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Chapter 7- New Experiences, New Realizations


Vegeta snarled, with a low growl erupting from the hollow of his throat. He looked down almost idly at the beautiful blue haired goddess laid out before him, but after much deliverance, he got up to answer the door.

Bulma was left alone on the huge bed, her heart beating rapidly as each second past. What...what just happened? Her mind screamed. Bulma vowed even if she was forced to be a whore, she wouldn't become one. Had she just contradicted herself? She couldn't believe that she was about to sleep with a man she only knew for a few days. She clutched tighter on the thin bed sheet covering her nude body. She was going to...Hell, she wanted to. What in the world was going on?

Vegeta slammed the door open, with such force that the hinges almost came off. He narrowed his eyes menacingly. "Well?" He asked, making it sound more like a threat than a question.

"Uh...well I was just wondering if you were Prince Vegeta." The man said nervously, while wiping the sweat protruding from his forehead.

"Yes, and?" Vegeta bellowed, his patience thinning with every passing moment.

"And uh..." Youji sputtered, while trying to inconspicuously scan the room. Shit...I need to buy time, say something formal sounding... "I'm here to tell you something very important and uh...princely!"

Vegeta only clenched his fist, making a vein pop all the way from his fist to forehead.



Shimatta! What am I going to do when he comes back here?! I just don't know what am I going to---


I must be going crazy, I could've sworn someone call my name.


"Hm?" Bulma turned to the window, surprised at what she saw. "Yamcha?!" she exclaimed, shocked beyond words.

"Bulma! Thank goodness you're okay!" Yamcha said relieved, climbing through the small space in the open window. He rushed to the spot by her on the bed. "Oh God...he didn't. I didn't think he'd sink this low. I'm so sorry babe." Yamcha whispered, grabbing her, and hugging her tightly.

"Yamcha, it's not what you think...you see..."

"It's okay. I know what happened. That bastard raped you didn't he?" Yamcha said angrily, putting a tight grip on her bare shoulders. He pulled her in for another embrace. "It's okay babe. I'm here now. I'm here to save you."

"Save...me?" Bulma asked, even more confused than ever. "Yamcha, I'm not a---"

"Shit. Someone's coming." Yamcha cursed under his breath. He gripped her firmly, putting a stern lock on her eyes with his. "Listen to me Bulma. I'm going to rescue you. We're going to go home. I can't do it now, but soon. In a week, Vegeta is going to go to a big meeting with the Prime Minister. I want you to be waiting for me at 12:00 at the Spaceport." He quickly leaned forward, giving her a chaste kiss on the lips. "I'll be waiting." He softly spoke, before hurriedly leaving out the window.

Bulma jumped when she heard the door open, revealing a robe-clad Vegeta. She timidly gulped, not knowing what to do or say at the tense and awkward moment.

Vegeta scanned the room, his nose picking up a new scent in the air. Another man? He looked and found nothing. Maybe that stupid salesman got some of his scent on me when I threw him out the window. He chuckled. Twenty floors down.

He then remembered the current situation he was in, as he gazed the woman, his eyes showing nothing but apathy. Was the woman...scared? Her eyes were much different from the low lidded gaze she gave him moments before. "Onna..." He murmured, his eyebrows knit with concern.

"I...I'm sorry." Bulma choked, a tear falling from her face. She grabbed a fistful of the bed sheet, rushing towards him. She placed her soft hands gently on each side of his face, as she slowly titled his head for a chaste kiss on the lips. "I'm sorry." She apologized again, as she stroked his cheek. Her hand quickly strayed, but before she could leave, Vegeta put a firm hold on her wrist.


"Prince Vegeta...Vegtea please let me go." She pleaded, trying to break free from his constrain.

"I-I can't."

Bulma eyes grew bewildered. Was he going to rape her? No...he wouldn't do that. Would he?

Vegeta suddenly swung her wrist around, flinging her helplessly into him. They both met chest to chest. Hip to hip. "Onna..." Vegeta rasped huskily, his warm breath tickling her ear, sending shivers up her spine. "I know you want this..." He whispered throatily, bringing his hand around to the base of her back, pressing in. If she had a tail, that's were it would be. Bulma moaned, her nerves going into a bolted frenzy upon the contact of the unknown pressure point. She arched involuntarily into him, her chest crushing his, and hips molding and grinding with his. She could feel his erection burning into her pelvis bone, beckoning for her undivided attention. She gasped at the new sensation,

her resolution buckling down with the power of his regard. The sheet and robe keeping their skin to skin contact apart was now broken. Both of their nude bodies melted together. Each of their own arousal highly evident.

Soft and Hard.

Silk and Stone.

Vegeta took it upon himself to lay Bulma down on the bed, staring in awe as her silken strands of hair flowed along the sheets like a halo, an angel that was about to lose her purity. He smirked. The rebel angel losing her purity to the devil himself.

Not that he was just merely using her. No. This was different...much different than his other encounters with women. It was hard to believe such a woman was so weak and fragile, yet strong and confident at the same time. It was what truly captivated him, what led him to her, what...well, turned him on in general. She was a rare find indeed. A truly untainted angel.

MY angel... Vegeta said mentally, his true possessive nature showing. His face buried into the hollow of her neck, deeply inhaling her intoxicating scent. Her own natural scent...It was alluring all on it's own, but once she was in heat, her smell became absolutely insatiable. The tip of his tongue darted out to touch the pulsating point in her neck, making Bulma sigh in content. He continued his assault of taste and touch, moving down her collarbone with the gentle suction of his lips. Finally, he reached her ample mounds, and used his tongue to slowly slither and make small wet circles around her hard nipples, making them rise to their peak. His other hand massaged the neglected breast, while his mouth bit and suckled at the other. She moaned, holding a grasp on his mane, making him cling to her chest. He grinned, as his hands leisurely ran down her delicately small frame, down her sides, along her flat stomach, until finally resting at her shapely hips. His mouth began to travel south, making Bulma wait in anticipation each time he inched down. She raised her hips, when his eyes gave her that low-lidded gaze, his tongue dipping into her navel. He was teasing her! And enjoying it...WAY too much. She groaned in frustration, bucking her hips wildly against his vice-like grip. He chuckled, using his fingers to lightly stroke the hair follicles of the thatch between her legs.

"Vegeta..." She murmured, pleading for his touch. "Vegeta please..." She desperately begged.

"Is that all?" He teased complacently, making her practically growl in utter frustration.

"Vegeta. Touch me or else."

He cocked his head, taken aback by her sudden forward attitude. He smiled smugly to himself before easing a finger into her slick entrance. Bulma bit her lip, almost drawing blood when she felt him probing her again, with a second. He put his skilled hands to more use as he lazily rolled his thumb around the hard little nub hidden deep within her velvety folds of flesh. Bulma's whole body spasmed to the action, making her hips raise fully off the bed. Vegeta gently pushed her back down, smirking deviously as he waited for her breathing to return to a normal pace. One she had calmed, he withdrew his fingers, making her whimper at the sudden loss. She watched in childlike curiosity as he brought his wet, dripping fingers to his mouth. He tantalizingly lapped the juices, cleaning them thoroughly. His tongue ran playfully along his lips, consuming the remains of her aftertaste. She wildly blinked, not knowing that something so lewd could be so erotic all at once. Her body started to become rigid and tense, as she felt him spreading slow, deliberate kisses along each side of her thighs. Moisture began to build, her fluids running down her legs. He only savored the taste of her as each drop fell. She gasped, feeling him blow and nip at her welcoming entrance. She had to bite down on the edges of the pillowcases, just to muffle her moans. She couldn't hold back though, when she felt him manipulating her hard nub, running his finger delicately across the slit, and yielding it to suction. She cried out, erupting as she had her first orgasm, making her overflow. Vegeta only responded by lifting and placing her legs on his shoulders, as he develed deeper into her glistening flesh. He lapped greedily, having to wipe his mouth when he was done. He sat her legs back down, spreading them as he positioned himself to enter her.

"Wait..." Bulma whispered, running her hand alongside his length. Vegtea groaned involuntarily at her soft touch, not knowing if he could hold back the temptation any longer. The burning feeling inside his loins grew.

"I-I've never done this before." She weakly replied, running the palm of her other hand across his tip. She raised herself up, sitting on her knees, her hands still assuming their position. As she spoke, her hands gripped at the rock hard erection, moving profusely up and down. "I know you've probably already done this before..." She softly spoke, breathing into his ear. "I've never done this though." She replied, almost too ashamed to say it. "I...I just don't know if I'm doing things right, it's all new to me. I almost have, but, I couldn't bring myself to do it. Being with you like this though...it feels different." She dragged her tongue across his cheek, until stopping to kiss him passionately.

"It feels right."

Vegeta's eyes grew wide at the endearing words. His heart suddenly began to beat rapidly in his chest. The cold exterior of him began to deteriorate, revealing a new sense of emotion. This wasn't just another whore. This was a woman. A woman unlike any other. HIS woman. This was it. The moment where he would have his mate, and finally his other self would become whole again. In the years it took him to search, in only a few days, this woman had proven her worth. He had to claim her, before anyone else did, letting anyone who came along know that she was his property, and his property alone...

"Vegeta..." Bulma rasped, her breathing heavy with desire. "Please make love to me."

Vegeta only smirked at those words, positioning himself above her yet again. "Onna..." He huskily spoke. "What I'm about to do will be permanent. You will be marked as mine and mine alone. Are you sure you want to go through with this?"

She nodded her head in response, guiding him into her. She cried out, when she felt him enter her, and at the same time, felt his canines sink into her neck. Vegeta clamped down, drawing blood, only to ease and soothe her confusion with the gentle stroke of his tongue. He cleaned the wound, kissing it softly. She realized this is what he meant, when he said "marked" he really meant it...

She latched her fingernails deep into his back, searing them into his skin as pain welled up inside. He made soothing noises into her ear, trying to somewhat make her feel better. Slowly but surely, with each stroke, the pain began to fade. She clutched onto him harder, wrapping her legs around his waist. The onslaught of pleasure took over, spreading through each and every nerve in her body. Vegeta grunted, holding on to the bedpost for support as he pumped into her deeper and faster. Both of them couldn't hold back moans as they both started to build for release. Vegeta took a different position, raising her up, to where they both sat. She immediately embraced him, her arms holding on tightly to his neck. His hands rocked her hips back and forth roughly against him, her warm, wet walls clenching him tightly. Vegeta gritted his teeth, pulling her body down with as much force as he could muster. Bulma screamed, titling her whole body backwards as she came, her mind becoming obscure with hazy thoughts.


"This will only hurt for a second..." Yamcha coaxed, ready to enter Bulma.

"Wait...I...I...don't want to do this."

"What?" Yamcha groaned. "Come on babe, we've gotten this far, what's the point of going back now?" He said, forcefully pulling his tongue into her mouth.

"Yamcha, no!" Bulma protested, pushing him away from her.

"What is fucking wrong with you? I've waited for three years. Three damn years.. I can't wait anymore. Don't you love me? Haven't I done enough for you? I do everything damn it! What's the fucking problem?! If you really loved me, you'd do it."

"If I really loved you?" Bulma replied haughtily. "How DARE you even say that!" She gruffly pushed him off of her, standing up away from the bed. "I can't believe you. All this time I thought you loved me, but now I realize you only wanted to have sex with me!" She threw the nearby lamp at him. "You bastard! I was right! You were cheating on me!"

Yamcha dodged the flying shards of broken glass. "You know what? You were right! You're a whore, and you'll always be a whore."

"Whore?! I'd BE a whore IF I slept with you, you pig!" Bulma screamed, grabbing her clothes and leaving the room.

"You know what? You'll be sorry for this bitch! I WILL get you back! Don't think you're through with me!"

Three months later she was taken from her home.


Her eyes shot open. A single tear ran from her cheek. She glanced at Vegeta, finding his eyes clamped shut. She shrieked when she felt his release, his hot seed spilling into her trembling body. Vegeta's eyelids shuddered, his teeth gritted when he came. She was no laid back down onto the bed, her breathing rapid along with his. When he glanced over, he found the woman crying. "Onna?" He asked, with a hint of fear almost evident in his voice.

"I know..."

"Know what?"

She turned her head. " I Know who sold me."

* * * * *

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