Chapter 4

"Well, well ,well. Looks like my time has come to seek vengeance. And all the pawns seem to be falling into place. Time to get moving."

Amalthia suddenly found herself looking down the street that led straight to the tavern. She sighed and began to walk to the tavern. It took her mere moments to reach the door. She could her Bulma singing. She waited until her friend was finished before she entered. She took a deep breath and pushed open the doors. She spotted Bulma at the bar talking to Vegeta and Kakarott. She smiled and walked over to them.

"I told you I would be back." She said when she stopped behind Bulma.

"Iím sorry do I know you?" Bulma was highly confused.

"Yes. Of course. Its me, Amalthia."

Bulma gasped. "Amalthia, is that really you?"

"Yah. I just had a little help. Iíll explain later. But right now it is crucial that we act like nothing is wrong. And could you please ask Jack if I could have a job? Just for tonight?"

"Sure. I need the help anyway." Jack had been listening in. He handed her a tray. "Can you collect glasses?"

"Sure." She smiled her thanks and went to do as she was asked.

The night was going smoothly. Bulma would go up and sing every now and again. Amalthia would help Chi-Chi. And when the girls werenít doing anything they would talk to Vegeta and Kakarott.

Amalthia stopped suddenly, dropping the tray she was holding. She collapsed to the ground, her hands covering her ears. Her body collapsed to the side as the ringing in her head increased. Bringing with it extreme pain. She could barely hear Bulma shout her name as she ran to her fallen friends side.

"Amalthia, whatís wrong?" she was so scared.

Ignoring the pain she tried to tell her what was going on. "HeÖheís coming. Pure evil. Must die." The pain became to much and she screamed. Her scream pierced the calm night air.

He smirked when he heard her agony. "Thatís what you get you bitch." He smirked again, and was infront of the tavern doors instantly.

Inside Bulma heard Amalthia growl.

The tavern doors were ripped off there hinges. Bulma stood, her hand automatically rested beside the knifes at her side.

He walked into the room, calmly and smugly. Bulma could see that he was a demon. And he was everything she had imagined. He had the body of a man, with the wings of a bat, and face of a tiger. Black striped could be seen all over his orange skinned body. His wings were midnight black, and his long green hair flowed freely down his back. She watched as his think tail whipped excitedly behind him.

"So you are Bulma Breifs. Finally we meet. Tell me, where is your love? Doesnít matter I can see him from here. Hello Vegeta." He waved stupidly at him.

"Bulma, you must kill him. Protect the man you love. Keep him as far away from Vegeta as possible."

"Shut up Bitch." He spat at her. Amalthia screamed as the pain increased once again.

Bulma growled at the creature infront of her. "Do I get the privilege to now the name of the thing I am about to kill?"

"I suppose no harm could come from it. My name is, Halmon." He bowed politely.

She sneered and grabbed her knifes. She flung them at him, one after the other. Only two connected. One went through his right wing, the other embedded itself in his right leg. He growled and pulled them out, without wincing. When he looked up Bulma was standing infront of him with an ice Kitana in her hand.

She smirked. "Iím just getting started."

He stood up straight, and mimicked Bulmaís pose. She watched as a flame sword formed in his hand. "Anything you can do, I can do to."

"Chi-Chi," Bulma shouted to her friend over her shoulder. "Take Amalthia and move her to the back of the room."

"What about you?"

"Iíll be fine. Donít worry about me." Bulma watched out of the corner of her eye as Chi-Chi took Amalthia to the back of the room. Returning her stare back to Halmon, she crouched down and waited.

Taking the hint he lunged at her. A clash of swords could be heard, and the sound of ice turning to steam every time the swords connected. Bulmaís sword was slowly melting into nothing. And she had been using a lot of her strength just trying to keep it intact. Giving up on the sword she jumped back from Halmon and glared at him. All traces of her sword were gone.

She smirked cruelly when an idea came to her head. She held her hands out infront of her, palms facing Halmon. Small blue gems could be seen dancing infront of her hands. A large cluster appearing like a cloud of bright blue. "DIAMOND DUST." The cloud shot towards Halmon. Each individual gem grew larger, until they took the form of splintered ice. They struck Halmon squarely in the chest. Bulma heard him grunt.

He fell to the flood with a loud thud. The crowd behind her erupted in shouts of praise and victory, but Bulma knew it was far from over. Her attention was taken away from Halmon for a brief moment when she felt a hand on her shoulder. It was Chi-Chi, congratulating her. "Well done Bulma you were great."She smiled at her friend and turned back to Halmon.

He wasnít there. She heard him laugh. "You may have one the battle but I have won the war." She turned and watched, mortified as he ran towards Vegeta.

"No this cant happen again. I wont allow it." Using the last of her strength Amalthia jumped infront of Vegeta. Her body was flung backwards as Halmon crashed into her.

"NO!" Bulma and Halmon shouted at the same time. Halmon in anger and Bulma in shock and sorrow. Annoyed to say the least, Halmon fired and attack at Bulma. Chi-Chi stepped infront of Bulma and took the full brunt of the fire ball. She screamed in agony and collapsed into Bulmaís arms. Bulma was to shocked to register what was happening. But when she felt Chi-Chi land on her she snapped out of it. "No." she whispered.

"Chi-Chi. Youíll be alright donít worry, just rest." She lowered her friend to the ground. "Kakarott, please protect her." He nodded and walked over to Chi-Chi. Knelt down beside her and growled at Halmon.

ĎFirst Amalthia and now Chi-Chi. And he was going to harm Vegeta. Heíll pay. By the gods heíll pay.í Bulma was growling at him loudly. Her fist were clenched so tight that she drew blood. Summoning up her remaining and hidden strength she prepared one last attack. He most powerful and deadly.

She closed her eyes and concentrated. Infront of her body something was beginning to form. It kept growing and so did the light. After a few minutes it began to take shape. It was a small blue dragon curled into a ball. But the more she concentrated and the more power she fed it the larger it got. By the time she was finished the dragon coiled into a spiral and was as tall as her. She opened her eyes and it moved. "Go." With a single word the dragon moved towards Halmon. It circled his body and wrapped around him tightly. A steady stream of ice poured out of its mouth and enveloped Halmon. In mere moments Halmon was nothing more then a block of ice.

The dragon was still wrapped around his body. Tiny cracks began to appear in the ice. With a scream of pure rage Halmon destroyed his ice prison. The dragon was destroyed upon his release. Bulmaís eyes rolled back in her head and she collapsed to the ground.

Kakarott went to stand up but when he saw Vegeta he stopped. Behind the demon the prince was quaking with anger. Without thinking her rushed silently at Halmon. Striking him in the back. Halmon fell forward, he wasnít given time to recover as Vegetaís foot connected with his stomach. Halmon lay on the floor clutching his stomach. The previous fight with Bulma had taken everything out of him. Vegeta stood infront of Halmon. Taking out his sword, he swung it swiftly and took off the demonís head.

The blood on his clothing turned to steam and vanished. The body and head followed suit.

"Aright people. I think itís time to go home. Good night." Jack ushered the customers out the door. He looked back at Bulma and the others. It was then he noticed Amalthiaís body had disappeared. "Iíll call the doctor, take them up to there rooms."Vegeta picked up Bulma and headed to her room, Kakarott was right behind him with Chi-Chi. Jack sighed and picked up the door, fitting it back into place. He was about to go for the doctor when he came running down the street.

"Someone told me what happened. Where are they?" the doctor asked as he came up to Jack. Jack showed him inside and to the girls rooms. Stopping at Chi-Chiís first.

"Donít die on me woman." Vegeta sat beside Bulmaís bed waiting for the doctor to show.

"How is she doing?" the doctor asked as he entered the room.

"How the hell should I know? You tell me." The doctor ignored his comment and moved to the side of the bed. "She has some minor wounds. Apart from that she is fine. She just needs her rest." He cleaned and dressed her wounds and then left.

Vegeta got up to leave when he felt something touch his hand. He looked down at Bulma. She was smiling faintly at him. She had a slight blush on her face. "Please Vegeta, stay with me. I donít want to be alone." She smiled again.

He smiled and climbed in beside her. She snuggled up to his side and he held her through the whole night.

* * * * *

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