Well, hello there. Princess P., Da B/v fanfics princess, is back and she’s more than ready to give ya’ll an all out lemon. This fic is an a/u, which is my special, about Bulma and Vegeta. In this fic, Bulma is a survivor of the destruction of Earth and is hiding out on a planet called Checkisu-sei (not Chikyuu-sei). Vegeta finds her on a purging mission and is absolutely bewitched by the blue haired vixen. In this story Bulma is 18 and Vegeta is 19. Waaaay different from, ‘Who say’s we’re too young to love?’, this fic is drama, romance, lust and lemons!! Yeehaw! Lemon!! Uh… Princess P. This is the prologue.


By: Princess Panchii


~ Prologue ~


Run. She had to keep running. She couldn’t look back. If she did, she wouldn’t be able to go on. They killed her parents. Those damn, barbaric saiyajins. ‘They caused this’, she thought bitterly, as she ran away from her home. The cold air whipped her long blue hair into her face. Even though she was sweating, she shivered. She was only wearing a tank top, a pair of white shorts, and her backpack filled with capsules. Behind her, she heard explosions and could smell fire. They were destroying the city.

‘Mama, Papa!’ she screamed in her head. She wanted to cry, but wouldn’t allow herself to. ‘They killed Yamucha! It’s just not fair! Krillen, Master Roshi, Puar, and Oolong, all dead.’ She thought painfully as her imagination showed her ways her friends and boyfriend could have died. She had to pick up speed. The sounds of destruction were getting closer. She tried to remember the way the tailed murderers looked, but when she thought of them she saw her parents being murdered before her very eyes.

The capsule corp. complex had been their first target in West Capital city, because of all of Capsule corp.’s technology. Her parents had pushed her into the shelter underneath their house, even though Bulma had protested, her parents had given her the backpack telling her to escape and make sure she kept the pack. She now ascended a hill, it was a treacherous climb, but she had to get to a clearing so she could operate one of her capsule spaceships. She knew those saiyajins would destroy the planet. As she painfully slid down the rocky hill, she let the first tear slip from one of her shiny blue eyes. The tear was for her family and friends. She got to the clearing in which she used to play in as a child. She let herself linger on the spot where she had first met Yamucha, back when she was 12. She let two more tears fall; these were for her childhood on earth that she had lost, and which she willed herself to forget.

As she turned from the spot, she reached into her pocket and pulled out the rare space pod capsule. She threw the capsule down and out popped her father’s first space pod. She reluctantly let a few more tears roll down her face, which were for her future. She had no more future. She was running, away from pain, away from life; she was a coward. But she was weak. There was no way she could face those saiyajins, not yet. But she would get revenge. She boarded the space pod. She powered up the ship once she got to the control panel. She looked at the destination of the ship curiously. "Checkisu-sei?" she said in a confused tone. ‘Well’ she thought bitterly, ‘Daddy always knew best. I guess I should trust his choice.’ She pushed the big red GO button. And the tiny pod blasted into space. She was only 16 at the time. At that moment she collapsed on the floor and cried. She cried for her life, her family, and the fact that she would never love again. She steeled herself against the barrage of emotions that threatened to parade out of her. "That was the last time I will ever cry." She told herself. One thought kept her from collapsing in emotional pain. That thought was: Pure hatred for the saiyajins that had ruined her life. She would kill them. Every last one. This thought made her strong, made her unbreakable.

* * * * *

Whoo hoo. Did you guys like the prologue? It’s nothing like W.S.W.T.Y.T.L. (Do you know what those abbreviations mean?) This time I wanted to write a somewhat more personality correct B/v story. Without my sister’s help. Besides it’s gonna have a lemon. Tell me if you like it, and I’ll write more. If ya don’t like it, I won’t write more.

Table of Contents
Chapter 1