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Chapter 4


He wrapped his arms around her, planting small kisses along the side of neck. Bulma sighed contently, feeling that saftey and security she always felt when she was within his arms. He drove away her fear and filled her with a love and passion that she had never felt for anyone before. The lust and chemistry was beyond words.

Together, stranded in that small oasis in the middle of the desert. They just held onto eachother for what seemed like an eternity, gazing up at the beautiful night.

"I love you, Vegeta," Bulma whispered, snuggling closer into him.

"I love you too, Bulma," he whispered back, allowing Bulma to rest her head on his shoulder.

She smiled. "I wish we could stay here forever."

But as she said that, she turned to Vegeta as the tears began to form in his eyes. He let go of her and began to walk away, trudging into the edge of the oasis. He made his way across the sand, ignoring his wife as she called his name. Within seconds, he disappeared in a cloud of dust...

"Vegeta!" she screamed. "Please come back....don't leave me..."

Bulma awoke with a start, taking a quick look around her surroundings. She was upstairs in her palace bedroom. The only sound that could be heard was the war off in the distance as Vegeta's soldiers clashed with Juunanagou's army. 'It was only a dream...' she thought, rolling over to hug her husband. But when her body touched the thin air of the empty space on her bed, she began to remember the days events from earlier.


And she burst into tears, hugging herself tightly. He was gone...his death was her fault. She had to start that stupid rumor that she had been poisoned! And now Vegeta had killed himself, thinking that his wife had done the same. She was all alone...and now there would be no one to comfort her in her time of one to love one for her to love...

"It just ins't fair!" she wailed, anger rising within her.

She was again a widowed Queen. But this time she was pained a million times worse than before. Bulma looked all around her. Vases, statues, the most finest jewelery found in Egypt. And as she looked in the mirror, she stared at herself. She was covered in Egypt's finery, considering that she appeared to be a mess. She didn't care for any of this, she didn't want to be Queen, she didn't want to be rich. The only thing that she had ever wanted had been taken from her...

With an angered scream, she began tearing at her clothes, ripping off her golden bracelets and chucking them onto the floor. She threw her mirrors across the room, pushed over her large vases and chucking the smaller ones into the walls. She ripped her silk sheets, smashed statues of Isis, chucked all of her jewelery, and even took some of her finest clothes and tore them apart.

When she was finished, Bulma collapsed in despair. Her body began to rack with sobs again as she choked them out. "Vegeta..." she cried.

A few seconds later, Chichi came running into the room. She knelt down beside her friend, holding onto Bulma to offer comfort. Bulma hugged her friend, crying out in pain.

"I-I s-surrender," she choked out.

Chichi knew what her friend wanted. Without Vegeta, Bulma was lost. She wanted to give up and just die because with Juunanagou slowing gaining control and her husband gone, she had nothing left.

"I'll go tell one of our palace guards to send the message to your army," Chichi offered.

Egypt had lost. Juunanagou had won.


She sat across the room in silence, not caring about what the result of this private meeting would be. It was almost fifteen days since Vegeta's death and since then, she had been a silent ghost, not eating and barely finding the will to fall asleep. She was slowing whithering away. Juunanagou forced her to eat at times, holding her prisoner in her room. She wasn't allowed to leave and even if she tried, Bulma wouldn't make it past the guards. It was as if she were already dead...

"You have quite the price on your head," Juunanagou stated with a chuckle. "Seems that you are quite the village whore, taking away the pride of dignity of some of Rome's greatest leaders."

Bulma looked at him dumbfoundedly.

"Let's see. You seduced Kakkarott Caeser and forced him to believe as if we were some kind of almighty king. Then, when you know that you are in danger, you seduce Vegeta Antony and use him as a pawn in your little game. But your punishment isn't death," he said, with an evil smirk. "You're punishment is humiliation. You will be dragged to Rome in chains and paraded throughout the streets as my people look down their nose at you. You are no longer a Queen, you are now a slave."

Bulma just stared at him. But her eyes appeared to be looking right through him as if she were trying to focus on the wall behind him.

"Haha, stupid bitch. Too afraid to even talk."

He stepped up to her and focused on her eyes that stared back unblinking. He began to grow annoyed and slapped Bulma across the face, knocking her off of her chair.

"Never ignore a Caeser," he whispered threateningly, motioning for his guards to bring her back to her room. He was done with her. Now all her needed to do was keep her from doing something stupid. He had spent the last thirteen years waiting for her fall. And here it was.


Chichi washed Bulma's bruised cheek, angry at what that asshole had done to her Queen. And now he would win yet again. His first achievement was the conquering of Egypt and his second would be Queen Cleopatra. The poor woman didn't seem to care though. All she could think about was Vegeta Antony. The moment Vegeta had been taken, Bulma had died with him.

"Bulma, we cannot let Juunanagou win," Chichi said sternly, trying to get the Queen's attention.

But Bulma only stared blankly at her friend, the same _expression she had given her captor.

"Bulma...please just listen. I know that you grieve for Vegeta still but you can't let Juunanagou use this to his advantage. With you being so miserable, he was able to take over all of Egypt. And now he has control over you. Don't let him get his way."

Bulma stayed silent, listening to Chichi's words. She knew her friend was right but why should she care? Vegeta wasn't here anymore...he was gone...

"Bulma! For Ra's sake, wake up! Don't you see what's happening to you? You're letting him win! In a matter of days, you'll be paraded through Rome so that they can laugh at you! And after that, you'll be turned into his personal slave! Snap out of it and do something about this!"

Chichi had never yelled at her before. In all their years as friends, she had never even disrespected the Queen in any way. But she finally got through. Bulma looked at her friend, her blue eyes filling with tears but also anger.

"Chichi..." she whispered, "I don't want to live any longer. A life without him isn't a life at all. It's like living in the depths of hell as a lifeless being who's lost their way. There is no place for me in this world. The only place I ever belonged was in his arms. And no one, not Isis or Ra, not Jupiter or Pluto, not even Zeus or Hades, can stop me from going back to where I want to be. Juunanagou may have controlled Egypt but he will never control me."

And as her tears fell, Chichi began to cry too. The only way for her Queen to escape Juunanagou's control was death.

"Oh Bulma, I'm sorry for yelling at you," she cried, clutching her friend.

"It's alright Chichi. We'll be okay now. We'll go to a better place together. But don't try and stop me from doing this. I know where I belong...I know what I must do...I must go to Vegeta..." Bulma said with determination. "I must be free..."


A servant of Cleopatra's approached the two guards, smiling as sweet and respectfully as she could. In her hand, she held a casket filled with dates and other common fruits and vegetables found in Egypt. The guards looked at her suspiciously, wondering why their own servants hadn't come to deliver the Queen's meal.

"What is your buisness here, girl?" the taller of the two guards demanded.

The girl pushed back a strand of black hair behind her ear. "I'm Videl, one of Queen Cleopatra's personal servants. I usually deliver her food to her. The Queen sent out a message over an hour ago. She wanted me to deliver some produce from our private gardens. She had requested to have one last meal with her two servants before she would be brought to Rome."

"Hmm...why didn't I hear of this request?" the guard inquired.

Videl smiled. "I haven't any idea, sir. Caeser Juunanagou just confirmed that this was allowed, that's all I can tell you. Maybe you should ask him to see if I tell the truth."

The two guards were only of low rank and the last thing they wanted to do was doubt their own ruler. By asking him, their Caeser may become angry and send them out to do something of an even lower rank. Deciding that this girl was telling the truth, and too afraid to have her word confirmed, they allowed the girl to enter the room of Cleopatra.


Bulma dressed in what was left of her finery, preparing herself for the next step. Any time now, she would be back with Vegeta. Looking from Videl to Chichi, she nodded to signal that she was ready. Videl held out the green asp, it's tongue slipping in and out of it's mouth as it stared at Bulma with dark, piercing eyes. Bulma slowly reached out, her hand brushing the rough serface of it's green skin.

She grasped the snake just below it's head, holding steady so it wouldn't bite her right away. Bulma brought the snake to her breast, glancing and smiling at both Videl and Chichi, giving them what was her final goodbye. Chichi smiled back, crystal tears shining in her eyes.

And that was the moment Bulma let go of the serpant. As she loosened her grip, the snake bit the side of her right breast, sinking it's teeth deep into her skin. She gasped, feeling a small prick as the venom was released into her body. Once the snake let go, Chichi followed the Queen's example and allowed the snake to bite her on her neck. She squeezed her eyes, then handed the snake to Videl.

Once Videl had been bitten, the three women lay on the floor of the bedroom, smiling to eachother encouragingly as they became weary and tired. Soon, Bulma's eyes began to droop and she closed them for the last time, a smile still plastered on her face. She saw Vegeta in the distance, his arms open as always, motioning for her to go to him. She was in that oasis again, only a few feet from him. She ran to him, her eyes filling with tears. And then, she collapsed into his arms as she felt her heart give it's last beat.

She stood with him, crying and hugging him, holding onto him for what seemed like dear life. Vegeta whispered in her ear, telling her how much he loved her and ran his hand through her blue curls. They stayed like that for what felt like forever.

"Vegeta, promise me that you won't leave me again," she whispered, kissing him softly.

When they parted, Vegeta looked in her in the eyes, his dark orbs filled with all the love he felt within his heart.

"I promise not to leave you...from now until the end of eternity..."

And everything seemed to fade as she stayed within his grasp. 'We shall be together...forever...' she thought. Their separate lives could never keep them apart and neither could death.


-The End-

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