April 16, 2003

I want to first apologize to all my faithful visitors. I've been a terrible webmistress and I'm sorry for making you wait so long for updates. I also want to give thanks to the following people who emailed me birthday wishes and I never emailed them back: Library Surfer, Drea, Blue Siren, R. Peeler, Melina, Galadrial, Kat and Dancnfeet.

Secondly, I must announce that the Contest deadline has been EXTENDED for another 3 weeks. Hopefully that will give people enough time to finish their submissions.

Now for some updates:
Who Says We're Too Young to Love is now COMPLETE! The epilogue is up.
Conquest Chapter 6
1 Updated Contest fic
1 New Contest fic
4 New Contest fanarts!
more to come....

March 21, 2003

Happy Birthday to ME! ^_^! Thanks to all the well-wishers. For all others out there born in 1980, if you add the first two digits of the year with the last two digits, that's the age you'll be turning ;p!

Just a small update today since I have to clean the house before tonight:
Two updated contest fics: "A Regular Bonnie and Clyde", and "What Matter's Most"

March 19, 2003

Updated Fics:
Who Says We're too Young to Love Ch. 20
The Fast and the Furious Ch.10

One new fanart
Updated 3 fics
2 new fics (just prologues, will add more Friday)

There's also a new link: Valeyard's Lair of Vegeta

Next update will hopefully be Friday (my birthday ^_^).

March 1, 2003

Finally some fanfiction for you:
Conquest Chapter 5
1 updated Contest fic and
3 NEW Contest fics

February 27, 2003

Yeesh, I've been gone awhile ne? I'm very sorry for the lack of updates. To make up for it, there is now a new section under Doujinshi called Prince and Showgirl ^_^! Some of you might remember that name from Contest 3, and guess what, there's an actual doujinshi - 2 in fact (possibly 3). Only the first 12 pages are up because I only want to post it completely translated. I also updated the Merchandise section and am auctioning off Volume Two of The Prince and the Showgirl.

In other updates, there are 3 great new Contest fanarts! There's also a new link (Kat's DBZ Fanfiction) in the B/V links section.

Tomorrow I'll get around to updating fanfiction (contest and otherwise).

February 01, 2003

Well, instead of doing small updates throughout the week, I'll make up for it with a big update tonight:

Tsirusei Rising Chapter II
Unbreakable Chapter 10
Enigma Act III
The Blue Haired Woman and Her Prince Chapter 9
With One Last Breath Chapter 2
AND a Contest 5 Fanfiction Entry (Crossing the Rubicon)

I still have even more fics to update, so that may come next week. By the way, GONG HAY FAT CHOI! I believe it's now the Year of the Ram ^_^!

January 27, 2003

Well, you'll all be spared my fanart for this update as there are 3 new Art Contest entries (By: Dona, Drea and Gwendy).

Updated fics:
Enigma Act II
The Fast and the Furious Chapter 9

I wanted to do more updates this weekend but with the SQL Slammer my Internet connection was slow going to non existent. I'll update more fics throughout the week.

January 17, 2003

Updated the Merchandise section. Next update I may finally get around to posting my own fanart (haha, some of it's pretty bad).

January 16, 2003

2 new fics:
Mind Games and
With One Last Breath

There's also a new Contest FANART entry ^_^! Keep 'em coming. My next update will include the Merchandise section!

January 8, 2003

At 3:15pm today, Forever received its HALF A MILLIONTH HIT! Woo hoo! I want to thank all my visitors for the past 2 and a half years. You guys keep the love of Bulma and Vegeta alive ^_^!

Anyway, I updated the hidden doujinshi section so the story from BVD DX is now translated. I also added new Kuri titles to the section that shows which doujinshi I own. I'll get back to fanfiction updates this weekend! Thanks again everyone!

I still need a Japanese translator. It's not hard to figure out for what ;p so PLEASE email me!

January 6, 2003

**SECOND UPDATE - 3 new poems and 1 Fanart CONTEST entry ^_^**

Happy New Year Everyone! Can you believe I have a doujinshi update?! Been awhile eh? Well, a story from BVD Selection is now up and I may do that poetry update later on today. Meanwhile I need some Japanese translators for a *VERY* special project. Anyone interested? Just email me ^_^!

December 30, 2002

Ok here we go:

Details for CONTEST 5 are UP!
Who Says We're Too Young to Love Ch. 19
New Link: Ebony & Azure
Fixed emails for: Constance and Jadelnino
New Fanart by Bulmafox
4 New Fics:
A Mission Failed, A Heart Discovered
Frieza's Plan
A Day With Vegeta (oneshot)

Phew! Well that's it for now. The next update I will finally get around to doing poetry! Have a Safe and Happy New Year everyone!

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