Chapter 4


A thief scaled along the walls and corridors of the imperial palace dress in all black. You could barely make out this thief shape or gender hell you could not even see the color of this thief's eyes. This particular thief made sure to stay in the shadows and out of the eye of the many of the imperial guards whom walked near by. Skillfully this thief made her way up to the rooftops, making sure there was not a single sound made. From rooftop to rooftop she went until she finally found her target

The prince's training grounds.

On the top of the training compound roof this thief found an opening barely three feet wide, but it was wide enough. Carefully she removed the glass and secured a robe to the rooftop the thief cautiously went down 20 feet into a pitch-black room with only the stars above for her light. With the help of a conveniently placed torch she saw her target, but being the expert she was she did not go for the target but for the entryway doors instead. Quickly securing the doors with kindo sticks and other weaponry around so that it could not be open by outside forces the thief moved back to its objective. Taking out a compact this very intelligent thief blew a white powder all over the over the Kia Oh Shin statue revealing thin white lines everywhere. The easy part was over with now came the tedious task of getting the dragon free without touching one of the silk strains.


Prince Vegeta could not sleep constant thoughts of a blue hair goddess kept invading his dreams. Over the short period of a month he had realized that she was different than the ones that came before her. Sure they were all beautiful but her beauty was different, there was something about her that was so different so true. Prince Vegeta deiced dwelling on it would do nothing more than frustrate him more so he opted for some midnight training. He made his way down the palace halls with servants and soldiers bowing to him the whole way there. He made his way to the door of the training room and the two elite guards quickly bowed then went to open the doors but they did not budge.


The dragon was almost completely free when she heard the doors try to open then the screaming of the prince.

"Shit" the thief spoke out "what the hell is he doing up." She had watched the prince for sometime now and knew his schedule well and this was most certainly not in his schedule. And then that's when it happened the break in her concentration and the dragon hit the silk and then the bells went off!


Outside the doors a very angry prince paced back and forward yelling at his guards to get the damn door open. It had took him by total surprise when he had heard the shrieking ring of the bells telling him that someone was trying to steal what was his. Something that, that person will soon regret.

"Don't worry my prince" the short bald guard Krillin called out. "The doors are blocked and there is only one way in or out the training grounds so they can't go anywhere!"


Once the thief realized the bells had sounded she grabbed the dragon and barely leapt out of the way of the cage. Which had grazed her shoulder giving her a rather large gash as it came crashing down.

"Aww" she screamed out in pain. "Shit why the fuck can't things ever go as planed."

With the now bleeding wound on her shoulder the 20 feet climb back up the robe to the roof was not going to be as easy as once thought.


Outside the prince and his men still struggled to open the door open. Using a tree trunk they rammed the door in until it finally broke free. The door swung open to revealing an empty cage with no thief and no dragon!

"How" the prince screamed. Then he heard a light sound from above and then saw a pair of legs slowly go up.

"There you fools! There he goes, go after him!" Vegeta screamed and rushed outside to see the thief on the rooftops getting away.


She knew she had been spotted and only hoped she could lose them in the darkness on her way to the gate to meet up with Chichi. Bobbing and weaving from rooftop to rooftop and corridor to corridor she had lost all of the warriors or so she had thought.

The imperial gates were right in view but there was no Chichi, she briefly worried about her friend but that thought was banished when she saw who was waiting at the gate instead.


He knew this is the only place the thief could be heading and match him move for move finally coming upon his prey.

"You have some nerve to come here and try to steal from me. What do you have to say for yourself!" Vegeta growled.

The thief was silent.

"Oh, nothing to say. Hell what kind of man are you that you will not even speak up for your honor. Oh I forgot you are the type that steals from others so you have no honor. No matter my friend because soon you will be a dead man." The prince cried out as he drew his sword. It was a beautiful blade one of the finest katana in all Japan. One of a two piece set and Vegeta was amazed to see the other one being pulled out right in front of him.

"Where did you get that!" he screamed out.

The thief did not say a word.

The prince stated "Well lets see if you know how to use such a blade" and went on the offence.

The battle was ferocious the blades clanging in superb battle of skill and not force. True the prince was physically stronger than the thief was but their fighting skills and ability were almost equally match much to his surprise.


Chichi had been following the plan perfectly that was until she ran into a little snag. Well not really little but big and cute. She was to gather their belongings when she had heard the bells go off.

"Shit" she thought, "something must be going wrong."

She was running out to see if her friend would need any help getting away, and to make sure the horses were ready for their flee when she ran into something big and hard. Just as she began to fall to the ground someone caught her. Chichi was about to yell at who ever had ran into her when she noticed it was Kakarrot.

"Chichi" he called out "are you ok? Is everything ok with Lady Mariko?"

She calmed down then told him that everything was fine. "Good because there is a thief loose on the ground and I don't know what the prince or I will do if anything would happen to you two." Kakarrot said while blushing severally.

"Aww Kakarrot that's so sweet, but you don't have to worry."

"No, I am going to stay here and guard you two to make sure you stay safe I'm sure my prince would want me too!"

Chichi quickly paled. "No Kakarrot you don't have to do that we will be fine." She said to the tall warrior praying that he would agree.

"No don't worry Chichi I'm not going any where," he said then gave her a huge smile.

Chichi just thought "Oh Kami why me?"


Truth be told Bulma was very surprise that she had lasted this long in the fight against the prince, but she knew he was just toying with her not using the full blunt of his strength. Then what was bound to happen did happen he caught her off guard and managed to slam her into a wall ripping the dragon free and tearing the front of her shirt. Then he stopped and did nothing. She was totally confused by his actions but was not about to let her guard down when she noticed what he was looking at. When he had hit her and tore her shirt the tops of her breast was revealed.

That's when he managed to spit out "You're a... You're a... you're a WOMAN!"

Noticing his confusing she felt it was the perfect time to escape. She managed to swoop her feet up and kick sand into his eyes not the most honorable thing to do in fight but she needed to get away. While he was trying to get his sight back she weave back through the palace coming upon her and Chichi's room and much to her dismay she saw Kakarrot posted out side.

"Fucking great" was all she could think. "How can this night get any worse?"

That's when she saw the emperor and his aid Xuyen round the corner.

"I just had to ask" she thought but luck was on her side after a couple of minutes Kakarrot left with the emperor, and once Bulma was sure everyone was clear she made her way back into her room to find a pacing and very worried Chichi.

"What the hell happen to you!" Chichi asked as she saw numerous cuts and bruises on the blue haired woman in front of her.

"I could say the same to you!" Bulma replied back.

Chichi just said "I had a little run in with Kakarrot and could not leave."

"Well" Bulma started "I also had a little run in with Vegeta but it did not end so well.?"

"What happen?" Chichi asked really worried about her friend and her well being.

"Well lets see I had the dragon, I lost the dragon, I got my butt beat and he found out I was a woman."

"What! We have to leave right now!"

"No Chi I don't think he knows who I am he just knows that the thief is a woman."


When the dust had finally cleared Vegeta could not believe she was gone. Hell he couldn't believe a warrior with all that skill could possibly be a woman. She had gone toe to toe with him and he barely won. At least he still had the dragon but that did little to calm his nerves or his prideand he had to admit even if it was only to himself he was a little bit turned on.

"Kakarrot well never believe this."

* * * * *

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