Author's Notes: I am just making a few key points before I continue on with the fic. For starters, anyone who knows the history of Cleopatra quite well should not take the events mentioned in my fic seiously. I am not really following the true story because...

1) Cleopatra had already a child with Caeser
2) Cleopatra didn't encounter Mark Antony until 41 B.C.
3) Mark Antony wasn't made ruler until 43 B.C.
4) Antony didn't marry Octavian's sister until about 38 B.C.
5) Cleopatra and Antony weren't officially "together" until after 35 B.C.

These are just a few facts that I want to state before you continue to read my fic. I don't mean to confuse any readers who know their Egyptian history so sorry if anyone was confused. And I'd also like to state some facts about the characters that are being portrayed in my fic...

Cleopatra (Roman based facts): She was considered to be a treacherous seductress that lured Roman leaders with her manipulative ways in order to suceed. She yearned to make her country great and become as strong as the Romans themselves, thus, her relationships with both Julius Caeser and Mark Antony.

Cleopatra (Egyptian based facts): She was a beautiful, intelligent, and witty woman, also a well known lover. Her deep love and respect for the great Julius Caeser won her a place in his heart. After his death, she fled to Egypt, fearing for both her life and her sons. She soon met Mark Antony and fell in love with him. After years of trying to gain a relationship, they were finally married and had three children.

Mark Antony (Roman based facts): He was a dim-witted and stupid man, allowing himself to be seduced and controlled by a blood-thirsty vixen who only used him for his army. He easily gave up his own will because of his problems with drinking, since Cleopatra got him drunk and then seduced him.

Mark Antony (Egyptian based facts): He was an honorable man that fell in love with the Egyptian queen. But due to his honor for his country, he was forced to marry Octavia after his wife's death. But he later married Cleopatra after struggling to have a relationship with her for many years.

So here's some facts that I got off of different sites. I know some of you are probably bored by now but I felt it was important to write a few facts about the characters. Both had a bad reputation but don't worry, in my fic, I don't care too much for history. I care purely about romance and chemistry so I've had to alter the origional story to make my fic seem less like a tale about two rulers only seeking power. Happy reading! ^_^


Chapter 3


36 B.C.


The years passed and everyday, Vegeta was at Bulma Cleopatra's side. Not a moment passed that he wasn't greatful for the love of his beautiful Queen. But, not a moment passed that he feared the future would take a turn for the worst. Already, his people turned their back on him, slowly taking sides with Juunanagou Augustus, who was growing stronger and more plentiful as days passed by.

Nappa Levidus tried his best to convince Vegeta's armies to stay faithful but even Vegeta began to suspect that Nappa had grown weary of his friends lack of interest in Roman politics. And as Juunanagou pressured Romans to denounce one of their betraying leaders, it made it harder for Nappa to try and control both his army and his friends'. Something had to be done soon.

Juuhachigou wasn't the least bit upset by Vegeta's betrayal. At first, she accepted it and kept it silent to keep her brother from turning against her husband. But he eventually weasled the affair out of her and Juunanagou wasn't trilled or even surprised. Now he had an excuse to gain control of Rome. If only there was some way to rid the only obstacle that stood in his way...

As Juunanagou began to slowly control more and more of Vegeta's army, Nappa had begun to worry. Vegeta tried his best to offer his people more riches and more democracy but many found it hard to believe, accusing their leader of being drunk by the love of a seductive serpent. All Romans frowned about Cleopatra, claiming she was nothing but a snake who slithered both riches and an extra army out of her lovers just so that she could achieve more power than her family before her. Vegeta just shrugged off these rumors, knowing Bulma was more than that.

The rumors that spread in Rome made Bulma just want to whither away and die. She had fallen into a love filled with passion and no one would let her be and just accept her as a human being with human emotions. The love she felt for Vegeta wasn't an obsession to become powerful. The love she felt was a true obsession for passion that burned inside the walls of her heart. And no matter how much time passed her by, she had never been more in love with a man.

Pushing all her worries aside, Bulma forced a smile on her face as she lay against Vegeta on the bed inside her Egyptian bedroom. Just being within his grasp gave her a warm feeling of safety and security. Being with him was the best thing she had ever done and she didn't even dare to regret her decision.

"When was the last you heard of Nappa?" she wondered, sitting up beside her lover.

He looked at her with concern in his eyes that he quickly disguised. "Over 40 nights ago. He should have sent some response by now."

"Maybe he was forced into a sudden battle in the East. Those wild armies are always trying to conquer parts of Rome," Bulma offered, wishing desperately that their only companion was alright.

Nappa was the only man who supported both of them and with his help, a civil war may be avoided. "You're probably right. I doubt that Juunanagou is stupid enough to even challenge Nappa."

Bulma smiled from his comforting response, resting again beside his and tracing her fingers along his bare chest. "I doubt there is any need for worry anyways. As long as both of our main armies remain loyal and true, we have no need to worry about sudden attacks."

Vegeta stroked her back as she drifted off into a deep slumber. He still remained deep in thought, growing even more and more concerned by the lack of communication between himself and his ally. He didn't want to worry Bulma but deep inside himself, he was terrified.


Juunanagou glared at Vegeta venomously, anger apparent in his icy blue eyes. Both men stood across the empty room from eachother, each having their own personal reasons for wanting the other dead. Betrayal from both sides confirmed that a civil war was to arise, the victor being chosen after a large amount of blood shed from both sides. Or, they could end it now...

"Juunanagou, you bastard," Vegeta growled, a stab of pain shooting from inside of him.

Juunanagou glared at his "ally" with an even deeper intensity. "Nappa wasn't worth what you did to Rome. Your betrayal to my sister was a betrayal towards our alliance and our country. You left a life any other man on this planet would envy for that bitch, that supposed 'Goddess'. You deserve what you had coming. Now without Nappa to pursway your men and his own, they'll all turn to me, the real ruler of Rome."

"Real ruler?" Vegeta spat. "You're nothing but a selfish coward that hides behind his armies. If those men are dumb enough to fall for your act then so be it. The future of Rome shall soon be decided."

Juunanagou laughed. "Me? A coward? Hardly. The only coward in this situation is you, Vegeta. You hide behind that Queen of yours and let your men do all the work. Since when was the last time you fought any invading enemies? The only thing more pathetic than a coward who hides behind an army is a coward who hides behind a weak bitch."

Vegeta couldn't take the insults towards his Bulma any longer. His blood boiled as he withdrew his sword, preparing to finish off Juunanagou once and for all. He should have killed the bastard the first chance he had years ago.

"You insult her one more time and you won't have a head upon your defenseless carcass!" he shouted, pinning the sword sharply against his enemy's throat.

A trickle of blood dripped from Juunangou's neck as he recoiled in fear. "You wouldn't dare do that, Vegeta. You're too proud to kill a defenseless man," he whispered, hoping that it would work.

Vegeta glared, his eyes filled with so much defiance and anger that Juunanagou felt more afraid than ever before. He closed his eyes and held his breath, praying to Jupiter that he'd live to see another day. Moments passed and neither man moved, Vegeta's sword locked onto Juunanagou's throat and Juunanagou as still as a statue. Then, with an angry growl, Vegeta thrusted his sword back into his belt and shoved Juunangou aside.

"Get out of Egypt," he whispered threateningly. "Before I change my mind."

Juunanagou scrambled out of the room, relieved that he had been spared but afraid that Vegeta would chase after him any second now. He didn't have to be told twice about leaving Egypt. He planned to leave right away but he also planned to return to take back what should have been his...


Bulma sat behind Vegeta in their large pool, rubbing his back as he relaxed in the hot water. Rose petals floated all around them, giving the bath water a sensuous feel and a delightful scent. From the twinkling stars to the silver moon hung high above on that clear night, Bulma had never seen such a beautiful sight.

The warm Egyptian wind blew through her straightened blue locks that hung down around her shoulders, as Bulma's hands massaged the many tense muscles on her husbands back. She enjoyed quiet moments like this when all the world just drifted away and it felt as if it were only her and Vegeta left on this planet. But those moments never lasted forever and soon she'd be brought back to the terrible reality.

Pushing past her worried thoughts, she pressed her nude body against Vegeta's back, resting her head on the back of his left shoulder. She wrapped her arms around his chest and traced along, sighing contently as she closed her eyes and imagined that nothing was wrong. Bulma would usually picture herself and Vegeta in a perfect universe, one where they were free to love one another and where politics didn't even exist. She'd be sitting somewhere in a peaceful oasis in the desert, resting in Vegeta's arms and listening to him whisper those words that made her melt. His had would run through her blue hair and the only sound that could be heard was the gentle wind flowing theough the leaves of the palm trees...


His voice cut through her thoughts. She opened her eyes as Vegeta turned and looked into hers.

"You do realize that now there is no turning back. There is to be a civil war and I must fight Juunanagou," he stated.

Bulma nodded. "I know what you must do, Vegeta. I also know what I must do. With your army and mine combined, we might stand a chance against him."

"I don't know. I feel as if this is the end..."

Bulma moved onto Vegeta's lap, hugging him tightly. "Vegeta? Let's just not ruin this moment with politics."

She kissed his lips softly, silently fearing that this would be one of the last moments they could spend in peace. If war were to break out soon, both her and Vegeta would be busy planning battle strategies and they would never find time for themselves.

As they kissed, Vegeta managed to ease himself between her legs and enter her in one quick movement. Bulma wrapped her arms and legs around him, pushing his deeper into her and squeezing her eyes shut to hold back the tears that were starting to form. She loved him with all her heart and she wouldn't let this be it, she wouldn't let him ever be taken from her.

As he thrusted into Bulma, the only thought running through his mind was how much he loved her. He would do anything to save her, anything to keep her from dying. There had been no one before her that he had cared so greatly about. Why couldn't Rome just see Bulma for who she was? Why couldn't they accept her as a person? She was anything but manipulative.

Vegeta speeded up, plunging as deep as he could into Bulma's body. Her back arched and her cries became but small sounds within the distance as he caressed her back and thought of the many moments they had shared over the past few years. Their first night together...their wedding day...their many moments in eachother's arms...

Bulma screamed as she released, shuddering from the sensations that swept throughout her body. Vegeta released almost at the same time she did, hugging her tightly as a wave of pleasure washed through him. He loved her and she loved him and nothing would ever separate them, not even death.


31 B.C.

All around him, the cries could be heard. Bodies collapsed in pools of blood, some falling over the sides of the ship as the spears were thrown and arrows were casted. The sun beat down on both armies, no one even reconzing the beauty of this day as the bloodshed continued. Warriors screamed in pain once a spear shattered their heart and the ocean below was dyed with the color red.

Vegeta chucked spears while commanding his army. Regardless of the men who fell around him, he continued to fight, not letting the death around him even distract him. He casted a quick glance into the ocean, staring away as he silently estimated about 100 of his men floating lifeless in the sea of death. The only comfort that kept him going was the fact that Bulma was safe in her palace and not among the battle.

It had taken almost everything to get her to stay put. She wailed, she cried, and she even threw herself at his feet as she begged to go with him into battle. She wanted to be with him, screaming that today may be the last day they might even see eachother. But Vegeta assured her that he would be fine and he had to spend hours convincing her to stay put as Juunanagou's army drew closer and closer.

After giving Bulma a long, passionate kissed, he left her crying on their bedroom floor, wanting desperately to take her in his arms and comfort her. But he had a job to do that could not be avoided. If he were to stay behind then Juunanagou could take control of the battle and probably win. And Vegeta would rather die today protecting his wife than sitting back and allowing Juunanagou to take over.

"Vegeta? The Queen requests your prescence on her main ship," a soldier said, ducking as an arrow flew past his head.

"What? She's out here?" Vegeta cried, forgetting the current battle.

An arrow pierced his upper right shoulder as his attention was diverted. Crying out in pain, he doubled over, cradling his sore arm. But he didn't care for his own safety at the moment. Standing back up, he ran to the other end of the ship and boarded Bulma's private vessel, which was only half the size of his own. As his feet touched her deck, he glared at his wife angrilly.

"Woman, how could you even think of distrupting an important battle?!" he demanded.

Bulma was taken aback by his harsh tone. But she wasn't about to let him have his way. "I came here for you, Vegeta! I refuse to wait any longer when you could be approaching your death at any second!"

"Stupid woman! Can't you see I can handle this by myself?! The last thing I need is to worry about protecting you when I can barely protect myself. Return back to the palace immediately!"

"No!" Bulma shouted, tears clouding her vision. "I refuse to leave you here when you're hurt and continuing to fight! It's time to give up, Vegeta. Unless your anger has blinded you, you might notice that the majority of those bodies floating in the sea are your men!"

"I can't give up! I can't let that bastard win!"

"Please just retreat Vegeta! We only have enough soldiers left to guard Egypt! Juunanagou's army is five times greater than ours! If we retreat now, we may lose some pride but at least we won't lose our lives! Let's save what we have left and focus on protecting our country instead of protecting our pride!"

Her words cut through him like a knife. As Vegeta thought of what she said, he realized she was right. His army was only half it's origional size and there would only be enough people to protect what was left of Egypt. If they retreated now, they may be able to resist an invasion.

"Fine, Bulma. I'll have our armies retreat."

And as the word went out across the ocean, both Vegeta Antony's army and Bulma Cleopatra's retreated back into Egypt, ending the horrible, losing battle of Actium.


A few months passed as the spring ended and headed into a deadly hot summer. But as the days went by, the Roman forces pushed forward and began conquering the outskirts of Egypt, slowly reaching the city of Alexandria. Everyday, as the news came in that different cities had been conquered, Bulma's fear grew stronger as her faith began to whither away. Any day now, Juunanagou would reach Alexandria. And the only step left after that was to take over her palace...

One morning, when the sun has just began to rise in the distance, a cry could be heard throughout the Egypt capitol. Bulma woke up with a start, her body shaking with fear as she lay within Vegeta's arms. A loud knock was heard from their bedroom door, causing Vegeta to wake. Wrapping herself with her robe, Bulma called for the person to enter.

"Sorry to disturb you my Queen," the young Egyptian soldier said, "but Juunanagou's forces have reached the outside of Alexandria."

"No..." Bulma whispered. "H-how'd they make it this far? What's happened to our other soldier's?"

"They're all dead, your highness," he replied.

Vegeta immediately arose, reaching for his armor that lay at the foot of his bed. "Prepare all but twenty men to fight. Tell them to protect the city. I'll be there as soon as I can."

"Yes sir."

The guard left, running out of the palace to help prepare for today's big battle. Vegeta pulled on all his clothes and armor and began to head out of the room.

"You can't be thinking of going, Vegeta," Bulma said, crossing her arms in annoyance.

"I have to go and help them fight. The city needs as much protection as it can get," he replied, with his back still facing his concerned wife.

"Fine. But promise me you'll come back to me. Don't let this be it."

Bulma walked over to her husband and hugged him close, kissing him softly. Then, he lightly pushed her away from him and opened the door to leave.

"I can't promise anything," were the only words that left his lips.


For two days and nights, the battle continued onward with both sides remaining strong. No advantage had been given to either side as the battle pushed further. Many lives were lost, close to two hundred and the longer they fought, the more weary the soldiers became.

Juunanagou watched from far back in glee, sitting around as his army did his work for him. Sure, he may lack in battle skills but why fight when his soldiers would fight for him? And he couldn't help but be satisfied that Vegeta stayed as loyal as ever, fighting up fron with his men. The fool was too proud to even consider sitting out like his rival. 'Oh well, that'll be his loss and my gain,' Juunanagou thought.

From the other end of the battle, Vegeta pulled out, tired and weary. His arms were filled with thin cuts from spears and his armor has soaked in the blood of the fallen soldiers. He suffered from no deep wounds but he missed his wife during this time. But he was confident that she was fine. Only a few of Juunanagou's soldiers had managed to sneak inside the city but Vegeta had been told that they were already dealt with.

Standing within the edge of the city, away from the battle, Vegeta fought to regain his breath before he returned to the fight. But a servant from the palace ran up to him and the army, sobbing wildly.

"Cleopatra! Cleopatra!" she wailed. A cold chill ran down his spine.

"What about my wife?!" Vegeta shouted.

The servant held back a sob. "Queen Cleopatra is dead! Sh-she has been poisoned!"

"That can't be?! How?! Tell me?!"

But the servant was inconsolable. Vegeta pushed her aside and ran into the city to the palace, tears stinging his eyes as her words ran over and over through his head. 'Queen Cleopatra is dead! Queen Cleopatra is dead'

For the next hour, he raced through the streets and into his palace, looking into every single room. Not a sign of her anywhere. It was as if she had disappeared into thin air. 'This can't be! Why? Why? Why?!' he wondered, slamming open the doors of his bedroom for the thrid time.

But, like before, the room appeared empty. With a defeated sigh, he walked over to the middle of the room and collapsed onto the floor, sobs racking his body as he let it all out. A long, heartbroken wail escaped his throat, his body shuddering from the pain that filled his soul. For the first time in his life, he cried, letting out all the pain he held welled up in his heart.

"'s not fair! Bulma..." he cried.

Anger filled him, accompanied by his sadness. He had no reason to continue fighting a losing battle. He had no one to protect. Was it possible that she had realized that and taken her own life?

Drawing out his sword from his belt, he whiped a few tears from his eyes and stared at his the silver blade, a sudden idea forming inside of his head. He had no will to live, no reason to continue to stay on this planet. His reason had been taken from him...

A moment passed by. He continued to stare at the blade. Another moment passed. And then he felt the blade plunge directly through his chest...


She knelt before the statue of Isis, bowing and praying that all would be well. The rumor of her death should spread to Juunanagou's army and he would have no reason to stay within Alexandria once he realized that she could be not be found. She would stay hidden in her secret tomb as his armies stormed the city, accompanied by both her friend Chichi and her lover Vegeta. They would wait out the invasion and sneak off across the mediteranean the first chance the had.

"Chichi? By now Vegeta should be out of the battle and searching for me within the palace. Could you please go and inform him of our plan?" Bulma asked her friend.

Chichi smiled. "Of course I will, Bulma. I know he'll be happy to know that you are well."

But as Chichi left, Bulma felt a sudden chill run through her, fear striking her heart. It was as if something bad had happened...something horrible...

Minutes passed and she waited, the feeling growing stronger and stronger. She was suddenly terrified that maybe Vegeta had died in battle...but that couldn't be it, could it? He was a strong warrior and if he had lasted these last two days, he could last another few minutes as her message was delivered.

When the tomb door opened, Bulma practically jumped. Turning to Chichi, she smiled happilly now that her suspicions were probably nothing but that. But when she saw her solemn faced friend enter, Bulma's face disappeared as two guards entered the room, carrying a body between them...

Tears began to flow as Bulma gazed at her husband, the sword still portruding though his chest. She could hear his ragged breathing as his tired eyes locked onto hers. Finding as much strength as she could, Bulma walked towards her husband, stumbling as she held a sob within her throat. She tried to stay strong, she tried with all her might to keep from collapsing, but the second she cradled her dying husband in her arms, she felt like collapsing.

His raven black hair was soaked with blood that wasn't his own. His clothes were torn and ragged, covered in the blood from his chest wound. But his eyes...they were filled with happiness as he gazed into hers, filled with as much life as ever.

The tears dripped down her cheek and landed on her husband's chest. Bulma whiped them away hastilly and forced a smile as she searched her soul to find her voice.

"Vegeta..." she whispered.

Vegeta smiled up at her, tears forming in his eyes. "You're alive."

She choked back a sob, laughing lightly. "Yes, I am Vegeta. We both are."

He paused, smiling up at her as he carefully chose his words. "I-I'm sorry, Bulma. I just couldn't live a life with the possibility of you not being a part of it. You are the reason I lived...I'm sorry but I am-"

"You're hurt. That's what you mean, right? You're badly hurt but you'll recover," she interrupted, fearing the truth.

"No Bulma," he replied hoarsely. "I-I'm not badly hurt. I'm dying."

"No, no you're not," she denied. "You'll live Vegeta. You'll recover as soon as I can get my priests to heal you. I'll send for the medicine right now and you'll rec-"

"I love you, Bulma," he replied, cutting her off.

Bulma stared down at him, feeling her heart twist in agony as she cradled his head on her lap.

"I-I love you too" she managed to choke out.

Vegeta smiled, his dark eyes shining brightly with tears. "You're my reason for living...and now you're my reason for dying...but it was worth it...loving you is worth a thousand deaths..."

And those bright eyes faded, as his body went limp in her arms. Bulma continued to stare at Vegeta in shock, in disbelief...but reality suddenly hit her and she hugged his body tightly. Her husband, her protector, her lover...was gone...

"NNNNNNNOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!" she wailed, collapsing at her husband's side in a flood of tears.

* * * * *

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