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Chapter 2



When Bulma finally came out of the bathroom she noticed that Elani was gone. "Huh? Is she mad at me or something? I wonder what’s up." Bulma asked herself. She stood in front of her full-length mirror as she combed her long hair. Her tight fitting spandex training suit hugged her figure nicely. She wore the short dress over her suit because she didn’t want to be getting any unwanted attention. ‘The men here on Checkisu-sei are just like the jerks on Earth.’ Bulma thought to herself with a frown. "How come I can’t find someone? I’m one of the only women in this village that doesn’t have a guy!" she yelled to herself. "Yeah, but, I don’t have a guy ‘cause I have a good reason." She said as she narrowed her eyes. "I’m here to train, to get strong, and to defeat those Saiyajins. I’ll be leaving this planet as soon as I turn twenty. Then, I’ll have my revenge." She growled as she balled her hands into fists and her ki rose and crackled around her. She smiled in satisfaction as she let her power level return to normal. Two years of intense training had surely paid off for this young, strong Earth native. But, still, was she strong enough to defeat the Saiyajins?

"It’s not enough." Bulma grumbled to herself. "It’s not enough to take out even the weakest of that stupid, mutated race! It’s not fair!!" She yelled, making her ki raise again, this time 3 levels. She sighed, ‘I gotta train. I won’t calm down unless I do.’ She grumbled to herself. She bent over as she pulled on her leather boots. As she got up she reached for her matching gloves that were on the bed. She walked over to her vanity and glanced at herself in the small mirror. She had a frown plastered on her face. She quickly pulled her long lavender hair up in a ponytail. "Maybe I should cut it?" she asked herself with a sneer on her face. "Mama said I never should, but how can I listen to her? She died on me! How can I even want to remember her? Or papa either? They could have tried to fight back more." She told her self sadly even though she knew they hadn’t tried to fight back because they wanted to give her more time to escape. Bulma sighed sadly as she remembered her reoccurring nightmare she had almost every night about the saiyajins. The thought brought her mind back to her dream that she had had the night before. She tried to remember but it was like on the outskirts of her memory. She could barely remember it, but it seemed like there was a part she couldn’t quite forget. ‘Dark Prince? What the hell is that supposed to mean?’ she asked herself. "Hmm. Maybe I should go see mama. She’ll be able to tell me what this weird dream is about." Bulma said as she snapped on her ki-seeking bracelet and ran out the door.

"Humph! I just don’t know how a person as intelligent as her can be so ignorant of her own feelings." Elani grumbled to Macki, Bulma’s adoptive mother. "Bulma is just like her parents described her to me. She’s always been headstrong and doesn’t want to take seriously things she does not believe in or doesn’t understand." Macki confided to the little girl next to her. Elani was Macki’s apprentice ever since Bulma had come to live on this planet. "Yeah, but how can you not believe in something as sinister as this? If this so called ‘dark prince’ gets to Bulma, I know it’ll be havoc for us all. Especially her." Elani replied to her mentor grimly. Macki frowned and nodded; she too knew that this ‘dark prince’ would be a very important turning point in Bulma’s life. And somehow, the whole planet of Checkisu-sei works its way in to the big scheme.

"I just don’t understand. You said that last night she dreamt of two faeries, or goddesses?" Macki asked Elani. "Yes," Elani nodded, "She said one had purple hair like her and green eyes like mine. The other one had gold hair but Bulma couldn’t choose between blue or green for her eyes. Oh yeah. And they had thin tails coming from their backs. Bulma said they weren’t Saiyajins, though." Macki’s wrinkled forehead furrowed in thought, " You said purple and gold hair?" Macki asked Elani, seriously. "Yeah, well that’s what Bulma told me." Elani responded. "Recca and Sage." Macki mumbled to herself. "Who?" Elani asked. "Faerie queens sent to protect the hearts of the protectors of the universe. Recca was the prophet and Sage was the wise advice giver. Recca was the most beautiful in her kingdom, with her purple hair and lovely green eyes. But she couldn’t find a man to love her for her, so she volunteered to become the keeper of futures, making sure that no one fell in to false love. Sage, the most beautiful and intelligent from her palace, made a horrible decision to let an enemy in to her palace. She was certain that she could convince the enemy to change his ways but after all her hospitality, he turned on, her killing off her entire kingdom. Now she resides with Recca and they sit around their cauldron looking for souls that were deeply in need of their assistance. Which might happen to be Bulma, but, why would they want this whole ‘dark prince’ thing to be going on. I’m supposing they are more interested in him then they are in protecting Bulma from him. They were known to lack some good decision making skills. But they are the most rare, unknown and powerful faeries in existence. Well, if they are still in existence." Macki finished solemnly.

"Well, they have to be still in existence if they visited Bulma in her dreams." Elani said happily. Then she glanced at Macki, who had an expression of confusion and disapproval written on her face. "This is a good thing, right?" Elani asked. "Recca and Sage wouldn’t have chosen Bulma unless they were going to use her as a pawn in their plan. Maybe more than a pawn, maybe the center of the operation?" Macki said, more to herself than to Elani. "And this dark prince? He plays an important role, too, doesn’t he?" Elani asked the old woman. Macki smiled grimly at Elani. The child was exceptionally mature in her thinking. She reminded her of Bulma for some odd reason, the two didn’t even look alike. "Elani-chan, don’t say anything of this, to Bulma, it’ll just put more stress on her and you know how her training is so important to her." Macki said. "We should stop her. From training so much I mean. She’s just going to hurt herself. She said the saiyajins destroyed her planet? She doesn’t even have enough power to do that, yet! She’ll just be heading straight for failure. She’s a human, how can she expect her self to be as strong as the Saiyajins?" Elani asked Macki. "Shhh," Macki instructed, "she’s coming." Elani frowned, sat down, and opened the ‘Stellar recordings’ to find out more about Recca and Sage.

Bulma strolled in with a smile plastered on her face and she was panting slightly. "You ran all the way here?" Macki asked. "Yup!" Bulma responded happily. ‘She looks like such an innocent child.’ Macki thought to herself. "How was your sleep last night? Any nightmares?" Macki asked. "Just a weird dream, but it’s nothing important." Bulma said nonchalantly. Now she really didn’t remember the dream. All she remembered was the two faeries and something about a dark prince. "Yeah, nothing important." Bulma concluded. "Ya got anything for me, mama?" Bulma asked.

Macki’s heart melted. Ever since Bulma’s parents had died, Bulma had taken to calling her mama and her husband papa. Because they were affiliates of capsule corp. and Bulma’s parents were very close to them. It had pained them terribly to know hat the Briefs had died. Bulma’s craft had crashed on the planet nearly 2 years ago. They had seen the Capsule corporations insignia printed on the front and were more than happy to help anyone from earth. When they had dragged the unconscious young girl from the space pod, they somehow recognized her. They later found out that she was the daughter of the Briefs and that the entire planet earth had been destroyed. Macki and Pietro, Macki’s husband, were already in their seventies when Bulma had arrive on Checkisu-sei. But they had no children and were more than happy to become foster parents to the young heiress of capsule corps. About 7 months after Bulma had arrived Pietro died. Bulma had just stood there with a face of stone when Macki had told her. Bulma had looked at Macki sadly, as if she wanted to cry but just didn’t know how. "I’m sorry, I caused his death, I should have never come here. Death follows in my wake." And with that she had ran away. Macki, being old and weak from her husband’s death couldn’t catch up with Bulma who was exceptionally strong since she had started training ever since she got on the planet. A month later Bulma was returned to Macki; some villagers had found her in the forest. She was a mess; she was skinny and dirty and looked like she hadn’t had s good night’s rest in a month. From that moment on, Macki had made her young apprentice, Elani Bulma’s caretaker. That’s how the tight friendship had formed. Macki looked over at Bulma who was reading from the book of ‘Stellar recordings’ with Elani. Thankfully, they were reading about golems and not about the Faerie queens who were in Bulma’s dreams.


‘He’s nearing!’ a high-pitched female voice giggled. ‘Well, how come our ‘prince’ is here so soon?’ a different low-pitched female voice asked. Vegeta stepped into a room that was filled with fog up to his waist. He wondered what he was doing here, and what those two women were talking about. He felt really weird. It didn’t feel like a dream, because he felt like he was in his natural body.

"Who are you two? Speak!" he commanded, as he looked over t he two odd women. They both had wings and thin tails. The lavender haired one cast him a sad glance. The blonde one was now sitting on a couch that was now floating on air. She smirked at him. "Monkey Prince," she started and he growled at the insolent woman. "Watch your mouth, bitch." Vegeta sneered at her. She laughed, "You should watch yours." Vegeta just smirked at the woman’s ignorance.

"Prince," the lavender haired one addressed him, "You shouldn’t be here. It isn’t your time yet. Please wait until we call you." "You can’t tell me what to do. And who are you? Are you Saiyajin?" he asked the lavender haired woman. "No we’re not Saiyajin, we are faerie queens of the Tronic galaxy. Which contains your planet, the planets Checkisu, Rangrof, Altov, Kiero, Shin, Majestic and the once existent Chikyuu. I am Recca, and this babbling wench is Sage." Recca finished with utter contempt in her voice.

"Sage? What a name for a woman who looks like she’s drunk." Vegeta commented. "She is drunk. She’s very happy that we will have a new mission after so many centuries. She’ll be her normal self in a few moments. Faeries don’t stay drunk for long." Recca finished. True to her word, Sage sat up and shook her head confusedly. Then she glanced at him. "He’s here? Already?" Sage asked her companion. Recca nodded. "Do not address me as ‘he’. I am ‘Prince’ Vegeta to the both of you, no matter what race you are." Vegeta sneered at Sage. Sage blinked a couple times, like she hadn’t heard him right. She glanced at Recca, who just shook her head in disapproval. "Remind me that when we’re cleansing his mind to make sure to give him such a bad nightmare that he pees himself." Sage growled at Recca. The lavender haired woman giggled. "Ah, Vegeta ouji-sama. It’s a pleasure to finally meet you in person." Recca said as she grinned. "What the fuck are you two, and what’re you doin’ in my dream??" he asked the blonde haired one. Sage just shook her head and pointed to the cauldron with a solemn expression on her face.

Vegeta took the prompt and leaned closer to see what the pot held. It was cloudy sparkling blue water. He sneered at them, "Wow, how amazing." He said sarcastically. "No, wait, look deeper." Recca advised. He stared into the pot and finally saw something start to appear. He blinked; it was a girl. And she was beautiful. She had long silky lavender hair and her sparkling icy blue eyes. He stared in awe at her for a few seconds before composing himself. Recca and Sage grinned at each other. Bulma had had the same reaction when they had revealed Vegeta to her in her dream. Too bad Bulma couldn’t remember. "Who is she?" Vegeta was asking. "She is your future. If you choose wisely you will have everything you have ever wanted, but one wrong turn with this chosen one and your life will be utter chaos, a living hell." Recca told him with seriousness in her voice. "Yeah?" he asked Recca, "But what woman would ever be worthy of the Saiyajin prince? She isn’t even a Saiyajin, even I can see that." "Feh" Sage snorted, "What you should be worrying about is if you’re worthy enough for her. The goddess of light." And with that Sage raised her hand and waved it once in front of Vegeta’s face. Vegeta suddenly found himself in his bed. He was breathing hard. He barely remembered what he had dreamt of, but there was one majorly important thought on his mind: He had to pee, really bad. (Remember what Sage had threatened to do? ;)

* * * * *

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