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Chapter 6- Close, but No Cigar


Bulma sighed heavily, wiping the sweat from her forehead. Damn, these Sayains were slobs! She wasn't sure if Vegeta was too, because the messiest room in the house seemed to be the other bedroom. From what she saw, Vegeta's room was completely spotless. However, the kitchen was another story...Bulma grumbled when she took first glance at the eating area. Bottles, trash, plates, and food from God knows how long ago lay sprawled across the filthy dining room and kitchen. Grunting, Bulma rolled up her sleeves, grabbing the nearby broom.


Katori paced himself repetitively across the room, slanting his brows in deep concentration. What am I going to do? My best customers all come here because of the Chikyuu slave...He slammed his fist into his desk table, out of sheer frustration. "Damn Sayain prince!" He immediately rubbed his red knuckles, trying to dull the inflammation that burned through them. "I need a drink..."

Katori stalked to the bar, ordering a whole bottle of Vodka from the bartender. Not using any glass, he gulped the contents straight from the bottle. Seated at the bar were two men chatting loudly. One of them, with a deep scar across his face, leaned to whisper to the bartender.

"What the hell is his problem?" Yamcha asked.

"I lost my best damn showgirl." Katori mumbled, turning to find an embarrassed Yamcha. "And I'd watch your damn mouth, boy. I'm the owner of this club, and I've had a hell of a bad day. Don't think I wouldn't throw your ass out." He threatened, downing some more of his clear colored liquor.

"Sorry man." Yamcha replied apologetically. He didn't want to be kicked out by this asshole before he got to see some action. His friend Youji couldn't help but be a little instigator though.

"That really sucks man." Youji commented from the corner, poking his face out from behind Yamcha. "She must have been one hell of a showgirl to get you this worked up."

"She was." Katori said hastily, wiping his mouth with his hand. "It's not everyday you see a blue haired earthling."

Yamcha nervously gulped. "D-did you say blue?" She couldn't be. No.

"Yeah. I said blue. Real pretty thing, had brains too. Was a bitch when it came to obeying orders, but she was one hell of a performer."

"What was her name?" He asked timidly, almost afraid of what the answer would be.


"Bulma!" Youji exclaimed, rising from his seat. He patted Yamcha on the shoulder. "While good ol'e Yamcha here knows first hand how she can dance, in fact they used to---hmphmmmmphhh!"

Yamcha quickly clamped his hand over his friend's mouth, stopping him from getting his hide fried. "My friend always gets confused with people! He was thinking of my sister's old friend I used to have a crush on!" He dug his foot into Youji's. "Right..." he grinded it down, making Youji yelp in pain. "Youji?"


Katori rolled his eyes, ignoring the bunch of hoodlums. Kids these days...


"Hm?" Katori asked, looking behind him. He found a crowd of his very best customers frowning at him in disapproval.

"Can I help you gentlemen?" Katori inquired, straightening his loose tie, trying to be as formal as possible.

"Yeah, you can. Where's our girl? We pay good money just to see her, and she's no where in sight." His main customer complained bitterly.

"Well see..." Katori stumbled upon his words, trying to cover up as much as possible. "For a temporary time, she will be in our absence."

"WHAT?!" All three of the bellowed, each lunging toward him with an unmistakable rage. Before Kaori knew it, he was pinned against the wall by his neck, his feet dangling above the ground.

His customer dug his fingers far into Katori's throat, making him choke and gasp for air. "For your sake, we better see her back here. Got that?"

"G--Got it." Katori struggled to say the words, as they all flowed from his mouth like a baby's gurgle. Katori panted, desperate for air after he was released from the death grip. He sighed in relief after all of the men left. His face seemed to remain calm for a few seconds, until suddenly, it seemed his whole body seemed to go into hysterics. "What the hell am I going to do?! Ah...shit!" He began to literally pull his hair out, panicked beyond belief. His features seemed to be more ill at ease when his face suddenly locked onto Yamcha's.


"You!" Katori screamed to Yamcha.

Shit...Am I getting kicked out?

"You!" Kaori repeated, coming in closer contact with Yamcha. He smacked Yamcha on his back roughly, making him choke on his drink. "You will return her for me!"

Yamcha spit his drink out in shock. "N-nani? What the hell are you talking about?"

"The girl..." Kaori replied, a hint of insanity evident in his psychotic voice. "You will return the Chikyuu slave for me!"

"Uh...Uh..." Yamcha couldn't speak, his mouth didn't want to move. Why him? Did someone up there really hate him that much to place this cruel irony upon him?

Katori pulled out a huge wad of cash.

Maybe not.

"Here." Katori said sliding the large sum of money across to Yamcha. "This is just the advance. The other half will come when you return her to me."

Youji flipped through the bills, whistling. "Damn."

"Why us?" Yamcha asked, very curious upon the answer.

"For some reason, I feel you're connected with her somehow." He shook his head. "I take that back. Honestly you're just two piss-poor bastards who'd be willing to a job for me. You saw the whole thing, so there's no point in explaining it over to someone else." He turned his heel to leave the room, but not until he said his final words. "Oh, and if you don't get the job done." His eyes slanted into a menacing glare. "I'll have a job done on you." And with that, he left.


Bulma yawned sleepily, completely spent from her long, strenuous day of cleaning and labor. She cleaned the house top to bottom, ceiling to floor, making sure the whole house was spotless and dust free. She had eaten earlier, when her body needed the nourishment the most, but she found her selection of food to be quite displeasing. The food was a lot different from home, no steamed sweet potatoes or sushi, no the food didn't even appear to be edible. For a second there, she almost called room service, but decided to decline, for fear she might get in trouble. Stretching out on all fours, she leaned back into the thick cushion of the couch. Her nose wrinkled when she got a whiff of her underarm. "Dear Kami, I smell like some wild animal!" That's when she realized she need a bath, bad. She looked at her watch, seeing it was almost midnight. She bit her lip, trying to decide what to do. She didn't want to be bathing or relaxing when they came back. Of course being natural men, they'd expect to see her with broom and bucket ready at hand. She sighed in defeat. She could work like an animal, but she certainly didn't want to smell like one. Grabbing a towel, she rushed to the bathroom for a much needed bath.

Bulma started the warm water, putting some liquid soap in for some bubbles. Each article of clothing began to fall one by one, and the last thing she did was pull her hair out from her constricting bun. Bulma moaned when she got into the tub. The hot water soothed her aching muscles. Ah, this was the life. Having a bath in the most luxurious bathroom alive. She sunk further into the water, enjoying the total bliss.


Vegeta arrived around one, tired and exhausted from the boring and tedious meeting. Nappa was at the club, still using his elite position, as a lame excuse for a pick up line to whores. Vegeta snorted. What a waste of time. He scanned the room, and noticed the woman wasn't anywhere in site. Normally, he would question her ass for being lazy, but seeing how the whole house shined from top to bottom, he shrugged, assuming she was sleeping. She's not on the couch though...perhaps she's sleeping in my bed. He smirked at that last thought. The last thing he'd thought he'd have on this planet was a woman in his bed. If under different circumstances, he would find the idea of a showgirl in his bed completely appalling, but for some reason he didn't with her. She wasn't like all the others...In some odd way, he even found the idea of her around strangely comforting. He grumbled at that last remark. Feh. His mind was dwindling on thoughts of the woman too much. Such thoughts would lead to weakness. Vegeta headed for his bathroom, ready to take his nightly shower.


Vegeta opened the door, not paying any mind when he suddenly stopped and realized what was before him. In the tub was Bulma, sprawled out, with her eyes closed. Most of the bubbles had evaporated away, but strangely enough, they seemed to cover the intimate parts of her body. Vegeta quickly wrapped the towel around his waist, before attempting to wake the woman. He poked a finger at her bare shoulder. "Oi. Hey."

Bulma drowsily opened her eyes, her eyelashes fluttering. "W-what..?" Her eyes went wide. She immediately jumped up, latching her arms across her breasts. "G-gomen!"

"Baka onna." Vegeta remarked. "I have to take a shower."

"Hai..." Bulma silently spoke, the crimson blush flowing through her burning cheeks. Her eyes searched the room for her towel, but it seemed to have disappeared. She cursed mentally when she realized where it was.

Vegeta's waist.

Vegeta grunted at her time. The woman still wasn't out yet. "Well?" He asked impatiently, tapping his foot. "Unless you want to take a bath with me, I suggest you get out."

Bulma's blush brightened at that remark. " towel..." Was all she managed to spit out.

"Towel?" Vegeta questioned. He looked down at his waist. "Oh. This." He replied nonchalantly, grabbing the ends, as he began to slide it off his waist. Bulma sharply turned her head from embarrassment.

"Baka onna." Vegeta said with a hint of amusement in his tone. "Here."

Bulma meekly turned her head, slowly opening her eyes. She found the towel stretched out for her, hiding Vegeta's lower half from where he held it. Bulma timidly began to rise from the water. Vegeta turned away, not looking at her out of her respect. She walked into the cloth, letting Vegeta wrap it around her. She smiled, but then unexpectedly she slipped on a puddle of water, making her body fling backwards and down. With sharp reflexes, Vegeta quickly caught her before she fell from the stair. Their faces both flushed at their current position. Bulma's body had whirled around, leaving her back to Vegeta's, and Vegeta's hands on a certain part of her body...

Her breasts.

Their body heat radiated, as they both stood completely immobile. Vegeta's hands still didn't stray from her breasts, and their gaze had both averted towards each other. They stared at each other, engrossed with such intensity, both with an unspoken passion burning through another's eyes. Bulma's nipples hardened under the thin fabric, and Vegeta noticed by both touch and feel of the senses. Not only that, but Bulma began to feel a growing hardness form in the small of her back. For some unknown reason, she found herself leaning more into him, pressing herself fully into him. Vegeta closed his eyes, his mouth suddenly dry. He licked his lips, finding it hard to say anything....much less do anything. Her head rested upon his shoulder, her wet, dripping strands leaving beads of water on his back. Her eyes were kept in a lustful gaze, her azure blue boring into his coal onyx eyes. "We shouldn't do this..."Bulma whispered weakly.

"I know." Vegeta answered tersely, leaning his head towards hers.

"It's-it's not right." She murmured, desperately not trying to loose control. Her hips seemed to think differently though, as they grinded more into his lower abdomen.

"Exactly." Vegeta spoke huskily, burying his face into her neck, breathing in her intoxicating scent. Her hands buried themselves into his thick mane, massaging his scalp with the brush of her fingertips.

"We shouldn't do..." She moaned loudly as his fingers began to slowly tease at her hardened nipples, his skilled fingers rubbing across the peaks. "...this...ah." Her hands urgently pulled at his hair every time his hands massaged her soft mounds of flesh. Bulma found herself nipping at Vegeta's ear, biting and suckling ,and softly blowing on the trail of wetness she left from her tongue. The hardened erection pressing into her seemed to beg for attention, as she found herself gazing back into the young prince's eyes. Leaning forward and with applied pressure of their lips, they both kissed. It began to become more intense, as Bulma almost shyly, flicked her tongue across his lips, asking for permission to enter. He obliged, opening his mouth, and their tongues began to move into a fast, steady rhythm. Vegeta's hands left her breasts, moving to untie the knot at her towel. The garment was hastily discarded, landing onto the ground in a pile. He turned around, letting both of them feel their heavy arousal against their naked skin. The ecstasy rose, both tongues moving rapidly, while they blindly groped each other in all places imaginable. Vegeta picked Bulma up, carrying her to the bedroom. He laid her down, ready to enter...

Ring, Ring.....

Ring, Ring.....


The doorbell.

* * * * *

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