Chapter 2


"Boy where the hell are you?"

"GET YOUR ASS HERE NOW!" emperor Vegeta screamed.

"What do you want old man!" an angry young man yelled back.

"Old man!" the emperor screamed "You will show me respect boy and you will also show respect to the young girl whom I have requested to travel across the empire to see your sorry ass! Unless you wish to never see the crown brat. It is not to late for me to produce another heir!"

The young prince just "humph" and turned away from his father. Prince Vegeta was furious with his father for making him go through with these ridiculous acts to find a suitable mate. The fact that his father had picked the girl alone was enough reason for Vegeta not to choose her as his mate! Not that he wanted, or needed a mate in the first place.

"Look Vegeta" the emperor said sternly. "Your future queen is important to your future empire. She will have to be someone you trust since she alone will be the only one you can turn to in times of insecurity and weakness."

"I will never be weak." the young prince blurted out.

"Trust me brat the weight of a kingdom is much harder to bare than you believe, and you and your queen will have to be able to handle it." The emperor stated as he left his son alone to ponder his words.

"Humph, I donít need anyone let alone some sniveling little girl that my father has picked that will try to rule over me!" Vegeta screamed at his father as he left.

"Kakarot!" the prince screamed "Kakarot where the hell are you, you fool!"

"You called my prince." The tall warrior answered.

Kakarot was Vegeta sparing partner and his only true friend even if Vegeta did not act like it at times. He was given to the young prince as a boy to be the princeís personal servant by his father. Kakarrot's father could not pay his debts so he gave him up when he was 5 to keep his life. Therefore he has spent most of his life with the prince whom is only 2 years his senior living in the palace.

"Can you believe my fucking father Kakarot! He is forcing me to spend time with the sniveling brat of one of his allies. She only wants to be around me so she can get her hand on my thrown! I canít believe my father at times he..."

"Prince Vegeta" Kakarot called out.

"He is just jealous because I will be a better emperor than him, that I am more powerful than he could ever..."

"Prince Vegeta " Kakarot called out a little bit louder.

"To think me, the greatest samurai in all Japan is being forced to spend time..."

"VEGETA" Kakarot screamed.

"WHAT" Vegeta screamed back?

"I donít see why youíre so upset." Kakarot simply said.


"Your father only wants whatís best for you. That and you get to be around one of the most beautiful girls in the entire empire and she will be all over you! How can that be bad?" Kakarot asked his aggrieved friend.

"You have not had to spend time with these idiots my father chooses. All they do is whine, they donít have a real thoughts or opinions, they only say what they think I want to hear, and to top it all of they throw them selves at me and they donít even know me. Theyíre all a bunch of moronic sluts."

"If you say so Vegeta."

"Enough of this Kakarot, lets go spar so that I can pound out my aggravation on you!"


"I still donít believe you! I just canít believe that you have gone that insane!" Chichi spat out.

"Ah come on Chi, just think about it, can you think of a better rush." Bulma chuckled out.

"Lets just say that we actually pull this off, what then the entire empire will be after us!"

"Ha, doubtful I donít think prince or emperor Vegeta would want to risk their honor by admitting to being beaten by a third class peasant woman, now do you? Besides we can leave the empire. You have always said you wanted to see the western world. Just think of Chichi we will be set for life no more jobs just fun!" the blue hair woman gleefully stated.

"Humph, yeah right, thatís only if we pull this off which we will NOT!"

"Have faith Chichi, trust me nothing will go wrong nothing!"

"Yeah and Iím sure those will be your famous last words!"


"Xuyen can you believe the nerve of that brat of mine?" emperor Vegeta yelled to his head adviser.

"No my lord the boy is somewhat of wild one." Xuyen said.

"Ha, that is the understatement of the year. The brat is so head strong what would his mother think if she were alive today."

"The young prince is simply not ready to be emperor. He is nothing but a boy my lord a mere child, true his power and skill rivals no other but he may not in my humble opinion be fit to run the empire."

"Nonsense Xuyen, Vegeta will make a fine emperor when his time comes, he just needs a little guidance." Emperor Vegeta interjected

"Iím sure your right my lord, Iím sure your right."


"Wait if youíre the noble woman then who the hell am I?" Chichi curiously asked.

"My loyal servant." Bulma meekly said.

"What was that? You have to learn to speak up Bulma." Chichi said.

"I said my loyal servant." Bulma said a little bit louder fearing her friend's violent temper, which she was already too aware of.

"What your servant!" Chichi screamed.

"Yeah my servant how else are you going to get into the palace."

Chichi just mumbled under her a breath.

"Well if you're going to pull this off, your going to have to act the part of a noble woman Bulma, and I'm not too sure that even you can fool the prince and pull this off." Chichi said.

"I can be as noble as they come, and with a rack like mine I doubt he will even notice." Bulma stated while sticking out her already large chest.

"Ah Bulma this is the prince we are talking about not some drunken soldier. You will have to look, dress, and talk like royalty."

"Don't worry Chi I will be the ultimate lady. I will dwell on his every word, smother him with compliments and be any and everything his heart desires then steal it away." Bulma stated with a smug grin.

"Bulma I donít know about this there is so much to lose if we get caught." Chichi protested.

"Donít worry Chi he will love me, donít start to back out on me now we are almost to the gate all you have to do is get by the guard and leave the rest to me."

"Stop who dare to enter the imperial palace?" the guard called out.

Chichi got off her horse and bowed low enough to show the guard all that she had to offer.

"It is merely my lady and I oh strong warrior. She has been sent for by emperor Vegeta himself so that she might win the honor of the great and noble prince Vegeta and be his bride." Chichi cried out.

"Your laying it on a little thick donít you think Chichi." Bulma whispered to her raven-haired friend.

"Shut up girl or do you wants us to get caught! Just sit the and act like your noble and stuff!" Chichi grumbled back.

"My dear sir if you do not wish to anger both the emperor and the prince further I would suggest that you let us be and announce the arrival of Lady Mariko and her aid." Chichi said while still bowing to the ground.

"Oh I did not know it was you my lady, the emperor has been expecting you for sometime now. Please come with me I will show you to the royal courts where you may freshen up before you meet his lord Emperor Vegeta and his royal Prince Vegeta."


"You will have to do better than that Kakarot." Prince Vegeta yelled out at the other warrior as he hit him with a right to his ribs.

"Oh yeah Vegeta then takes this!" Kakarot said as he let out an array of punches and kicks at prince finally hitting him in the chest cracking at least 2 ribs.

"Ahhh" the prince cried out and hit the other warrior with a left to the jaw sending him flying into the wall. Both men were now bruised and battered and breathing extremely hard.

"Do you give up, you insignificant third class loser?" Vegeta harshly breathed out while holding his ribs.

"Never, do you?" Kakarot barely choked out feeling that some of his teeth were loose.

They would have continued on like this until one of them dropped, but Xuyen emperor Vegeta top aid interrupted.

"My lord has requested your presence my prince to great the young lady he has chosen as your suitor."

"You can tell my father I have no wish to meet the little whore he has picked out!" Vegeta yelled.

"As you wish my dear price but your father will be severely angry and will not take this act lightly." Xuyen yelled back.

"Vegeta why donít you at least meet with the girl, you never know you might just like her." Kakarot sincerely said.

"Doubtful, but what the hell if I donít get it over with my father will never let it go. I may as well go and dismiss another one. Xuyen tell my father I will grace this girl with my presence as soon as I shower."

'As you wish my prince" Xuyen said as he left.

"Come Kakarot lets go get a good look at the dog." The young prince said as he laughed with his friend.


"So Chi how do I look?" Bulma asked

She was dressed up in elegant red silk kimono with gold trim. She had on gold matching earrings and bright red lipstick that made her lip stand out against her pale white skin. Her hair was in her usually short style framing her face perfectly.

"You look like whore, a high class whore but whore nonetheless." Chichi blurted out.

Bulma just smiled and said, "Perfect!"

Emperor Vegeta was the first to enter the room. He stood at the end of it taking in the sheer beauty of the young lady that was before him.

"I made a great choice for the boy, he better be grateful, because if I were a couple of years youngerÖ"

The emperor thoughts were interrupted as Xuyen entered the room.

"My lord Emperor Vegeta your son will arrive shortly he had other matters to address first." Xuyen said to the bewildered emperor.

"Oh that boy, well it just gives me the time to get to know this extremely beautiful young lady. Tell me child was your journey her a safe one. Did Thinh keep you safe? Where is he now?" the emperor asked.

"Thinh?" Bulma asked confused of what the emperor was talking about, that was until Chichi nudged her in the side. "Oh Thinh the messenger, well he um, he got really sick in Ginger town! He did not wish for me to get ill so he sent me and my aid along with out him." Bulma said trying to sound as sincere and dainty as possibly.

"Oh I see. Well your father was not boasting when he spoke of your beauty." Emperor Vegeta commented while taking Bulma by the hand and leading her out to the royal gardens.

"Well father does boast at times, what else did he tell you of me oh wise and great lord?" Bulma asked while batting her eyes and giving him a warm and loving smile.

"Oh just that you do very will in matters of Philosophy and the Vegeta Dynasty's history."

"Oh is that so." Bulma said while trying to not turn pale. Truth be told in matters of math and physics she had no comparison, but when it came to philosophy or history she was at a loss. It was just not a skill she needed to know on the streets. Chichi could see her friend cringe and gave her a knowing nod to try to tell her not to worry about it now.

"Enough about me my lord I am nothing more than a mere noble woman, what of your son. I am told that he is the best samurai in all of Japan and that there is no one better."

"You got that right." A voice called out.

* * * * *

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