For the Love of a Prince
By: Dark Phoenix


On a planet far from ours, magic is the protectorate. Legends are much more than just legends, and a great evil is being awakened. This is where our story of love will take place.

The planet Gaea was split into four kingdoms many years ago. Four brothers fought for supreme power over the planet. But, being evenly matched they were unsuccessful. One day there younger sister, Amalthia, suggested that they each take a quarter of the planet, therefore splitting it equally between them. Enraged by what they believed to be foolishness, the brothers combined there power to place a curse on there younger sister. She was cursed to walk the planet as a unicorn, the most hunted creature, until the day she could do the one task that she herself had failed to accomplish. After cursing there younger sister the four brothers decided to do just as she suggested. For the rest of there lives none of them gave poor Amalthia a second thought. And so it came to pass that the planet was divided into four kingdoms. The kingdoms of earth, air, fire, and water. Leviathan took all the oceans on the planet and created the kingdom of water. Blade took to the air and created his kingdom in the clouds. The land was split between the last two brothers. Ifrit creating the land of fire and Fenrir creating the kingdom of earth. Being gods the brothers had to create there own followers aswell. And so the people of the air were blessed with wings, those of the water were blessed with the gift of breathing underwater, those of the fire kingdom were able to withstand searing flames and the hottest temperatures. And those of the earth were not blesses with anything for there was nothing Fenrir could think to bless them with. So instead he created a kingdom of vast beauty. Endless forests, breathtaking scenery and hidden treasures within the forests that would literally take your breath away. Also he created creatures of grace and beauty. Felling sorry of his younger sister, he allowed her to live protected in his forests.(*)

The people of this kingdom were peaceful and kind. Many small kingdoms were created in this land. Our story takes place in Noclos, at the very most centre of the kingdom of earth. At the centre of this smaller kingdom was a beautiful white palace, that was surrounded by a well maintained town. Class boundaries and prejudice was unheard of. But the prince of this kingdom was different. He never smiles, only smirks, a constant scowl can be seen upon his face, and a kind word never graces his lips. It is a mystery as to why he is like this.

* * * * *

(*- Iím not contradicting myself here. Trust me. ^.^)

Chapter 1
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