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Chapter 9


On Wednesday afternoon, Goku and Jay were occupying themselves, working on a Supra and talking about nothing in particular. Jay noticed Goku frequently turning his head to look at a certain raven haired woman.

A small smile grew on his face at the guy’s blatant crush.

"Hey, Goku. Pass me a wrench?"

Goku absently did as told, passing him one of the many tools and going back to his stare-fest. Jay chuckled, placing the screwdriver back into the box and getting an actual wrench.

"So, you got a thing for Chi huh?" Jay asked, trying to be sly.

"Huh? Oh…uh….no. I’ve got other things to worry about than some chick."

"Then why are you still staring at her?"

"I’m not! I was, uh, checkin’ out that car she was workin’ on. Geez, a guy wants to check out a ride and suddenly he’s in love?"

Jay shook his head, laughing to himeself and going back to his work.

"Hey," Goku said, patting Jay once lightly on his back and still keeping his eyes on Chichi. "Do you think she has a boyfriend?"

"I don’t think so. Why?"

"What, now I’m not allowed to know anything about my co-workers? It was just a question. It’s not like I think about the girl every night. And not that I care or anything, but has she said anything about me?"

Jay laughed, ignoring the blabbering love-sick fool. He was glad that he wasn’t in that kind of predicament. He went by the motto, ‘girls are trouble’. More specifically, relationships were trouble. He was more of a wham bam kind of guy. But that’s how it was with most of the guys in the drag business save for Krillen and Tien. ‘Krillin’s my best bud and all…but he won’t catch me being a woman’s puppy.’

An hour or so later, the garage was filled with the sounds of a truck on the outside. Because of the heat, the big door (which was the size of half of the huge garage) had been open, giving the crew a bit of fresh air.

Seconds later, Bulma pulled up on a flat bed, with a junky car on top of it.

"Hey B!" Juu called as her and Chichi went to greet her as she jumped off the bed.

"Watcha got there?" Chichi asked curiously.

"This," Bulma announced to the whole crew as Vegeta came out of his office after hearing all the commotion, "is Vegeta’s new 10-second car."

Rayven laughed. "More like 10-minute car."

Picollo eyed the vehicle. "I think maybe you could push this across the finish."

Krillin laughed under his breath. "Or tow it."

I don’t even think you could tow it across the finish," joined Launch.

"C’mon guys," said Yamcha, "Give her a break."

"You would say that," Rayven said spitefully. Bulma’s smile never fazed once during the whole exchange. She knew what was behind the hood of that car.

Vegeta called to Jared, "Tinker! Pop the hood, let’s see what I have to deal with here."

Tinker went to the car and looked at Bulma, as if asking for permission. She nodded at him. "Pop the hood."

"Pop the hood?"

Vegeta rolled his eyes. "Pop the hood."

"I’m poppin’ the hood."

When he opened the lid, his eyes widened almost comically.

"Damn. Two JZ engines."

Vegeta’s eyes became skeptical. "No shit?

"No shit."

Bulma’s arm tingled when she felt him brush passed her and towards the car. For the past three days, they had avoided each other, not even sparing the time to argue. She knew it would be awkward being alone with him. And even when they were around the rest of the crew, she still felt that little zing of sexual tension that she was sure he felt too.

"You know what?" Tinker asked, indicating that his next few words were important. "This will annihilate after you put about 15 grand in it. Or maybe a little more if we have to overnight parts from Japan."

"Is that right? Well, put it on my tab at Hercule’s," Vegeta answered, still eyeing his soon to be new toy. "Looks like you pulled through this time, woman."

Bulma gave a smug look. "That all the congrats I get after all the trouble I went through to snag this beauty?" she asked, referring to the banged up vehicle.

Vegeta shook his head at her smugness. "Don’t look so confident, woman. It’s not runnin’ yet." Bulma smiled, bringing her eyebrows up and down in and ‘you-know-I’m-right’ look.

Rayven rolled her eyes in annoyance. "It looks like someone’s forgetting who beat who down at the drags last week."

Bulma’s self-satisfied look changed into a ‘who-the-hell-is-talking-to-you?’ expression. "Oh, I know full well who beat who at the drags last week. Though, I find it funny that I was the only one woman enough to take the challenge."

The rest of the crew tried not to laugh as a "Buuuurrrn!" was yelled somewhere in the back (in a voice that sounded suspiciously like Juu’s).

Rayven tried to shake it off and replied, "You do know that you owe him this car right? You’re lucky he didn’t race you for your own car on Friday. And if it weren’t for you, we wouldn’t have been in the mess you got us into with the Ginyus."

Bulma was almost daunted. How did she know it was her fault? She glanced at Vegeta. ‘Is he talking about with her about me behind my back?’

"Yeah, and if it weren’t for you," Bulma countered, "I wouldn’t have a splitting headache right now from all your damn yapping. Maybe Vegeta was right. Your voice does sound like a bunch of mosquitoes in a box."

Bulma smiled, knowing Vegeta had said no such thing. It was just good to hit her where it hurt most.

Rayven looked at Vegeta, waiting for him to contradict Bulma’s words. Vegeta shrugged, wanting the females to leave him out of it. All he cared about right now was his new ride.

"You’re lucky Vegeta was there to save your ass from the Ginyus," Ray said, now in Bulma’s face. "If it weren’t for him, you’d be pretty fucked up."

"Yeah, well let’s just hope Vegeta gets here fast enough to save your sorry ass before I slam my fist into that pretty little face!" Bulma answered, fist in punch mode.

"Now, now ladies," Jay said, breaking them up. "As much as I love catfights, here is not really a great place to do it. I mean, unless you wanna get sliced by the heavy machinery. If so, be my guest."

The two females glowered at each other before reluctantly pulling away.

"Good," continued Jay, feeling important. "Now, Ray, why don’t you work the bar with Tien and Chiatzu? Keep yourself busy. And as for you, Bulma--" But he was cut off by her ‘don’t-you-dare-try-and-order-me-around’ look.

"Why don’t you go ahead and do whatever you want," he finished lamely.

Bulma turned to Tinker, grabbing him and dragging him towards his office.

"Not that I don’t love being manhandled, Bulma, but where are you taking me?"

"Chill, Tinkerbell. We’re just going to do a little planning."


Vegeta watched the two disappear behind Jared’s office. ‘What’s that sneaky bitch up to?’ he thought more curious than suspicious. He frowned as he thought of something.

‘She better not be thinking of decking up my car!’ His face contorted into disgust as he thought of the female fixing the layout of his car. ‘Imagine…a pink interior! Pink!’ He panicked as he let his mind run away with him imagining bright yellow flowers and purple bunnies adorning his ride.

‘Hell no!’ he thought, marching towards Tinker’s office.

Bulma jumped when she heard the door slam open. "Shit Vegeta! Ever heard of knocking?" She asked, one hand on the seat Jared was sitting on.

He ignored her, his eyes darting directly to the computer screen which showed the layout of an unmade car.

"What the hell do you think you’re doing?!" he demanded, stalking towards her.

"What the hell do you think I’m doing Einstein? I’m suiting up the new auto."

"The hell you are!"

"Vegeta, can we just skip the dramatics please. I want to get this done before I turn old."

"Look lady, I asked for a ten second car, and I got one. Your job is done, so get the hell out."

"Vegeta, either you’re blind or just plain stupid, ‘cause that piece of monstrosity out there is not a ten-second car," she said, pointing towards the door. "So I guess, technically, my job is not done."

Vegeta started to retort when he realized she was right. Not that he’d tell her that.

"She got you there, man." Tink said, matter-of-factly.

"Shut up Tinker!" Vegeta barked.

Jared smiled, making a zip motion against his mouth followed by his turning the lock and throwing away the key.

Vegeta turned to look at Bulma. "Fine, woman. But I get most, if not all, of the say." She rolled her eyes and turned back to looking over Jared’s shoulder at the computer.

Vegeta moved to stand beside her, failing miserably to ignore the soft scent permeating off of her skin.

"Ok," Jared started, stretching out his arms over the keyboard. "For the easy part. What color?"

Bulma smiled, already having that part figured out.

"Dark Blue," she stated firmly at the same time the man beside her uttered "Black."

Tinker’s smile dropped as he realized his dilemma.

"What do you mean ‘black’?!" Bulma inquired as if the word were a dirty thing to say. "You already have, like, a million black cars. Have you ever heard of variety?"

"At least mine’s a fucking color. What the hell…Dark blue? There’s no such thing. Not ‘dark blue’, not ‘light blue’, just blue!" He smirked at her, thinking he had gotten the better end.

Bulma smiled. "Blue it is."

Vegeta sputtered as he realized he’d just been duped. He sighed, giving in. "Fine, woman. But remember…I’m the boss here!"

Jared made a whipping noise while whipping his hand back and forth. "Whipped!"

"Didn’t I just tell you to shut the hell up Tinkerbell!?"

"Alright…moving right along…" Tink said, clicking away until the computer shifted into the inside of the car. "What would be your interior preference?"

"Crčme leather," Bulma said, quickly. Vegeta turned to her in surprise.

"You do remember who’s car this is right? I’m making the decisions."

"Nah, she’s right, man," Tink said, putting his two cents in. "The crčme gets the chicks…or…the dudes if you’re me."

Vegeta shot him a death glare. "I don’t need a car to impress the ladies," he said, then turned to Bulma with a smug look. "I have much better assets than that," he said, suggestively.

Bulma rolled her eyes. "And I’m guessing your personality isn’t one of them."

Jared hid a laugh behind his hand.

"Oh, please woman. That’s why you practically jumped my bones the other day."

"I don’t think I should be hearing this," Tink worried, not wanting to be traumatized.

"I was giving you a taste of your own medicine," Bulma defended herself, ignoring the guy at the computer.

"While you got off on it. Next time you decide to jump my nuts, warn me. Then we can all be happy."

Tink’s eyes widened. "Okay, I am now officially scarred for life. What’s say I get out of here and let you two fin--"

"Sit," Bulma demanded, still looking at Vegeta. "You don’t go anywhere until this is done," she said, indicating to the computer screen. He obeyed, abruptly sitting back in his seat.

"Alright then Vegeta. But the next time you decide to feel me up in public, maybe you could inform me."

Vegeta smirked. "I just couldn’t resist. Your ass was hanging out all night. It was very distracting. You can’t blame a man for wanting a beautiful woman. Or a quick fuck anyway."

"Wow, you really need to brush up on your flattery skills. ‘Cause if that was your idea of a compliment, I don’t know how you get half females you do."

"Is that a hint of jealousy I hear? Sorry to make you so green with envy."

"Look, Vegeta. I’m in no mood for one of our little arguments right now. In fact, I would love to be a million miles away from you at this moment. But since that’s not possible, it’s crčme leather."

Vegeta reluctantly complied, angry that his fun had been taken away. He loved the way her intake of breath would increase when she was mad, making her breasts move up and down. He wanted desperately to feel her mouth on his every time she licked her lips, ready to snap back at him. He wanted to—

"Pussy whipped!" Vegeta heard Tink say around a cough.

But before he could say anything, Tinker inquired as to which tires were preferred.

"Suma’s," Bulma answered. "If that’s okay with you, boss" she added as an afterthought.

"Damn, right I’m the boss. Not your lapdog," he said, needing to get that straight.

"Of course you aren’t," she said, absently reaching up and patting his head.

Vegeta sighed, frustrated. ‘This woman is going to be the death of me.’

The rest of the session, the room was filled with Bulma and Vegeta’s griping, the sounds of the keyboard, and Tinker’s beautiful rendition of the hook to ‘Whip it.’

* * * * *

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