OLD UPDATES - May 16th to September 30th, 2000

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'Consequences' Chapter 3 is up.

The first part to Meiko's new fic, 'Project: Genesis,' is up.

Hurray, I got a free slinky. Anyway, a great update today. 'Shattered Realities' is completed, and Lisalu sent in the prologue to her new fic, 'World Enough and Time.'

Chapter 2 to 'Consequences' is up.

It freakin' snowed yesterday! It's all gone today (of course), but I'm still freezing. Anyhoo, there is a new poem by Toshiba, and I've added a message board. I hope you all use it.

Part 4 to 'Best of All Futures' is up.

I'm just on a role. I updated thrice yesterday (I like that word), and there's something new for you all today. Laura Fried has added a third part to 'Best of All Futures.' There were 2 parts before, but they were posted as one. Go read it, but beware of the evilness of the cliffhanger ^o^

The start of a new story 'Consequences' is up, oh and it's a lemon ^_~ By the way, for all you Mikami fans, she is back, so go check out the Temple now if you haven't been there in awhile.

*second update* Added Chapter 1 of the sequal to 'If I Dreamed' called 'Fear of Reality.' A MUST read.

*third update* I told you that there would be goodies this week. Drum roll please . . . Chapter 8 of 'Chains and Shackles' is POSTED!!!! Woo Hoo. Let's see, it's halfway through, there's a major turning point, lots of surprises, and believe me you're gonna love it!!!!

Oh God, school will be the end of me. Anyhoo, there's a new fic by Lisalu out. Go read it!

I've pretty much been messing around with the computer, and thought I'd put a polls section up.

Well, today I went back to school. Actually classes start on Monday, but since I'm in Management, I had to go to orientation as well as start "networking." Anyhoo, this year promises to be extremely busy, but I'll try to update at LEAST once a week.

With that said, Chapter 5 to Meiko's 'Shattered Realities' is up. Oh, and if all goes according to plan, next week should be full of goodies (mwuahahahahahahahahahaha).

I'm baaaaaaack!!! Did you all miss me? Disney World was just awesome, but man, it was like living in a sauna down there. Oh, and I got to meet my internet buddy when I came back. That was the coolest thing and some of you may know her (but I won't say who, because I don't know if she'd want me to tell). We spent the day DBZ shopping in Chinatown and eating Pocky. Mmmmmmm.

Well, on with the updates. The only thing new is Chapter 4 to 'Shattered Realities.' You guys have to send me stuff. You'll be happy to know that I did start plotting out a new fic (while lounging by a guitar shaped pool I might add). Guess what, it's not 'His Blue Angel', though that title might also apply to it. It will be some time before I get my new fic out because school starts soon and I have all these orientations to go to. I also have a few side projects but I won't say what (and just to confuse you more, you may never know) :p

Chapter 3 to 'Shattered Realities' and Chapter 3 to 'When Night Falls' are up. Unless somebody sends me something else today, these will be the last updates for a week and a half. I'm going on vacation, so for more details, check out the main page.

Added Chapter 2 to 'Shattered Realities'. I hope to have another update by the end of this weekend.

New one shot by Michika. Check that out, and after, go to the links section. I added the site 'Vejiitasei' and if you like Bulma and Vegeta fics (well duh), go visit there.

Posted the rest to 'If I Dreamed'. Tomorrow I'll be adding a one shot by Michika and a new link. Right now, I'm just exhausted.

The start of 2 new fics! Finally, there's the sequal to Meiko's 'Twisted Souls' and it's called 'Shattered Realities.' Also, I posted one of my fav fics, Michika's 'If I Dreamed.' I just put up the prologue and Chapter 1. I'll put up more (if not all) of it tomorrow.

Chapter 6 to Nova's 'Bulma and the Beast' has been posted. Also, I made a pic to go with the fic 'When Night Falls.' I may also do a Goku and Chi Chi one but only if you want it.

*second update* As you could see, I've been messing around with the front page. Anyway, there's a new fic out in the one shots section: 'Best of All Futures.'

A new one shot by Yui-chan. Check it out, oh and Yui-chan I hope you got my email. That's about it for now, keep on sending in those fics.

WOO HOO HOO!!! Chapter 7 is OUT! Go read 'Chains and Shackles' right NOW!

Posted a new fic by Topaz989, 'By God's Hand'. For you 'Chains and Shackles' fans, chapter 7 should hopefully be up in a couple of days, keep your fingers crossed.

I made a new pic for 'True Love' - it's kinda sweet. Chapter 2 to 'When Night Falls' is out, and by tomorrow or Sunday, I'll be posting the start of a new fic by Topaz.

A new one shot by Nova. It's really sad.

I'm SOOOOOOOOO HAPPY right now!!! I've just been accepted into the faculty I wanted at my University. Phew, I slacked off so much the past 2 years that I didn't think I'd make it. Anyway, sorry I didn't update yesterday, but I posted Chapter 1 to 'When Night Falls' today.

A new part for "Bulma and the Beast," as well as the beginning of a new fic, "When Night Falls." Oh, and it's my younger bro's birthday today. "Mariolino Piccolino" is 18, time for him to get plastered.

*second update* A sweet new fic called "I Love You" in the one shot section. I hope to post the next chapter of 'When Night Falls' by tomorrow night (it's really good).

Drew a pic for "Bulma and the Beast."

Toshiba is competing for my title of puuuuuuuure evil. New chapter of "Chains and Shackles."

*second update* A new poem and new fic from Vanessa. I also made two new pics and they go with the fics 'Show Me Love' and 'You've Got Mail.'

Added final chapter to 'Show Me Love'.

I was REALLY unsatisfied with how I left Part 4 to MPMP off so I wrote an epilogue. Just go to part 4 and scroll down.

It's 1:18am but I've FINALLY completed Part 4 to My Pleasure My Pain. I'll be putting a second update later for another fic and new links, but that'll be tonight.

*second update* - Added 2 new links and 2 new fics.

Added Chapter 7 to 'Show Me Love.'

Added Chapter 6 to 'Show Me Love.'

This is not really an update. My counter wasn't and still isn't working and I decided to see what was wrong. In the process, I accidentally deleted my main page. Yes I am quite the stupid moron. I apologize to anyone who tried to come here but couldn't. As you can see the main page looks just a tad different but I'll try and fix it later. I'm still working on Part 4 so bear with me people.

Chapters 4 and 5 added to 'Show Me Love.'

Chapter 3 added to 'Show Me Love.'

The beginning of a new fic by Dark Mistress 99. For those waiting for Part 4 of MPMP, there will be a delay. I really hope to have it out by late next week, sorry Michika.

*second update* Added Chapter 2 to 'Show Me Love'

Posted a new fic by Staare Vegeta called 'Unexpected Love'.

A new link and a new poem. Stay tuned for another update either later today or tomorrow.

I've rearranged the fanfic area a bit, but there's a new fic called 'The New Baby.' Oh and guess what? I got some awards - YAYYY. So there's a new section up for that and a big thanks to Nova for giving them to me. It will still be awhile for the last part of 'My Pleasure My Pain.'

Ok, there's a new part out for Tinni's 'True Love', and Part 3 to MPMP is out - hehe I hope you like it.

*second update* Boy is my tummy happy - gotta love them free Stampede breakfasts. Anyway, I added a pic to Part 3 of MPMP.

I promised some people that at 2500 hits, I'd create a real bio page. So if you're that desperate to learn about me, I've updated the 'About Me' section. Oh, and check back tomorrow because, hehehehehehehehehe, I might have something you're interested in. Oh yes and to my fellow Calgarians: YEE HAW, have a fun but safe Stampede.

Lots of stuff today. I'll be updating again later but for now, GO DIRECTLY TO CHAINS AND SHACKLES. Toshiba has sent in Part 5 and I want you to read it. It's really good and did I mention that all authors like to get email (hint, hint). Oh and Toshiba also has a new poem entitled 'Why' in the poetry section. More to come.

*second update* A new fic from Nova (unfinished but good stuff) and 3 new links. Part 3 to 'My Pleasure My Pain' is NOT out, but I'm working on it. I just got back from a ROAD TRIP so give me time.

Hmmm, now I forget, what was I updating now....oh wait....no that's not it....hmmm might it have something to do with a certain Part 2? Check it out.

There is a new part to Tinni's fic 'True Love' in the fanfiction section. Don't worry, I'm still working on Part 2 and hope to have it out later this week (that is if my left eye stops twitching).

Ok, this isn't really an update, more of a notice. Due to some events that have taken place, Part 2 of My Pleasure My Pain might be delayed in writing. I'm giving myself a 2 week time period and I hope I might even be done sooner. The complications in place have to do with the real world and all I'm saying is that they involve the police. Anyhoo, on a lighter note, it's my friend Pam's Champagne Birthday today, so Buon Compleanno.

1000 hits became official on Saturday June 17, 2000 at 7:50:33pm MDT. Anyway, Part 1 to 'My Pleasure My Pain' is up.

ALRIGHT! 1000 hits are just around the corner. Guess what? I have a new teaser pic for a fic out and I'll be posting Part 1 in just a few days (oh, like maybe tomorrow). Check it out, and no, it's not for 'His Blue Angel.' That is so on layaway, but don't worry, I think I like this fic better.

Woohoo! Toshiba-san has been very busy and sent me Chapter 4 to 'Chains and Shackles'. AND she has written a poem posted in the poetry section. What are you waiting for? Go there now!

Ok, I redid the picture for 'Twisted Souls' and coloured it on the computer. Please check it out, it's the best pic I've done and I'm really proud of how the dragon turned out. Oh and as you probably could tell, I have a new section on poetry. Even if you don't like poetry there's a pic there that I'm sure you B/V shippers would love.

*second update - added last chapter of 'You've Got Mail' and put some pictures up in the friends section.
Added a new fic called 'You've Got Mail'. It's incomplete but I should be adding the last chapter real soon.

Pictures, pictures everywhere (also redid the chains and shackles one).

I've added a picture for each fic, there will be more pics to come - better ones I assure you (hehe). I've also started a new section about my friends (now they have a reason to visit this site) but I'm in the process of scanning more pics. As you can tell my scanner is back on line - yee haw. Whoops, sorry about that, Cowtown mentality coming through.

MAY 31
The rest of 'Twisted Souls' has been posted.

MAY 30
A new fanfic by Meiko. I'll be adding the other chapters either later tonight or tomorrow.

MAY 29
I hope to have a fanfiction update later this week but until then there's a new link in the link section.

MAY 25
Another new link. Please bear with me, I've only known html for about a week and I'm just messing around with stuff. My scanner is having technical difficulties, but when it's fixed I'll be adding more pics.

MAY 24
Added 2 more fics by Tinni and a new link.

MAY 22
Added Chapter 3 to Chains and Shackles.

MAY 21
Well, my scanner is crap-diddly-ap! Not the major update I wanted to do, but there IS a new fanfic by EOC and Toshiba-san. It is still ongoing, but I hope to have the next chapter up in a couple of days.

MAY 19
Added some more links. This weekend I hope to do a big update but it all depends if my scanner gets fixed or not.

MAY 18
Added some links.

MAY 17
Still more to come. I added the rest of the parts to Til Death Do You Part.

MAY 16
Coming along slowly, but I've got the first 2 chapters of Til Death Do You Part out. Yay for me.