chapter 3

Will dreams come true

About two months had gone by since their little trip to paradise. Vegeta was once again obsessed with becoming a SSJ and Bulma was wrapped up in work. They did however, manage to spend some time together, at least twice a week, usually breakfast or dinner. Also during this time Vegeta had refined his meditating skills so that he could block his thoughts from Bulma. And block her thoughts from peppering his mind with her womanly nonsense. I was difficult thought. Meditating, took many hours away from his training and creating the mental wall, which only lasted for about 10 hours, exhausted most of his energy. But to Vegeta, it was worth it.

Bulma gave Vegeta free range of the entire Capsule Corps, even the restricted areas. (Not that anyone could stop him from going any place he wanted to) She wanted him to know who she was, and get an understanding of what she did. And maybe, just maybe, heíd even realize that even though she didnít have a Ďrealí ki she was still very powerful in her own right. However, most of the time Vegeta just meditated and trained but sometimes...... Sometimes he explored the grounds.

"Sir, you canít go in there. They are having a meeting!" A secretary said from behind the desk. She was very thin and had a long narrow head and stringy hair.

Vegeta just looked at her and walked past her into the double doors.

The secretary, afraid that she was about to loose her job, got up and ran after Vegeta. It was to late to stop him, so she was going to inform everyone that she didnít let him in. She saw Ms. Briefs give the man a warm smile then turned to her and mouthed "Itís ok" Vegeta walked to the back of the conferences room and leaned his back and propped his foot against the wall. He crossed his arms and watched Bulma work. She was standing in front of the head of a very long crowed rectangular table. She was informing the otherís about a factory she decided to shut down because it wasnít needed or profitable anymore. Many of the board members at the table seemed distressed about the news, but Bulma could care less about their reaction or pleas to keep the factory operational. Her mind was made-up and her decision was final.

Vegeta raised his left eyebrow. He was surprised how coy she was with her decision. He decided that it was time to leave. He gently pushed himself off the wall and walked out the door.

Bulma saw Vegetaís surprised look and was very curious of what he was thinking.( since she couldnít hear his thoughts anymore)

Later that night or more like really early that morning Bulma heard Vegeta cutting off the shower, leave the bathroom and go to his room. She waited a few minutes so that he could get dressed before she knocked on his bedroom door.

"Come in Bulma" Vegeta said in an irritated sigh.

Bulma popped her head in first. "Howíd you know it was me?" She had a very wide grin on her face.

"Who else would dare bother me this early in the morning?"

She looked at a clock as she came into his room. It said 3:37am. "Oops" She giggled.

"What are you doing up?" He asked as he dried his hair.

"You said that you wanted to talk to me after you finished training" She stated matter of factly.

"I said no such thing!" He spat out as he threw the wet towel down the laundry shut.

"Yes you did! You must have forgot." She nodded her head vigorously.

"íWhen! When did I say this!" He growled.

"The first time you asked me for a real conversation. Remember? But you trained all night that night so I took a raincheck and went to sleep." She walked over to his bed and sat on it. Indian style.

"A what?"

"A raincheck. And now Iím cashing it in because I want to talk."

Vegeta relented in a sigh. He took the chair in his room spun it around and straddled it. He crossed his arms and let them rest on the back of the chair. He slouched and rested his chin on his arms. Bulma watched him and noticed how sleepy he was. He yawned letting out a little high pitched sigh, then made smacking sounds with is mouth and blinked at her slowly. Bulma could help but notice he cute he was when he was too tired to maintain that impenetrable frown. Sure he still had a frown but it was different. This one was cute. He yawned again his eyes were getting watery.

"What did you want to talk about woman." He growled.

ĎBack to reality Bulma. He may be a cutie when heís tired but letís not forget that he is also very grumpy too.í "That face you made when you left the meeting. What were you thinking about?"

Vegeta let out a tired smirk. "You. And how similar we are."

Bulma smiled but also narrowed her eyes trying to make sense of what he said. She knew he was not complimenting her. Or maybe he was, in his own sick way.

"Do you remember when you asked me how it felt to destroy a planet?" He spoke with chin still resting on his arms.

"Yes. You didnít answer me" She pouted and crossed her arms.

"I didnít know how to successfully explain it in terms of this world. But when I saw you today I realized how I could explain it to you."

"How did I help you explain something so awful?"

He smirked at her again. But this time with a new burst of energy. "Because when I was watching you, I finally realized how much like me you really are."

"I donít understand." She forked her eyebrows.

He raised his head. "That is a very big factory for such a small town. Where do all the workers come from?"

"That town and surrounding towns I guess?"

He nodded his head back as if this was news to him, but she could tell that he already new this bit of info.

"What does this factory have to do with you and me being similar?" She demanded to know.

"Are the losses from that factory bankrupting Capsule Corps?"

"Of course not! Itís not even affecting us!" She stated defensively.

"But it is still too much of a liability?" He raised an eyebrow.

Bulma growled "Vegeta! Kame knows that I want you to be interested in my job, but right now all I want to talk about is us! And not that stupid factory!"

"So you donít care about the factory?" He asked sarcastically.

"No! I donĎt care about the stupid factory! Can we get back to us please?"

"Then thereís your answer."

"What?! What are you talking about?"

"Thatís how it feels to destroy a planet. It doesnít feel like anything."

"How can you even compare the two!.. Itís completely different. I never killed anybody or destroyed their home,...lives."

"Is that so Bulma-chan?" (Vegeta only sayís Bulma-chan in sarcastic tones never as a term of endearment) "You might not have the power to blow up a planet, but youíve destroyed that town and those surrounding towns just the same. Many of those peoples lives will be destroyed when they find out they lost their job. And as for their homes and lives.." Vegeta let out an evil laugh. "They may not be destroyed in the sense that I would do it... But Bulma-chan" His voice had an evil calm chime to it "they are going to lose their homes anyway. And many are going to turn to crime if they canít find another job." He smirked and blinked at her slowly "And you and I both know they wonít, because that factory was the only real job those towns had." He had a devilish smirk on his face and the most calm yet sinister voice came out of his mouth. "Bulma-chan some of those workers are going to even kill to survive, and inadvertently you will be the one how did it all."

Bulma just gasped. She never really thought about the people who worked in that factory. They were just.. numbers.

"So whoís the evil one now, woman. At least my destruction is done quickly." He slowly got up from the chair and carefully walked to the bed. He was beyond exhausted. He stood over her looking down at her "Sooo Bulma-chan how many planets... Oops I mean towns, have you destroyed in your life time?" He gave her a sleepy, wide, devilish grin. His head kind of bobbed side to side.

She got up off his bed and stopped her feet on the ground. "You're impossible Vegeta! You know that! Impossible!"

"Yeah well,.. cha-ching raincheck paid in full! Now get out. Iím tired." He crawled into bed and buried his head in his pillow.

Bulma glared angrily at him until she noticed that he had fallen to sleep just that quickly. She stomped out the room and slammed his door behind her. She heard Vegeta yell a muffed "Baka" as she stomped down the hall to her room.

She slammed her door as she got into the room and ran to her bed. Tears were streaming down her face. She buried her face in her pillow trying to muffle her cries. She was angry not so much at Vegeta but more at her self because she knew he was right. She was no better than him.

When the sun rose Bulma looked out her window to see if she could see Vegeta training in the gravity room but he wasnít there. She was going to tell him her new plan to save the factory. (Never again was she going to be like him.)

"Thatís strange" she said to herself. She walked out of her room and tip-toed to Vegetaís. She quietly opened the door and popped her head in. He was still asleep. He was in the cradle position.

ĎMy poor Vegi-chan; he must have really been tired.í Bulma slowly tip-toed to Vegetaís bedside and sat on the floor in front of him. She held her breath as he rolled on his back. She sat there admiring his face and his strong handsome features. ĎI wonder what heís dreaming aboutí She tried to concentrate and find out but Vegetaís mental wall was too thick.

Vegeta may have looked peaceful but he having another one of his reoccurring nightmares.

"No.. Please Bulma! Please donít leave me!" Vegeta begged staring into Bulmaís icy hateful glares. He reach for her hands but she pulled them away before he could touch her.

"Stop saying my name you pathetic filth" she spat on him "You're nothing to me!"

Vegeta bowed his head and cried out in a whisper "Iíll die without you!"

"You promise?" she said in a sadistic laugh "Oh and before I leave you , let me introduce you to my new man. Ken, darling come here and show yourself."

Vegeta looked up to see the man. He was tall and had blond hair and blue eyes. She kissed him, long and passionately.

As Bulma watched Vegeta sleep she noticed that he was starting to look distressed as if he was having a nightmare. A single tear fell from his tightly pressed eyes and then another. Slowly he tucked his bottom lip into his mouth and pressed it between his teeth. A trickle of blood dripped out of his mouth and down the side of his cheek. She felt so helpless. She wanted to know what he was dreaming about. She wanted to help him and assure to him that everything was ok.

"NOOOOO!!!" Vegeta screamed as the two embraced each other " Please donít do this Bulma!"

"Do what? Vegeta, I donít love you anymore. Thatís just how things are, on earth. We love someone until we donít want to love them anymore. So.. bygones."

Vegeta looked at her. He was a destroyed man. He was crying and pleading to her "But we're bonded.. for all eternity.."

"No. Youíre bonded" she interrupted " Iím free to go on with my life how I please, and with who I please" She snuggled under Kenís arm a little tighter "Letís go Ken" The two started walking away "See ya around loser!...Not!"

Vegeta fell to his knees and screamed and cried and prayed that Bulma would come back to him. Darkness began to surround him only to be driven away by the light of his own ki. He was going to kill himself by self destruction. He gathered more and more power. He almost had enough to accomplish his task.

Bulma felt so heart broken watching Vegeta cry in his sleep. She wanted to embrace him and comfort him. She leaned closer to him. Her face was now right beside his. She decided that she was going to comfort him with kisses. And she was going to start with his mouth. (Seeing that they have been dating for months and they still havenít kissed. She didnít care about the blood, she was not going to let this opportunity pass) She slowly to place her mouth on his.

"Good bye Bulma" he whispered. It was time. He had gathered enough energy. He closed his eyes and accepted the dishonorable death.

Immediately he woke up. His mouth collided with Bulmaís as he sprang up into a sitting position. Bulma fell back to the floor cupping her hand over her mouth. She rolled over, her butt in the air and face first into the rug. She was in so much pain. Vegeta had accidentally busted her bottom lip when he got up.

Vegeta barely felt it when his lips crashed into Bulmaís but he saw her fly back on the floor. As he got up to tend to her, he could taste his blood in his mouth. Instinctively, he sucked on his bottom lip and the cut it was coming from. His eyes shot wide open when he also tasted blood that wasnít his own.. It was Bulmaís! He was starting to feel dizzy. He quickly grabbed her shoulders and angrily turned her around to face him. She was sucking on her busted bottom lip too. Like him, she looked like she was just about to faint.


With all her strength she weakly shook her head no.

His breathing was ragged. "YOU BONDED US BY BLOOD!!"

"Oh .....sorry" Bulmaís head fell back. She had fainted.

With his remaining strength draining away, Vegeta just stared at her like she was crazy then passed out, falling out on top of her.

Both of them woke up the next morning alone in their own room. Bulma looked out her window and saw Vegeta in the gravity room. ĎWhat happened Vegeta?í She waited for him to answer but he didnít.

So she decided to go downstairs to the kitchen and eat breakfast. It had been over twenty-four hours since she had eaten.

"What happen yesterday, sweet-pea?" Bulmaís mother asked in a worried tone.

"What are you talking about mom?" She asked as she looked for her favorite coffee mug to avoid eye contact with her mother.

"What am I...You, Vegeta, sprawled out on the floor, him on top of you, both of you dead to the world for over Twenty-four hours. Does none of this ring a bell?"

"Oh that.... Mom I really donít know what happened." She bent down and looked at her reflection on the toaster. Her lip was almost completely healed. ĎHow in the world? Yesterday that was a really bad split... and today itís almost healed?í

"Bulma-baby! Glad to see you're up!"

Bulma quickly turned her head to the voice at the kitchen door. ĎYamchaí

Vegeta immediately stopped training in mid-air.

Yamcha walked over to Bulma and gave her a very intimate hug, as if they were still together. She quickly pulled away from him.

"Yamcha, I think youíd better leave!"

"What? Are you still upset about the mall thing?" He said playfully "Itís ok. I forgive you." he laughed.

"YOU FORGIVE ME!! She seethed bitterly. She was about to yell at him about all his infidelities but held her tongue. It wasnít worth the breath.

He grabbed her hands and put them to his chest. She tried frantically to pull her hands from his grip.

Bulmaís mom just smiled at the two. She didnít know that for the past couple of months Bulma and Vegeta had been dating. No one knew. They decided to keep it a secret. She didnít want to explain to everyone how and why she fell in love with Vegeta, and he just wanted to keep it a secret.

Vegeta cut off the gravity machine and was headed for the kitchen.

"No. Seriously Yamcha. I think you better leave!" There was fear in her voice.

"Why sweetie? He came all this way just to see you. I know I raised you to be more polite than that." Her mom teased lovingly.

Bulma scowled at her mother. Her mom just giggled and gestured for Yamcha to take a seat next to her. Yamcha sat next to her mom and looked smugly up at Bulma. Bulma eyes grew wide and she backed up until she was stopped by a counter. She didnít need telepathy to know that Vegeta was on his way, and he was going to be beyond pissed when he saw Yamcha.

As if on queue Vegeta appeared in the kitchen doorway. "I was hoping I had killed you." Vegeta said to Yamcha in his usual grumpy voice.

Yamcha turned angrily toward Vegeta "Yeah and I still owe you for that too." He had challenged Vegeta.

"Is that so?" Vegeta smirked and chuckled to himself at Yamchaís hallow pathetic threat. He had accepted the challenge.

Fear suddenly swept over Yamcha and he regretted making his hollow threat. He had to fix his mistake. "Yeah thatís so, but right now I want to talk to my girl" and he turned towards Bulma.

Bulma eyes got really really wide. She looked at Vegeta and franticly shook her head no.

Vegeta stomped over to Yamcha, put a death grip on the back of his neck and dragged him out of the kitchen "No Baka! I think weíll finish this now!"

Bulmaís mom screamed and Bulma just stood there gripping the counter in shock.

About five minutes passed before Vegeta came back into the kitchen. Bulma was sitting alone at the table. She was staring into the cup of coffee she held in her hands.

"Did you kill him?" She asked flatly. She didnít look at Vegeta.

Vegeta smirked "In a way. Yes."

She turned and looked at him. She didnít understand what he meant.

"I probably would have killed him but your mother was screaming so loud as I beat the #$@& out of him.." He put his finger in his ear and started shaking it "She almost busted my eardrums..."

Bulma let out a relieved breath and giggled at his discomfort.

"However, I did beat the living @$# out of him, literally.." He smirked and continued. "and as he laid in his own blood and other bodily fluids..." Vegeta laughed "I bent down and whispered in what was left of his ear, and told him that you were my mate and that he will never be able to have you again." He folded his arms and stood with royal satisfied smugness.

"What makes you think he wanted me back, Baka!" She spat out even thought she was flattered that Vegeta took soo much pride in her that he would honestly think she would matter that much, to another person.

Vegeta laughed "Oh he did! If you were out there you would have.... Why werenít you out there?"

"I didnít see the point. There was nothing I could do."

Vegeta raised his brow. "He might have been killed. You could have stopped me."

"Not without losing you." She answered in an absolute tone.

He smirked. She got up and walked over to him, wrapped her arms around his neck and kissed him on the lips. "Wanna tell me what happened yesterday and how my lip healed so fast."

"No. I want to train" He wrapped his arms around her waist and kissed her back.

Bulmaís eyes grew wide; she didnít expect him to kiss her back. She expected him to yell at her for what she just did. And what she did yesterday.

"Weíre bonded by blood now." He started to explain. "When your blood mix with mine and mine with yours, it bonded us."

"For eternity?" She looked down into his eyes as he held her. He nodded yes. She smiled "Good."

"Yeah" He sighed sarcastically.

"So how did my lip heal so fast?" She poked out her bottom lip so he could see it. He softly bit it.

"I guess... huh I donít know... I didnít really pay attention when I was told about the bonding rituals."

"What?! How could you not pay attention to something so important?!!" She released him and placed her hands on her hips.

"It wasnít an issue! Royals donít bond!! Hardly anyone bonded on Vegeta! It was to dangerous!"

"How can love be dangerous?" She titled her head and glared at him straight in the eyes.

"Love" he spat out "Itís not about love!"

She looked hurt and Vegeta could feel her sorrow as if it were his own. He didnĎt want to explain, but he knew how depressed Bulma could get. And it seemed that the blood bond had made their mental bond more intense.

"Love comes and goes! Itís such a pathetic emotion.." He scoffed bitterly.

Bulma started to cry. She couldnít believe what she was hearing because she loved him with all her heart and soul. Her feelings for him were so intense it was unexplainable. And she knew that she would die if she ever lost him. Vegetaís eyes started to water up and he found himself holding back his own tears. Bulma seemed to control the bonds when it came to emotions. And she was stronger than he wanted to admit. She was making him experience her emotions.

"Bulma calm down!" His voice was in a sad whisper. He cupped her face in his hands. sniff "Bulma what I feel for you is much stronger than love. There is no words, in any language, for what I feel for you. And I promise you, it will never die! It will only get stronger with time..." sniff sniff "Itís...What I feel for you is even stronger than my need and desire to be the best...Your my reason to...." ĎTo liveí

Bulma started crying harder but this time it was happy tears. She wrapped her arms back around Vegetaís neck and kissed him passionately. Vegeta embraced her as well and returned her kiss. He put his mental wall back up, and cursed himself for telling her how he felt about her. This bond was like a truth serum. He wanted to die. This bonding thing was too much.

Bulmaís mom, who was hiding in the hall way, saw the whole thing between the two and squealed with delight. At first she was upset with Vegeta for what he did to Yamcha but now she liked him again. "He was just standing up for his woman" She giggled and skipped down the hall. She could hardly wait to tell her husband.


Two weeks later:

Goku, Krillien and Chichi visited Yamcha in the hospital. Yamcha looked like he was knocking at deaths door. He was in a complete body cast and had tube in his mouth and nose so he could breath and eat.

"What happen?" Krillien asked. He was astounded by his friend predicament.

Yamcha didnít answer. He couldnít answer.

"Here Yamcha I bought something for you." Goku, reached into his pocket and pulled out a senzu bean. He walked over to Yamcha and took out the tube in his mouth. He crushed the bean into a powder and let it fall into Yamchaís mouth. He gave him some water to help him swallow it and watched as Yamcha recovered from his injuries. Yamcha began to move under his cast, slowly breaking them until he was free from his confinement.

"Vegeta happened!" He scoffed bitterly.

"NANI!!!:" The three said in unison.

"Vegeta did this to you?" Krillien asked.

Yamcha looked away from him to hide his embarrassment.

"Why?" Chichi asked.

"How should I know! Heís a crazy $%^$^ idiot!" He whipped his head back and looked at Chichi "I apologize Chichi."

She nodded.

"Vegeta just attacked you for nothing?" Goku asked trying to understand what happened.

"Well... not exactly ...I kinda challenged him" Yamcha answered as he bowed his head.

"ARE YOU NUTS!!" They all screamed in unison.

"It wasnít a real challenge, and Iím sure Vegeta knew it too but he... he..."

"Took you up on it anyway?" Krillien finished his sentence.

"Yeah, I even told him that all I wanted to do was talk to my girl!"

"Bulma?" Goku asked.

"Yes Bulma! Who else!" Yamcha spat out.

Goku nodded knowingly. ĎSo Trunks was right...í Goku smiled. ĎI always took Vegeta for the jealous type.í

"Why are you smiling Goku!!" Chichi yelled as she looked at her husbandís happy face "There is nothing funny about Vegeta beating the crap out off Yamcha!"

Yamcha hung his head in shame.

She turned her gaze back to Yamcha and placed her hand on his shoulder "Iím sorry Yamcha. That didnít come out right."

Yamcha looked up at her. "Thatís ok Chichi. Its we all know itís true. But thatís not the worst part about this whole thing. Itís Bulma. I think she might be in danger..."

"NANI!!" They all screamed in unison again.

"Yeah, when I went over to her house that day, my presence there scared her half to death. And when Vegeta came into the kitchen, she looked terrified. She was shaking her head as if she were trying to convince him that she wasnít doing anything wrong.."

"Why would Vegeta care if you were there? Why would she care what Vegeta thought" Krillien asked Yamcha.

Yamcha turned his face from them. He didnít want to tell them that Bulma had left him for Vegeta. Goku and Chichi looked at each other knowingly.

"Is that all Yamcha?" Goku asked "Maybe she just knew that Vegeta didnít want you around."

"No! Thatís not it at all! Her mouth.... It looked like it had been busted; as if someone hit her a few weeks before. And she was soo scared at the sight of him... You guys, I think Vegetaís hitting on Bulma! You know what kind of temper he has.."

This bit of info enraged Goku and for a moment he turned into a SSJ. He started toward the window.

"Hold it bucko!!" Chichi walked over to her husband and wrapped her arms around his neck "Youíre taking me with you!" She was just as angry as he was. Goku held his wife and flew out of the window and headed for Capsule Corps.

Krillien walked over to Yamcha and placed his hand on his shoulder. "Donít worry. Goku will make Vegeta pay!"

At Capsule Corps Vegeta sat meditating in the middle of his gravity room. He was trying to control the ramifications of this new bond. He had come to the conclusion that the blood bond gave him complete control of the mental bond. Therefore he did not have to spend hours upon hours building a mental wall. He could do it on a whim, as so could Bulma. But unlike Vegeta, she always kept her wall down. However, this new bond came with itís own share of problems. Not only did it make him share Bulmaís emotions it made him desire Bulma. No, it made him addicted to her as if she were a drug and he was a junkie. He didnít mind that part as much as he wanted too but he had to resist her. It would only be a matter of days before they consummated the third bond if he didnít. He wasnít ready for that yet. But Bulma was just as hungry for him as he was for her. She never denied his advances. And their heavy petting sessions were becoming more and more intense. He had to resist her. He had to once again become the Master of his fate.

Bulma was in her lab. She was doing more tests on her blood. She wanted to know what the blood bond did to her. Since the bond she felt more energetic, she healed faster and she was a little stronger. (but not by much.) Her blood tests revealed that she now had a foreign enzyme in her blood that not only healed her wounds faster but also allowed her to be more resilient to viruses and it slowed her aging process. ^_^

"Wow I canít believe it! I have all the benefits of being a Sayien without having to actually be one!" Unlike Vegeta, she was more than ready for the next bond. ĎHmmm... I wonder if Vegetaía blood changed any?í

"Sweet heart."

Bulma turned to the voice. It was her father "Yes dad?"

"You have company. Chichi is upstairs waiting upstairs for you."

"Oh. Thanks dad. Iíll be right up!" Reluctant to leave her research, Bulma left her lab to go and see her friend. ĎI wonder what she wants?í

Vegeta was still meditating in the middle of his gravity room when he heard a huge crash. His eyes shoot open. He saw his gravity room door fly past him and slam against the adjacent wall. As his room depressurized and hissed, all he could think was ĎBulma said that no matter what the reason, she would not fix my gravity room until next week! And I had been soo careful these past few days!!. And now the door was broken!!! I canít even use the ##^%$ machine.....Grrr ..It wonít even cut on, if the door isnít closed properly!!!! And now itís on the other @%*% side of the #@$%$ room!!!!!í

Vegeta slowly got up. His back was facing the person at the door opening. "Kacarrott you know that Iím going to kill you. Donít you?" His voice was sadistically calm.

"Iíd like to see you try!" Goku coaxed "Iím not Bulma"

Vegeta spun around to face him and got into a fighting stance. "Baka, what the @%$#% does this have to do with that woman!"

"Youíll see Vegeta" Goku rushed to attack him. "Youíll see"

Vegeta moved slightly to the side and avoided the on coming attack. "You want to fight Kacarrott! Well BRING IT ON!!!"

The two irrupted into a fierce battle. Mean while back in the house...

"What!! That idiot Yamcha told you Vegeta hits me? What a #%^ Baka!!" Bulma yelled and stood up from her chair making it knock over.

"Are you telling me he doesnít hit you? You know Bulma Iím your friend. You donít have to be ashamed."

Bulma glared a Chichi "Of course he doesnít hit me! Does Goku hit you?"

"No!" Chichi yelled defensively. "But Vegetaís no Goku...."

"So that automatically makes him a $&^*%& bastard ?!!" Bulma bitterly interrupted.

"Bulma..Yamcha told us that you had a busted lip and that you were terrified of Vege..."

"I think youíd better leave!" Bulma spat out and turned away from her friend. "And Yamcha had better pray that Vegeta does not hear about this!"

In the gravity room:

Goku had to evolve into his SSJ form, so that he was not killed by VegetaĎs attacks. Vegeta may have not been able to transform into a SSJ yet, but he religiously trained in 300x earth gravity which gave him the advantage of strength and endurance, if not power.

"Iíll kill you for hitting Bulma!!" Goku screamed and blasted a Kamayhamayha at him.

Vegeta barely dodged it and it blasted off the complete left side of his gravity room. His ki increased with his rage (The rage was caused by the destruction of his precious gravity room.) "What are you talking about you $^%$& Baka!" Vegeta rushed Goku and began to attack him with a vengeance.

While Goku successfully blocked Vegetaís attack he was still able to speak (barely) " Yamcha told me..... He saw Bulmaís lip....... We know what you did!!"

Vegeta immediately pulled back and stared at Goku with a dumbfounded expression "WHAT!!!"

Back in the house:

"NANI!!...Gokuís outside doing what!"

"We just wanted to protect you!!!" Chichi yelled apologetically.

"Help me? How? By killing my boyfriend!?!" Bulma ran toward the back of the house to the back door. "You guys should have just asked me first before you jumped to conclusions!!"

Chichi followed her. When they got out side they saw only a shred of remains left, of the gravity room. They looked franticly for their men.

"Look! Up there!" Chichi yelled pointing at the sky. Both women yelled to their men but Vegeta and Goku were too wrapped up in their fight to notice them. Chichi soon gave up. Bulma clutched her fist to her chest and mentally screamed ĎVEGETA!!!!í

ĎBulma?í Vegeta looked down and saw her waving, trying to get his attention. Goku didnít know why Vegeta was distracted but took advantage of the situation. He clamped his fist together and slammed them into Vegetaís back spending him pounding into the earth.

Bulma fell to her knees then to the ground and blacked out.

She woke up in her bed room. Vegeta was sitting directly across from her. Staring at her with a stone expression on his face.

She groaned as she slowly got up. "What happened?" Her body felt soo sore.

Vegeta didnĎt move as he mentally spoke to her ĎThe bond. You mentally felt the intensity of Kacarrottís attack; although,.... your body seemed to not be able to tell the difference.í He smirked ĎIím impressed you survived it. But I think it is unwise for you to open our mental channels while Iím fighting or training.í

She slowly focused on him and nodded as she raked her fingers through her silky blue hair. "What happened to Chichi and Goku?"

"They left... They should be arriving at the hospital about... now."


Vegeta clamped his fingers together and rested them on the back of his head "After you got hurt.. Letís just say I got a little upset." He gave her a cocky wink.

Her eyes lit up "Are you a SSJ now?"

He shook his head no.

"Then I guess you really donít need to be a SSJ to be the strongest Sayien in the universe!"

"Perhaps. But I still want it."

She started to feel dizzy so she laid back down. "Vegeta.. How do you function after receiving a hit like that?"

He shrugged his shoulders "Hmph, That was nothing." He stared at her lovingly ĎBulmaí

ĎYes Vegeta-chaní She stared back giving him a loving smile.

ĎYou know...í "I didnít destroy the gravity room this time..." His voice was rough, breaking the mood.

"Fine Vegeta! Iíll start on it tomorrow!!" She hissed and turned her head from him.


"What!" She turned and gave him an icy glare. His gaze was wanting and seductive. She knew what he wanted. She wanted it too.

Almost two hours later:

Vegeta slowly pulled himself away from Bulma.

She whined when she realized that he was trying to leave her. "Please donít go Vegeta-chan."

"I have too. I canít take it anymore." He said in a husky groan. He was breathing heavily trying to control his ki. ĎAll this foreplay is making me crazy! I want you. I want to be inside you!í

"Ok!" Bulma answered quickly in a heavy pant She grabbed at his boxers and tried to pull them down. He quickly grabbed them, keeping them on, as she tugged on them.

"No.. I canít" he moaned as he kissed her and grinded himself against her one last time.

As he tried to get from on top of her she wrapped her arms and legs around him to stop him. He had literally to peel himself off of her. His face looked flushed; like he was sick. ĎIíve got to goí His words were more like a beg than a definite statement.

She kissed him passionately again. He almost gave up the fight and stayed with her. Until a vision of him being rejected by her in the future and him killing himself flashed across his mind. He pulled abruptly from her lips and her grasp.

"Iíve got to go woman!"

He walked quickly out of her room and went to the bathroom. He started a cold shower for himself and got in. As the cold water encompassed him it only cooled his body and not the burning desire he felt for Bulma. His shoulders slumped and his head hung in defeat He looked down at his right hand. He hated to admit it but this appendage was quickly becoming his new best friend.


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