Chapter 1


The young blue haired girl rolled out of her bed and landed on the floor. She muttered a few curses, and then heard someone giggling. She looked up, her eyes flashing power and saying that she was ready to fight. When Bulma finally focused on the small frightened purple haired Checkisu-jin girl she let out a sigh of relief. "Iím sorry, if I scared you, Elani." Bulma said as she forced a small onto her face. Glimpses of the nightmare she had just woken up from left her slightly fazed and disoriented. The purple skinned girl looked up at her friend. Her large green eyes scrutinized Bulma very carefully. "You had another nightmare, didnít you?" Elani finally asked Bulma. Bulma blinked at her then sighed and plopped down on her bed. The girl was barely twelve but she knew Bulma like the back of her hand.

Elani sat down next to her 18-year-old mentor. "Will you tell me what it was about, Bulma-san?" she asked quietly. Bulmaís face took on a thoughtful expression. "Lani-chan, it wasnít really a nightmare. I mean it scared me but it was somewhat peaceful. Gosh! I donít know how to describe it! Youíre a dream reader, why donít you tell me what it was about?" Bulma suggested to her friend. Elani giggled, "Bulma-san, you know I canít read your dream until you tell me what it was about!" "WellÖthere were these two girls in it. And they had tails." Bulma started. Elaniís face darkened and she frowned, "Saiyajins?" Bulma glanced at her. She had only told Elani a little about the tailed warriors who had destroyed her family and her planet. "NoÖ they werenít Saiyajins. They looked human, like me. But their tails werenít brown and bushy like those monsters. They were slim and shiny like cats." Bulma said, slightly remembering her fatherís pet cat, Tama.

"Cats? What are those?" Elani asked confusion written over her tiny face. Bulma laughed, "Oh, just Earth animals, like a pet." "Oh." Elani said. Bulma saw that she was still confused, because she didnít know what a pet was. "Bulma-san. Are you gonna tell me what the dream was about or not?" Elani asked impatiently. "Oh, yeah. Well, there were two of them, and they were floating above this pot. It looked like a cauldron or something." Bulma said as she yawned, "And they were muttering something like Ďthe dark one is approachingí or something. Something about some dark prince." She said as she yawned again. "Yeah those two were weird. One of them had lavender hair like me," she said as she raked her fingers through her long hair. "But she had green eyes, like yours, Lani-chan. The other had gold hair. Her eyes were blue or green. Maybe both. I donít remember!" Bulma sighed as she lay down on her back. "Yeah," Elani said as she popped her round face into Bulmaís vision, "but did the two say anything about you?" "Me? Yeah, I think they did. But I donít remember." She confessed as Elani gave her a disapproving frown. "Oh, come on Lani! You know Iím not good at this stuff!!" Bulma whined. Elani rolled her eyes, "Sometimes, Bulma-san, I think youíre the child." Elani got off Bulmaís bed and went into her closet. "Hey! I am not a child!" Elani came back out holding a short purple dress, and a spandex body suit of a matching color, for Bulma to where. Elani grinned, "You know on this planet youíre not an adult until youíre 25!" Bulma grasped her clothes from the taunting little girl. "If it hadnít been for tousan and kassan, I wouldíve left this planet already to go get those Saiyajins." Bulma growled as she turned on her heels and stalked into the bathroom. "Bulma-sanÖ you know you would have stayed even if it hadnít been for your foster parents. You know youíre not strong enough to resist the dark one yet. I see it in your dreams. Why donít you?" Elani mumbled quietly as she left the room, with an expression of pure sadness on her face.


"Ahem. Uh, your majesty?" a nervous servant asked as he timidly stepped into the dark room. "What is it that you want, slave?" the Prince growled at the man stupid enough to disturb him whilst he was sleeping. "UmÖ the king requests your presence in the main throne room, sire." The servant stuttered out. "Well, you can tell him that if he wants to see me he can bring his old ass down here." The princeís voice responded from the dark. "UmÖthat uhÖexact message, sire?" the servant asked. "Hai, word for word." The prince responded with slight mockery in his voice. "Do you think that wise, umÖ your highness?" the servant said. Suddenly the young handsome face of the prince appeared in the servantís vision. (Ooooh swoon! Veggie is sooo hot!) Prince Vegeta stood before the servant, whose name was something like Pietra or something that he couldnít remember. "Are you trying to tell me that my judgment is poor?" he asked calmly. "N- n- no sire." The servant stuttered as he watched Vegeta build a light blue ki ball in his palm. (Which is pretty damn scary when youíre in a dark room and all you see is a freaky blue ki ball.) "Really?" Vegeta asked with contempt in his voice. The servant was too scared to speak. Vegeta was about to release the ball when his scouter started beeping. He sighed boredly as he re-absorbed his ki ball. "Lights on." He commanded and in a second his large room was lit. He walked over to his bed stand and picked up his scouter. As he turned it on he saw the servant scurry off in the corner of his eye. He shook his head. "Yeah. Who is it?" he asked quite rudely into the scouter. "Itís me brat." Came his fatherís reply. "You are to come down to the throne room at this instant!" his father yelled. Vegeta didnít even talk back, just turned off the scouter, put his armor and boots on and left his room.

"Nani!" Vegeta yelled, "I am not going on a purging mission! That is only for the weak low class!" "The way you act you should be a low class." The king sneered at his son. The prince growled. "I was just thinking as I awoke this morning, that you donít have the least bit of discipline. And you do not have respect for your superiors. So, if you want to act like a third class, Iíll make you a third class until you know your place. You will be sent to the planet Checkisu-sei with two other elite warriors, under the names of Kakarot and Turles. You will first check the planet for resources then you will either see if itís worthy enough to bring into alliance or to destroy it. I just know youíll have fun." His father said sarcastically. "I will NOT go on a purging mission with bakas like Kakarot and Turles!! Matter of fact, I wonít go on the stupid mission at all!" Vegeta yelled at his father. The king stood up and his ki was crackling around him. "Do not talk back to me, boy!" the king shouted. "Do not make me mad! Now get out of my sight! You will be ready to leave tomorrow morning, and you will return with a full report in two weeks." The king growled. Vegeta stalked out of the throne room, with only a few muffled curses and his tail bristled showing his anger.

* * * * *

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