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Princess Panchii.


Chapter 5


Planet Vegeta

"Ok! And you remember what I said?" Chichi asked her orange haired friend, Meryl.

"Yes." Meryl nodded. "If the baby is born before you come back that I should radio you immediately."

"Uh huh, and if the baby is a girl?" Chichi asked.

"That I should name it Chichi." Meryl said as she grinned.

"And if the baby is a boy?" Chichi asked.

"I’ll name him Kakarot." Meryl said.

"Actually," Chichi said as she looked down sadly, "Maybe you should name the boy Bardock in honor of Kakarot’s father?"

Meryl nodded solemnly. "I will do that." She said.

"Good! Now remember, Kakarot and I will be the godparents." Chichi continued. (Do Saiyajin children have godparents? I dunno…)

"Kakarot. Tell your wench that this isn’t ‘social hour’. We have a schedule to keep and I don’t have the patience to put up with this woman any longer than I have to!!" Vegeta growled.

Kakarot turned and walked over to Chichi.

"Oh, Kakarot! Aren’t you so excited?? Meryl’s going to have her baby really soon!" Chichi exclaimed. Kakarot grinned, but frowned when the prince glared at him. "Chichi, we have to go, now." Kakarot said. "Oh come on." Chichi laughed. "This is my best friend. I won’t see her for weeks!"

"Well, the prince is getting restless. I don’t think he wants to postpone our trip any longer." Kakarot said. Chichi glanced at the stocky prince. "Now, it seems that he’s anxious to go. I remember when the king had first told him that he was to go on a purging mission the prince was outraged. Now, it looks like he’s hoping to find something…" Chichi noticed.

"Well, that’s nice, but we got to go now. Bye Meryl. Hope you have a healthy baby." Kakarot grinned as he and Chichi walked to the ship.

"It took you long enough." Vegeta said as he strolled up the ramp.

Chichi looked around the ship anxiously.

"I’m so excited! I don’t remember the last time that I went on a purging mission! I can’t wait to start blowing stuff up." She exclaimed.

"Heh. You’re not doing anything of the kind." Vegeta snorted, "I hear you’re good at taking a census. That’s what you’ll be doing. It’ll make my job a whole lot easier and we’ll get off the god damned planet quicker."

Chichi’s face dropped. "Census? I- I don’t want to do a census. I’m tired of fucking censuses!!" Chichi yelled.

"Well, not my problem. You didn’t honestly think a woman could purge a planet, did you? You’d probably tire yourself out the first day." Vegeta laughed.

Chichi almost snapped back at him when Kakarot gave her a warning glance. Chichi took a deep breath, stuck out her chin, and angrily stomped up the ramp. Kakarot laughed nervously as he followed her on.


"Come on, Bulma-san!" Elani giggled as she pulled her best friend out in to the massive crowd of people. "Wait up, Lani-chan!" Bulma laughed.

They were in the midst of a giant end of spring festival to celebrate the beginning of summer and Elani wanted to show Bulma every thing at once.

‘Hmm…’ Bulma thought to herself. ‘Spring on this planet is a lot cooler then the ones on Earth.’

She was already starting to regret wearing her short blue jean shorts but at least she had her warm fuzzy pink sweater. Elani, on the other hand didn’t seem to mind the weather at all, like all the other people who were at the fair. Elani was wearing a thin red dress that had short sleeves with a high neck.

"Whoa!" Bulma gasped as she stopped which jerked Elani backwards.

"What?" Elani asked.

"What is that??" Bulma asked as her face turned a lovely shade of green.

"Oh, that?" Elani said as she looked as the live fish in bear’s blood.

"That’s just some sushi." Elani said.

"Well, sushi on my planet was never a live and was never that wet!!" Bulma said as she turned a corner. "Would you like some roast mangi, then?" Elani asked.

"What’s mangi?" Bulma asked skeptically.

"Bulma-san, knowing you, you honestly don’t want to know. But it tastes just like Earth chicken and at least it’s totally dry!" Elani giggled.

"Well, I guess there’s a first time for everything…" Bulma said as she shrugged and followed Elani to go get the mangi roast.


Noel was sitting on the steps of the shrine contemplating his situation.

"Look at it as a scale." He told himself as he stretched his arms out in front of him. "In my right hand I have Bulma, Margo, and unbelievable riches if Frieza compensates me for helping his daughter defeat the Saiyajins. And in the left hand… I have the fate of thousands of people, young and old, female and male." He closed his left fist tightly as if squeezing the life out of it. "The answer is simple." He said as he got up and walked up the stairs.

"I don’t need these people or this planet. I’ll have two beautiful women and unbelievable riches. What more could a guy want?" he asked himself. "Now, how do I get in here?" he asked confusedly as he saw that there were no doors on the shrine. It was just a stone box with carvings in their native language all over it. He tapped on the stone exterior, going around it, seeing if he could find a weak point. He didn’t notice the gust of cool air that signaled Margo’s entrance.

"Why don’t you try reading the writing on the damn thing?" Margo suggested. Noel glanced up at her and frowned.

"What? You’re not happy to see me?" she asked as she floated to sit in a tree, whose branches were bare. "I wore your favorite color today." She cooed. He glanced up at her. She was wearing a tight dark green and white body suit with dark green boots. With closer inspection he discovered that it wasn’t green and white. The white was her skin showing through the revealing slits that she had all over her outfit. He looked back down at the shrine and decided on where to start reading. He heard her jump down from the tree and walk over to him. She leaned on his shoulder and studied what he was doing. She felt him shivering against her and she saw that his eyes were narrowed as he tried to decipher the message.

"You don’t know what you’re doing, do you?" she asked quietly.

"Um… Of course I d--" he said but trailed off when he saw that she didn’t believe him.

"That’s okay. I can open this easily " she said as she raised her palm, "step aside sweetheart. You don’t want to get hurt, do you?"

He took her advice and stepped away from the shrine and watched as an orb of pink ki energy fly into the shrine demolishing it. He was stunned.

"What if you destroyed it…?" he asked.

"I didn’t." She said. "Now go in there and get the awakening stone!" she ordered. He gulped as he started to sift through the debris of the shrine.



Bulma stopped in mid-throw. She was playing a game at one of the stalls when she felt something really strange.

"Bulma-san?" Elani asked.

"Hey! Hurry up and throw!" one guy behind her yelled.

Bulma pitched the ball and it sailed right through the bottles winning her a large plush animal. Bulma handed the blue elephant looking thing over to Elani and grabbed the girl’s hand.

"Come on. Something’s wrong here." Bulma said.

"What?" Elani asked.

"I don’t know it’s just that…" Bulma trailed off as she looked up into the sky.

"What the…?" she asked as she saw a large ship float high above.

As soon as the words left her mouth she saw four pods fall from the large ship. As quickly as it had came the ship was gone. Elani didn’t see the ships. But she felt it when they made contact with the ground. Everyone at the fair was thrown to their feet.

"What’s going on??" someone yelled.

Everyone else got to their feet and looked around. Bulma could see the looks of fear on their faces.

‘Oh no. Pods? S-Saiyajin pods??’ she thought fearfully, ‘Already??’

She looked at the people’s faces.

‘Just like the one’s from Earth. They were afraid. They had hope just like these people, but they still didn’t survive. I can’t watch another race be destroyed!!’ she yelled to herself as she got to her feet and sprinted away.

"Bulma-san? Bulma-san!!!" Elani yelled as she quickly ran after the young lavender haired girl.


"That was a bumpy landing." Chichi said.

"No, really?" Turles asked sarcastically as he climbed out of his pod.

"Well, at least we landed on land this time. Once me and Turles had landed in lava!" Kakarot said. "Humph." Vegeta said. "Woman." He said, this time addressing Chichi.

The raven-haired Saiyajin woman turned around angrily, but then calmed herself.

‘Show respect, Chichi.’ She scolded herself.

"Your highness?" Chichi asked.

"Take a reading of all accountable life forces on this planet." Vegeta instructed.

"All accountable life forces. I don’t understand exactly what you mean, your highness." Chichi said as she almost gagged at how respectful she was being to the short prick.

"Accountable as in: Don’t count the weak, the old or the children. Only the warriors on the planet." Vegeta growled at the incompetent female.

Chichi nodded, even though she didn’t know how to do that. She turned on her planetary log and started pushing a lot of buttons. Vegeta’s ears picked up a rustling in the woods. He saw that Kakarot and Turles had felt it, too. He also noticed that Chichi was too busy trying to figure out how to perform a simple task. Vegeta’s eyes saw movement in one of the bushes and he sent a small ki blast out. Chichi’s head snapped up when she heard a muffled groan. A young warrior stumbled out of the foliage bleeding and badly burned.

"Weak." Vegeta muttered as he finished off the soldier.

Kakarot and Turles smirked as they heard the battle cry of the native people echo off the hills as a small army swarmed down the cliff side.

"Be ready to attack." Vegeta said loudly.

Chichi immediately put away her log and got ready to fight but felt Kakarot staring down at her.

"I promise that I’ll be careful." She said as she clicked her scouter on. "They don’t even have power levels of Saiyajin children." She convinced him.

He stepped away and she grinned happily as she powered up.


"Bulma-san?" Elani asked as she crept into the capsule house.

Bulma sat on the kitchen floor with her knees clutched to her chest.

"What’s wrong?" Elani asked.

"The Saiyajins." Bulma said as she looked at Elani sternly, "The Saiyajins are here." Elani gasped as she looked into Bulma’s eyes.

"I’m so sorry, Lani-chan." Bulma said as she felt a tremor race through the planet. They were already attacking.

"It’s not your fault, Bulma-san. We have faith in you, and I know that you can do this." Elani said, forcing a smile onto her features.

"Don’t have faith in me, okay? I can’t protect this planet… A- and I don’t think that I can protect you either. I will try, because I don’t want to see you or Macki die." Bulma said as she ruffled the twelve year-old girl’s spiky purple hair.

Elani grinned at Bulma.

"Ok, so where do we go from here?" Elani asked.

"You are going to go get Macki and make sure that you keep her in the house and that no matter what happens not to leave the house." Bulma warned the girl.

"But I want to go with you…" Elani whined.

"No!" Bulma said.

Elani pouted.

"Fine, I’ll go to Macki’s but you have to promise that you won’t go eloping off with someone." Elani said. "What are you talking about??" Bulma asked the girl incredulously.

Elani cupped her hands over her mouth.

"Well, it’s just that… um… you know Noel has a big crush on you…" Elani lied.

She could care a lot less about Noel. She knew that he was a creep and that Bulma wanted nothing to do with him.

"Heh. Yeah right. Me and Noel eloping together? Yeah, in another One million years. I’ll hopefully be dead by then." Bulma laughed, then turned serious again.

"I don’t have time for romance." Bulma said, in sudden remembrance of Yamucha.

"Oh, ok." Elani said as she looked at Bulma’s faraway statement.

Bulma blinked and shook her head, turning her attention back to Elani. "I guess I’ll see you later. Remember what I told you." Bulma said.

"Right." Elani said.

Bulma ruffled her hair again then ran out of the house.


Frieza sat in his throne room with a very displeased frown plastered on his face.

"But, Lord Frieza, I didn’t know that Bardock wasn’t dead when we left." Dodoria explained.

Frieza angrily snapped the thin stem of his wine glass spilling all the glass’s contents on the floor. Dodoria winced.

"So, because of your laziness, Bardock was able to warn his two brats and now the Saiyajins probably know that I’m out to destroy them." Frieza hissed.

"B- b- but maybe those Saiyajins, Kakarot and Turles, maybe they didn’t tell the king yet?" Dodoria suggested.

"If they didn’t tell the king then they told the prince. But, that doesn’t matter. I’ve sent my daughter to take care of those Saiyajin." Frieza said.

"Daughter??" Zarbon and Dodoria asked at the same time.

"Margo. She is the strongest female fighter in the universe and can kill you two if she felt like it." Frieza said.

"I have sent her to Checkisu-sei to do away with the annoying monkeys. She has affiliated herself with some Checkisu-jin native and is planning to be through with the Saiyajins by night fall today, if everything goes according to plan." Frieza said.

"I want the two of you out of here, now!!" Frieza ordered. ‘I will finally have those disgusting monkeys out of my hair for once! Especially the little prince.’ Frieza thought to himself as Zarbon and Dodoria exited the room.


Vegeta listened to the sickening crunch of the Checkisu-jin’s head as he stepped on it.

"That’s the last one." Vegeta said. "Let’s move out." "And you." He said as he pointed to Chichi, "Didn’t I tell you to take a report of the accountable fighters??"

"Well, we were in midst of a battle, your highness…" Chichi said but stopped when Vegeta growled at her, "Do it now…" he threatened.

Chichi coughed nervously and pressed a random button and immediately got a read out.

"Um… okay. The largest congregation of high power levels is about 3000 miles from here…" Chichi said as she looked at the screen.

"Th- three thousand miles??" Turles asked.

"Well, that’s what it says… Oh, nope, wait. I was wrong." Chichi said as she laughed nervously. Vegeta, Kakarot, and Turles all sweat dropped.

"Can’t she do anything right??" Vegeta asked.

"Well…" Kakarot said as he blushed.

"I can fight!" Chichi said as she cut her mate off.

"You’re just a first class." Vegeta stated in a mocking tone. "And you’re a female at that. You’re not as strong as an elite and never will be so to a person like me you are weak."

Chichi glared. He was really pissing her off, now.

"Um… Chichi?" Turles asked, "You had said that you had had the wrong coordinates, so how far away are the powers, really?"

"Uh…" Chichi said as she reread the information. "I would have to say about 40 to 50 miles," she confirmed.

"Well, that’s okay, I guess." Turles said.

"Hey, Vegeta." Kakarot said. Vegeta turned to the brainless elite.

"What do you want, Kakarot?" Vegeta asked.

"Wasn’t Nappa supposed to be coming with us?" Kakarot asked.

"He was needed on Vegeta-sei." Vegeta said. "As I said before, we have no time for social chit chat, we have to move out, now." Vegeta ordered.

"What about our ships?" Chichi asked as she glanced back at the four pods.

"What about the ships??" Vegeta asked exasperatedly.

"Well, we can’t just leave them here, since we probably won’t camp here, right? I mean we are going 40-50 miles away." Chichi explained.

"Not like any of the idiots on this planet can operate our ships, so is there really anything to worry about?" Vegeta asked. He really disliked Chichi because she had absolutely no respect for him, and he couldn’t stand a woman who wouldn’t obey him. He powered up and blasted into the air, with all the other Saiyajins following him.


"Aha!" Margo exclaimed. "Finally, I mean, I’ve waited long enough." She said happily. "Give it to me!!" she giggled.

"Do you think you can handle it?" he asked her.

"Of course, don’t be silly." She said to him.

He placed the stone in her hands and as soon as it made contact she screamed and dropped it. Noel picked it up off the ground.

"See, I knew that you couldn’t hold it." He said. He glanced at her hands, which were red and blistered. "Are you okay?" he asked her.

"Of course I am!" she said as she cradled her hands.

"I guess that you’ve suddenly just become an even bigger part of this operation." Margo said as she glared at him, her eyes turning a shade of orange.

Noel raised an eyebrow.

"You will have to summon Miranda. Come now, hold onto my hand, and I’ll take you to her body."

"W- what?? I can’t be the one to do that…" Noel said.

Margo grabbed his shoulders. "We had a deal, right? It’s no skin off your back, if you get what you want. Am I right?" she asked as she cupped his face.

"But--" he started.

"But nothing." She said angrily. "Follow me."

"Where are we going?" he asked her.

"Someplace special." She whispered as she touched a finger to his cheek, and they both disappeared.


Back on Vegeta-sei

"Where is my son?" the king asked Nappa.

"He’s left for the purging mission sire." Nappa responded.

"Already? Well why didn’t he tell me that Bardock’s crew came back?" King Vegeta asked.

"Well, sire, the whole crew didn’t exactly come back. Just Turles and Kakarot." Nappa said sadly.

"What do you mean? What happened to the crew??" the king asked confusedly.

"They say that Frieza had sent Dodoria’s men to destroy them. And there has been rumors going about that planet that blew up suddenly, killing 2 whole Saiyajin purging squads." Nappa said sternly.

"What rumors?" the king asked.

"People think that Frieza was the cause of that ‘accident’, and they’re all on edge. They don’t want to leave the planet for fear that they won’t come back alive." Nappa replied.

"That’s nonsense. We have an alliance with Frieza. He would never do something like that, after all that the Saiyajins have done for him!" the king yelled.

"Those are not my views, sire, just those of the people. I think that it’d be best if you could find some sure way to assure them that Frieza is not a threat." Nappa said.

"I’ll do just that." King Vegeta responded.


Bulma ran through the forest at top speed to where she had assumed the pods had landed. It was pretty far out and took her about half an hour to get there. She walked into a grassy clearing and felt her heart jump into her throat. There they were. The pods, almost exactly how she remembered them. There were four now, two more than the amount that had purged Earth. And the bodies, some brutally mutilated, some badly singed. The smell of burning flesh was almost unbearable.

"Oh, shit." She muttered to herself.

"If there were only two needed to destroy the Earth…" Bulma trailed off.

"I won’t have it! No! I cannot let history repeat itself. Not again. Not when I know that there is something that I can do to help!" Bulma yelled. "I’ll make sure those Saiyajins know the wrath of an angry earth woman!" she yelled as she ran through the forest in the opposite direction.


"Well," Kakarot said as they landed at the outskirts of the forest. "What do we do now?"

"What do you mean?" Chichi asked.

"Where do we go from here? Do we attack?" Kakarot asked.

"No, stupid, we have to look for useable resources. We don’t want to let good things go to waste." He said as he smirked and then turned to Chichi. "Although, we can afford to lose some things that we brought on this trip."

Chichi frowned and turned her back to him.

"Well, I guess then, that that’s where Chichi comes into the picture?" Kakarot asked.

"Yes, yes. Your wench actually is needed now. You go and scout the forest for any valuable natural resources." Vegeta said to Chichi. "Kakarot, Turles and I will look for the head of government here."

"S- so… You’re going to leave me here all by myself?" Chichi asked.

"Well, you wanted to come. It’s about time that you got some courage, instead of having Kakarot here protect you." Vegeta answered with a cruel sneer on his face.

Chichi had a string of insults that she could have thrown at him, but she held her tongue.

"Yes, your highness." She said through clenched teeth as she turned and stomped through the forest.

"Do you really have to be so mean to her?" Kakarot asked.

Vegeta frowned at the taller Saiyajin.

"Kakarot, I don’t know what gave you the notion that I was your ‘friend’, but I’m not. I can do whatever I want. You understand? Know your place, and don’t ever question me again. Now, lets move." Vegeta commanded.


"Macki-san? Are you in here?" Elani asked as she pushed open the already unlocked door. ‘It’s strange of Macki to not lock her door. What’s up?’ Elani asked herself apprehensively. She glanced out the window, and was surprised to see Macki running towards her cottage.

"Huh??" Elani asked incredulously.

She stuck her head out the window. "Macki!? What do you think you’re doing???" she yelled.

The old woman looked up to Elani, and her solemn face broke out into a grin.

Elani watched as Macki finally made it to the door.

The old woman’s face was deathly pale.

"Gosh, you sure have had a fright!" Elani noted. "What’s going on around here??" she asked.

"What do you mean?" Macki asked cautiously as she wiped at her sweat soaked brow.

"Well, first, there’s like a major explosion, that totally destroyed the mood of the fair. Then there’s Bulma, she um… she said… well, gosh… she thinks that the Saiyajins are here…" Elani trailed off.

Macki’s eyes widened in terror. "Then it’s true. What I saw. It’s true."

"What do you mean??" Elani asked the old woman. "What did you see??"

"I was walking through the forest. I decided to come to the forest after all. I came across a clearing with many craters. And in each crater, sat a circular shaped pod. There were bodies. Around the landing site. Yes, they were horribly killed. Most burnt by something… It was just ghastly! Just that I… I couldn’t see the attackers. They had already left." Macki said.

"But, then, you should have known that only Saiyajins were strong enough for that!" Elani yelled.

"The tribe that they killed, the weren’t Checkisu-jin, they were one of the primitive beings that share the planet with us. They are known to be weak. But Checkisu-jin, we are stronger… I just thought, well, I thought that maybe we’d be lucky for once. That we could have something easily defeated… But it’s hopeless." Macki said as she smiled.

Elani looked at her skeptically, but sank down on the floor next to the woman.

"You know, even if she does win this fight… She won’t win the battle of her heart. She’ll go with him." Macki said contentedly.

"This dark prince?" Elani asked in hopes of confirmation.

Macki nodded.

"And you don’t care??" Elani asked with venom in her voice.

"Of course I do. But I know that he can take care of her. Even though, it will be hard on the both of them. They have such strong and stubborn spirits. It’s like trying to fight fire with fire, or fighting pride with pride. That’s a better one. Neither side is stronger in that category. So, it’s like an immovable steel wall. Only when one cares enough about the other, to let their steel wall down, only then will they be truly happy." Macki concluded, as she took a deep shaky breath.

Elani frowned at her.

"I know that you’re mystic and psychic and all, but when were you planning on telling me all of this?? I am your apprentice! I should have been able to do that!" Elani said angrily.

"You’re a young, inexperienced child. You are ignorant to the ways of the world. How can you expect something from yourself, that you haven’t even known about??" Macki asked

"But… but, I just want to help Bulma. And the only way that I possibly can, is to know her enemy better than the enemy knows itself." Elani said.

"I know that you care about her very much, but she was never meant to stay with us. She has to move on. I think, that for her, being with people she loves just brings pain to her, because she blames herself for anything that happens to us. Do you want her to worry all her life, or do you want her to be happy?" Macki asked in a serious tone.

"I want her to be happy… Hey!" Elani said as a realization just hit her.

"What?" Macki asked.

"When I was talking to Bulma… I mentioned something about her eloping…" Elani said in confusion.

"Eloping? But why would you…" Macki started but was cut off by Elani.

"I don’t know! It’s just like a concept map in my head! I was thinking about Bulma leaving, then about the Saiyajins, then about her fighting the Saiyajins, then about the dark prince. After that I thought of Recca and Sage, which then leaded to Bulma’s dreams about the prince, so… I dunno why, but it just appeared to me that their connection is more than just fate. Maybe… maybe, it could be love?" Elani asked with a mix of slight fear and anticipation in her eyes.


Bulma was sweating with fatigue and what was it… fear? ‘It couldn’t be fear, now could it?’ she asked her self. ‘If I die, I die. As simple as that.’ Her head jerked up as she heard a rustling sound. She quickly pressed herself against a tree, to keep out of sight of the intruder. Bulma waited there for about ten minutes, but still… nothing. ‘I could have sworn… that I heard someone. I somehow felt them too. Could they have possibly seen me here??’ she asked herself. She saw a sudden shadow over her head.

She looked up, but could see nothing but trees, and leaves. She heard someone laugh. Bulma narrowed her eyes. "There is no way in hell that I am just going to stand here and be mocked." She growled under her breath.

"What was that, little Checkisu-jin? No way in hell? Look alive sweet heart, we’re here, therefore you are in hell!" she heard a clear female voice ring through the forest.

Bulma’s head snapped up. She had no idea where the voice had come from.

"Show yourself!" she demanded.

"Now why in the world would I want to do that?" she heard the same voice ask.

Well, now she knew that there was only one of them, whatever it was. She hoped that it wasn’t Saiyajin.

"Show yourself! You coward!" Bulma yelled, in a voice as loud and resonant as the other woman’s.

"Coward… You must be kidding…" she heard the voice, now a bit less sure of itself. "Why, pray tell little Checkisu-jin, would you want to challenge a first class female Saiyajin warrior?" she heard the voice boom.

"Saiyajin." Bulma said through clenched teeth. She had never felt so much anger in her life. It was like the word caused liquid fire to run through her veins.

"I am no Checkisu-jin, bitch. Don’t you know an Earth native, when you see one? Of course not, you were too busy destroying the planet to know anything about its race. You assholes, you will all die at my hands today!" she yelled.

At first she could hear nothing. Not even the animals in the forest around her. Then she heard something that sounded like someone was exhaling air.

"You must be real dumb to talk all that talk. From my information… The Saiyajin who destroyed your planet was the ever-famous Vegeta ouji-sama. His first purge, too. He is the strongest Saiyajin alive. The strongest of your people were said to have a power level of around 1,700. And what about you, eh? You’re a scrawny thing, in classifications of a true warrior. You could never be rugged. You’re just all soft and curvy. I wonder how you can fight with out worrying if your stupid purple hair will get dirt in it." The Saiyajin said mockingly with contempt.

Bulma frowned, but did not say a word.

"Huh? No snappy comeback?" the Saiyajin asked.

"What else is there to say. I want to kill you." Bulma stated plainly.

"All right then, little Earth female. Let’s see how good you are." The Saiyajin said as she dropped down in front of Bulma.

Bulma was totally shocked.

‘S- she was above me the whole time???’ Bulma asked herself.

The lithe raven-haired Saiyajin stood with her back to Bulma.

"Surprised, aren’t you? I wasn’t there the whole time, you know." The Saiyajin said as she turned to face Bulma.

Bulma locked eyes with the Saiyajin.

She stepped back in shock. The eyes were a very dark brown, almost close to black, and all she could see in them was contempt, anger, pride, bloodlust… and excitement?

"Uh uh…." Bulma stuttered as she took another step backwards.

"Oh… what, did I frighten you?" the woman asked with a sneer on her face.

"Scared of what? An overgrown monkey? How can you walk around with that stupid tail showing everyone who you really are? That you’re part of a race of dirty murdering back stabbers?? Don’t you have pride enough to see the wrong of your ‘people’, if I can call them that. More like soulless monsters." Bulma spat out at the girl.

The Saiyajin sighed and Bulma saw a small hint of sadness pass her features.

"How dare you assume that all Saiyajins are alike? You don’t know us well enough to think anything about us! You think, that because one Saiyajin takes pleasure in murdering that his child will be a murderer too? Do you think that anyone could live in a world of evil like that? Huh? Answer me wench, before I have to slice your head off."she growled menacingly.

"I do believe… that you are all the same. Cold, heartless, and ruthless, unworthy of pity, for anything that has befallen you. And I do believe with all my heart and soul that you almost die, if not today, then definitely tomorrow!" Bulma stated in the same tone the Saiyajin had used.

"Ok, well then, I assume that you are prepared to fight, for those words that you have spoken were a direct insult to the Saiyajin empire." The Saiyajin growled.

"Of course I am. I have been ready for two years, now." Bulma stated.

Bulma watched as the Saiyajin stopped in her tracks and opened her census log.

"Name?" she asked like one of those receptionists in the doctor’s office.

Bulma raised an eyebrow.

"What the hell do you think you’re doing? We’ve got a score to settle!" Bulma asked angrily.

Chichi glare at her.

"This is my duty. The reason why I’m here. Just give me your god damn name." The woman ordered.

"Give me yours." Bulma said.

"Chichi." She said.

"Last name?" Bulma asked.

"We don’t have last names. Stop stalling, I need this information." Chichi said.

"Why don’t you take it after we fight?" Bulma asked as she glared at the Saiyajin, named Chichi.

"You’ll be dead after this fight. Now, name?" Chichi said.

"Bulma Briefs. Age 18. Native of Earth. Occupation: to kill Saiyajins." Bulma said with bitter humor.

Chichi quickly typed, then closed her log and slipped it inside her armor.

"Alright then. Go!" Chichi shouted as she swung out her fist at Bulma.

Bulma automatically ducked and swung out her leg at Chichi’s midsection. Bulma watched in confusion as Chichi backed up in surprise, which left her totally open to Bulma’s attacks. Bulma tripped Chichi. Taking her feet out from under her.

Chichi fell with a thud.

"And you say that you’re suppose to be the ultra strong superior race? You barely lasted 5 seconds." Bulma said in disappointment. But when she opened her eyes, she barely had enough time to dodge the bright blue ball of light that was headed towards her. She watched as it disintegrated a tree.

"What… what was that?" Bulma asked.

Chichi had just gotten up.

"If you don’t know of ki, then there’s no way that you can defeat me." Chichi said smugly.

"Yeah, well, I don’t need a fancy light show to beat you. And I can handle ki for your information." Bulma said in the same tone as Chichi.

Chichi frowned, and then powered up. Bulma watched as Chichi’s power became almost overwhelming.

"Die bitch!" Chichi said as she smacked Bulma hard across the face sending her flying into a tree. Chichi decided that she wasn’t going to waste anymore time. She followed Bulma into the crater she had made, by punching in her face.

"Ugh! Get off of me!" Bulma said as she kicked Chichi hard in the stomach. Chichi went flying into another tree. Chichi sat on the ground clutching her stomach.

‘Ooooh. Kakarot will kill me if something happens to his child…’ Chichi thought angrily.

"Aaaaah!" she yelled as she launched a barrage of ki attacks on Bulma. When the dust cleared, Chichi was surprised to see that Bulma was still standing. Chichi’s eyes widened as she noticed that even through all that, Bulma still had enough energy to power up a ki attack.

"It looks as if I’m not dead, eh?" Bulma asked.

A wide grin appeared on her face as she let out an almost animalistic battle cry as she released the ball from her palm.


"What! What is this??!" Kakarot yelled in alarm as a series of high numbers literally flew across the screen of his scouter.

"What’s going on here?" Vegeta asked angrily as he tried to figure out what power level the scouter was reading.

"I- I can’t even get it to stop! Who could have a power level that high??" Turles asked with a baffled statement.

"Well…" Kakarot said as the numbers started to slow down. "It didn’t reach twenty thousand yet, so it’s no threat to our power levels."

"No threat, Kakarot?" Vegeta asked angrily. "Anything like that is always a threat. You can’t let everything go. We must pursue this." Vegeta ordered. "Locate the direction where that surge of power came from." He said as he turned to Turles.

"Um… Southwest. Which means it came from the forest." Turles said as he locked eyes with Kakarot.

"Oh no, Chichi!" Kakarot yelled as he typed in her signature power level.

"Yup," Turles confirmed, "she’s there with whatever it is that has a power level of 19,760."

"But Chichi’s only a first class, and her limit is 23,000. We don’t know if what she’s fighting can go past 19,000." Kakarot stated nervously.

"Well, then let’s go help her." Turles concluded.

"Wait." Vegeta said. "She should know how to defend herself. We don’t have time to pick fights with the natives, besides the scouters are probably just broken. The frequencies must’ve gotten messed with when we came into this planets atmosphere."

"Shit…" Kakarot muttered.

"Sire! I am requesting your permission to go and make sure that my mate is not in danger." Kakarot pleaded.

Vegeta rolled his eyes.

"You are weak, Kakarot. Letting a woman take up so much of your mind and free time. It still puzzles me to this day. Was she that good of a fuck that you had to keep her around so long? And I hear that she’s even having your brat!" Vegeta laughed. "It is a disgrace to have an elite warrior be so weak, and especially to a female like that! She’s stupid, loud, incompetent and worthless. I didn’t think ypu had such horrible taste in women. Have some pride Kakarot. You could have done better." Vegeta spat out in disgust.

Turles blinked at the unlikely scene.

His normally calm and kind brother had his fists and teeth clenched and he was shaking with rage.

Vegeta noticed this too, and the fact that Kakarot’s power level was rising.

"Calm down." Vegeta said nonchalantly.

"You can go see your wench, if you must." Vegeta said.

Kakarot turned to leave when he looked over his shoulder and frowned at Vegeta.

"All the things you said about Chichi; you just said them because you’re ignorant. You don’t know what it’s like to be bonded. And you’d never know, right? Because you’re too busy training, fighting, ordering people around and being an ass to ever find someone who you could love." Kakarot said angrily.

Then he turned and sprinted into the forest leaving behind a shocked Turles and a speechless Vegeta.


"What is this place?" Noel asked as he walked around the almost frigid hideaway.

"This is my temporary living arrangement. It’s so unbelievably HOT up there on the surface of your planet… well that I just can’t stand to be up there for more than two hours at a time. It’s actually very unfortunate. You know that I’m part Tsirujin, right? Well, that’s where this low tendency for heat comes from. But you know," Miranda said as she seductively walked up to Noel. Leaning against him she whispered, "I don’t mind the heat our bodies can make."

Noel visibly shivered at her touch.

"Oh, what, is it too chilly for you down here?" she asked as she made her way back over to her couch.

"Um… no…" he said nervously.

There was just something about her that made him uncomfortable.

"Well… what… um, did you need me for??" he asked.

"Oh." She said as she frowned. "You want to get down to business. I thought you’d want to play a little first??" she asked as she fluttered her eyelashes at him.

"Um… I… maybe?" he said.

She was about to respond when he saw her eyes widen. She looked up at the ceiling with a very displeased statement on her face.

"Your little girlfriend, Bulma, is making quite a ruckus. Do you know how strong she really is?" she asked as she turned her stare towards him.

"No." he stated as he narrowed his eyes. "What’s going on?" he asked.

"The Saiyajins are here." She said as she smirked. "I think we have to postpone our play session, for a little while longer."

"Saiyajins?? Here? Already??" he asked.

"You ask too many questions." She scolded. "Now follow me" she said as she held her hand out for him.

He took her hand and could barely suck in air before he felt himself being transported.


Bulma peered down at Chichi who was sprawled across the ground.

"Are you finished?" Bulma asked sweetly.

Chichi coughed up blood and sat up to wipe it away.

She glared at Bulma with pure rage.

Bulma sat back in surprise. ‘So, she still has fire in her, eh?’ Bulma asked herself.

Chichi saw the indecisiveness in Bulma’s eyes. She took this chance to attack.

"Aaah!" she screamed as she launched herself at Bulma.

Bulma was thrown to the ground.

Chichi started to punch and slap Bulma repeatedly in the face.

"Ugh!" Bulma yelled as the air was forced out of her lungs as Chichi started an assault on her stomach.

"Oof! Get off of me, you bitch!!" Bulma screamed as she flipped Chichi over and threw her into the air.

Chichi hit a tree hard with her back.

‘Ungh…" Chichi groaned as she tried to get up, but she couldn’t.

Bulma started to gather energy for her finishing move.

She clenched her hand into a fist and watched as ki started to build up around it.

No one had ever beaten her up that badly. She was sure that at least three of her ribs were broken, and it was a feat all in itself for her to even stand up, but she was going to finish off the Saiyajin.

"I always thought that it was silly to name attacks, but this one is in honor of you. How about the Saiyajin’s slayer?" Bulma asked as she smirked cruelly at Chichi.

Chichi closed her eyes as she awaited the pain of the attack.

Next thing she knew, she heard a very familiar voice shout out.

"Chichi!!" Kakarot yelled as he barreled through the trees. He came across a startled lavender haired girl.

At first he thought she was a Saiyajin, but he didn’t care at the moment. Chichi was in bad condition.

Bulma finally regained her senses, and prepared to attack Kakarot.

He was way ahead of her line of thinking.

Kakarot immediately spun around and punched Bulma square in the face.

The force of the hit sent her flying backwards and straight through a tree.

At that moment Vegeta and Turles burst through the opposite side of the forest.

Kakarot didn’t even pay them any attention.

"Chi? Are you okay??" he asked her.

Chichi coughed up more blood.

"I could have taken care of her myself." Chichi grumbled angrily.

Turles smirked at her.

Vegeta turned to the small lavender haired female who was lying in a heap on the ground.

‘Huh?’ he asked himself as he scanned over her features.

‘Why do I feel like I’ve seen her before? Like I know her??’ he asked himself.

‘Is she from… my… dream?’ he asked himself. His thoughts were muddled; he could barely remember anything from his dream. ‘Lavender hair and blue eyes?’ what are the odds that I’d find someone with that description?’

He kneeled down next to her and took her hand.

He gasped and his eyes widened as he really took in her beauty.

Her long shiny lavender hair was matted against her forehead, and her face had perfect features.

She was very beautiful, and just by her structure he could tell that she was not Saiyajin.

He let his eyes wander over her body.

‘Wonderful curves. A nice slender waist. Long toned legs. She’s the perfect woman.’ He thought with a wicked smirk.

He gently lifted her up and hoisted her over his shoulder.

He heard her pained groans.

‘So, she alive enough to complain?’ he asked himself with amusement.

Chichi’s head snapped up as she heard Bulma’s voice.

Her eyes widened as she saw the prince sling her across his shoulder, like she was something that he could conquer, some sort of prize.

Turles and Kakarot’s eyes followed the direction of Chichi’s intent gaze.

"Uh…" Turles started. "Does he plan to bring her with us?? Isn’t she the enemy?" he asked.

"I… don’t know…" Kakarot said.

Vegeta walked to the bunch that had congregated around the tree and removed Bulma from his shoulder so that she was now in his arms.

"We’ll take her back with us. Your woman did a number on this Earth female" he said as he stared down at the woman in his arms.

"But… why?" Chichi asked.

Vegeta glared at her.

"Earth was the first planet that I had purged. The earthlings were never this powerful. I think that’s something that we should look into. Besides, I… think I know who she is." He said as he stared at her face intently.

Kakarot, Turles, and Chichi all started at this.

"H- how could you possibly know her… your highness?" Chichi asked.

"It seems like you’re the only one with balls enough to ask me questions." He said as he glared at Kakarot and Turles.

The two almost identical Saiyajins just shrugged.

" We purged Earth in hopes of the great technology that we heard they possessed. A company called the capsule corporation in fact. They were her parents; because I’m sure that the person I saw in the pictures all around their house was of her. And they knew that we were coming because the entire planet had prepared an attack. The company’s labs were empty, all the storehouses were bare, and the old goat who owned the company wouldn’t talk. I was so pissed, so I killed him. But I’m almost 100% sure that he said something like: the real knowledge is in his daughter, and that we were fools for even bothering with him and his wife. Stupid humans, if they had just supplied us with what we requested, their planet would still be there." He growled.

Chichi fished around in her pockets for her log.

Kakarot noticed that she winced when she adjusted her body.

He frowned. "What are you looking for?" he asked.

"This." She said as she presented the log to him.

She opened it and retraces the last entry written there.

"Bulma Briefs of Earth age 18." Chichi said.

"I mean, it could make sense since you only blew up the planet two years ago." Chichi said skeptically.

"So, are you saying that she has the Earth’s entire supply of advanced technology?? And she’s keeping on this planet?? You also want me to believe that we just overlooked it??" Turles asked.

"No, you idiot. Hence the name: Capsule corporation. They had the intelligence to encapsulate large objects." Vegeta said as he shifted Bulma to his shoulder again.

"All right!" Chichi exclaimed. "So, we just find where she’s keeping those capsules, and then we leave. We are going to dispose of her after she tells us, right?" Chichi asked him.

"No, stupid, she’ll have to show us how to use it." Vegeta said.

He didn’t want them to know the real reason. He had an unexplainable desire to just be near her.

‘What’s wrong with me? So, she has a nice body. Does it matter? I can’t take her now unless she becomes my mate. Shit, if only my father was dead, then I wouldn’t need to find a queen so soon. And does it matter? I should have her killed; she attacked a first class Saiyajin warrior. She’s just so… intriguing? Puzzling? Mysterious? Why do I want to know about her? It’s probably that stupid dream. I am almost sure she’s the girl from my dream, but why did those two women tell me that she would be important to me? How’d they know that I’d find her here? So many questions…’ Vegeta trailed off but his thoughts were interrupted by Kakarot’s persistent voice.

"Ouji sama!" Kakarot tried again.

Vegeta blinked and stared at him.

"Nani?" Vegeta asked.

"Are you all right?" Kakarot questioned.

"Of course I am. We’ll have to fly to the city and see if we can figure out where she lives. Then maybe we’ll find those capsules, and then," he said as he glanced at Chichi, "we’ll leave."

Chichi grinned.

"Now those are words that I like to hear!" Chichi exclaimed.

"Come on, let’s get going." Kakarot stated as he floated off the ground.

"The village is this way." Turles said as she pointed to the left.

"Ok." Vegeta said as he took the lead.


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