Chapter 1

"When the wind blows, cross the seaÖ" ĎThe Black Unicorní was a small tavern near the outskirts of the town. A soft voice could be heard weaving through the night air.

The small crowed erupted in cheers and whistles when she had finished her song. She took a small bow and left the stage. Heading towards the bar.

"Well done Bulma, not bad for your first performance."

"Thanks Jack. I wasnít as nervous asÖ" Bulma looked towards the doors as they were flung open.

"Well, well Jack. Whoís this? A tall man with long unruly hair and scars on his face walked up to Bulma, "New meat?" he put his hand on her cheek, resting it there for a few seconds, and then ran his fingers down to her collar bone and stopped at her breasts.

She slapped him. "DONíT TOUCH ME!" she barked.

He backhanded her. Bulma winced in pain as she fell to the floor, hard. She growled at him, baring her teeth.

"Yamcha stop! Sheís not a whore, sheís the new singer." Jack explained, as he rushed to her side.

"Well is there any fresh meat?" Yamcha was fuming.

"Yes. Clara is new." Jack pointed to a girl sitting on the bar.

Yamcha looked at her, running his eyes over her body. "Sheíll do. Follow me kid. Jack Iíll pay for the room later." The man called Yamcha led Clara up to Ďhis privateí room. Bulma looked at his back in disgust. ĎNo wonder he needs whores, he fuckiníÖí

Her train of thought was interrupted when she heard Chi-Chi shout. "Let me go you ugly bastard." Looking towards the door Bulma saw that Chi-Chi was being held off the floor by her neck. The man holding her was one of the old regulars but by what Jack had told her, he had been barred last year. Chi-Chiís face was a mixture of anger and fear.

"Put her down!"

"Or what?" the man only known as Turont looked at her with a smug grin. "Like you could do anything to make me." That was the wrong thing to say. In the blink of an eye a small throwing knife had embedded itself in the wall centimetres away from his nose. Turont glared at her and then returned his attention back to Chi-Chi.

"Touch her and I wont miss." Turont smirked. His hand slowly moved down towards Chi-Chiís stomach. He screamed in pain as his hand was pinned to the wall. Bulmaís threat hadnít been an empty one. He dropped Chi-Chi and pulled the knife out of his hand. He turned to look at Bulma, only to find that she was infront of him, with another of her knifes held to his throat. Her lips came close to his ear and she spoke. "I told you not to touch her. Now, get your fat, ugly ass out of her before my hand accidentally slips. And donít come back. Do you understand?"

He nodded to the best of his ability. Bulma removed the blade from his neck. Turont left with no hesitation.

Bulma offered Chi-Chi a hand up. Taking it Chi-Chi stood up. "Thanks." She rubbed her neck.

"No problem." Bulma smiled

"I didnít know you could do that."

"Thereís a lot you donít know about me. Well Iím going to bed. See you guys in the morning." Bulma headed upstairs to her room.

* * *


"Yes Prince Vegeta." Kakarott entered the Princes quarters.

"Get your bullshit together. My father has decided its time for me to take a wife. So Iíve got to go and find one." Kakarott could tell that Vegeta was aggravated to say the least. But he did what he was told.

* * *

"Morning Bulma."

"Morning Jack. Need anything done?"

"Could you go place some orders for me?"

"Sure Iíll be right back." Bulma took the slip and headed out the door.

She only had one more order to place and then she could head back to the tavern. She turned into a small alley, and was ambushed by some of Yamchaís men. She took a blow to the back of the head before she could even move.

* * *

"Kakarott where the hell are we?" Vegeta barked

"Iím afraid I donít know sire. My guess is one of the forests."

"I can see that you idiot." Vegeta growled in frustration.

* * *

Bulma awoke to the sound of laughter. Slowly her eyes opened and focused. Yamcha was standing infront of her, mocking her. She tried to move, but her efforts were in vain. She had been chained to a tree. She had also been gagged. She growled low in her throat. Yamcha laughed. In one smooth motion he ripped the clothes from her body.

Bulma was extremely brave, but this frightened her to no end. She new what was coming, and she was helpless to stop it. As he took her innocence from her she screamed as loud as her lungs and voice would allow. As the pain and humiliation became to much for her she passed out. The darkness came and she found comfort in it.

As the sun began to set Bulma awoke. She had been released from her chains and was now lying on the ground. Realisation dawned on her and she broke down in tears. ĎCommon Bulma, your stronger than this. Youíve survived worse. It was in the past. Try and get over it. It wasnít your fault. Pick yourself up and go find somewhere to was the smell of that bastard off your skin.í The little pep talk helped a bit. She stood up and winced in pain. "Ugh, I feel so dirty." She growled. Her self pity had transformed into anger and determination. Her body was covered in cuts and bruises. Slowly she made her way through the forest. Finally coming to a clearing.

In the middle of the clearing was a small lake. Bulma could see steam rising from it, she assumed that it was a hot spring, or was fuelled by some underground heat source. Slowly she stepped in. The warm water felt good against her injured body. As painlessly as possible she washed her body. Finding a nearby rock she sat on it and relaxed. She closed her eyes. When she opened them again there was darkness all around her. The sun had completely set and the moon proved to be the only source of light. The hair stood up on the back of her neck. Slowly she turned around. What she saw brought tears to her eyes. There standing right infront of her was a pure whit unicorn. Its main and coat dazzled in the moonlight. The unicorn cautiously made itís way towards her. The look in its eyes told her that it was searching for something in her. There was a small twinkle in itís eyes. It stopped infront of her and lowered its head. Its horn came into contact with her arm. The horn began to emit a blue light, the light engulfed Bulmaís body. She could feel the energy coursing through her body. Looking at the gash on her arm, she watched as it healed, it didnít even leave a scar. When the light stopped Bulmaís body was completely healed. There was no pain and no discomfort.

"Thank you." Bulma paused "But why did you help me? Iím, Iím not a virgin. Anymore." The last word was pained.

"You may have lost your virginity, but you are still innocent. Its hard to explain, but lets just say it has something to do with your heart and actions." The unicorn replied. Bulma looked confused but accepted her answer. "Here, I think these belong to you." Beside her front leg was Bulmaís throwing knives.

"Thank you." Bulma took them in her hands and looked at them. "Where did you find these?"

"They were beside a tree that had chains wrapped around it." She watched as a tear rolled down Bulmaís cheek. "Look this forest is dangerous at night, do you want me to stay with you? It might make you feel better."

"Sure thanks. Do you know how far from Noclos we are?"

"Not that far, about a mile. Iíll help you get home tomorrow."

"Thank you." Bulma smiled and rested her head on her arms. She close her eyes.

"Kakarott you are an idiot. You got us lost, and you lost dinner." A man growled.

Bulma looked in the direction the voice came from and could see the shadows of two people.

"Sorry Vegeta." Another voice moaned

"Forget it, look thereís dinner now." The one called Vegeta said.

Bulmaís eyes snapped open when she heard a bow string tighten. Acting on instinct she leapt out of the pool, and stood infront of the unicorn. The arrow came flying towards her. With a snap of her wrist she caught it. "Donít you dare harm her."

"Who are you?"

"Thatís none of your business. Why were you hunting this unicorn?"

"For itís meat."

"Kakarott shut up. Why are you protecting it? Especial in your current, position."

"I am protecting it because she is my friend. And why Iím naked has nothing to do with you. Now come into the light, or are you afraid?"

"Iím not afraid of any woman." Bulma watched as the two shadows stepped into the light. The taller one was very muscular with wild black hair. He looked a lot happier than his companion. His friend was shorter than him. He had wild black hair that stood up in a flame. He too was muscular but his body seemed compact. He had sharp, well defined features. Bulma thought he was pretty attractive. She was glad it was dark, because she could feel the blood rushing to her cheeks.

"Will you leave her alone if I get dinner for you?"

"Are you telling me you can hunt?" Vegeta asked. He didnít seem to believe her.

Bulma smirked, she heard a rustle in the bushes nearby, she grabbed one of her knives and waited. She saw the deer leap from the bushes and run through the clearing. She threw the knife, and it embedded itself in the deerís neck. "There have fun. Iím sure as hell not skinning it for you." She walked back into the water and sat down. Vegeta gave her a funny look. "Iím cold and naked. You figure it out." She snapped. The unicorn lay down beside her and the two watched Vegeta and Kakarott skinned and cook the deer. Once the animal was cooked they offered Bulma some. Not getting out of the water she took the meat thankfully and ate it. After she was finished she fell asleep.

* * * * *

Chapter 2
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