Chapter 2


43 B.C.

In his dreams he saw her. He would dream of holding her in his arms once again and feeling the heat radiating off of her goddess shaped body as she melted within his arms. Once again, he would tilt her head towards his and plunge into a deep, fiery kissed filled with enough passion to astound the Goddess Venus. He would run his hands through her wild, blue curls and find himself lost in her sapphire orbs the second her dared to look within them. After almost a year, he yearned to find her and confess his undying love for he never had felt this way about anyone before.

But, he still had buisness to deal with within the streets of Rome. Vegeta made sure that Egypt was heavilly guarded by half of his strongest army, continuing the alliance between Rome and Egypt. It took everything he had to remind himself that he had to stay in Rome because he knew that the second he were to gaze upon the Egyptian Goddesses face, Rome would be in danger.

Vegeta had made an oath and he kept to it. He vowed to marry Juuhachigou, Juunagaou Augustus's twin sister, who was a petite woman with flowing blond hair and piercing blue eyes, to prove to Juunanagou that he was dedicated to Rome and not to some Egyptian Queen. Although he enjoyed Juuhachigou's company, he didn't love her and the marriage was purely political. But he couldn't go to Cleopatra because if he did, the oath was broken and Juunanagou would wage war against him. And if his army, who were less dedicated to their ruler, found out he chose an Egyptian Queen over their second ruler's sister, they would turn on Vegeta since they didn't like Cleopatra.

So he remained in the palace in Rome, forever devoted to a loveless, passionless life. He couldn't even think of going to wasn't right...

"But how much longer will I last?" he wondered aloud, gazing around the empty chamber.

'What happened to the old Vegeta, the one who fought for what he thought was right?' he silently asked. 'If that Vegeta still exists, wouldn't he fight for the love of a woman? Would he turn his back on his country because he wanted to be happy for once?'

All of a sudden, everything was made clear. Had he not been raised in an army where he was taught to fight for what he believed in? Whether it was truly right or wrong? Well if he believed that being with Cleopatra was the right thing to do, shouldn't he fight the odds for her?

"I know my fate. I know what I must do."

And so the future of Rome has been decided...


Bulma Cleopatra gave a bored sigh, sitting on her throne and fanning herself with a miniature fan. She had recovered soon after Kakkarott's untimely end but a part of her wanted to run to Rome and into the arms of Vegeta Antony. Something about him had captured her heart and now whenever she looked back onthat first, and only kiss, she yearned to feel his lips again if only for a final moment...

'How am I surviving without him? Everyday I want him more and more. Life just isn't fair anymore,' she thought sadly.

She should have been happy. She was still alive, with full health and a bunch of loyal servents to meet to her every needs. Egypt was heavilly guarded by both Roman and Egyptian warriors so why can't she just accept living a loveless and get on with it?

"It has been almost a year now, Bulma," Chichi whispered, handing her Queen a bowl of juicy dates. "And I don't mean to sound so unfaithful but I highly doubt he will be running into your arms anytime soon."

Bulma looked at her friend sadly. "I know, Chichi. But I just can't stop thinking about him. Whenever I close my eyes, I can feel his arms around me and his lips pressed against mine. I swear I could feel his heartbeat beneath the palm of my hand as I press it against his bare chest. It's all so real, so right."

Realizing all that she had said, Bulma blushed madly, turning a dark shade of red. Chichi laughed politely at her friend. "It's okay Bulma. It's okay to be in love."

Bulma relaxed a little, knowing that Chichi had always been there to hear her out. The two were such good friends that they refered to eachother on a first name basis. The thought of even calling eachother by their last names, when not surrounded by other political figures, was like calling a date a pear. Even all the other servants knew that only Chichi was allowed to refer to their Queen as Bulma.

"You're only part right. I'm in love but that does not make it right. I can't become a part of a Roman ruler again. If I were to be with Vegeta Antony then the peace will fall apart because Juunanagou Augustus could never accept me as part of Rome's political society. He never did before my Kakkarott's death and I doubt he will change his mind," she stated, understanding more than Chichi about why she would have to live without Vegeta.

"Oh Bulma," Chichi sighed, "It's like some romantic tragedy that ended before the love could blossom. Kind of like the tales of the Trojan War that your father used to tell us."

"I love the Greek tales he used to tell. Oh father, if only you were now. Maybe than I wouldn't be the Queen of Egypt and then I could be with Vegeta and Rome wouldn't care..."

Bulma looked at the bowl of grapes she held onto and set aside on her table, feeling her hunger leave her as she shadowed herself in a mind of self pity. It felt as if nothing would ever go right again...


Vegeta climbed aboard the medium-sized boat, the sun beating down on him and his two guards. The one thing he didn't approve of was the humid weather that constantly devoured Egypt. But being on a boat with many servents to cool off a tired Roman ruler did have it's advantages. But he wasn't here for the servants or for the weather. He was here for a treasure worth a million times more than all the gold in the world.

And as he gazed around his surroundings, he saw her and a small smile spread across his face as he took in the beauty that was matched to no other. With her blue hair straightened and pulled back into a fancy, Greek styled bun, she appeared to be as normal as any woman of class. The only thing that defined her as a goddess were her gold chains that clung to her Egyptian attire. Her deep eyes gazed back into his as their eyes met, hers filled with both surprise and sudden happiness.

She opened her mouth to call to him, but quickly shut it, returning to a cool, calm state. Vegeta respected her for it and bowed down respectfully, feeling all eyes within the boat turned towards him.

"I hope I'm not intruding, Queen Cleopatra," he said, standing back up to his full height.

Bulma smiled. "Not at all, Vegeta Antony. Your prescence has always been welcome within Egypt. If it weren't for you, I may have been overthrown a long time ago. What brings you to Egypt?"

With a twirl of her hand, all the servants left without hesitation.

"I came here to steal something worth of more value than all of Rome and it's kingdom. I am so sorry, Cleopatra," he solemnly said, "but I must steal Egypt's greatest treasure."

Bulma's eyes furrowed with concern. "What? You have come to steal from me? What is it that Egypt has that is of great value?"

"The treasure I want sits before me on her throne," he whispered.

Bulma gasped in surprise, a small blush rising to her cheeks. But without another word being said, Vegeta approved the Queen, his eyes never once leaving hers. And he kneeled before her throne, a hand reaching up to caress her soft cheek. "I want you to be mine forever, Bulma Cleopatra. From this moment now till the day I die, I want you to be at my side."

"Oh Vegeta," Bulma sadly whispered, "we can't do this. What about Rome? What about your new wife?"

"You are worth more than Rome and I don't love Juuhachigou. The only woman I love and have ever loved is you, Bulma."

As he whispered those words, Bulma's vision began to blur. Ever since that kiss at the docks, she had wanted this. Suddenly, Rome didn't matter, nothing at all mattered except for the love of the man she had dreamed about since Kakkarott's death.

She planted a small kiss on Vegeta's lips, feeling the same electricity shoot through her as like last time. She wrapped her arms around his neck as his hands slid around her small waist. And with a passionate fury, he parted her lips with his tongue as the yearning within his soul was released. He was where he wanted to be; she was where she wanted to be. And if that were to end their lives, so be it.


Bulma was pushed onto her large, cusioned bed, her nude body feeling the smooth surface of her blankets as Vegeta fell on top of her. He kissed her again as he pressed his bare body down onto Bulma, feeling the delicate softness of her skin. His lips left hers as his kisses drew down her neck, gently suckling the exposed skin with every small kiss. He suckled lightly on her neck, his hands roaming the goddesss that was now his.

He reached her breasts and gently stroked them, feeling the small echoes of Bulma's moans through the skin of her neck. He created cirlces on her breasts, circling around her rosy buds as he teased her. His lips soon left her neck and reached the base of her breasts. And when his tongue made trails around her hardened nipples, Bulma felt as if he had sent her skin on fire as the sensations ran throughout her body but mostly in the place she wanted him to be.

She felt his free hand begin to make it's way across her stomach, reaching down even farther until just above her navel. Then Vegeta's fingers slid through, gently stroking her clit in a small motion. More moans erupted from her throat and she felt as if she would die if he didn't enter her soon.

Then, in one slow motion, his fingers entered inside of her. Before Bulma knew what was happeneing, she felt a gentle stroke from inside of her as his hand made small thrusting motions. But soon, those motions speeded up and pushed more inside of her. Bulma's hands grasped the sheet as her back began to make small arching motions underneath her lover. And she felt on the verge of an orgasm...

But then Vegeta pulled out before she could reach her highest peak. Pulling himself up into a sitting position, with both legs on either side on Bulma, he smirked as she pouted up at him.

But Vegeta knew what she wanted and he wasn't about to disappoint her. With his eyes seeking her silent approval, he pushed both her legs apart and slowly entered inside of her with his full length. He began to thrust as slow as possible, giving Bulma some time to relax her gasping body.

As he began to move faster, Bulma wrapped her legs around his waist, pushing Vegeta even deeper inside of her. Vegeta began to moan and Bulma's back arched up, pressing herself more and more into Vegeta as he continued to thrust.

He moved even faster, the high peak of an orgasm reaching ever closer for both. Bulma's nails scraped across his back and she began to call his name, feeling as if she were about to explode as the tingling and sensations ran up and down her spine. And with a final thrust, she released.

Vegeta thrusted a few more times, following after her. He collapsed at Bulma's side, gasping and panting as he tried to control his breathing. Bulma hugged his body tightly towards hers, clinging to him as they just lay there for what seemed like an eternity.

Then, as tiredness began to overtake her, Bulma whispered, "I love you," before drifting into a deep sleep. And somewhere off in the distance, she heard a reply that made her smile.

"I love you, too."

* * * * *

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