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Today's updates are:
The Dream Within Chapter 5
The Fast and the Furious Chapter 8
New Fic: Meant to Be Chapter 1

Stay tuned for a big update on the 30th (sorry, tomorrow is reserved for boxing day shopping ;p). Contest 5 (aka, "Contest Half a Million") is also on the horizon ;p!

New one shot - "Earth Shattering News"
There are a ton of new fics to come, so hopefully I'll have the time to put up at least one every couple of days.

Two new links in the links section (VegetableZ and Romantic Ageruyo).

Updates to fics:
Finding Venus Chapters XI - XIII
The Sinister One Chapter 10
The Fast and the Furious Chapter 7
Conquest - Bulma's Journal Part 3

Next update will include many of the new fics submitted to me. Also, due to plagiarism, Captive Hearts has been removed from my site.

Fixed the links section and added a new B/V link (Shattered Perfection).
New fic - Captive Hearts
Update to - No Time Chapter 14

Chapter 1 to the long anticipated Tsiru-sei Rising ^_^!

'Boy' Chapters 2 and 3
'The Sinister One' Chapters 7-9

I apologize for the late update. I'll try and do mini updates for the next couple of days. For today we have:
Who Says We're Too Young to Love Ch. 18
The Sinister One Chapters 4-6
The Fast and the Furious Chapter 6

I just recently finished a Flash class and I of course had to incorporate Bulma and Vegeta somehow in the Final Project ;p! Check it out here.

1 new gift art, and 1 award ^_^!
Blue Haired Woman and Her Prince Chapters 5-8
The Fast and the Furious Chapters 3-5

New Fics:
The Sinister One Chapters 1-3
The Seal of Precious Stone Prologue, Chapter 1

2 more new fanfics:
Nocturne By: Sango
Boy By: Rev Kurame

To all my fellow Canadians, I hope your Thanksgiving weekend has gone well. I'm heading out to a buffet soon so updates will be short (expect more tomorrow).

There are 2 new fanfics:
The Blue Haired Woman and Her Prince
Release (one shot)

The Bulma and Vegeta Pewter Art is now up for auction (merchandise section).

Also, Toshiba has COMPLETED Perchance to Dream of the Awakening Saga. Part 4 and the Epilogue have been added. Happy Reading ^_^!

BVD DX is now up for auction (check my merchandise section for the link). Also, a wonderful gift art from Teryn is in the fanart section.

Update to Conquest (Bulma's Journal Part 2)
New One Shot - Touch
New Fic - The Fast and the Furious

AND new section - Merchandise ^_^

Updates to fics:
Pride and Honor Chapters 3 and 4
Ashes to Ashes Chapter IV

I will have more fanfic updates tomorrow and perhaps a new section.

Congratulations to Rev Kurame and Gwendy for winning Forever's 4th Contest. Results are now posted.

Regular updates should be up by Monday night.

Ok, for all those who've been trying to vote, I've added NEW polls. Something is wrong with the International Voting site, so if it's fixed by the time voting ends, then I'll just add the votes together. Thanks to gokusgirl for pointing to a suitable poll substitute. I'll also be extending voting a couple of days, but I haven't marked the changes in dates yet. For real updates today we have:

Finding Venus Chapters VIII-X
Who Says We're Too Young to Love? Chapter 17

One final fanart entry has been added to the contest. Happy voting, things are looking interesting ;p!

***SECOND UPDATE - The POLLS are now up. Vote for your favourite fanfiction and fanart entries! Also, a new fanart and fanfic entry was added.***

Numerous Updates to the Fanfiction Contest Entries. POLLS WILL BE PUT UP LATER TONIGHT!!!!

IMPORTANT ANNOUNCEMENT: There were a few confused by the contest deadlines so this is what I'm going to do. I will allow submissions to continue until Tuesday night, however, polls will go up before then. Any completed entries by then will be added to the polls, but they will not get the full week's worth of voting. Any questions, please contact me.

Only contest updates today (1 new art, 1 updated fic, and 2 new fics). The rest of the submissions should be up by tomorrow or Sunday (if I can't update tomorrow, voting will be extended by a day).

A hidden doujinshi has been translated (just a short 3 page one).

SIX new Contest Fanarts (and an additional one has been fixed).

I also finally got around to updating the fanfic section:
No Time Chapter 13
Conquest Chapter 4
What's One Day Chapter 9 (Completed)
Finding Venus Chapters V-VII
New Oneshot - Waiting

The hidden doujinshi section has been moved back onto my server and two of the stories are now translated (One Last Kiss and Vege and Bluma #7).


Updates to fics: Silence Her With My Tongue, Dream of the Moon and For the Love of My Enemy
New Entry: Within the Arms of Death

Please note that the contest deadline has been extended by two weeks!

Thank you to all who signed my Guest Map. The limit of 100 was reached in just a couple of days, so I had to add a new one. There's a lot of fans from New Jersey and Texas. Also, for some reason, most of the Europeans picked the yellow-dress girl .... interesting.

Well, on August 6th, 2002, that 400,000th mark was reached. Very cool, thanks everyone!

Now it's time for my bi-annual poetry update ;p! There are 5 new poems.

For Fanart we have 3 new pics, and 1 gift art, very nice.

The next update will include a massive contest update (and I will be pushing back the deadlines at least another week), and after that .... maybe we'll finally get to those doujinshis eh?

By the way, in the guestbook section I have a new feature called a guest map. Please take a gander and mark it. Hopefully there's a fan in every province, every state, and at least 5 continents!

Not an actual update today. I was playing around with my new scanner and started to scan the covers of the doujinshi that I own. I have added that partial list to the doujinshi section.

Massive update today ^_^!

FOUR gorgeous contest fanart entries!

Updated fanfiction:
2 new interludes for Red Dragon: Old Heros & Amshah
Conquest interlude (Bulma's Diary) and Chapter 3
What's One Day Chapters 6-8
Unpretty Chapters 8-10
Ryuu no Nakeru Chapter 2
Finding Venus Chapters II-IV
Revised Edition of Who Wants to Live Forever (oneshot)

My next updates will focus on poetry, fanart and any contest entries ^_^!

Well, I'm back, no longer sick, but sadly missed my annual free Stampede breakfast :( .... anyway, I'll only be doing a contest update today:
SEVEN contest fanarts ^_^
2 new fics - A Loss A Gain and Trials of Destiny
1 updated fic - Dream of the Moon

My next update will concentrate mainly on updating fics I already host in the Fanfiction section.

There are 3 new contest fanfiction entries. Check them out! Also, I will be out of town for the next week, so if you *must* email me, please use the webmistress@adimra.100megs6.com email account. Now I'm off to pack.

Guess what? I now have one of the prizes up for the contest winners so go check it out! I still want to go to Chinatown to find some other stuff, but with the G8 in K-country the next few days and protesters flooding downtown Calgary, I'm going to wait until things die down. Updates for today include:

A new link - Kitty's DBZ Universe
Unbreakable Chapter 9
Who Says We're too Young to Love? Ch. 16
Shattered Tranquility Chapter 4
Chikyuu Captive (new)
Finding Venus (new)

Three new fics submitted over a month ago:
The Dream Within
Pride and Honor

Ai yi yi, it's been a month! You know it's bad when a real life friend complains about you not updating, and she doesn't really know what Dragonball is! To get over the depression of Italia's elimination from the World Cup, I did decide to update! There is just SO much that I hope to do continual updates over the next few days. To the people who've been sending new stuff in, I'll try and get back to you on the weekend. However, for today (woo hoo) we have:

SIX Contest Fanart entries,
1 Contest Fanfic entry,
A new International link (for all the Germans out there ^_^),
Saiyajin Storm Part 4
AND another Red Dragon Interlude (and it's good)!

That's all for now - you know you've spent a lot of time updating when you hear the radio play the same song twice (Chad Krueger's "Hero" for those interested).

MAY 20
The Internet conked out on me for a couple of hours today during my update, so there's not as much as I would have liked. A story from BVD Last Fiction (doujinshi) has been translated, and Mikami has been gracious enough to let me host all her works. I've posted all of her one shots in my one shot section. That is all.

MAY 15
That's right, today is FOREVER's 2nd Anniversary, I can't believe it's been 2 years. Today is a great day to kick off Forever's 4th CONTEST! Not only that, regular submissions are NOW OPEN, please read the guidelines carefully.

There are 2 fic updates today:
Saiyajin Storm Part 3 and
Who Says We're too Young to Love Chapter 15

OH, and I finally got off my butt and wrote the HOMAGE page. Stay tuned for this weekend when I'll put up translated doujinshi. Now I'm off to nap so I can be up for the midnight showing of STAR WARS tonight ^_^!

Lisalu has sent in her second interlude before Tsiru-sei Rising, called Atlas' Burden. There will be a couple more interludes, all leading up to the long awaited fourth part to the Red Dragon series.

I will also be adding a new section to my links. I am aware that I get a lot of visitors who don't speak English as their first language. If you have a B/V site that's not in English, please feel free to submit it to adimra2001@yahoo.com.

Oh and on a personal note, if anyone knows where to get bulk origami paper online that's really cheap, please email me. When I say bulk, I mean bulk - I need a *lot* of origami paper.

Ok, so it's been awhile - as my friend Jenn would say, I took a "Mental Health Week" off (in this case make it 2 weeks). I've been acting really crazy, psycho and snappish lately, so I needed time off. Oh and then of course there's finals, but we won't go into that. I have LOTS of fanfic updates today (and so that I could update faster, I didn't bother colouring the fonts or backgrounds of the chapters):

No Time Chapter 12
Saiya-jin Storm - NEW
Games of an Innocent Chapters 5 and 6
What's One Day Chapter 5
Vegeta Nibunnoichi - NEW
Machine Planet Saga Chapter 12
Ryuu no Nakeru Chapter 1

Two new links (the last two listed of the Bulma and Vegeta links) and I've finally got off my ass and fixed the doujinshi links. *Warning* I might temporarily close it after a few days so I can manage the bandwidth usage if it gets out of hand.

Ok, I have a lot more stuff to come but bear with me since it's the last couple of weeks of school. Today there are two new fanarts and an updated fanfic - Who Says We're Too Young to Love Chapter 14 (it's like taken me over a month to update it). Anyhoo, I'll try and make some gradual updates over the next couple of days.

For those of you who did not realize that I had the real link to A Glad Day Chapter 5 at the botton of the April Fools message, the link is now fixed ^_^!

Sorry about the delay, I'm almost done school so it's going to be a packed week. I'll have tons more updates after Thursday, but for now . . . A Glad Day is COMPLETE!!!! Have fun reading!

Happy Birthday to me ^_^! Inei Tenshi has sent in a lovely birthday picture for me (in the fanart section). Want to know my age? Well, I guess you could say it's a palindrome. Well, that's it, oh and all of Fleur's fics have been removed.

I have a new guestbook. Anyone who signed my old one since after I reached 300,000 hits, I never got the message. I tested it out, and none of the messages were recorded.

Updated Unbreakable Chapter 8
Revamped Links and Poetry sections

Well, it's officially March 11 and midnight, with only 11 hits to go before FOREVER's 300,000th hit. Luci has sent in a wonderful gift art commemorating the occasion (and I stole the bottom part of it, to make the header ;p). The rest can be found in the fanart section.

Sango has a new picture in the fanart section as well, and Chapter 13 of her 'Unexpected' has been updated.

Toshiba has the start of an excellent new fic, which was inspired by Contest # 3.

There's also a new link in the links section - Lisa Starr has a little space on the web for her fics.

I'll try and revamp some things next weekend - hehe, it's my birthday in 10 days.

Thanks for the 300,000 HITS!

Well, I had devotedly watched the Olympics and ended up slacking off in school (which is what I had to catch up on this week - that and watch Outlaw Star ;p). I'm sorry, but at least I have some updates today (I'll try and put up some fanart tomorrow):

No Time Chapter 11
Bulma and the Beast Chapter 12
New Fic by Meiko: Ryuu no Nakeru

There are also 4 new poems (FINALLY - I always take forever to update poems)

Well, after like 3 months, I've got part of the doujinshi section back up again ^_^!

Sorry, it's been a while. I'm really hoping I'll have the doujinshi back up soon (like next week sometime) but in the meantime:
Fanfiction Updates:
Shattered Tranquility Chapter 3
Bulma and the Beast Chapter 11
Who Says We're too Young to Love? Chapter 13B
and Lisalu has sent in a Red Dragon Interlude

Fanart Updates:
A new piece by Holly
A coloured piece by Inei Tenshi

I still have poetry and a few more fics to put up, so that will also be next week.

The full results can be found here.
Thank you to all artists and authors for their wonderful work, I was very impressed this time around. I'll be contacting the 1st, 2nd and 3rd winners shortly (I decided to give an award to 3rd place winners as well - 10 prism sticker cards).

Unbreakable Chapter 7
Unpretty Chapters 6 and 7

The contest winners will be announced tomorrow ^_^!

Wow you guys! Voting ends tomorrow night, and it looks like it might be a tight race ^_^. I didn't get much done today, but I plan on updating tomorrow. For now we have:

Chapter 10 of No Time, and Chapter 2 of Conquest, both by Lisa Starr

One new fanart by SJG64

Ok people it's VOTING time. 3 more contest fics have been completed and those that weren't, have been moved to the incomplete section at the bottom of the page. Read and look at everything before you vote please, so more than likely, I should see the bulk of the fanart votes later in the week (after I've moved them to my paid server so there's no "exceeded bandwidth" notices). Good luck to all entrants, I think it's going to be close. The voting links are in the contest section.

ANNOUNCEMENT: The server changes happened later than I expected and as such I was only able to update Lisa Starr's contest entry, and add a new art entry by Inei Tenshi. I will add an extra day to voting and will put up the polls tomorrow. For those who haven't seen all the art, and keep getting the error message by geocities, you can hold off voting until next week because I'll be switching the entries back to my server.

Contest Submissions are due tonight, so tomorrow I'll update the rest of the contest entries. Please note that the site will be DOWN for a couple of hours in the afternoon tomorrow because of server maintenance. I'll update after that, so technically I will accept any submissions until my next update (that should give some of you more time). For today:
4 New Contest Fanarts ^_^
3 Updated Contest Fics and 1 new one

Updated 8 new Contest Fanarts!

Well, I started school again this week, and it's going to be mighty busy my final semester in University. Oh how I long for my simple elementary school days where my only worry was whether or not I'd make it home in time for JEM! Anyhoo, I had *so* many submissions this week, I didn't have time to put them all up. So for today we only have Contest fanfics and a regular fanfic that I didn't update last time. I've got like 8 more Contest arts, a poem, and Lisa Starr updates in the wings (I'm thinking Tuesday).

Fanfiction - Heaven's Gate Part 7, the story is now completed

Contest Fanfics - 4 updates and 4 new entries (by NansJns, Verona-chan, Psycho Pixie and Lisa Starr)

I went shopping yesterday and guess what I bought? They're the prizes the contest winners will get and you can view them here. Notice that I now have 2 winners for each category ^_^! Now down to business:
There are SEVEN new contest arts - very impressive
For Contest fics:
A Muses's Gift, Last Impression, Memories, and The Prince and the Showgirl have been updated
There is also a new fic called 'For the Love of a Prince'

Fanart - there's a new one by SSJ Songfox
Fanfiction - 'Painfully Interesting' has been completed.

Well, here's my last update for the year. I'll be heading to Edmonton for the next couple of days, so please don't email me about anything until Wednesday.
Blood Red Nails Chapter 3
Last Impression Chapter 3
The Prince, the Thief and the Dragon Chapters 3,4,5
1 new Contest fanart by Brandy
A Christmas Gift from Gollum

I do have more things to update in my inbox, but those will have to wait until Wednesday/Thursday. Happy New Year everyone!


I hope you all enjoy the new front page. Well, let's get down to business:
Announcement: There has been a one week extension to the contest deadline because of real life situations so you all still have time to enter ^_^
-There are 5 new Contest Fanarts
-Updates to 3 Contest Fics (Memories, Last Impression, Blood Red Nails)
-Who Says We're Too Young to Love Chapter 13A
-AND Toshiba has completed Chapter 2 to The Torrents of Greed ^_^
-There's also a new link (and two others have been fixed)

That's it for today, I hope everyone has been having a great holiday!

Ahhhhh, no you're not dreaming, I'm actually UPDATING today ;p! Let's get right to it shall we:
Contest Fics:
Contest 2! - Fire and Ice by Lehua has been completed
Contest 3
Updates to A Muse's Gift, Memories, Blood Red Nails and The Prince, the Thief and the Dragon
New: Last Impression and The Prince & the Showgirl (by Ember Maxximus)
Regular Fics:
Unpretty Chapters 3,4,5
A Love of My Own Chapters 7,8,9
Ashes to Ashes Chapter III
No Time Chapter 9 and an Interlude

I'll try and update more in the next couple of days. In particular there's more contest fanart waiting to be showcased ^_^!

Wow, been a long time ne? I'm still so incredibly stressed and will be until next week but I thought I should put up at least some new content. So anyway, I've had like 7 beautiful contest pictures sitting in my inbox for awhile and thought I should share them with you. You'll notice that the contest fanart page is on geocities and that's just to save me some bandwidth. Go check out the beautiful pictures.

Oh, and Happy Birthday to Sango-chan ^.^!

As you have noticed Forever now has a new home. I'm now doing something I thought I'd never do and that's paying to keep this site up. Apparently I get too many visitors ;p! A *LOT* of the links will be messed up, but you should be able to read all fanfics, go to the links, and see the contest fanart for contest 3. Doujinshi will be down until Christmas vacation because all those links are broken. You may notice it's password protected, but I'm just messing around, and when I put it back up, everyone will be able to see it.

I only have two more weeks of school, but because of this move, I probably won't update until then (I'll try and do one this week, but we'll see). Also, update your bookmarks and what not as the site's address is now http://adimra.100megs6.com. I know there's a redirect from the old site, but I don't know how long I'll keep that up.

Bear with me folks, November is an *extremely* stressful month for me school wise. I'm lucky I could update the site today, especially since I'll be at school *all* day tomorrow, for our strategic simulation competition. I do have more fics to post, but today is just contest entries.

I'm very happy with the turnout so far. This week I added FIVE new contest stories. I'm very impressed. Also, Brandy submitted another fanart. Where are all my other artists ;p?

Like I promised, there are updates today:
2 new links (at the end of the list)
3 new poems
1 scanned doujinshi story (BVD Last Fiction)
A translated doujinshi one shot by Jadie (the one where Trunks gets in trouble) and a partially translated story by Lady Lark (Cry No More in the donated section).

Today I'm updating fics and contest entries. Tomorrow I'll try and do doujinshi, links and poetry, so come back then as well ^_^.
For today:
No Time Chapter 8
What's One Day Chapter 4
Unpretty Chapter 2
Painfully Interesting Chapter 4
Art by Brandy
Start of a fic by Mela989898

I apologize profusely, but there are no updates this week. November will be a total stress load with school, which will affect my free time (as in, I won't have any). I do have a long weekend next week, so I'll try and make it up to you all then.

Phew, I actually made it to the weekend. I have to survive a week at a time - stupid school. Anyhoo, updates are:
No Time Chapter 7
Shattered Tranquility Chapter 2
Heaven's Gate Part 6
Who Says We're too Young to Love? Chapter 12

And like I promised last week, Act 1 to BVD 69 is in the hidden section (though it's not too lemony). Because I only update once a week now, I'll try and update doujinshis every other week, sound good?

As you can tell by the lovely fanart here and on the main page (not to mention the counter), Forever received it's 200,000th hit the evening of October 11th, 2001. I never expected for my site to ever garner that many hits, so thanks to everyone who's ever visited.
Updates today are:
The picture on the main page is by Luci
The picture you see above is by Meia
A new poem by Water Lilly
And yes, I do accept poetry from new people (as opposed to fanfiction)
The Machine Planet Saga Chapter 11
Unbreakable Chapter 6
And a one shot given as a present to me for 200,000 hits by Lisa Starr. It's called 'Reflections.'

Come back next Friday or Saturday for more fics AND more doujinshi (FINALLY). I'll definitely be putting up Act 1 to BVD 69 (I know a lot of you wanted that ^_^).

First of all, for those of you who offered me their condolences and sympathies, I thank you very much and I apologize for not getting back to you. It's been a very hectic week, which is why I didn't update either. For the next little while, I will only be updating ONCE a week on either Friday or Saturday. This week updates are:
Allure has been completed
No Time Chapter 6
and Lisa Starr also sent in something new, her sequal to 'Beyond this Day' called 'Conquest.'

Oh and a Happy Thanksgiving weekend to my fellow Canadians out there.

I'll be leaving for my Grandmother's funeral in Vancouver within half an hour so I can only make a quick update. I will be gone all weekend so the next update will probably be on Wednesday at the earliest.

Tinni has completed 'Shadows' and that's what I updated. Check it out.

The link to Chapter 11 of Allure has been fixed, so thank you to the person who emailed me about it (I had uploaded it as an .htm file instead of .html).

Anyway, Bulma's side to 'A Glad Day' can now be read, as I have uploaded Chapter IV. To those of you who have slow connections, this chapter is over 400kb in size. You've all got a very long period of reading to do so I'd advise some of you to save it or something (especially if you don't have a cable modem).

Ok, *that* was the longest I've ever gone without an update. I think part of that is self explanatory with the events 10 days ago, but even more recent there was a death in the family (though the two are unrelated). I'm also getting back into the swing of things with my final year at University but hopefully I can crank out at least 2 updates a week. For today we have:
Ashes to Ashes Chapter II
Shattered Tranquility Chapter 1 (the sneak peek is now the Prologue)
Allure Chapters 10 and 11
New Fanart by Elaina.

This is a warning for you all to schedule some reading time for either Saturday night or Sunday. I'll be putting up Chapter IV of Lisalu's 'A Glad Day' tomorrow, and boy is it a doozy. Each new chapter she writes takes over the title of 'largest-single-file-on-my-site.'

Wow, that's one of the longest periods I haven't updated. Well, I've been having computer problems because the crappy computer sounds ready to explode. I had to transfer all files to the good computer, however, the good computer has Office 2000 and that just screws up all my files - hence I couldn't do updates (well, I could have . . . if I wanted to triple the size of all the files >.<). Anyways, I'm still prepping files on the crappy computer, but it could conk out at any second. But now let's get to the stuff you've all been waiting for:
Updated Fics:
Who Says We're too Young to Love? Chapter 11
No Time Chapter 5
Allure Chapters 8 and 9
New Fics:
Ashes to Ashes (the sequal to 'Dreams of Thee')
Flash-Frozen Heart (one shot)
AND, Toshiba sent in an Anniversary gift called 'Make Peace' in the one shots section. It's for the anniversary of when we met face to face ^_^!

A new link in the links section and Lisa Starr has completed 'Beyond this Day' (hurray)! Chapter 13 and the Epilogue have been posted.

Updates in pairs today:
2 new fanarts:
One by Brandy, another by Elaina
2 updated fanfics:
The Machine Planet Saga Chapter 10
Unbreakable Chapter 5
2 new poems:
Both by Lady Lark

That's all for now.

Meiko has completed 'Dreams of Thee' with Chapter IV and Harial has sent in Chapter 4 of 'Sailing.'

Today was one of those rare occurances where I kept getting kicked off the internet. But that's ok, because I went to a movie. Anyhoo, 'Beyond this Day' Chapter 12 is up.

Old Updates - April 6th, 2001 to August 17th, 2001
Old Updates - October 3rd, 2000 to March 30th, 2001
Old Updates - May 16th, 2000 to September 30th, 2000