Chapter 5

It had been a week since the fight. Bulma and Chi-Chi were up and about again, but unfortunately the tavern still needed some work done.

"Hey Jack." Bulma and Chi-Chi were walking down the stairs when they saw Jack at the bar.

"Morning girls. How are you feeling? Oh, I have a message for you." he handed Bulma the letter addressed to both of them.

"Thanks." She read it out loud. "Meet us at where we first met. Signed Vegeta and Kakarott." Bulma thought for a second. "I got it. Jack can we borrow two of the horses?"


"Thanks. Weíll see you later. Come on Chi-Chi." Jack sighed as she watched the girls ride into the forest. He smiled and went back to his work.

Bulma and Chi-Chi rode through the trees towards the small lake that Bulma had met Vegeta and Kakarott at. The horses were drawn to a halt when the girls entered the clearing. Bulma saw Vegeta on the opposite side of the lake, sitting beneath a tree. The horse trotted up to him. Bulma stopped the horse and jumped down.

"Hey whatís up?" Bulma smiled warmly at him.

Vegeta drew in a breath and stood up. When he was infront of Bulma he did something very unexpected. Bending down on one knee he produced a small gold ring with a sapphire imbedded in a lotus flower like hold.

Chi-Chi stopped and saw Kakarott sitting with his back to her at the side of the lake. She jumped off the horse and walked to him. "Kakarott?" He turned when he heard her say his name. Smiling at her he stood up. He walked over to her and took her hand. Getting down on one knee, he produced a gold band with a small ruby embedded in a silver clasp.

"Bulma/Chi-Chi will you marry me?" the two asked at the same time.

Tears flowed down Bulma and Chi-Chiís cheeks. "Of course I will Vegeta/Kakarott." They hugged there fiancťes, the rings were place on their finger. Vegeta was about to lift Bulma onto the horses back when he herd a voice.

"Please. Wait."

He turned, there floating above the lake was Amalthia. The four people gasped.

"Amalthia?" Bulma asked her friend as tears flowed down her face.

"Hello Bulma. I have come to say goodbye and to explain what had happened. You may want to sit down." Vegeta sat on the ground, gently he pulled on Bulmaís hand and she sat on his knee. Kakarott and Chi-Chi did the same.

"I wasnít always a Unicorn. When I was younger my brothers cursed me. For two reasons. The first Iím not quite sure, but the second was because I had failed. My brothers are the four gods. Originally there had been six. But because of me that number was reduced to five and then to four. When I was young I released the spirit of a demon. It fought me, because I lost it took control of my loves body, creating the entity you saw a week ago. I was to be cursed until the day I could stop history from repeating itself. For years Halmon had been looking for a newer body to inhabit. He finally chose Vegeta for many reasons. He is the prince of a kingdom, he is physically and mentally strong, and gifted with the powers of all four elements. In Halmonís eyes Vegeta was perfect. And so he came after him. I wasnít allowed to fight him again and so that was why you had to do it. Your anger and love provided you with the strength to deliver that final attack. But destiny had chosen Vegeta to release my love. Now we are both free." A tall well built man appeared beside Amalthia. He had long green hair and was dressed in armour.

"I thank you all." He smiled at them.

"Now I must say goodbye." Amalthia, too was now crying.

"Good luck. Just out of curiosity, what was the other reason? And are you two gods now?" Amalthia smiled at Bulma. She was a skilled warrior, but was so innocent in many ways.

Amalthia laughed. "Iím not to sure what the other reason was. And yes we are now gods. Well Iím a goddess." She could see Bulma was going to ask another question. "Iím the goddess of love, and he is the god of protection."

They said there goodbyes and then Amalthia and her love disappeared.

Bulma wiped a tear away from her arm. She stood up and waited for Vegeta to stand up. She turned to him, and hit him. "You never told me you were the prince." Bulma said with mock anger.

"Well I dint think you needed to know. Besides youíre a real princess now, and soon a queen, so why are you complaining?" he scowled. Totally missing her mock anger.

She began to laugh. "Iím not complaining. I already knew anyway. I could tell by the way you acted sometimes." She hugged him. "I love you Vegeta."

"So if heís the prince what does that make you?" Chi-Chi asked Kakarott.

"Em, the princes friend." He was completely confuse. To tell the truth he didnít know if he was a soldier or something else. "I think Iím a soldier."

Chi-Chi smiled and hugged him.

* * * * *

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