Chapter 3


The prince had been standing in the shadows watching his father and the young woman for some time. The sheer beauty of her amazed Vegeta. She was well built for a woman with curves in all the right places. She had aqua blue hair with even bluer eyes. Her lips curled into a devilish smile. Her eyes were such a deep hue of blue that as he stared into them he felt as if he was falling, no drowning in the seas that were her eyes. Truth be told in that one moment in time he felt, well inferior to this amazing blue goddess that was before him. Then he snapped out of her spell.

"She is nothing, nothing more than another whore who just wants me for my title" Vegeta convinced himself.

"Come Kakarrot lets go try to play nice." Vegeta snickered to the tall warrior.

"My dear lady" Emperor Vegeta called out "let me introduce my brat, I mean my son his lord Prince Vegeta."

Bulma bowed forward making sure the prince and the emperor got a great look at her chest and said "I thank you for gracing me with your presence" with out even looking up to see what the guy looked like.

The prince just mumbled "slut" then shut up when he got an angry glare from his father.

Bulma then rose up to the disappointment of the emperor whom was getting a good look at her breast to look at the prince. He looked a great deal like his father but a lot more handsome. While the emperor's face was strong and ridged the prince's was a lot softer. He probably would look even better if he did not have a look of total disgust written all over his face. He was dress in traditional Japanese garments and even with all those heavy clothes Bulma could tell that the man before her had a great body.

"Boy" the emperor called out "why don't you show this lovely young lady around and get to know her better."

"Why there is absolutely nothing I want to know about that woman." The prince angrily spat out while pointing to Bulma.

"You will do as your told boy!" Emperor Vegeta yelled out while glaring deadly at his son.

All that were in the room just looked on with disbelief as the emperor and the prince went back and forward. Chichi leaned over to Kakarrot and asked"Are they always like that?"

He simply stated "Yes."

She sighed and said, "by the way my name is Chichi and this is my lady Mariko."

The tall warrior smiled at her, which was a rare sight to see among the imperial warriors that, was unless they were drunk.

"I am Kakarrot his Lord Prince Vegeta's personal guard and sparing partner. Nice to meet you Chichi."

Chichi just giggled and mumbled out "very nice" then made her way back to Bulma.

Prince Vegeta yelled out "FINE, what ever you say FATHER!" then the prince turned his nose up to the woman whom was smiling sweetly at him.

"Come on woman!" Vegeta harshly spat out.

Before Bulma could even think about it she blurted out "I have a name you know!"

Prince Vegeta turned around sharply in surprise that she would dare to speak to him this way.

"I mean err my lord I have a name." Bulma fumbled out with Chichi gawking at her with both surprise and fear written across her face.

"I know you have a name woman, I just chose not to call you that and if you have a problem with that do leave now!" he said coldly then turned around leaving Bulma dumbfound with her mouth gaping wide open.

"Are you coming woman are what!" the prince yelled with a smirk on his face.

Bulma just grunted out "Yes my lord."

Vegeta turned around and asked harshly "What was that woman I did not hear you."

Bulma put on he sweet and most innocent smile and said "I said yes me great and regal lord I await to serve you and you alone." Then she batted her eyes at him.

Vegeta just "humph" and continued until he got to her quarters.

"Here is where you will be staying, I will send the servants to get the rest of your things. I will send the servants when it is time to eat other than that you are free to go wherever you like just as long as you stay the hell away from me."

"But," Bulma interrupted receiving a deadly glare from the prince. Then she thought otherwise "as you wish my prince."

"Good I will see you at dinner." was all he said as he left.

Bulma and Chichi wait until they were sure that the prince was out of ear's reach before they spoke freely.

"Wow he is full of personality! I feel so bad for the poor girl whom ends up with that jackass. He is good to look at but when he opens his mouth!' Bulma said then burst out laughing.

"I know, Bulma this might just be harder than you thought. There is just no way any one could charm that guy. I thought you were going to lose it when he called you woman!" Chichi laughed.

"Come on Chichi you know me better than that. We're only going to be here a month, two at the most. It will give me enough time to find the dragon, learn the layout of the palace, seduce his royal asshole, and get out of town before he knows what the hell hit him." Bulma stated with huge grin on her face.

"I hope your right Bulma I don't want to be here longer than I have too."


The next couple of weeks went pretty much the same. Bulma only saw the prince at lunch and dinnertime since he never ate breakfast with her. Vegeta would constantly say that she was too ugly for him to start his day with. So lunch and dinner it was but Bulma really did not mind, because all he ever did was pick at her and after a week of just taking it Bulma had decided one day that she just would not take it any more. The prince was more than surprise when she started to defend her self and talk back to him showing him some of her real personality. She was often surprise herself when he did not kill her right on the spot, but instead he just continued to argue with her, and at times she truly believe he would start a verbal battle just so they could argue. She had her freedom to go wherever she liked in the palace so she got to know the layout very well. The only piece of the puzzle that was still missing was the dragon. She had looked and looked but never once spotted it. She had asked the servants in the palace and they just told her to ask the prince. She hated the idea but she knew he was the only one who knew. She even went as far as asking the emperor himself and he stated that she would have to ask his son, but that he was sure that he would give it to her when the time was right. She hated it but she would have to get the prince himself to show her where it was.

She decided to ask him at lunch which was right after he would train, so he would be less likely to want to fight with her. Bulma had convinced Chichi to make sure that Kakarrot was not there. Chichi and Kakarrot had become very close and Bulma often joked to her friend that she was the one that supposed to be doing the seducing. Chichi would just laugh and say that he was nothing more than eye candy something cute to look at while we are here. Bulma had also made sure the imperial cooks prepared Vegeta's favorite meal. She knew it was his favorite because it was the only one he never bitched or moaned about. Everything was set, all she had to do was get the prince to show her where the dragon was.


Vegeta knew something was up the minute he entered the room. The first thing that stood out as being odd was what the woman was wearing. She had on a dark green kimono that was very firm fitting around her chest. It had two rather large slits along the sides that showed off her extremely long legs. She was dressed way too alluring for merely lunch. The second clue was the fact that Kakarrot and that loudmouth wench of hers was no where to be found.

"What the hell is going on woman?" he asked demandingly.

"Why Vegeta what ever do you mean?" she replied sweetly. She had stop addressing him as my lord or my prince awhile back. He was angry at first but she explained that she would only address him properly if he would call her by her name {or at least the name she was pretending to be}, and not woman. He continued to call her woman she continued to just call him Vegeta.

"You know what I mean woman! Where is Kakarrot and that harpy of yours?"

"I don't know, I think there off somewhere, I think they wanted to be alone." Bulma stated while trying to look seductive.

"Humph, well I think I will go back and do some more training." Vegeta stated and started to leave.

"Wait Vegeta are you not hungry, the cook has made all this food and I would hate for it to go to waste. I surely can not eat it all."

"You could have fooled me woman as fat as you are, but I am a little bit hungry I guess I can have a bite."

Bulma was truly hurt by the "fat" comment but deiced it was best to let it go. Even though Bulma had not seen him very often she had learned a great deal about the prince. One, like any male he always had to be right. Two, his pride and honor were the most important things in his life. And most important of all three, if you stroke his ego enough he will tell you any and everything you could ever want to know.

"So Vegeta, how is your training going?" she asked.

"Why" he spat out in between bites.

"Why what?" she asked a bit confused.

"Why the hell do you want to know how my training is going? You have never wanted to know before."

"I'm just curious that's all. It's not everyday that a woman gets to be in the presence's of the greatest warrior in all Japan." She stated trying to sound hurt by his comment.

Vegeta just went "Humph."

"Maybe I can watch you train, I have never been in that part of the imperial palace before. Maybe you can show me a couple of basic moves."

"Doubtful woman, you are far to weak and fragile to learn anything I have to teach."

Bulma flashed with anger then calmed herself down remembering her goal of what she was trying to do.

"You're probably right, I am nothing more than a mere noble woman, but I would still love to see the training ground. I am told that that is where the Shin dragon is kept."

"Oh, you know of the dragon." He asked genuinely amused.

"Well I was told of its beauty. I would love to see it."

"Figures, women and jewels. I might as well let you get a look at seeing that there is not a chance in hell of me actually giving it to you."

Bulma actually felt hurt by his comment although she really did not know why it bothered her so, but it did and it showed.

Vegeta was really taken back by her look of hurt. He had said many hateful things to her over these last two weeks and she never looked the way she did at this moment. He thought maybe she was just to stupid to get the others hateful thing he had said, he was not to sure if she had a brain in her head at times. But for some reason he had this sickening urge to want to comfort her and make sure she was o.k.

"Stupid woman you know as well as I do I can't make my choice to keep you or not until the end of your time here so stop your whining and let's go see the stupid dragon!"

Bulma just smiled and nodded.


She was right the dragon was in the one part of the palace she was not allowed to go. The prince?s personal training area. Two elite royal guards guarded the entrance. Once you got passed them there was a huge covered courtyard with only a very little skylight 20 feet high on top. The walls were covered with an array of different weaponry from all over the world many Bulma had never seen before, but she kept a mental note of everything. Then she spotted what she had been looking for at the far end of the grounds. There was a small gold temple with a statue of Kia Oh Shin himself and in his hands was a very beautiful dragon. Just as the drunk in the bar had said it had 15 rubies and 15 diamonds and two very beautiful emeralds for its eyes. Bulma reached out her hand to touch it, but Vegeta quickly swatted it away.

"Stupid girl" was all he said then he moved her a five steps back and grabbed a kindo stick and tried to touch the dragon with it. Abruptly a cage came slamming down slicing the kindo stick in half and very loud bells started to go off. Then to top it all off 25 elite soldiers came running into the training grounds with their swords drawn.

"Oh my" was all that Bulma could think to say. Once she got her breath back and Vegeta had told all the soldiers to go away. She asked, " How in the world did all that happen?"

Vegeta just smirked then said, "look closely there" pointing to the dragon "there are very thin silk strains that surround it. No one can touch it without setting off the trap and even if they did set off the trap and got out of the cage they would still have 25 elite's and one very pissed off prince to deal with. So no one has ever dared to steal the Shin dragon!"

"Is that so." was all that Bulma could say.

* * * * *

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