chapter 2

the first bond

About a week later since the incident at the mall...

For about the forth time Vegeta had went to Bulma to fix the buzzing noise his gravity machine. It was driving him crazy. It was driving Bulma crazy too because she practically turned the machine inside out and she still couldnít find what was making the noise.

"Are your sure the noise is not just in your head, Vegeta!" She yelled.

"In know what Iím hearing woman! I hear it all the time. In the house too!" He yelled back.

"Now I know its in your head! Vegeta, Iíve got work to do!" She started to leave.

"Wait! Iíll show you." He walked over to the gravity control and began turning the machine on.

"STOP!! I knew it! Youíre trying to kill me!" Bulma made a dash for the door. Vegeta seemed to appear in front of her. He grabbed her arms and turned her around.

"I just turned it on, stupid! I didnít turn on the gravity." He leaned closer to her and whispered in her ear "Now listen."

Bulma strained her hearing for about a minute trying the hear the buzzing sound "I donít hear it Vegeta!"

"What do you mean you donít hear it?" He yelled and made exaggerated hand gestures toward the left side of the room. "Itís buzzing! And itís driving me crazy!"

"Trust me Vegeta, you were already crazy." She turned to leave.

"You really canít hear it?" He asked in disbelief. "Itís coming from over there" He started floating to the left side of the gravity room. He stared up at the ceiling and for the first time the saw the shiny black lens of a camera. It was smaller than the head of a pin.

"Whatís this?" He asked pointing to the camera.

Bulma could feel the blood rush to her face. She bowed her head down and covered her face with her hands. "A camera." Her words were muffled.

Vegetaís body just froze, his eyes became wide, and his jaw dropped. He had never felt so violated in his entire life. After about a minute his voice came back to him. "Where else do you have these cameras?" He was too shocked to be angry.

"Everywhere." Bulma said in a small embarrassed voice.

"In my room?" He was starting to get angry now.

"No" She answered in an even smaller voice.

"In my bathroom?" He was frowning his voice reflected his anger.

"No" She said in a whisper and on the verge of tears.

"Do you not trust me?" He asked sadistically.

"No, its not that. Its..." She was about to cry when Vegeta interrupted her.

"Then why all the heavy security!" He spat out.

"Its not security!" she protested "Itís itís... so I can see you ..and know you..." she answered barely above a whisper. Tears were streaming down her face.

Vegeta was shocked by her answer. He took a deep breath to calm his anger. "Youíre strange Bulma." There was no venom in his voice. Vegeta felt a little flattered that she went to so much effort to know him, but he also felt a little... afraid.

This was the first time Vegeta had ever said her name. She couldnít help herself from flashing him a happy smile. Even though she feared she had blew it with him, big time.

He just shook his head and looked at her like she was crazy.

"Do you want me to take them out?" She asked in a sad voice. She was afraid his answer would be yes.

Vegeta paused before he answered "ItĎs up to you. I just wanted to know where the noise was coming from and what it was. Now that I know, it makes no difference to me." he turned his back to her "Anyway if thatís how you get your kicks...who am I to stop you!" (honestly he wanted those noisy cameras taken out immediately. The buzzing was driving him nuts!!!! And he didnĎt know what possessed him to tell her no)

Bulma was to embarrassed by the whole situation to yell at Vegeta for his last remark. But she was happy that he allowed them to stay. Moreover it didnít ruin their friendship. So instead she just quietly left the gravity room. It would be about a week before they talked again.


It was Vegeta who spoke to her first. He needed repairs and an upgrade on his gravity room. (Something other than the buzzing sound of the monitors.)A day ago, a strange mysterious boy with lavender hair came from the future killed Freza and told the Z senshi about some androids who were going to arrive in about three years....

As Bulma worked on Vegetaís gravity machine she could feel Vegetaís gaze as he watched her. So she made sure to be as feminine and flirty as she could. Vegeta could tell that she was trying to seduce him into having a relationship. He began to speak.

"Bulma" his tone was as kind as he could make it considering there were now two SSJís and he wasnít one of them. He was sitting with his back against the wall, one of his legs was bent indain style, the other was tucked close to his chest and he had his arm resting on his knee.

"Yes Vegeta-chan." She had a happy ring in her voice

"I donít want a mate. I just want to be stronger than Kacarrott, destroy those androids, and then kill him." His voice was calm and serious (but still sort of kind.)

Bulmaís body stiffened and she dropped her tools. She was totally expecting him to say something else.


About two weeks later:

Diiinnng dooooonnnng: the door bell

Vegeta, who was taking a break from training and was watching tv tried to ignore it. A few minutes pasted then it rang again. Vegeta knew it wasnít for him, so he ignored it again. A few seconds later it rang again but this time it was in a bunch of impatient short rings.

Vegeta, irritated with the sound of the bell and more irritated with whoever was ringing it, decided to slowly go and answer the door. He was surprised to see who was at the door. There was Yamcha with his finger on the door bell button. He gave Vegeta who was scowling, a wide stupid grin.

"Hi ya Vegeta!" Yamcha stood in the door way afraid to walk past Vegeta to get into the house. He had on a badly pressed suit and a bunch of weeds (flowers) in one of his hands.

"What do you want!?!" Vegeta asked in his usual grumpy voice even though he was majorly pissed. Vegeta had one hand placed possessively on the door arch way and the other on the door. He purposely blocked Yamchaís entry.

"I ...I ya ... came to..." Suddenly his eyes lit up and he smiled at someone behind Vegeta "Hi ya Bulma-baby ready to go!!"

Vegeta instantly turned around to see if Bulma was really there. He couldnít believe it. She was. She had on a long, tight, leather black dress that was spilt on both side high on her hips. It was sleeveless and the sides were tied together with what looked like leather shoe strings, revealing that the only thing she had on was that dress. He couldnít help but catch her scent as the breeze brought it past him. Her natural fragrance intoxicated his senses. (What Vegeta didnít know was that Bulma had done about 50 sit ups and ran around her room about 20 times in that very hot leather dress so that she would get all sweaty so her natural fragrance would permeate his senses.)

"Almost" she happily told Yamcha "I forgot my purse up stairs. Iíll be right back."

As Bulma seductively walked to the stairs a new emotion made its presence known inside Vegeta. It was an emotion never felt by the Sayien prince. It was stronger than fear and more deadly than hate. He couldnít place it. He couldnít name it. And he definitely couldnít tame it. This warrior who was a master at masking and controlling his emotions regressed to a novice when it came to this new feeling. He slowly turned back to Yamcha. Yamcha didnít notice Vegeta, he was mesmerize by the seductive swinging of Bulmaís hips. Slowly the most malicious frown appeared on Vegeta face. Yamcha felt Vegetaís ki increase and barley had the time to turn his gaze upon him before Vegeta blasted him, sending him fly off the Capsule Corps property, through cars, trees, and buildings until he was so far away he disappear from sight.

Bulma gasped.

Vegeta angrily spun around to face her and was about to give her the tongue lashing of a lifetime. When he looked at up her, he stopped before he uttered out his first word.

She was laughing and she had a victorious grin on her face "I knew it!!... I knew it I knew it I knew it!"

"You say that you donít want to be my mate.." She put her hands on her hips in a victorious type pose. "But you donít want me to mate with any one else either. Vegeta youíre just a.."

"I donít care what you do woman!" He interrupted and slammed the door closed behind him and crossed his arms.

"Nan de mo Vegeta! If you didnít care then why did you get so jealous!"

Vegeta just frowned at her and gave her an unreadable expression. ĎJealous?... That was jealousy?í Vegeta was impressed by the possibility of how much power he could generate by this new emotion.

Bulma sighed to calm her self down. She knew that he had regained his composer and to argue with him now would be futile. He was the master when it came to arguing. "Do you think you killed him?"

That feeling surfaced again and was apparent on his face even though he tried miserably to hide it.

"Why do you care?" He said calmly but the anger in his voice made each syllable rumble like thunder.

She smirked victoriously at him and his pitiful attempt to hide his jealously.

"I donít." and with that she walked up stares ĎBulma One: Vegeta ZEROí

Vegeta was surprised by her last remark. As he watched her walk with a victorious strut up the steps, he couldnít help but laugh softly to him self. ĎShe tricked me. That little Baka actually tricked me!... Maybe she not so stupid after all!í

He walked out the door and to the gravity room to train. He wanted to see if this new emotion was a friend or foe when it came to fighting.


After the Yamcha incident Vegeta and Bulma decided to explore the possibilities of a relationship. It was going slow. Vegeta didnít want to get physical ( he was afraid of becoming bonded to her. Although Bulma didnĎt know that) Almost every day they would get into a vicious argument. Most of the time, the arguments the had were about things of little importance to either of them. (As if he wasnít stressed enough) Sure the anger was helping him train but at what cost. He was getting tired of the relationship thing. It seemed to cause more pain than happiness. He decided to just relented in the verbal fights, so sheíd be happy and heíd have some peace. But that planned back fired. Instead, it seemed to make her more argument hungry...

Vegeta and Bulma were having another spat. And Bulma felt that victory was hers; although,, she wasnít sure if Vegeta was allowing her to win again. It was starting to become a habit of his for some reason. But honestly she didnít care She was in her victory pose ( Standing, legs spread wide, hands balled in a fist and placed on the hips, elbows out, head held high)

The Vegeta stopped and looked at her narrowing his eyes. He turned on his heels and walked out of her room.

"Where are you going Baka!" She yelled.

He didnít answer he just walked down the hall and went down the stairs.

Bulma just stood there trying to recap the argument. "I hope I didnít say something that truly offended him." She ran out her room and followed him. He was going to the gravity room. "Where are you going?"

She called out to him.

"To train." He answered back. He didnít sound angry. He sounded like he had something on his mind.

"Are you angry at me?" She had finally caught up with him. She was breathing hard; she out of breath.

He stopped walking and turned to face her. "Do all Earth women yell at their husbands?"

She was stunned by his question. She wasnít sure how to answer it. If she said no he might dump her and find someone less volatile. If she said yes it might scare him from the idea of marriage all together.

"Um..well I guess when they are fighting."

He nodded his head. She could tell by his eyes that there was more behind this question. He started walking away from her again.

"Why? Why did you want to know?"

He inhaled deeply and debated whether to even talk to her any more tonight. Then he turned back to her

"My Mother...although I donít remember much about her, I never heard her yell at my father."

"She was probably afraid that your father would blast her." Bulma mistakenly said under her breath. She quickly covered her mouth with her hands. She did not intend for that to be an outspoken thought.

"And what would you know about my father!" Vegeta spat out. His disgust with her was clearly audible.

He turned away from her and walked into the gravity room.

She followed him in and grabbed his wrist "Iím sorry Vegeta I didn..."

He turned to face her ripping his wrist from her grasp. Angrily he glared deep into her eyes. She shivered. She had never seen him look like he hated her so much.

"Do I hit you?" His voice rumbled like thunder.

"No." She felt so embarrassed and ashamed.

"Then what would ever make you think my father would hit my mother?" He said in almost a whisper but his voice still rumbled like thunder.

"Iím sorry Vegeta...I.. I wasnít thinking.." Tears began to fall from her eyes.

"Exactly! Get out of my sight!" His words were calm but the tone was cruel. He turned his back to her.

She was in shock. She blew whatever chance they had, and she knew it. She slowly started walking toward the gravity door. After she got to it she closed it gingerly and softly leaned her back against it. Silent tears streamed her face.

Vegeta on the other hand, was not feeling any better than she was, but he wasnít going to cry about it. He was going to train. Yep, train until he was to exhausted to think about her. He walked over to the controller and set the gravity to 300. He was about to press the start button when he saw Bulma still in the gravity room through his peripheral vision.

"Woman! You could have been killed!!" He yelled in shock.

She shrugged her shoulders and shook her head. She didnít care. The tears were really streaming down her face now. Her eyes looked vacant. Vegeta stomped over to her and grabbed her shoulders.

"Whatís wrong with you?" He yelled shaking her gently.

She didnít respond.

His sigh sounded like a growl. "So what, I won the fight! Its not worth killing yourself over!"

The blank expression in her eyes began to disappear and she started focusing on Vegeta "Iím sorry Vegeta. Iím soo sorry!" She was crying hysterically.

He looked quizzically at her "I donít know what that is."

"Wha.." She looked at him through blood shot eyes. Her head tilted to the side and she was still crying.

"Sorry" he shrugged his shoulders " I donít know what that is."

"Itís when you feel bad for doing something or saying something" she could barely get the words out through her hiccups.

He tilted his head back and nodded and raised his eyebrows a little "I see."

She could tell that he still had no clue what she was talking about. Good or bad he was proud of every thing he had done in his life. She smiled warmly at him through her tears because she knew that he had forgiven her.


"Yes Vegeta" She was still hiccupping.

"I donít want to fight anymore."

"What. You train so hard...."

Vegeta sighed and started shaking his head. She didnít understand what he meant.

"I though you liked to fight?" She still didnít understand.

"I do. I live for it. I just donít want to fight with you."

"Oh...." her heart sank ĎOh Kame, he hasnít forgiven me! Heís breaking up with me!!!í

He noticed the fear in her eyes. "Bulma, Iím not sure how you earth woman communicate for I only have to go by you, Kacarrottís mate and your.. Ďidiotí... mother. but there has to be some sort of medium..." His voice was calm and serious. "Or I wonít want to do this anymore."

She blinked hard. "So we're going to be all lovey dovey now?"

He just looked at her. He had no clue what she was talking about and he wasnít going to make her any promises that he wouldnít want to keep in the future. "No."

She titled her head to the side and looked quizzically at him.

"I just want to be able to have a conversation with you sometimes. Is that too much to ask for?" He stated in an irritated sigh.

She nodded her head then shook it she wasnĎt sure how to answer. "Right now?" She asked innocently between sniffs.

Vegeta eyes grew wide. He really wasnít in the talking mood right now. "No. Right now I want to train." He opened the door and gently pushed her out.

"Later tonight then?"

Vegetaís eyes narrowed he was planning to train until morning but he decided not to tell Bulma "Yeah sure, after I train. Just donít wait up." He closed the door in her face.

As Vegeta walked over to turn on the Gravity machine a new emotion came over him. Regret. He regretted that he ever told Bulma that he wanted civilized conversations. Because what he meant was that he should talk and all she should do is listen and take orders.

That was one of the last stupid arguments they had with real venom behind their words. Of course they still argued, all the time. (they both had the strongest wills on the planet.) They just decided not to argue for the sake of arguing. Their relationship became closer; even though, they saw less of each other. Vegeta became obsessed with becoming a SSJ and Bulma caught up on work.


Early one morning Vegeta went into Bulma bedroom and watched her sleep. He usually did this outside her window but today he wanted to wake her up. He missed her. He hadnít really seen or spent time with her for about a month.

"Wake up" he whispered in her ear.

Thinking the voice was a dream she slowly lifted her head and began to open her eyes "IIEEEEEE" Vegeta grabbed her mouth. He didnít want to hear her scream. After she calmed down he began to speak

"I think we should spend the day together, so hurry up and get dressed" He turned and walked out her bedroom door.

"Ok!" she said excitedly "Iíll be ready in a minute!"

She was ecstatic. She jumped out of the bed and into her private bathroom, to shower. Although she tried to be quick about it, it took her about 30 minutes and another 45 minutes to pick out an outfit and an hour to do her hair an make-up. This was her first real date with Vegeta. She wanted to look perfect. She felt absolutely beautiful as finally made her way down stairs. She had her hair in a beautiful yet pain stakenly hard to do up-sweep bun with a few soft curls that haloed her face. She wore a powder blue on powder blue embroidered walking suit (if your didnít know a walking suit is a short/mini dress with a matching jacket that is slightly/sometimes much longer than the dress) She saw Vegeta waiting for her with his arms crossed. He didnít have on his training clothes. He had on a pair of khaki chinoís and a royal blue mock turtle-neck sweater. And black casual boots. He looked very GQ. Bulma praised herself mentally for picking out that outfit.

"I knew your minute would take his long. Thatís why I woke you up so early." He said almost jokingly.

She smiled at him as she happily bounced with each step she took down the steps. ĎAt least heís not upsetí

"Where are we going?" She asked as she walked closer to him. She was only standing inches from him now and she desperately wanted to wrap her arms around him and kiss him. But decided against it. For reasons unknown to her, the Prince did not favor physical contact and she didnít want to push him away. Especially since he had finally asked her out on a date.

"Out." He stated simply. Actually he had no idea. He had been trying to think of a place to go ever since he asked her out. It was a spontaneous unknown feeling that made him walk into Bulmaís room, wake her up, and ask her to join him today. He really wanted to train.

She smiled at him and followed him out the door. "Should I drive or is the pleasure yours since your not telling me where we are going." She cocked an eyebrow.

Vegeta turned to look at her with a mischievous glint in his eyes. "I think weíll fly"

She tilted her head back "Ok" and reached into her jacket pocket to get the capsule with the hover jet in it.

"Silly girl" Vegeta quickly snaked his arms around her waist, kiíd up and blasted into the air.

The pressure of elevating so fast suppressed her urge to scream. Not that she didnít want to scream. She just couldnít get it out. Vegeta looked down at her face and her eyes. Her look of pure terror made him chuckle. He then turned his gaze ahead. He had no idea where they were going. He was just flying aimlessly.

After about ten minutes Bulmaís fear began to reseeded. She was safe in Vegetaís arms. Well at least for the moment she felt safe. But that wasnít important. SHE WAS IN HIS ARMS!!!! ĎOh Kame yes Iím in Vegetaís arms! Heís holding me and Iím holding...oh wait Iím not hold him. My arms are just flailing in windí She fought against to wind currents to wrap her arms around his neck. He looked down at her. She looked into his gorgeous dark eyes and thought she saw a flicker of emotion them. Then he looked ahead again. Not sure if she did something wrong, she almost let him go but instead she snuggled closer to him. She may never have this opportunity again. ĎYes Kame yes IíM HOLDING VEGETA IN MY ARMS!!!í

Unknown to Bulma, Vegeta tensed up when she wrapped her arms around his neck. Lost in his own thoughts about where they were going he forgot that he was holding her so close. For all these months he had kept his distance from her. Fearing that being too close in proximity would bond them, or at least bond him to her. He had even admitted to himself that he was terrified of being trapped in a one sided bond. He wasnít sure if humans new what it meant to love. Not that he did, but at least he knew he would never leave his mate. If he should choose to have one, that is. But humans, they discarded mates like he changed the style of his uniforms. He had seen them , those humans, on tv screaming at their mates proclaiming their love for another. Even Bulma expressed her attraction to him while she was still with that Baka Yamcha. He swore to himself that he would never be in that situation. He would never be rejected! But when she put her arms around him and looked into his eyes... for a moment he thought....maybe. Then he pushed the thought away and replaced it with ĎMaybe sheíll reject me and Iíll kill myself because of my unfulfilled desire to be with her!!í

Vegeta started to fly faster. Bulma squealed and tucked her head into the nape of Vegetaís chest, shielding herself from the wind, until she heard a strange BOOOM.

She looked up at him. "Was that the sound barrier?"

Vegeta smirked.

She snuggled closer. The wind was almost to much for her to bare. Yet she wasnít cold. His body heat was keeping her warm.

He noticed her struggling against the wind. He was surprised and impressed that she didnít complain. He slowed down until the wind would comfortably breeze past her. To him, it was like moving at a painfully slow crawl but the way she looked up at him a smiled her beautiful appreciative smile. He thought ĎMoving this slow is not soo bad.í Anyway, it wasnít like they were going toward any particular destination. After a few more minutes she spoke.

"Thank you Vegeta." she shivered from excitement "Iíve never flown like this before!!"

Vegeta didnít show any reaction to her comment but inwardly he was pleased that he was making her happy and that Baka Yamcha never did this for her. ĎI have to learn to control my jealousyí He thought as that now familiar emotion surfaced and burned through his blood at the thought of Yamcha and Bulma, together. They had flown around the planet twice but Bulma didnít notice. She had her head buried in Vegetaís chest. Vegeta still had no idea where they were going. However, he wanted to land soon. He was getting way too comfortable with the idea of having Bulma in his arms. He saw a little island in his peripheral vision and flew towards it. He landed on one of its highest cliffs. It couldnít have been more perfect if he had actually planned it. The landscape was lush with tropical flowers and plant life, exotic birds flew above them, singing them a sweet melody. And an exquisite cascading water and its rainbow was in clear view. And to make it worse the sky was clear with only a few white, puffy, slow moving, clouds and the sunshine fell through the trees like the rays of heaven shining down on the both of them. It was perfect. Too perfect.

As Vegeta gently placed Bulma on the ground she simply gasped. She had never seen a place so beautiful in her entire life. Not even in a dream. And now here she was in her own little real life dream world and who brought her here. Vegeta. She couldnít believe it. She looked back at him and was in awe by the way rays of the sun shone on him. He looked almost angelic. Tears of joy started forming in her eyes. She wouldnít dare let them drop. Heíd call her weak or something worse. Though he was looking at her too. His face was intense and unreadable but the emotion in his eyes was... strange.. it almost looked like......fear?

ĎOh Kame....í Vegeta thought as he looked at her. He could see how happy he had made her. ĎShe thinks I planned to bring her here!í

She ran to him and wrapped her arms around his neck. He had grabbed her shoulders just in time to stop her from kissing him. She stiffened. She got the hint even, if she didnít understand the reason behind it. A tear fell from her eyes, but it wasnít from joy. She slowly backed away from him, turned and walked to the edge of the cliff. She sighed. It was a beautiful view but this was no dream world. She looked back at her prince and held back her tears. She felt utterly rejected. She turned back to the view in front of her as her tears started streaming down her face. They almost mimicking the waterfall.

"Why did you bring me here?" She asked dejectedly.

"I was getting... tired and this island seemed like as good a place as any to land." His words did not come out a icy as he hoped. Her sorrow was affecting him.

"Oh." she said and nodding. Her back was still toward him.

He started walking toward her "Are you ready to go?" His voice sounded unsure and almost apologetic.

She spun on her heels to face him. Which was very dangerous since she was standing on the edge of a very high cliff. "I never want you to touch me again! I hate you! I hate you for making me love you so, and never once giving me any affection in return!!"

Vegeta was surprised by her rage and unconsciously stepped back. Then he started to walk to her again. He noticed that she was very very close to edge so he put his hand out for her to grab it.

She hit it away "I said donít touch me!" She spat out and stepped back. But there was no ground to place her foot and she started to fall back. Instinctively she leaned forward, though she was still falling, she was able to stop her descent by grabbing a root that stuck out of the cliff. "VEGETA!!!!"

Vegeta, terrified at first, had already ran to the edge when he saw her grab the root. Now he just stood there, with an air of superiority and watched her dangle from the root; trying to save herself from her impending doom.

"You called?" He smirked.

She was crying. This time it was not happiness or sorrow. This time it was fear that brought forth the tears. The fear of dying. "Vegeta." she managed out in a whisper "Save me."

Vegeta raised an eyebrow "Save you?" He said in a sarcastic tone. "How can I possibly save you if Iím not allowed to touch you?"

Bulma started to cry harder. The root was cutting into her hands and her blood was making her loose her grip "Vegeta me.."

"How pray tell?" He interrupted nonchalantly shaking his head slowly and crossing his arm.

"Iím sorry...." She whispered through her tears. She was losing her grip.

"I bet" He interrupted arrogantly staring down at her. He was enjoying this immensely.

Just then she lost her grip and was plummeting toward the earth. She refused to scream. She wouldnít give him the satisfaction. She just watched him laughing at her as she fell. She knew that her death was about to come, so she closed her eyes and cursed him before she died.

When she finally closed her eyes, he guessed to pray to Kame for her soul ,he flew down the caught her and held her in the cradle position. For a few minutes she was still. He guessed waiting for death to take her. Slowly she began to open her eyes. Finding herself still alive.

She let out a blood cruderling scream. He almost dropped her from the intensity of it.

"Would you SHUT UP! You almost busted my ear drums!" He yelled.

" were going to let me die!" She screamed started pounding on him with her bloody fist "I hate you! Do you hear me I hate you!" She spat out.

"Yes! I hear you loud and clear. So would you please stop yelling!" He said almost jokingly.

Of course she didnít. She was furious. She had begged for him to save her life and he refused! She would of hated him for real if she didnít already love him so much. So as her words lost their venom her pathetic hits increased theirs, until her hands throbbed from the pain. She then wrapped her arms around his neck and cried hysterically into his shoulder.

With a satisfied smirk, Vegeta shook his head slowly side to side and thought to himself ĎLittle one, donít you know that I would never allow any harm to come to you.í

Bulma almost immediately stopped crying, lifted her head, and looked at Vegetaís face. He looked back at her, his eyes wide. He was unsure of the reason behind her sudden mood swing.

"Did you say something?" She asked him. Her red rimmed eyes looked at him quizzically.

Vegetaís eyes got wider as he slowly shook his head, No. ĎDid she hear my thoughts?í He asked himself.

"Are you sure?" Her eyes narrowed and her brow forked.

"I did not utter a word Bulma" He said in an absolute tone.

She looked away from him because she was confused. ĎI could have sworn I heard him say that he would never hurt me. But then again ... I didnít actually hear him. It was more like a ..í She started to shake her head side to side in disbelief of what she just heard. Instead she attributed it to her recent state of shock and terror.

Vegeta watched her as they flew. He began to wonder himself. He decided to return to the island and landed by the water fall. (but not close enough to get doused by itís mist.)

"Why did you bring me back here Baka!" She spat out.

"Because you look like $#!+ and you need to get cleaned up!"

"Oh, I wonder why!" She said sarcastically as she walked over to the water and bent down to see her reflection. Unfortunately for her Vegeta saw her shocked expression and chuckled. She had mascara streaks down her face. Her eyes had red rims and were swollen from crying. Her nose was pink. Her cheeks were flushed. And her hair...(Ohhh Kami her hair. I donít even want to mention the hair) She whispered "I hate you Vegeta" as she fell on her knees, cupped her face in her sore hands, and began to sob. ĎI was so beautiful when I left the house this morning.í

Vegeta slowly walked to over to her and bent down next to her. He whispered in her ear "You donít look that bad"

A muffled "Leave me alone" was Bulmaís response.

Vegeta gathered the end of his sleeve in his hand and dipped into to crystal clear water. With his other hand he cupped Bulma chin making her face him. She tried to protest his gentle touch. But stopped when she looked into his eyes. He looked at her as if he were...sorry? She began to speak

"Shhhhhhh" He seductively and gently commanded. She obeyed. She sat there still and quiet looking up as in a trance into his dark eyes. She shivered when she felt the cold wet tip of his sleeve gently wipe the mascara streaks off her face, but her eyes never left his. She wanted to be lost in his eyes. She knew they were the gateway to his soul and the messengers of his thoughts and feelings. He stared into her eyes too. His actions although gentle and seductive were mechanical. His focus was on his thoughts

ĎDid she actually hear me? No, no she couldnít have. She is a human. Humans canít bond with Sayienís can they?í

"Vegeta" Bulma spoke in a whisper "I donít hate you"

"Hmph" Vegeta stood up and left her to wash her face herself.

She dipped her hands in the water. The cool water soothed her aching hands. She then splashed the water on her face and scrubbed her face clean. Her clean face radiated with natural beauty. She turned toward Vegeta as she reached into her pocket to get the capsule that held her make-up.

"Donít!" He was in awe of her natural beauty.

"Donít what?" she spat out. She didnít hate him but she was still angry.

"Donít put that crap back on your face! Thereís no need to make yourself to more ugly than you already are!"

Bulma smiled she knew how to read between the lines. She peeled off her jacket. She was starting to sweet. "Where are we? Itís sweltering."

"I have no idea" Vegeta couldnít take his eyes off Bulma. She was so beautiful. He shook those thoughts out of his head "Are you ready to go?"

She sighed as she looked around the picturesque environment "No. I think we should stay here for a while"

"I donít. Iím hot"

"Thatís why Iím a genius and your not" She said smugly.

"What are you talking about Baka?" He said trying not to pass out from a heat stroke.

She reached into her jacket pocket and pulled out a capsule "Iím always prepared!"

"Well good for you, but weíre leaving anyway because Iím hot" He was fanning himself with his sweater

She popped open the capsule and there was a small wardrobe, which contained clothes for both him and her. She took out a pair of swim trunks and threw them to Vegeta. She picked out a white string bikini for herself. "Lets go swimming"

Vegeta grunted but he walked into the brush to change into the swim trunks. Bulma went to change in the other direction. Of course he had changed faster than she, and was already in the water when she came back. She watched him wade in the water as she stood at the bank of the lake and took out the last of the barrettes that held up her hair. The sun shone through her hair as it fell softly around her shoulders. It haloíd her face.

Vegeta was awe struck. He couldnít swim, he couldnít speak, he could only stare at her and think to himself ĎYou are soo beautifulí

"Thank you Vegeta" she giggled. She didnít realize that he didnít actually speak the compliment.

Vegeta immediately sank into the water after she thanked him. Afraid that Vegeta was drowning, a frantic Bulma jumped in, to rescued him. She caught him as he descended to the bottom of the lake. He wasnít even trying to save himself! So with all her might she pulled him to the surface. He was coughing up water and gasping for air.

"What happened?" She screamed as she swam him to the shore.

He couldnít speak. He just coughed up water and wanted to die. He had a mental bond with Bulma and he knew it.

When they reached the shore. He laid on his back with his wrist resting on his forehead and coughed up more water.

"Vegeta are you ok?" She had fear in her voice.

Vegeta glanced dejectedly at her, closed his eyes, and mentally answered ĎYes.í

Bulmaís eyeís became really wide. She heard him. Just like she heard him while they were flying... and just now, before he almost drowned . ĎWhatís going on?í

"Nothingís going on!" Vegeta whined as he groggily got up! "I just want to go home!" ĎI canít believe this is happing to me!í

"You canít believe whatís happing to you!...Did you just read my mind?!" She yelled trying to understand what was going on and how she just heard him again when he wasnít speaking. And how he just responded to a question she asked herself!


"Vegeta I can hear you... When you're NOT speaking.. and it's in a strange language that I know I donít understand yet I do understand it!"( Vegeta thinks in his native tongue) She looked up at him and screamed "Whatís going on VE-GE-TA!!"

Vegeta plopped back down on the ground and cupped his face in his hand. The tears stung behind his eyes. It had begun. The bonding ritual. This was the first step; the mental bond. He tried soo hard to keep this from happening. And now..... ĎItís not fair!!!í

"Whatís not fair Vegeta?" She squatted in front of him and gabbed his strong hands with her sore ones and pulled them from his face.

He looked defeated and didnít answer her.

"Fine! Be that way!" She walked away and grumbled some curse words at him in her thoughts. He heard them clearly.

He figured it was time to tell her what was going on. He raked his hand over his face. "Donít curse at me woman!" There was no venom in his voice, but it was a-good-a-way-as-any to start the explanation of whatís happening between them.

"Nani!" She spun on her heals to face him. He turned to face her and explain what was going on but was dumbstruck at the sight of Bulma in her bathing suit. The water made it translucent.

She heard the thoughts that came into his mind as he looked at her, and tried to cover herself with her hand/arms. He blushed and turned away.

"Whatís going on Vegeta?" She demanded to know.

"Weíve bonded... mentally" He answered in a dejected tone.


"I have no idea. Bonds like this are supposed to be mutually wanted..." He sighed trying to make sense of the situation "But I think it started with your attraction to me and... when I looked into your memories..."

"So it's your fault!!" She interrupted.

"No!" He said defensively.

"Then whose fault is it?" She yelled sarcastically.

He paused before he answered he couldnĎt believe what he was about to say "I guess... at some point....we both wanted it at the same time..." He cupped his face in his hands, and in his thoughts, cursed the day he met her.

(she heard him but ignored it) "Vegeta there is no @*%^%$^& way that I ever wanted a mental bond with you. I never even %*@#$@% knew of such a thing even $@#$@%$ existed!!!"

Vegeta looked up at her frowning " You know what woman you are such a ^&%&*%&*% foul mouth! I didnít say you wanted a %^$&^$ bond I said.... I donít know what I %&*%*& said. We just wanted to know each other! All ^#@%$*right!! Now stay out of my &@%$#% head and mind your own $^%&^% business!!"

"So your telling me that just because we #%$^$ thought the same #$%#^% thing at the same #$$&^% time we have to share minds?!" She blinked hard "Like some kind of %#$%^& Freaky Friday?"

He had never seen that movie but a least she understood how this happened.

"How long will this @$$%@# last?" She yelled.

He winced at his own realization of his answer "Forever"

"What do mean forever?... Iím stuck with your $%#^ griping in my head until the @$%$#% day I die?"

He shook his head angrily side to side "Forever Baka! Do you not know what forever #%$^%$& means?!"

She fell to her knees ĎWhat did I ever do to deserve this?í

"You? What did I ever $%#^% do to deserve your ^&%&^% idiotic chattering in my head, for all @$#@% eternity!!" Vegeta yelled making exaggerated gestures to the sky then turned back to face her. He was too upset to be turned on by her near naked body.

"I donít want this. Take it back" She cried out.

"You! You donít want this!! I DONíT WANT THIS!!! I have been going out of my !$@#$ way to ensure that this never happened!!! ....GRRRrrrrrAAARRRGGGGHHHHH It all your fault woman!!!"


They fussed, mentally and verbally, about their unfortunate predicament for about an hour until they both had to except what had happened to them..

Vegeta had Bulma capsize every thing she had taken out. He was ready to go.

"Vegeta, I want to stay" She whined and gave him a baby face.

"Why" He asked in an irritated sigh.

"Because you promised to spend the day with me! And I canít imagine a more beautiful place to spend it with you!" She put her hand on her hip and held a capsule in the other. Her bathing suit was almost dry now. "Any ways Iím hungry. Arenít you?" She popped the capsule in her hand and threw it on the ground. A bunch of food on a red &white gingham blanket appeared. "Lets have a picnic" She kneeled on the blanket and began to prepare Vegetaís plate.

ĎIím tired of you ordering me around woman!í He thought to himself as he eyed the food. His face showed no emotion as he walked to sit on the blanket.

Her head turned quickly toward his direction. He quick action made her hair fan in the wind in the same direction "Well excuse me! I was just trying to feed you. Jerk!" She yelled.

"What are you talking about woman?" His voice was agitated . He sat across from her and grabbed a sandwich.

She looked at him like he was stupid. "Vegeta have you forgotten already? I can hear your thoughts, stupid"

He didnít forget he just didnít remember what he thought. He didnít usually take random thoughts into memory. Now he was going to have to be careful of what he thought or heíd always going to be in a mental argument with her. After they ate Bulma still refused to leave the island. It was her own little paradise. And she felt like they were the only two people in the world. Vegeta was happy that she was happy even though his outer appearance didnít reveal it. She was now glad that she had this mental bond with him. She felt more relaxed around him because she no longer had to guess what he was feeling under his stone expression. Vegeta on the other hand could do without the bond. He hated that the private chambers of his mind was invaded by her.

Even though they were together they did their own thing. Bulma swam in the crystal lake, explored the island, picked flowers, and laid out to get a tan. Vegeta shadow boxed and trained. Vegeta was glad that Bulma wasnít like Kacarrotts mate. Because she demanded undivided attention when ever he was around her. Bulma on the other hand seemed to understand his need and desire to train. When the sun started to set Bulma fed Vegeta another huge meal. Both of them agreed that this day was very romantic. (even though Vegeta wished that bit of info would have stayed with him and only him.) He hated this bond.

As the stars were started to shine and twinkle, Vegeta showed Bulma where planet Vegeta used to be. He said it didnít bother him that it was destroyed but she could tell , even without the mental bond, that it bothered him a lot.

"Would you ever want to be King some day?"

"King of what?" He asked sarcastically " Of Earth? Hmph Iíd rather blow this planet up!" (He was serious)

"Then another planet Baka...and there you can be king ....and I can be your queen" She placed a crown she made out of exotic flowers on her head and fixed her hair so it fell angelically around her face.

Vegeta raised a brow ĎSo little one ,you want to be queen of your own planet?í he smirked "You want me to conquer a planet in your name, do you?"

She shrugged her shoulders "It can be in your name I donít mind.. Just as long as we rule together!" She winked and giggled.

"And this would make you happy?" He raised his brow a little higher.

"Uh huh" She nodded and flashed him a gorgeous smile.

He gazed at her for a long time then gave her a seductive royal nod ĎIf this is your wish, then it shall be done.í

Just like that. He promised her her own planet. Just like that! And he was serious too. Bulma couldnít believe it. She thought back to the many times Yamcha made her empty promises to give her the moon just so he could get into her pants and now Vegeta promised to conquer a whole planet just for her. A whole planet! Just because she wanted it on a whim and it would make her happy. She loved him. With all her heart and soul she loved him. She thought she was going to die from happiness. He quickly got up. He had heard her thoughts and she was about to kiss him. It wasnít that he didnít want to kiss, her but there were three more bonds left to go and he didnít want them. Not yet anyway.

"Are you ready to go?" He asked roughly breaking the mood.

She bowed her head and sighed She raised her hand to him so that he could help her get up.

He wasnít going to grab it until he noticed the deep cuts on her palm. He grabbed her hand and in one swift movement, he not so gently pulled her to her feet. He grabbed her other hand and looked at it. It had deep cuts too.

"Does this not hurt you?" He looked shocked.

"Of course it does Baka.." She spat out.

"Then why didnít you ask me to heal you?" He interrupted.

"Why should I? I asked you to save my life and you refused!! What would make me think you would agree to this!" She ripped her hands out of his grip and turned away from him.

He gently grabbed one of her hands, in his and turned her to face him. They looked into each others eyes and got lost in each others gaze. Vegeta slowly bought one of Bulmaís hands to his face and tenderly kissed her palm and then did the same with the other, all the while never allowing his eyes to leave hers. All the pain Bulma felt in her sore hands had disappeared. She couldnít help herself; she looked away from Vegeta and stared at her hands. They were healed. Her eyes shoot back at Vegeta. He gave her a cocky wink and a smirk.

"Are we ready to go now?" His voice was tender.

She nodded. She wanted to kiss him but didnít want to ruin the moment. "Vegeta I donít have to have my own planet. I just want to be your queen as you are already my king."

Vegeta looked deep into her eyes. Her words were honestly how she felt. He gave her a loving smirk.

He snaked his arms around her waist as she wrapped her arms around his neck and they were off back to Capsule Corps.


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