Chapter 10


On Friday morning, Jay looked up to the sound of incessant knocking on his bedroom door.

"Wake up sleepyhead!" he heard his sister’s voice ring out from the other side. He groggily trudged out of his bed, grabbing his shorts and throwing them on. He opened the door, revealing Juu, ready for the day and more cheery than anyone had the right to be so early in the morning.

"Happy birthday big boy!" she exclaimed, throwing her hands around him. He reciprocated the hug albeit sleepily.

"Happy birthday to you too. What time is it?"

"Almost eleven. And time for you to take a shower buddy. Everyone else is gonna be here soon for the barbeque."

"Whoopie," Jay said sarcastically, spinning his index finger in the air. "Can you tell me again, why we have to celebrate birthdays? It’s just another way to remind us that we’re getting older."

"You’re only 24 grandpa. Now stop stalling and get ready!"

"Alright, alright. Get out."


About four hours later, Bulma and Goku pulled up in front of Jay and Juu’s place, knowing that they were probably one of the last ones there. Not that they left late or anything, but Bulma had to stop and find last minute gifts.

Goku almost laughed at the irritated look on his partner’s face. "You know, it is your fault that we’re late right?" Goku informed, opening the car door. "You won’t get anywhere in life by getting late presents."

Bulma rolled her eyes as they crossed the street, approaching a two story with a mailbox that read "Andry’s".

"It’s not my fault that their parents had twins. Why couldn’t they just be normal and have one at a time?" Bulma grumbled. "Now I have to do double the time with double the money."

"Not like money’s a problem for you."

Bulma rolled her eyes.

As they stepped onto the unkempt grass, they could smell the barbeque in the air and hear the faint sound of music in the backyard. Goku unlatched the gate on the side of the house and stepped through, letting his nose lead the way.

As they entered the smoky backyard, the music became louder. At a small table in the corner, Tien, Krillin, Jay, and Vegeta sat, playing a game of cards. Launch sat on Tien’s lap, occasionally peeking to look at the other guys’ hands and no doubt telling Tien.

In the background, Picollo sat against a tree, eyes closed. He seemed to be awake, but in deep thought. The glass door to the house slid open, and Juu and Chichi stepped out.

"We were wonderin’ when you guys would decide to get here," Juu said, feigning disappointment. Bulma rolled her eyes, walking up to her and hugging her.

"Happy birthday, Juu."

"Yeah, happy birthday," Goku repeated. "Where do we put these things?" he asked, referring to the presents. Chichi smiled.

"Here, I’ll show you." She took his hand, leading the way into the house. Goku looked back at Bulma, his face a bright red. Bulma smilled at him as they disappeared into the house.

"So where’s everyone else?" Bulma asked Juu curiously.

"Oh, Nappa, Tink, Yamcha, and Chiaoutzu are inside with the X-box," she answered as they walked to the grill. "As for Rayven, she’s inside changing. I guess she went to the garage earlier and decided to freshen up."

"The garage, huh?" Bulma asked, storing it for later information. There must have been something important for Rayven to be doing to miss part of the little party that was taking place.

"Speaking of Rayven, how’s Vegeta taking the fact that everyone skipped work to come here?" Bulma asked.

"Juu rolled her eyes and wiped the sweat off her forehead. "The usual. Pissing and moaning. But what can he do about it? Fire us all? So he decided that if he couldn’t beat us, he might as well join us."

They both laughed as they glanced at Vegeta over at the card table.

"C’mon," Juu said, closing the lid to the grill. " Let’s get out of this heat and get everything ready for the eating."

Bulma took one last look at Vegeta’s concentrated face before following Juu’s figure into the house.


"When are we eating?!" Nappa inquired loudly to the two passing women, eyes still on the TV screen. "I’m getting hungry here!"

"Chill out, Napster," Tink said, patting him on the back. "The food’s not goin’ anywhere."

Nappa grunted, looking skeptical. "We’ll see."

Yamcha stood up from the couch, heading to the kitchen to where Bulma and Juu were.

"Hey," he said, tapping her on the shoulder.

"Oh, hey Yamcha. What you up to?" ‘Leaving me alone I hope?’

"Nothin’. Just wanted to hang with the newbie."

‘Houston, we have a problem.’

"That’s nice," she answered, nodding her head.

A silence filled the kitchen.

An awkward one.

"Ok," Juu said, clapping her hands together. I’m gonna go and get my pops and brother from upstairs while you guys have this riveting conversation."

Juu almost laughed at the scene. Tink had told her, Jay, and Chi about what had occurred between Vegeta and Bulma and it was funny watching Bulma interact with other guys.

As she took to the stairs, she yelled, "And get everyone seated outside! The food’s ready!"


Jay looked up again at the couple across from him.

‘Why don’t they just get a room?’ he thought, angrily. He was tempted to shout at Tien to hurry the hell up and play already and quit giggling with his girl!

Shit, who was he kidding? He was jealous. Tien had Launch. His best friend Krillin had Juu. Hell, even Vegeta had someone jumpin’ his nuts!

He shook his head. ‘Girls equal trouble, man,’ he reminded himself. At that moment, Bulma and Yamcha appeared, informing them that it was time to eat. He heard Vegeta grunt, as if he were angry about something.

As they were seated at the wood table outside, Juu appeared with Pops, and Jin, their older brother. Juu rolled Pops’ wheelchair out onto the grass situating him at the table.

Jay watched as Juu introduced their father and brother to Goku and Bulma,. Jay smiled as he watched his family. They were his everything. His only reason for living. He loved his father more than a grown man could admit to. Although Jay was the youngest in the family (but only by 3 minutes) he felt the need to protect them.

He laughed inwardly at the paradox that was his family unit. His brother stuck out like a sore thumb with his flaming red hair and fairly large body build. Although he looked like he could be a wrestler, the man was as gentle as a kitten, and a concentrated college student. His sister of course was way out there, with her blonde hair and fiery attitude. His father was an intelligent man who once was a scientist, but after a horrible accident, was left paralyzed. He was a determined man, and that was what Jay admired most about him. Jay still couldn’t understand how such a tight family unit could look so different.

After introductions were made, the barbeque was set out onto the table. Jay noticed a few mouths (which shall remain nameless) salivating over the food. But before any could be eaten, the sound of the lock to the backyard gate snapping was heard. All heads turned to the sound’s direction. Hadn’t everyone made it already?

Jay’s and everyone else’s eyes rolled when Yajirobe appeared.

"Oh, it’s just you. Thought it was someone important," Jay started. "Look, Yajirobe, why don’t you just—" but the words died in his mouth when he caught the most beautiful sight he’d ever seen. His world went in slow motion as a woman stepped out from behind Yajirobe.

Jay’s eyes slowly grazed the female’s body, starting from her tanned and toned legs. ‘Damn, what a hell of a set of thighs,’ he thought wickedly. His eyes raked over the woman’s short shorts and stopped just for a fraction of a second at her pierced navel. His eyes continued their ascent upwards, lingering perversely at her breasts. ‘Nice pair of knockers too.’ He continued his climb up her body, passed her exposed shoulders and to her face. Her hair was a deep green hue, almost making it look black. She wore it in a messy bun, keeping her hair length a mystery. Her full pink lips were complemented by hazel eyes and long eyelashes. A faint blush showed on her cheeks, with shyness.

"Who’s your friend?" Krillin asked.

Yajirobe smiled proudly, knowing that this year, he would get into this party.

"This is Zaria. She just moved in from the East coast. Started at the Silver Dragon a few nights ago."

She looked at the rest of them at the table and waved almost shyly. "Hi," she said, somewhat meekly.

"C’mon and join us," Juu said, eerily cheery.

The woman smiled and headed towards the table. Jay hurriedly pushed Krillin off the seat next to him. "Here’s a seat," Jay said, smiling and patting the chair. She hesitated, before taking the offer.

Krillin got off the ground and dusted himself off. "Nice to know that best friends come first," Krillin said as he took the seat next to Juu. Jay smiled, raising and dropping his eyebrows.

"Alright," Vegeta said. "Let’s eat."

Picollo reached for the ribs in front of him. Vegeta shot him a glare. Picollo quickly pulled his hand back as if the food were poison.

"No, go ahead Picollo," Vegeta said, feigning nice. "And since you were the first to reach for the food, you can say grace."

Picollo held back a groan as the others closed their eyes trying not to laugh.

He coughed lightly as they waited for him to speak.


"Spirit," Tink offered.

"Thank you. Dear heavenly spirit. For…uh…providing us with direct port nitrous…uh… injection."

Bulma opened one eye and exchanged looks with Chichi.

"Thanks for four core intercoolers and ball bearing turbos, and, um, titanium valve springs. Thank you."

"Amen," Vegeta said, pleased with Picollo’s attempt at grace.

"He was praying to the car gods, man," Rayven said.

"We can eat now?" Goku asked, hopefully.

"Yeah, dig in." Chi said, as conversation started up around them.


8:00 pm

As the girls set the dishes in the sink (save for Zaria) the guys sat on the couches watching the Sixers/Lakers game.

"Next time I’ll buy paper plates," Juu said, not wanting to wash dishes.

"There she goes again with her laziness," Launch said jokingly.

"Ha, ha," Juu laughed, sarcastically as they all went back to get more dishes.

"Hey, Ray, do you think you could set the chairs up?" Juu asked.

Ray almost scowled. "By myself? Why don’t you get Bulma to do it? She seems to be multitalented nowadays," she said, angrily.

Juu sighed. "Please, Ray? My birthday, remember?"

Rayven sighed. "Fine. But only cause it’s your birthday. Otherwise I’d be a bitch and say no."

Juu thanked her and walked in with Chi, Launch, and Bulma.

"Juu," Chi started. "We could’ve helped her."

"Yeah, but I wanted to ask Bulma a few questions."

Bulma raised her eyebrows, wondering what was brewing in the birthday girl’s head.

"So, B. I heard about your little sex-fest with Vegeta." At this, Lauch’s head whipped up.

"Sex fest? Where the hell have I been?"

Chi nodded, setting down the plates. "Yeah, Bulma, what’s the deal with that?"

Bulma shook her head, vowing to kick Tinkerbell’s ass. "There is no deal," she said. "And there definitely wasn’t any sex. Just some…stuff that got out of control."

"Stuff huh?" Launch asked. "What kinda stuff?"

"He’s just hard-headed, so I made him pay."

"I bet he is hard." Juu said, making the other 2 girls laugh uncontrollably.

"Yeah, Juu, you’re real funny. Look, you guys can finish up inhere. I’m gonna go freshen up. I smell like some heavy barbeque."

"Yeah, girls," said Juu. "I gotta go get Pops from the living room and put him to bed before we go to the drags tonight."

Bulma didn’t ask where her mother was or if she even knew her. In fact, now that she thought about it, it really wasn’t any of her business. She wasn’t supposed to care where Juu’s mother was. All she needed to care about was whether or not Juu was car-jacking trucks for stereos and DVD players. And that was the hard part of her situation. Remembering that these people weren’t her friends. She turned and headed up the stairs.

"Hey!" she heard Juu call out after her. "Don’t close the bathroom door all the way. It can only be opened from the outside."

Bulma nodded, continuing her ascension up the steps.


"Ooooh! Swish!" Yamcha yelled jumping up from the couch. "In Iverson’s face!"

Jay rolled his eyes. "Sit down man. I think you’re forgetting who’s winning and who’s scored more points."

"Yeah," Krillin joined in. "Iverson could take Kobe to the hole any day."

"Pffft," Nappa sounded. "When’s the last time you’ve seen Iverson dunk?"

"When’s the last time you’ve seen the Lakers win a game?" the new girl Zaria put in.

"True, true," everyone agreed, nodding their heads.

"But I bet Iverson could kick Kobe’s ass," Goku stated, starting up a new wave of argument. Vegeta shook his head, setting his beer down on the table. Personally, he couldn’t stand that Kobe Bryant guy. Too conceited. In Vegeta’s opinion, there was a limit to how arrogant a person could be.

He got up from the seat when he saw Rayven coming. "Where you goin’? Jay asked.

"Take a leak."

"Oh, well, if you’re using the one upstairs, don’t close it all the way. Doesn’t open from the inside.

Vegeta nodded absently, taking to the steps.


Bulma splashed the water on her face, needing to feel something other than heat. ‘It’s 8:00 in the evening and still hot! I really need to get out of L.A.’

She jumped when she heard the door swoosh open.

"What part of knocking do you not understand?!" she yelled as Vegeta walked in.

"Do ya mind?" she asked. "I’m kinda in here."

He brushed passed her, walking to the toilet.

"Hello! Am I invisible over here?" She heard the sound of a zipper being pulled down and the sound of liquid hitting liquid following.

"Vegeta!" she yelled, mortified. She turned her back to him. After an excruciating few moments, the sound of the toilet lid clanking against the rim and the zipper coming up prompted her to turn around.

"Okay, Vegeta. Now that you’ve just humiliated the fuck out of me, you can leave."

He gave her a smirk and sat on the top of the lidded toilet. "Nah, that’s alright. Go ahead and do what you were doing. It’s fine with me."

She marched over to him and grabbed him by the shirt, pulling him up. "Vegeta, I’m serious. Get out!"

He kept the smirk on his face. "What? And miss all the action? I’m sure there’s only one reason you came up here if you know what I mean." he said, with a generous amount of innuendo.

She cornered him until he was up against the bathroom door, pushing it closed. "Get out," she demanded angrily.

"You can’t fool me, woman. I’ve noticed you staring at me all day. It’s not my fault you come up here to get a little release."

Her eyes widened with shock. "Get over yourself Vegeta. I’m sorry to say, but the whole world doesn’t revolve around you."

He raised his eyebrows in a "doesn’t it?" gesture.

She shook her head, giving up. "Fine, whatever, Vegeta. I’ll leave." She reached around him and grabbed the handle. When she twisted it, it refused to budge. Her eyes grew wider.

"Vegeta….you didn’t…you didn’t shut this door did you?"

"No that would be your doing. I thought you were leaving."

She began to tug harder on the knob. "Vegeta…it won’t open!"

She panicked with each pull.

"What do you mean it won’t open!?" he demanded, starting to panic. He moved her hands out of the way and pulled as hard as he could.

"Fuck!" he yelled pounding forcefully on the door. Bulma stood back as he rammed his shoulders into the door.

"Vegeta, if your objective is to get yourself some bruised shoulders, you’re doing a mighty fine job of it," she said, sarcastically despite the situation.

"Oh yeah?" he asked, out of breath. "Then why don’t you tell me what you suggest we do?"

She looked at him for a moment before resorting to what a normal person would do in this kind of situation: ran to the door, pounding and screaming.

"Help!! Can anyone hear me?!? Open the door!!"

Vegeta looked at the screaming woman and shrugged, deciding to join her. Hey, a last resort is a last resort, right?

Their pounding and cries of help were left unheard by the people downstairs. When Bulma realized that no one could hear them, she slid down to the ground, blank-faced.

Vegeta’s pounding echoed in her ears, but she could tell that they were getting significantly weaker. When Vegeta came to the same conclusion as she did, he slid down to the floor hopelessly.

Bulma looked straight ahead blankly. "And the vedict is?"

Vegeta’s eyes closed as he uttered the hardest three words he’d ever said in his life.

"We’re locked in."

* * * * *

And the craziness ensues. Okay….I guess you’re wondering why I’m so late. Well…I have an exceptionally plausible excuse. My uncle was trying to install a printer and he kind of jacked up the system. The resolution fucked up and I couldn’t type anything onto it. THEN, to make matters worse, we got a virus. So we had to take the comp to the shop to get it fixed. But, on the bright side, I do have chapter 11 already written up and ready to be typed. So all’s I need is a little motivation if ya get my drift.

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