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Chapter 4

Somewhere in space...

Kakarot slept fitfully in his pod. In an hourís time they would land on the planet Serisu. Something was bothering him though. He knew Chichi was mad at him. She wasnít in the bed when he had woken up. And she wasnít even at the docks to tell him goodbye. But that wasnít what was bothering him. Chichi usually had sudden mood swings and could be mad at him for days on end. No, there was something just not right about this whole little Ďsuper-important purging mission that absolutely canít wait until theyíre back from Checkisu-seií. ĎIím gonna have to look into this when I get back...í Kakarot thought to himself. The sleeping gas was starting to thin out in the space pod as they entered the planets atmosphere. Kakarot had no choice but to wake up. "Hey! Little brother!" he heard Turles call from the intercom in his pod. "What?" Kakarot asked as he adjusted some of the buttons in his pod. "This planet already looks wasted..." Turles said. Kakarotís head shot up. The planet did look barren. Even from where they were so far out in space. "Maybe thatís how it always looks." Kakarot suggested. "Humph! A planet that poses such a threat to the Saiyajin army lives on a basically empty planet?" Turles asked skeptically. "Man, I donít know. Why are you looking to me for all the answers?!" Kakarot yelled. "Somebody needs to pull that pole out of his ass..." Turles mumbled. "Whatever." Kakarot growled. "Weíre almost there. Now hold on little brother, and donít wet your self!" Turles laughed. Kakarot shook his head as he turned off his intercom. He leaned back, since the entrance into planets was usually a bumpy ride.


Chichi pouted as she lay on the ground and looked at the crimson sky. She was mad that he had just left and had made no attempt to find her and say goodbye. "Heís going to get hurt... I just know it." she muttered to herself. "If you had just come to find me..." she muttered as if she were talking to him, "Then you would have been late and unable to make it to the docks in time. You would have still been here..." "If you donít come back, then what am I to do? I canít live without you, you know that..." she sighed as she heaved herself up off the ground. "I hate ALL Saiyajin men!" she declared to no one in particular since she was on a hill that wasnít even on the palaceís land. She was far from the palace, and it would take her at least an hour to fly back. She turned her back on the spot where she had first met Kakarot. "I swear..." she growled as she powered up, "If you ever make it back here Iíll beat you to a pulp." With that she blasted off in the direction of the palace.


Bulma looked up to the sky. The wind stirred her hair. She was perched on a hilltop and it was getting late, but she wasnít ready to leave yet. She stared at her hands. For some odd reason she knew that the day of her revenge was coming near. Her stomach dropped low. She was scared, though she wouldnít admit it. She shivered as the wind swept past her and chilled her to the bone. "Why am I the one feeling regret for something that I didnít do?" she asked herself. "Maybe you donít want to hurt others. And you want them to understand that what they did was wrong?" a voice asked as it approached her. Bulma spun around. "Oh, Lani-chan..., itís just you. Do you take pleasure in startling me all the time?" Bulma asked. Elani noticed that her voice had a tint of iciness to it. But she planted herself next to Bulma anyway. Bulma glanced at her with an unreadable statement on her face. She turned her attention back to the stars. "What makes you think theyíre coming?" Elani asked. "I donít know. Itís a feeling in my gut." Bulma said. "What kind of feeling?" Elani asked as she furrowed her eyebrows, thoughtfully. "A feeling of anticipation." Bulma said as she smirked.


"Humph." Vegeta snorted as his father walked into the throne room. "Brat! I am surprised to see you in here. I thought I told you that you werenít worthy to be a prince." The King sneered. "Youíre not even barely worthy to be a king so I wouldnít be talking." Vegeta taunted. The king snarled in response. "But enough with that." Vegeta said, "I wanted to know that when I become king will the alliance with Frieza still be valid?" he asked. The king smirked, "Of course, brat. You knew that already. Alliances with tyrants like him last until our empire has been depleted. And you know that will never happen..." the king said as he sat in his throne. "You fool!" Vegeta-ouji yelled as he shook his fist at his father. "Do you know that youíre putting our entire empire in danger by leaving it in that Tsirujinís hands?!" "And how so, boy?" the king asked sounding really bored. "Did you send Kakarot, Turles, Bardock and their whole little crew out on an emergency purging mission earlier this week, eh?" Vegeta asked. The king blinked, "Emergency mission? The only mission Bardockís crew has is to be going to Checkisu-sei tomorrow. I never told them to go anywhere else!" the king exclaimed. "So who do you think had enough authority to send out a whole squad of elites and not tell you about it?" Vegeta asked with a taunting tone in his voice. The king growled angrily, "Get out of here you worthless little brat!" his father yelled. Vegeta smirked, "It was only one of many reality checks, father." Vegeta laughed as he turned and stalked out of the throne room.


It was a few days after they had landed on Serisu-sei that they had gotten a distress call...

Kakarot and Turles were sitting by their pods catching a quick snack. Bardock, Radditz, and the rest of his crew were out finishing up the purging job. Suddenly, Kakarotís scouter started beeping wildly. His head shot up. "Is that my scouter?" Kakarot asked dumbfounded. "Itís not mine because I have mine right here." Turles said. Kakarot jumped up and dashed to his pod to retrieve his scouter. He quickly slipped the blaring communication device over his left eye. He tapped a button on the top. "Yeah?" he asked.

"It took you long enough." he heard the voice of his father say. "Tousan... whatís going o-" Kakarot started but was cut off by Bardock. "No time for that, son." Bardock said. And Kakarot heard him exclaim painfully. "Tousan! Whatís wrong?!" Kakarot asked. The urgency in his voice alerted Turles, who quickly put on his scouter to get in on the conversation. "No time, son. Iím fine. But youíve got to get off this planet, NOW!" Bardock yelled. "But why?!" Turles and Kakarot both asked at the same time. "Good, Turles, youíre on here too. Listen up, Frieza..." Bardock trailed off, and Kakarot and Turles could hear him coughing. "Dad!" Turles yelled, "What about Frieza?!" "He- he sabotaged us. Dodoria and his men were sent to intercept our route back home, but I guess they got too excited and had to come and beat us up here." Bardock said with a hint of amusement in his voice. "Dad..." Kakarot said. "Hold on, Kakarot. I just have a little more to say. Theyíre coming right now for you two. They left us here for dead. Most of my crew have been demolished. Iím holding on just long enough to tell you this. Get OFF the planet. Go anywhere! Just not back to Vegeta-sei! Itís not safe for you there either! Just get off... the planet..." Bardock said as his voice began to trail away and the transmission failed.

Kakarot turned to Turles who had an icy statement on his face. "Heís... dead?" Kakarot asked. "Obviously." Turles said but he didnít sound as mean as he would have like to. He narrowed his eyes as three very distinct power levels popped up onto the transparent screen of his scouter. "Letís go! NOW!" he yelled at his brother. Kakarot nodded as he jumped into his pod. He quickly strapped himself in. And waited for his pod to power up. "Kakarot!" Turles voice was urgent as he came over the speakers. "Powerís on?" he asked. "Yeah." Kakarot answered. "Than itís a go! Take off now!" he yelled. Kakarot did as he was told. The Saiyajin pod shot out of the planets atmosphere. "Turles?" Kakarot asked. "What?" Turles answered angrily. "We have to go back to Vegeta-sei." Kakarot stated. "Why? You know father told us not to." Turles responded. "Thereís something very important on that planet that I need to get." Kakarot stated. "And what could possibly be so important that you would risk your life on it?" Turles asked. "Chichi." Kakarot responded.


"Everyone! Clear the decks!" the commander shouted. "Whatís going on?" Chichi asked. She and her friend, Meryl, were just on their way to go get lunch when they heard all the commotion. "Two unscheduled pods are landing." one of the workers said as he looked up at Chichi, "They belong to Kakarot and Turles. But strangely, the rest of Bardockís crew arenít with them..." Chichi blinked, she was unbelievably worried. ĎWhere was the rest of the crew?í she asked herself. ĎAnd if something horrible happened on Serisu-sei, How do I know that Kakarotís not dead and that there isnít someone else in that pod?!í "Chi?" Meryl asked. Chichi looked at her orange haired friend who was already swollen with child. Thatís the only reason that she, like Chichi, hadnít gone on that purging mission. Meryl wasnĎt Saiyajin, but had some of the blood in her. Her mate had been Saiyajin also but had died a few months back. "Why donít we go and wait for Turles and Kakarot down at the landing deck. Weíll ask them what happened once we get there." Meryl said kindly. Chichi narrowed her eyes, "We had better get there quickly, because when the prince hears that theyíre back, heíll want to ship them straight out to that 2 week planet overview purging mission." Chichi said as she quickly walked, because her friend could do no more than waddle.

"Slow down, Chichi! I didnít understand a thing that you said. Whatís a Ďplanet overviewí purging mission?" Meryl asked. Chichi glanced at the woman behind her. She sighed, "I guess Iím getting too good at the little Ďjobí Kakarot left for me. A planet overview is when they donít just go in, purge the planet, leave, and then, courtesy of his highness the planet is blown up. In a planet overview, they see if the planet is worthy enough to take into alliance. They choose by whether the planet is rich in resources, the people are valuable to the empire, or if the planet would be in a good position to have all the way out there in that galaxy. Usually they would want to take over all the planets that Frieza hasnít already conquered, but I donít see the sense in that..." Chichi said as she stopped in front of the large sliding glass doors. They had reached the landing decks. "Why donít you see sense in that? Who would want to have to share anything with Frieza?" Meryl asked as she waited patiently while Chichi typed in her entrance code. Chichi shrugged her shoulders, as the doors Ďwhooshedí open.

"Our king, the all mighty Vegeta-Ou, has formed an alliance with Frieza. Well, using my own good sense and from what Kakarot tells me, I know that that wasnít a good idea. If a purging crew conquers a planet in the name of the Saiyajins then it automatically gets turned into Ďproperty of Friezaí." Chichi said as she strutted up to one of the guards. "Did they land yet?" she asked him. He gave her a bored look. "Does it look like theyíve landed yet?" he asked. She rolled her eyes and walked over to one of the operatorís stations and leaned against the wall. She looked up at the two quickly approaching specks in the sky. "So... this Frieza rules us? I mean the Saiyajins?" Meryl asked. Chichi noticed that Meryl was careful not to refer to herself as a Saiyajin because hybrids were shunned and not allowed to be labeled as Saiyajin. "I believe so..." Chichi said thoughtfully. "Just, I donít think the king knows that heís not in control anymore. But Iím sure, his highness Vegeta no ouji knows for sure." She said sarcastically.

She watched, expressionless, as the two pads slammed into the cushioned landing pads. She strutted over to the first pod. She couldnít see inside, because the glass was so dark. She pressed a button and opened the pod. She saw Turles still half asleep in his pod. She angrily shut the pod again and heard a sound of protest come from him. She walked over to Kakarotís pod and proceeded to open that one, even though guards were yelling at her to get off the landing site. Kakarot toppled out, and she angrily grabbed him by his collar. He looked at her and happily wrapped his arms around her waist and gave her a big hug. Chichi stepped back, shocked and slightly embarrassed that he would do that in front of all these people. He frowned as he finally noticed the crowd. "You," he said as he grabbed Chichiís wrist, "Weíve got to go, now!" "Huh? W- what are you talking about?" she asked with confusion written on his face. Suddenly the crowd split in two as the Prince made his way through the crowd. "Kakarot!" he said as he smirked, "Youíve decide to join us. And three days earlier then we would have expected. I say we leave for Checkisu-sei. Right now." Chichi and Kakarot both exchanged glances. Kakarotís was one of worry, and Chichiís was one of confusion and sadness.


After Bulma had come out of the shower, she noticed that there were some really good smells coming from her kitchen. She furrowed her eyebrows in thought. She knew Elani couldnít cook. She knew that she herself could cook, but that didnít mean she did it well. And Macki could cook. But Macki was old and wouldnít drag herself all the way out in the forest, where Bulma had her Capsule house, just to cook her breakfast. She quickly pulled on a white tank top and a pair of baggy white pants. There would be no training today. All the Checkisu-jin natives would worship on this day. Since Bulma didnít take part in this religion, and since all her sparring parents would be busy, she would use these days of worship to just sit around and do nothing. Sometimes she would think about her family and how life could have been on earth. Sometimes she would tinker around in the lab she had in her basement. Other times she would climb up the side of the mountains and creep into a crevice that was in the middle of a waterfall, but was sort of a cave, so she never got wet. She jogged down the stairs and came in on a surprising sight going on in her kitchen.

Elani was sitting slumped down in a chair with her arms crossed and a displeased statement on her face. There were plates of food that she hadnít seen in years. They were all earth dishes. Like pancakes, rice with soy sauce, Belgian waffles, Dumplings, and whole assortments of fruits that smelled like Earth products but looked nothing like it. Then she laid her eyes upon the person who had made her such a delicious looking meal. It was Noel, a handsome twenty year old Checkisu-sei native. "Noel?" she asked. ĎHe jumped. He probably didnít know I was standing here.í Bulma thought to herself. "Oh! Hey Bulma!" he laughed as he blushed. Bulma sighed and heaved her shoulders. She glanced back up at the babbling idiot. Noel had a major crush on her. "Howíd you get in here?" she asked as she glanced at Elani. "Well... umÖ" Noel started, but Elani cut him off by putting her hand in his face. "When I came downstairs from waking you up, this guy was just in the kitchen. I honestly donít know how he got in. I asked him what he was doing here and he told me he was making a Ďsurpriseí for you. I asked him if I could help and he said that I was too little and childish!" Elani exclaimed. Bulma shrugged as she grinned at Noel. "Well, itís not like Iím not grateful!" she laughed, "I canít wait to eat this!" She placed a napkin over her lap and started to eat. It was actually very good. "You know I was the one that carried you to the med ward." Noel said. Bulma looked up and noticed that he was staring at her. ĎNo, more like gawking.í Bulma thought to herself. "What did you say?" she asked. "I said that I carried you to the med ward after you had passed out last week." he said sounding proud of himself. Bulma raised an eyebrow, "But what were you doing there? That was a private training session." Bulma said as she poured syrup on her pancake. "Well, you know that I canít bear to be somewhere where your beautiful presence doesnít grace a room." Noel said. Bulma blushed and Elani pretended to gag. "Noel thatís flatteringÖ But I wanted to know. Do you know what happened to my bracelet? After I got out of the med ward, I couldnít find it." She said. "I got rid of the stupid thing! It was dangerous, and youíre strong enough not to need that thing anymoreÖ" he said. "What?" Bulma asked sadly. "It took so long to make thatÖ"

"UmÖ" Noel said as he saw her hurt statement. "I still have it." "Really?" she asked happily. "Yeah, but itís messed up pretty badly. I donít know if itíll work anymore." He said. "That doesnít matter. I can fix it if itís still in one piece." Bulma said happily. "Yeah, but the generatorís fried, and the frequencyís all out of proportionÖ" Noel said. "How did you know all of that?" Bulma asked him. Noel sat straight up with a nervous look on his face. "Well, Iím not dumb, Bulma. Itís easy to see what needs to be fixed." He said. Elani and Bulma both stared at Noel then glanced at each other. Noel glanced at his watch. "Come on Elani. Weíve got to go before weíre late for services." He said as he ushered the little girl out the door. After Elani was out Noel turned back to Bulma. "I hope Iíll see you later, Bulma." He said. Bulma faked a smile, "Yeah, I guess soÖ" she answered.


"So," Chichi said sadly, "theyíre all dead?" "Yeah." Kakarot nodded dismally. The Saiyajins who had known Bardockís crew sat in silence. "Kakarot," the prince said. Kakarot lifted his head. "Your highness?" Kakarot asked. "Are you sure it was Frieza who attacked that planet?" Vegeta ouji asked. "Um, no. It was Dodoria, Zarbon, and Kui." Kakarot said as he frowned, "But Iím pretty sure that it was by Friezaís order. I mean why would they do something without his consent?" Vegeta thought over this for a moment. "Yes, I suppose. Kakarot I guess itís just you, Turles, and me now. We leave for Checkisu-sei first thing tomorrow." Vegeta said as he stalked off. Kakarot immediately jumped up and ran after Vegeta. "Um, prince I have a favor to ask of you." Kakarot said. "A favor to ask of me?" Vegeta said with disgust in his voice. Kakarot had a pleading statement on his face. Vegeta sighed, "What is it?" "I wanted to know if I could bring my woman along with me." Kakarot said as he glanced over to where Chichi was standing. Vegeta blinked. "The harpy? You must be mad Kakarot. There is no way that screeching woman of yours is going to accompany us on a two week mission!!" Vegeta yelled. "Please, your highness." Kakarot said as he got on his knees. Vegeta sneered at the pitiful man. "If Frieza and his men come back and find me and Turles gone, then theyíll surely kill Chichi." Kakarot pleaded. "Get up, Kakarot. You disgust me." The prince said as he turned his back on the taller Saiyajin, "You can bring the wench, but if she gets in my way I will not hesitate to dispose of her." "Thank you very much, ouji-sama!" Kakarot said as he bowed. Vegeta continued his path out, while Kakarot went to tell Chichi the good news.


Bulma sat atop the same hill she was on the night she had first sensed that the Saiyajins were coming. She didnít understand how she knew it, but she just knew that the time for her clash against them was approaching ever so quickly. She sighed as she ran her fingers through her lavender bangs. "Iím not going to make it out of this battle aliveÖ" she said as her voice faltered. "You have no faith in yourself?" she heard a voice ask. Bulma turned around and opened her mouth to say something, but was silenced by Macki. "I know you said you wanted to be aloneÖ but we felt that you really just wanted to have a lot of company. It must be hard trying to avenge an entire race, all by yourself." Mack said. Bulma sighed as she glanced behind the old woman and noticed Elani. She turned her back to them. "I guess, since you two came all the way up here, you can stay." They took seats on either side of her. "Itís depressing, you know?" Bulma stated sadly. "What?" Elani asked. "Knowing that youíre a worthless failure." Bulma responded. Elani gasped, but Macki remained silent. "Bulma-san! You are one of the most strong willed and-" "Strong willed, but NOT strong!" Bulma yelled cutting Elani off. "The past two years, you two have done nothing but be there for me. Now these Saiyajins are coming and I canít even stop them from destroying this planet!" Elani and Macki exchanged knowing glances as Bulma continued to rant, "Itís like dťjŗ vu! The same thing that happened on earth will happen here." She finished. Macki placed an affectionate hand on Bulmaís back.

"Donít fret. You will be the savior of us, and you will come out of this battle victorious." The old woman preached. Bulma opened her mouth to protest but Macki silenced her, "I know these things, Elani does too." She said as she watched Elaniís eyes widen as she was referred to, "And I know that if your mind wasnít so set on unimportant things that donít matter you would realize things too! WeÖ we know we will lose you in this fightÖ" Bulma gasped. "No," Macki laughed, "we will not lose you in death. We will lose you because a greater force will take you from us. Then you will fight in a battle that will determine the safety of the entire universe. So, forget about this miniscule planet. Youíre a part of the big picture." Macki smiled as she got up. "Elani, let us go and leave Bulma to think of what Iíve said." Macki instructed. Elani hesitantly got up. She had a peculiar statement on her face. She turned to face Bulmaís back. "Donít you dare die on us!" Elani yelled angrily as she stalked away from her long time friend. Bulma sighed. "Thatís what Iím trying not to do." she said with a heavy heart.


"You heard what she was talking about?" Elani asked, once they were out of hearing distance. Macki nodded. Elani turned her body to face forward. "She said that our planet- that it might be destroyed. Is that how our planet will fit into this. Is that what the great faerie queens wanted?" Elani asked quietly. "Recca and Sage do not find joy in wreaking havoc upon innocent others. I do not think they will take the lives of the hundreds upon thousands who reside on this planet." Macki said in that sage like voice of hers. Elani groaned, "But they were evil enough to let the Saiyajins come when Bulma wasnít ready to face them yet!" Macki frowned, "Do not question what the deities choose to do! Besides Recca and Sage have nothing to do with the Saiyajins coming. Thatís just a twist of fate." Macki sighed. Elani looked up at the old woman. "Okay then, tell me what these strange feelings mean? Canít they be the goddesses trying to contact us?" the curious girl asked. Macki stopped suddenly in her tracks. Elani quickly turned around to face her. "Macki?" she asked. The old woman frowned at the ground. "What youíre feeling is not the blessed auras of the guardians of love. It is something evil. Something is here that shouldnít be. Quick, run to my cabin. See what trouble is happening there." Macki said. "Trouble? Macki-san, I canít leave you here! It is already very dark. Will you be able to get back." Elani asked. "Of course. Hurry. The evil is cold and foreign to my senses. Be careful." Macki said as she gave Elani as hove to get her going. Elani looked back once, and then quickly sped off. The people of the Checkisu-jin race were excellent runners. Macki stood in the midst of the cool forest. ĎThe cold thing has already corrupted the mind of the warm beating heart. If only I had knownÖí she thought sadly to herself.


Noel sat angrily in the kitchen of Mackiís house waiting for Elani and Macki to return. A figure stepped into the room and he shot up in shock. He glared at the girl, only relaxing a little. "Margo. What is it that you want?" Noel asked. The orange haired Tsirujin hybrid sighed as she seated herself at the table. "She is not going to back down on this fight. Pity, I almost feel bad that sheís going to die." Margo whispered as she ran her tongue over her blood red lips. Noel looked over her ivory white skin approvingly. "Why must you have to tease me with wearing these skimpy outfits if you wonít let me have you." He asked as he angrily pointed at her revealing bodysuit. "Hmm?" she asked seductively. "But I thought you said that you didnít want me and that the only woman who deserved you was the stupid little Chikyuu-jin bitch." She hissed with an icy tone clinging to her voice. Noel looked down at his hands, "Bulma doesnít want me. Sheís too focused on beating the Saiyajins." He muttered. "Well, I donít want you either. And speaking of the barbaric monsters, my daddy wants me to intercept them here. He says that two of the rebelís crew had escaped when he had sent Dododriaís men to finish them," she said as she circled the table coming close to him, "Daddy dearest would like me and Miranda to off the rest of the Saiyajins, including the cocky little prince." Noelís eyes widened, "Miranda? Defeating the Saiyajins? You could not possibly be strong enough; by the stories Bulma tells me, I mean, it doesnít seem possible." He said as Margo fixated her cold green eyes on him. She plopped down lazily in his lap. "You are right. My father, Frieza, is the only one thought to be able to defeat the Saiyajins. Of course, Uncle Cooler could but he isnít very interested in the petty disputes of his little brother. I myself cannot defeat those Saiyajins. But Miranda! She could do it!" Margo exclaimed as she jumped off Noelís lap. He pouted as her warmness was taken away from her.

"Whoís Miranda?" he asked as he glanced out the window to make sure that the old woman and the brat werenít returning. It would take a while for them to get back. "Miranda, she is the most powerful dragoness of the underworld. She has beautiful shiny all black skin and deep dark purple hair and she is much more desired than I. A shame only a few know of her and an even fewer number of brave warriors have seen her. She can turn into a powerful toxic dragon at will, and she can control all the demons who reside in the underworld." Margo spoke as if she admired this woman greatly. "A dragoness?" Noel asked. Margo turned her angry glare back on him, "God damn you Noel! Do you have to act so stupid! You only prove to me that youíre smart when your pathetic life is threatened! Speaking of which," she said as she brought her face closer to his and bore her fangs, "How did the Ďaccidentí with the wenchís bracelet go? The way she looked on the hill didnít look like she was Ďin pretty bad shapeí like you told me. She can still fight and that means she can still interfere if she goes off fighting the Saiyajins while Iím trying to! Why did you let your feelings for her get in the way of my plans! You may have ruined it now!" Noel frowned, "These SaiyajinsÖ if they are strong enough to defeat you, then how can Bulma hope to beat them?" Noel asked. Margo smirked, "She canít. So sorry, I guess your little obsession wonít last long after sheís dead. But you know, if you can find the awakening stone for me, I will make sure that Bulma is delivered to you; healthy, alive, and kicking." Margo said.

"The awakening stone? I donít know of it." Noel said. His mind was telling him to say yes to the enticing offer; he would finally have Bulma. "It is in your place of worship. But since I am not of Checkisu-jin blood, I canít touch the damn stone." She said as she turned innocent eyes upon him. "Itís a black and purple stone with the sign of a dragon on it?" Noel asked. Margo smiled, "Yes, thatís it!" she exclaimed. Noelís eyes widened, "I canít take that. No matter how corrupted I am; I canít go against what the preachers tell us of that stone. If we remove it, it will be the damnation of our world." Noel said angrily. Margo climbed into his lap and pressed her nose to his playfully, "At the end of this, you can have me too." She whispered. He gasped as she planted an icy kiss on his lips. "You agree?" she asked as she pulled away from him. Noel nodded anxiously. Margo was going to go in for another kiss when she sensed Elani approaching quickly. She jumped off his lap and pulled her cloak closed around her body. "Iíll see you later." She whispered as she disappeared into thin air. Elani burst in the door at that moment with an angry frown plastered on her face. "Macki told me trouble was brewing at her cabin. Iím not surprised that itís you. What do you want?" she asked. He got up quickly, "I was just wondering if Bulma was around, but itís getting late, and I think Iíll be leaving now. Just tell her I came by." He said as he hurried out the door. Elani stood in the doorframe watching Noel leave with a confused statement on her young features. ĎSomethingís not right here. I can feel it in the air. The day of fury is before us. But what does that have to do with Bulma-san? And what does that have to do with Noel?í the young girl asked herself as she patiently sat to await her mentorís arrival.


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