Chapter 3

Amalthia ran through the forests. Around her animals and birds stopped what they were doing to watch the white Unicorn run passed them, almost in panic. The sun began to set and Amalthia increased her speed.

The sun was completely down by the time she entered a large clearing. At the opposite end was a large pyramid like structure. At the base was an entrance. Lining the corridor and entrance were fire torches. Amalthia walked down the corridor, she could see a dim light at the end. As she neared it the light got brighter.

She gasped at the sheer beauty she saw when she entered the large room. There were four statues infront of her. The room was lit by flame torches, and there was a large hole in the middle of the room. Around the statue of Ifrit was a small river of molten lava that flowed into the hole. Around Leviathan was a small river of water, that also flowed into the hole, Fenrir had beautiful vines hat wound around his chair. Hanging from the vines were beautiful, exotic flowers. There was a small fog that lay at the bottom of Bladeís chair.

Amalthia stood just infront of the hole and looked at the statues infront of her.

"LEVIATHAN, IFRIT, BLADE, FENRIR. Get your asses down here we need to talk. NOW" she shouted at the top of her voice

"WHO DARES TÖoh look itís Amalthia." The statue of Ifrit took form and looked down at the small unicorn. His brothers joined moments later

"What do you want Amalthia?" Leviathan asked.

"Thatís no way to greet your cursed little sister," She paused for a second, "The time has come and I need to be in human for, to for fill my task."

"Are you sure? Your not trying to trick us are you?" Blade asked suspiciously.

"No Iím not" she snapped back. "Listen. I know who he is going to target, and I need to stop him. Now change me into a human." She was getting aggravated.

"Fine." Ifrit sighed.

The four brothers stood up. There own individual elements began to circle there bodies. Ifrit held out his hand, palm facing up, then each in order the other three fired a small ball of there own individual element at Ifrit. Te balls landed in his hand. He then created a small ball of fire. The four balls fused together. He threw the ball at Amalthia. Pure white light surrounded her body. When it finally subsided there was a beautiful woman standing in her place. Her hair was long and white. The kimono she wore matched her purple eyes and white hair.

"Thanks. I wonít fail this time. Em, could you teleport me to the outskirts of town?" She laughed nervously. They sighed, but did as she asked.

* * * * *

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