Chapter 2


She awoke as the first rays of the sun hit her face. The smell of freshly cooked meat hit her nostrils. Her eyes fluttered open, she was no longer n the water, but lying on the ground, and wearing a new kimono. She looked at Vegeta and Kakarott in confusion.

"The unicorn showed up with it this morning." Kakarott answered her un spoken question for her. "Here." He offered her some meat and she took it thankfully.

"Are you alright now?" the unicorn asked her.

"Yes I’m fine. A little shaken up and really pissed, but apart from that." She smiled warmly. "Oh how rude of me. My name is Bulma. Bulma Breifs." She smiled again. But this was an innocent smile. She felt stupid for not introducing herself sooner.

"My name is Amalthia."

"You have a name?" Bulma was confused.

"Of course I do." Amalthia smiled at her. She turned to Vegeta and Goku. "Where are you journeying to?"

Before Vegeta could answer Kakarott opened his mouth. "Vegeta and I took a wrong turn. We were going to the town of Noclos."

Bulma’s head snapped up. "Do you have anywhere to stay?"


"I’m sure I can get my boss to give you a room at the tavern for free. For helping me."

Vegeta looked confused. ‘How can she know we helped her? She was unconscious.’ As if reading his thoughts, Bulma smiled at him innocently.

"That would be great. Thanks." Kakarott piped up. He notice something between the two but he was unsure of what it was.

She smiled again. "Great. Just tell me when your ready to go."

"Were ready know." Vegeta said as he stood up.

"Great. Lets go then." She kicked dirt on the fire to put it out. "Amalthia please come with us. I know that most people think Unicorns are nothing more than white mares anyway."

"That’s because we can hide our horns from those that would harm us if they knew."

"Great. Lets go then." Bulma and Amalthia led the way. A short time into the journey Bulma stopped. "Don’t move." She whispered.

Slowly she removed a knife from around her waist. And her worst fear was realised.

"There she is. Get the bitch. That whore is mine." Yamcha’s voice rang through the trees.

"SHIT. RUN." Bulma screamed.

She took a step forward, but found she was unable to move. Two strong hands were holding her. They lifted her up and put her on Amalthia’s back. She turned to see who it was. It was Vegeta.

"You go on the horse. We can keep up. GO." Amalthia ran through the trees towards the town. Bulma looked behind them to see Vegeta and Kakarott closely behind. She also saw that behind them was two of Yamcha’s men.

She put her hands on Amalthia’s back, just infront of her thigh’s, and brought her left leg over so that she was sitting side saddle. She repeated this again but this time with her right leg. The finished position was that she was now facing Vegeta and Kakarott. She grabbed one of her knifes and took aim. She threw it, it missed Vegeta’s head by mere centimetre’s and directly imbedded itself in the centre of the other mans skull. She took another knife and threw it at the other man. It too hit dead centre. He fell. Never to rise again. She smirked a proudly at Vegeta. He smirked back.

Amalthia stopped dead in her tracks. Bulma was flung off her back and into Vegeta’s arms.

"Thanks." She stood up and turned around. She growled. There standing infront of her was Yamcha. Grinning at her.

"You selfish mother fucker. What do you want?" she spat at him.

"Why my dear little spit fire. I want you." He was mocking her.

"You’ve had all you will get from me. I will die before I let you do that to me again."

"You are strong. You seemed to have recovered quickly."

"Yes, well when I’m finished with you, you want recover at all." She was growling again.

"Is that a challenge?" Bulma had to think about this for a moment.

She smirked. "Yes. If I win, you, well you will be dead. But, if you win I will, I will give myself to you. I will hate you through my whole life, and I will NEVER love you."

"Deal." Yamcha was to enthusiastic to notice that something was wrong.

Bulma grabbed the arm of her kimono and pulled. Both arms were completely ripped off. She then gave the same treatment to the bottom. Leaving only enough fabric to cover her thighs, and upper body. She un strapped the knifes from around her waist and put them around her right thigh. Tearing a smaller strip from one of the sleeves she tied her hair up and out of her face. Bending down into a fighting stance, she growled at him again.

"Is that you’re only weapon?" she never answered him. "Oh this is going to be easier than I thought." Yamcha gloated. She smirked knowingly.

Yamcha started the fight. He ran through the trees towards her. She threw the rest of her knives at him. One grazing his cheek, another slashing his arm, and the last taking a few strands of hair with it. He lunged at her, and pinned her to the ground.

"I won." He gloated right in her face. Closing his eyes he bent his head down to kiss her. He stopped when he felt something against his throat.

"I think not." She was smirking. And in her hand was a Kitana. It seemed to be made of…ice. She pushed him up using the blade, and stood infront of him. The last words he heard were, "Don’t fuck with royalty." She slashed his throat and he fell to the ground. "Anyone else wanna try?" Yamcha’s men ran for there lives. "Didn’t think so." Bulma sighed and the Kitana disappeared into thin air.

She turned her back to the small group. Her shoulders began to shake, and she could be heard crying. Kakarott walked up to her and put his hands on her shoulders.

"What’s wrong?"

"I guess you don’t want my help any more? Now that you know…that I’m a freak." She began to cry again.

"No you’re not. Look at me." She looked up at him and gasped. There in the palm of his hand was a ball of lightning. "I’ll explain later. Common lets get you home." She smiled as he put her on Amalthia’s back again. There rest of the journey was filled with a minor conversation between Bulma and Kakarott. Vegeta was to busy running recent events over in his mind.

‘She said she was royalty. But from which land? Damn it.’


"Jack!" Bulma shouted as she entered the tavern.

"Bulma. Where have you been? What happened?"

"Jack calm down. Just sit down. I’ve got some explaining to do." She turned to the door. "Well come in." Kakarott, Vegeta and Amalthia came into the tavern.

They sat down at the same table as Jack. Bulma introduced them all, and was about to start explaining when,

"Jack, has she come back yet? BULMA." Chi-Chi ran down the stairs and hugged Bulma. "You’re back. Who’s this?"

"Just sit and I’ll explain." When everyone was seated she explained what happened with Yamcha. And how she met up with Amalthia, Vegeta and Kakarott.

"Now I’ve got something to explain to Vegeta and Kakarott." The ice sword appeared in her hand again. "Nineteen years ago the princess of Atlantis and the prince of Terma, got a little too drunk at a party and well, ended up in bed together. That night I was conceived. When I was born I was taken from my mother and raised by a kind old couple, Mr and Mrs Breifs. They knew of my past and powers and didn’t hide it from me. Last year they died. And I left our cottage. Which was in the forest by the way. Anyway I came here, got a job, and met you guys. I am an outcast from both the water kingdom and the kingdom in the sky. I belong nowhere. But I have been blessed with the power to control ice magic. And nothing else. No wings no nothing. So now you know. I may be an outcast but in a way, I guess I’m still royalty." She smiled at them and turned to Jack. "Jack do you have any spare rooms they could have?"

"Yes of course. And they get them for free. For as long as they wish."

"Thank you." Kakarott smiled. Vegeta just nodded his thanks.

"Bulma can you show them to rooms three and four."

"Sure." Bulma took the keys from Jack and showed the two to there rooms. Kakarott was in room three and Vegeta was in room four.

"Vegeta." The man turned to her. "Thank you. I know what you did last night and I am truly grateful." She kissed him on the cheek and ran down stairs.

"Your welcome." He whispered after her.


"Jack. Where’s Amalthia?"

"Chi-Chi took her to the stables." Bulma nodded and headed outside.


"You love him don’t you?" Chi-Chi asked her friend as she came into the stables.


"You heard me." She turned to Bulma

"I think so." She was blushing and her eyes were downcast. " You’re one to talk. I know you like Kakarott. I saw the way you were looking at him." It was Chi-Chi’s turn to blush.

"Amalthia. Are you ok with staying here?"

"Of course I am Bulma. I’ll be ok."

"I’ll come out and see you later. Ok." Amalthia smiled at her. A frown cross her


"Wait Bulma." She turned to her. "I’m afraid I’ll have to go away for a few hours, but I’ll be back before you close up for the night."

"Ok. But be careful."

"Don’t worry, I will be. See you later."

Bulma watched as Amalthia left the stables, and ran through town. Disappearing into the forest.

* * * * *

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