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Chapter 5- Cruel Intentions


Katori's eyes went wide, and his rock hard grip on Bulma's wrists began to loosen. "What the hell is he doing here?"

"He says he has some business arrangements with you, and that he needs to speak with you right away." The guard spoke from the other side of the door.

Katori roughly pushed Bulma away, leaving her on the bed with nothing but the tattered remains of her clothes. "Keep a watch on the slave. Make sure she does not try to escape in my absence." His eyes traveled to Bulma's becoming locked onto them. "We will continue this later." And with that, he left.

Bulma's breathing hitched to a fast pace, her heart racing by the minute. "Prince Vegeta? Is...is he the same Vegeta?"


Katori entered the meeting room, finding the Prince already waiting for him there. Katori grumbled under his breath. "This better be important..."

"Oh, I assure you it is important." Vegeta grinned, finding amusement at the shocked Katori. Apparently, he did not know about a Sayain's remarkable hearing ability. Vegeta's eyes bore into his, as he spoke. "I want to buy the slave."

"Oh!" Mr. Katori rubbed his hands together greedily, ready to make a profit. "Which one would you like? A new one from planet Venus arrived here last week."

"No, I want the earthling."

Mr. Katori's eyes bulged, as he stood speechless, completely immobile on what to say. He wanted his best showgirl? "I'm sorry. She's not for sale."

"Oh, she isn't?" Vegeta cocked an eyebrow. "I can assure you, there is no rule saying I cannot buy whatever slave I choose to. And..." His eyes narrowed. "I choose the earthling."

"As I said before, she is not for sale. She's my best showgirl, I'd be an idiot to sell her." He waved his hands. "I'm sorry Prince Vegeta, no sale." Katori gasped when he felt Vegeta's vice-like grip on his shoulder, shoving him forcefully into a chair.

"I don't think you realize your position." Vegeta spoke haughtily, sitting in the chair across from his. "As you know, the planet of Vegetasei is making peace negotiations with your planet. Our army could annihilate this sorry excuse for a planet in any second. I'm sure your Prime Minister would be quite upset if he knew there was anything to anger me. In fact," His lips curled into a devious smile. "I'm sure he wouldn't mind making one causality in order to have this peace negotiation."

Katori eye nervously twitched, and he began to sputter his words. "W-what are you insinuating?"

"Exactly what you think I am." Vegeta said with a mischievous glare. "Now," he said, taking a contract from his chest pocket, sliding it across the table. "we can do this the easy way," he said handing him a pen. "Or," A ki blast began to form in his hand. "we can do this the hard way."

Katori timidly gulped the large knot that produced in his throat. His hands were shivering as he shakily took the pen, signing the contract.

Vegeta grinned, taking the contract and placing back into his inside breast pocket. "A pleasure doing business with you." He began to walk out the door, but not before turning to say a few words. "If you don't mind, I'll be taking my slave now." His eyebrows slanted, as he spoke menacingly. "And," he said with a poisonous venom in his words, "if you lay one finger on her, I'll kill you."


Bulma jumped, cowering into the corner, as soon as she heard the large door creak open. She hid her face, trying to cover her fear as she heard the footsteps come closer and closer to where she was. She felt a hand brush her bare shoulder. "Please...don't."


Bulma's eyes became bewildered. That voice...It sounds so much like his voice. With all of her courage, she turned to face him. "V-Vegeta?" She spoke, confused at his presence. "What are you doing here?"

"Shhh...Hush now woman. You babble to much." He said in a soothing whisper, placing a finger upon her lips. Bulma's eyes began to overflow with tears, not ones of fear or even sadness, but of overwhelming joy.

"Vegeta!" She cried, collapsing into his chest. She hugged him tightly as she sobbed. "I was so scared! He was about to...he was going to..."

"Hush." Vegeta spoke again, his voice comforting her. He carefully picked her up, carrying her out of the threshold. The guards stood stunned, unaware of what to do. Vegeta bared his fangs, letting them know what would happen if they messed with his property.

Vegeta looked down, finding the onna to be fast asleep. He only smirked to himself. "Weakling."


Bulma awoke, startled, as she surveyed this strange new place. For the first time in weeks, she was resting in a large, comfortable bed. The entire room seemed to be adorned and clad with silk and jewels, even the curtains displayed were kingly. She ducked under the covers when she heard the door open.

"Baka onna. What the hell are you doing?"

Bulma's peeked an eye out from under the covers, finding Vegeta. She smiled, squirming her way from underneath the blanket. That's right. He saved me. She only watched in awe as Vegeta walked to his closet, pulling his shirt over his head. Bulma blushed at the sight of his magnificently bare chest.

He turned, finding her face a full beet red. "What's wrong onna?" He asked coyly. Bulma only gripped the covers in response.

"Uh, Vegeta. Why did you save me?" Her face suddenly turned very serious. "And how did you know to come at the right time?"

Vegeta pulled another shirt over his head, sighing as he strode over to the bed. He knelt down on his knees as he spoke to her. "Your ki was up very high. I knew something was wrong so I left."


"Yes." Vegeta said nodding. "Everyone has one, even weak little earthlings like yourself. Of course yours is very low compared to mine, but your ki was going at tremendous levels last night."

"So that's how..." Bulma whispered to herself, amazed at the situation. She clutched the blanket as she shyly asked her next question. "Why?" She looked him straight in the eye. "Why did you save me?"

Vegeta grunted, becoming tense at the sudden onslaught. He closed his eyes, crossing his arms across his chest as he answered. "As I told you, rape is one for the weak. I cannot stand the violation of another's body." He rose from his position, taking the few steps toward the exit.

"Wait!" Bulma yelled. "Where are you going?"

"Business." He replied tersely. "I expect you to clean this house from floor to ceiling. When I return, everything should be spotless." His voice rose to a gruff command. "Is that clear?"

"H-hai." Bulma said meekly. And with that, he left.

His voice...it was so cold. How can his personality change in so much in a split second? Maybe I shouldn't be complaining...I owe him my life. Sighing, Bulma rolled up her sleeves, ready for a full day of work.


"Sire! Are you read---" Nappa's sentence cut short as his nostrils filled with a new scent he was not familiar with. "Is there a woman in our presence?"

"The Chikyuu captive."

"The...earth woman? What is she doing here?" Nappa asked completely dumbfounded.

"She was sold to me last night. From now on, she shall be our slave." Vegeta didn't find the word slave to be the right word, but any other definition of the woman would have his comrade think him weak.

"Really?" Nappa's eyes lit up with excitement. "She will do whatever we ask of her?"

Vegeta's head suddenly jerked into the side, sending Nappa a glare that could kill off a whole fleet of soldiers. Hell hath no fury like that of a pissed of Sayain.

Nappa quickly stood completely erect, trying to look as formal as possible. "I'm sorry sir. I will never be ignorant as to ask you that question again."

Vegeta only nodded in response. They both left to attend their official meeting.


"Yamcha! Were the hell have you been?" Youji hollered, patting him friend on the back.

"Doing things." Yamcha said with a huge grin. "We're going to have us a good time tonight! How about a little trip to Vhmara?'

"Hell yes! They have those hot girls at that new American style bar. Where the hell are we gonna get the cash to travel there though?" Youji gasped when Yamcha pulled out a whole wad of cash from his coat pocket. "Damn! Since when have you started packing money like that you poor bastard!"

Yamcha chuckled. "You remember my ex girlfriend I told you about, the one that wouldn't sleep with me?"

Youji nodded. "Yeah, so what?"

"Well, let's just say I am indebted to her. Thanks to her, I am a poor man no longer." Yamcha said evilly, as he flipped through the crisp new bills.

* * * * *

*Gasp* What the hell is going on? What's Yamcha talking about? Oh...the plot thickens! Just as a little side note, this would be the first fic I've written that would have a little Yamcha bashing. Not making fun of him or anything...just, well you'll see. I didn't' want to get sucked into the Yamcha bashing void, but I felt his purpose would be good in this fic. Sorry guys, don't mean to offend anyone. Anyway, next chapter soon!

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