "If my father asks where I went donít tell him." Vegeta said as he walked out of his room. ĎFirst, I need a drink.í Vegeta thought to himself

* Eeep! Watch out! Hereís a little citrus! *

"Chichi?" Kakarot asked as he stepped into the completely dark room. He flicked a light on and saw his beautiful mate curled up on his bed in a sheer black nightgown. He inched towards the bed and inhaled her sweet scent. Just standing there made him want her, badly. "Chichi", he whispered into her ear. She grumbled and turned onto her back. Kakarot inhaled deeply. She wasnít wearing any underwear. "Chichi, wake up." Kakarot said, this time louder.

"Nani, Kakarot?" she asked as she still kept her eyes closed. "Wake up..." he whined. She opened her eyes with a pissed off look on her face. But her face slowly softened as she looked at his adorable face. Kakarot slipped into the bed next to her and caught her lips with his. She made a surprised sound. He pulled away and started to nuzzle her neck. She held his shoulders with confusion in her eyes. "Whatís with you, Kakarot?" she asked. "I want you so bad, Chichi." he purred into her ear. She blinked and she blushed as he laid her on the bed. He quickly pulled her nightgown off her body. She shivered. "Itís alright," he smirked, "Iíll keep you warm." She smirked back at him as she sat up and nibbled on his ear. "Chichi." he whined. "Donít be so impatient." she scolded as she pulled his shirt off and started a hot sticky path from his neck to his chest.

He pulled her onto his lap and sucked on her neck. She moaned, and this made him even more excited. He moved down and took one of her nipples into his mouth and massaged the other breast. Chichi closed her eyes tightly. She wanted to enjoy this. For some odd reason she thought that this would be the last time she would be with her mate for a long time. For them at least. She felt his fingers slide into her entrance and she gasped and tried to suppress her moans. He rolled her clit between his fingers. She gasped and called out his name. He pulled his fingers out and licked her juices off of his sticky fingers. He stared down at her beautiful face. Even though she was flustered and her hair was out of place, he was amazed by her beauty. "Kakarot..." Chichi pleaded her need for release. He obliged her by plunging deep inside of her. Chichi cried out in ecstasy. He started his thrusts slow at first, like she liked it. She growled as she wrapped her legs around him to take him in deeper. He smirked at her and quickened his pace. She leaned her head back and growled. She wrapped her arms around him, and let her fingers scratch into his back. Kakarot didnít even feel it as his thrusts became desperate. Chichi had her eyes closed tightly. She was on the verge of a wonderful orgasm. Kakarot shouted as he came inside her making her cum also. He collapsed beside her.

She cuddled up next to him as he wrapped his arms around her. "Kakarot, whatís going on?" Chichi asked suspiciously. "Listen, Chi, I have to leave on an emergency purge to Kiero." Kakarot said. Chichi blinked. "But I thought you were leaving for Checkisu-sei tomorrow?" Chichi said confusedly. "I know but this is important I have to go." Kakarot said. "Humph." Chichi said as she pushed away from him, "So, that means that straight from Kiero, youíll be going to Checkisu, am I right?" "Yes." he answered. "Kakarot..." Chichi said as concern passed over her features, "How am I going to know that youíre still alive after the purging of Kiero?" "Donít worry, I can take care of myself." he whispered as he kissed her on her nose, and held her as she fell asleep.

In a bar 20 miles from the palace, Prince Vegeta sat, drinking a glass of Saiyajin wine. He swished it around and thought about how it reminded him of the red liquid Frieza was always drinking. "Humph." Vegeta said to himself, "I donít feel like sparring now anyway." He ordered another glass. He never did make it to Kakarotís for a spar.


Bulma sunk low into the cold greenish water. She had to spend half an hour in this cleansing pool each day to keep her mind and body pure. It was a Checkisu style of fighting. She had trained all day and was beaten all day. She was so mad. She never lost to the junior warriors. She convinced herself that it was just because of the dream that she couldnít concentrate. She remembered back to earlier that day.

* "Come on, Bulma-san!" Elani cheered, "You know you can do better than that!" "Do not chide me, Elani!" Bulma growled as she pushed herself up off the ground. She brushed herself off with disdain. She couldnít believe this! She was being beaten by junior warriors! Never, never, has she ever been beaten by juniors. She growled again as she powered up a blast in her palm. Nothing was happening. íNani?í she asked her self in her head. She checked her bracelet, it was at one of the lowest settings and was barely restricting her power. ĎI- I donít get whatís going on.í she whimpered to herself. "Bulma-san! Watch out!" Elani called out. Bulma quickly looked up as the two junior trainees launched themselves at her. She narrowed her eyes. She spun out of the way of the first one and grabbed the leg of the second one. She twirled around spinning the young boy and throwing him with force. She smirked happily. Suddenly she felt a pain in her side. She frowned as she punched out at her friend and missed him completely. "Ha ha!" Jerome laughed, as he backed up into his fighting stance. "Whatís up Bulma-san? You put Nathan out of commission but youíve still got a lot to reckon with, with me." he teased.

"Shut up, you prick." Bulma said as she placed a hand over one of her aching ribs. Jerome raised an eyebrow. "Did I hurt you?" he asked her, seriously. "No, just forget it." she grumbled as she turned the dial on her wrist all the way up to 15, the maximum power restriction. Elani flexed her eyebrows uncertainly. Bulma would have to use all her energy to summon any power at the level she set the bracelet. Bulma balled her hands into fists. She leaned over as she felt the power flow right from her stomach. Her power rose, and kept on rising. She blinked, she couldnít stop it. Jerome was shocked, "Power down! Thatís too much power!" he yelled. "I- I, I canít stop it..." she muttered, as she now felt herself getting very weak even though she was still sucking power. "Bulma-san..?" Elani asked quietly. "Yo! I think somethingís wrong!" Jerome yelled to her. Elani jumped off the rock she was sitting on and sprinted to where Bulma was hunched over. She couldnít even get close enough to Bulma because the energy radiating off of her was like hot air.

"Bulma-san?" Elani asked again. Bulma looked up at her and then her eyes went blank as she passed out. She didnít even here her friends calling to her. The only thing that passed through her still semi-conscious brain was that she still took this as a failure.*

"Hmm" Bulma sighed gratefully as she was able to climb out of the cold pool and into the hot springs. She exhaled as she slipped her trembling slender body into the almost scalding water. She took account of all the bruises which she hadnít felt before because of the cold water. She clenched her teeth, trying not to cry about the pain. She narrowed her eyes as she thought about what had happened earlier. Someone had tampered with her bracelet. No one even knew where the frequencies she had been using to power up came from. ĎSo, now Iíve got enemies on a planet I trusted so much..?" she asked herself sadly. She shifted in the water and let the memory of someoneís face pop into her head. It was a boy, or a man. He didnít look old. He could be no more than 20. He had hair that swept up like fire. She furrowed her eyebrows, she had no idea how this guy had popped into her head, but she knew that she had seen him somewhere. Way back in the recesses of her mind lay the answer. But she didnít know. and she didnít care right now. She only paid attention to the sound of the warm water lapping softly at her skin as it lulled her to sleep.

* * * * *

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