Part 5: Training and Um… Playing


It was the same, every night after that. They would train everyday, and by evening Bulma would be too tired to argue. She’d simply go to his room with him and sleep by his side, not touching him, and every morning she’d wake up in his arms feeling refreshed and ready to begin again. It bothered her at first that she was getting so comfortable with a cold-blooded killer. She knew all the secrets about his past, all the people he’d killed, but some how it wasn’t so bad. She knew the real Vegeta, knew him better then he probably knew himself, but it was still a little weird. At first, then it became routine, and even normal. She learned much from the Saiyan prince and was even off the ki enhancer, enlarging her power level naturally and on her own after a few weeks.

She improved quickly, and increased in strength rapidly. She hardly used her mind at all, but when she did, she would think about Trunks and his long sad story. She wanted to ask him some questions, but he had stayed away, and she wasn’t sure he was ready to see her again. She knew he was still hooked on her; he just needed time.


Trunks was amazed by Goku’s seemingly endless power. He had learned so much training with him and yet, there seemed to be something holding him back. ‘It’s Bulma. I know it is. I can’t get her out of my thoughts. She never loved my that way, but I just can’t seem to get it through my thick skull.’

He was sparing with Goku, and as his thoughts caused a fire to well up in him he sent a powerful blast at the unsuspecting Saiyan.

When the smoke cleared Goku was hovering over the winded Trunks.

"You know, you don’t have to kill me to win. There seems to be something else on your mind. What’s up?" Goku powered down and sat down on a log. He had that fatherly ‘wanna-talk-about-it?’ look on his face.

"I don’t know Goku, It’s just…" He landed near Goku, but didn’t sit.

"I know your having a hard time about this whole ‘Bulma bonding with Vegeta’ thing. You can’t let it get to you. I have a feeling they are kind of meant to be together. They’re perfect for each other. She won’t take any of his crap and he’s strong enough to stand up to her. There are always other fish in the sea.’ Goku’s use of the familiar cliché made Trunks cringe a little inside.

"I know that, but she’s the first girl I’ve ever really met. She was my first friend, the first one to care about me. The first girl I ever kissed. Before her I didn’t even know what kissing was."

Goku nodded his head. "I understand, she was your first crush. But… maybe it’s a good thing you didn’t end up together after all, I mean think about it. You said your mother created a time machine. How many women in the world could possibly do that. There’s a good chance Bulma is your mother. Or your mother was Bulma…? She will be your mother…?" Goku tried to figure out the wording. He quickly gave up. "Whatever, you know what I mean. This time travel stuff is really confusing." He had a confused look on his face and it appeared as though his brain could start to smoke any second now.

Trunks considered the idea. ‘Bulma? My mother? But I thought she was with Vegeta? Did he even come in the last time line? He had to have, things didn’t change that much.’

"Nah, never mind. Bulma’s way too old for Gohan. He is only six, after all. Besides there are lots of smart women out there." Goku dismissed the idea with a wave of his hand. Trunks agreed with him, he just wished it were as easy for him to dismiss the idea that he was in love with his mother.

‘That would explain this connection I feel for her, but Goku’s right, she’s much too old for Gohan. What if…" He shook his head and began to follow Goku back to his house. ‘Maybe it’s time I go see her and get things sorted out. She can’t really fall in love with that arrogant Saiyan anyway.’ He let his thoughts slip away. It was time for lunch and he knew Goku wouldn’t leave him anything if he didn’t hurry.


"Your form is still sloppy! You can’t inflict maximum damage with limp arms. Tense the muscles, raise the elbows, your legs have to be farther apart. No! Not that far!" Vegeta threw up his arms in frustration. Bulma went down into the splits on purpose, just to piss him off. She was close to tears, but she wouldn’t let him see. Instead, she brought her pain out in anger.

"How can you do that?" Vegeta looked half in awe, half in disgust as Bulma’s hips met the ground. "Doesn’t that hurt?" He was a little petrified, and his hand twitched to go protectively to his groin. Out side you couldn’t tell he was so bothered, but Bulma could feel it. She’d learned to read him like a book over the last few months, with a little help from their bond.

"Not as much as your incessant criticism. I’m sick of this. I’m sick of you, I’m sick of never getting it good enough." She did a handstand combined with a flip and came face to face with the frowning prince. "I’m doing my best here. I’ve gotten so much stronger!" She turned her back to him and began to throw a tantrum with her arm waving through the air to punctuate every point.

"I’m dang good for only having a few months training and you know it! You just can’t admit it. I’m not as strong as you, but you can’t really expect me to be yet. Give me time! I’ll be strong enough, but I can’t take this any more!"

Vegeta watched her tantrum with amusement. Secretly, he was very impressed with her progress, but he made sure to keep that thought deeply buried and he never let it slip out to where she might be able to catch it.

"ARE You finished?" He barked. "If so, we need to get back to work. We don’t have much time, and despite all your tantrums, you still have a lot of work to do." He purposely tried goading her into a ferocious attack. It didn’t work quite as he wanted.

Bulma stood dead silent, her face cold and emotionless. Vegeta couldn’t read her; she was blocking him. She walked toward him, slow and seductive, her hips swinging in her black spandex shorts. When she was just about to collide with him she turned and walked to her gym bag lying on the grass a few feet away. She bent down and reached inside it, giving him a perfect view of her butt in the air.

‘That vixen is taunting me on purpose." He held back a smirk. They often had these little sexual battles. He loved taking off his shirt when the trained, because he knew it distracted her, at least it had at first. She had long since learned to control her thoughts better, as well as block out such distractions, but that didn’t keep him from trying.

When they spared she would occasionally lick him here of pinch him there, and she was always giving him those smoldering glances through her eyelashes. She also loved sending him images of her during the most inopportune times. They were never too reveling, just enough to peak his interest, like her in the shower, but with too much steam to see anything, or her with nothing but a sheet wrapped carelessly around her lush body. They always came when he was just about to go in for the kill, or when he was trying to eat breakfast. He always paid her back, though.

Just now she was standing and walking with her hands behind her back towards him. In that position her chest stood out, looking ready to pop out of her tight sports bra top. ‘This is getting tough…’ Vegeta’s restraint was strained, as usual, but he was getting worn down and worn out.

Bulma came face to face with him again. Only an inch from Vegeta’s face she looked deep into his eyes. "It’s about to get a lot tougher." She said out loud. She shifted a little, but because she was so close, Vegeta had a hard time telling what she was doing. Then she punched him, hard, and he flew backwards.

‘She put the ring on!’ He ground his feet into the earth trying to stop his flight. "Don’ tell me your depending on that little machine to help you out!" He yelled. Funny, he hadn’t sensed her energy increase. She flexed her arm and her toned muscled strained against the golden band.

"I don’t need any help." She growled and flew at him. They met in a hard clash and both went into a furry of moves. Bulma had been practicing privately when Vegeta went off in the evenings to train by himself, and she had been working on a few of her combo moves and now was just the moment to try them out. She could feel the anger and the power all in one flow through her. She landed a blow on Vegeta’s chin. He growled and came back stronger.

He kicked her in the stomach, but Bulma could feel he was holding back. "Come on!" She yelled at him. "Don’t hold back! Give me everything you’ve got!" She launched herself at him and kneed him in the ribs. He grunted and she felt the tingle of his pain in her own side. ‘-That one hurt you, didn’t it? I know it did. Just get ready for more!-" He blocked a punch to his stomach, and sent a shot at her nose. She knocked it away almost effortlessly.

Vegeta was holding back. He wasn’t afraid, and he knew she could handle it, especially with the ki enhancer on, but he just couldn’t bring himself to hurt her completely. It didn’t feel right. He powered up and flew into the air. She followed and managed to keep up. They met again and the whole thing started over. They found themselves smiling. Bulma knew that this is what he wanted, and Vegeta was finally getting a challenge from her.

For hours they clashed one on one, as equals, neither one giving in to the other. Just around dusk they both dropped to the ground, out of breath and exhausted. Bulma was lying on her stomach and Vegeta was on his back a few feet away. She heaved and crawled to him. Standing she kicked him in the side. He rolled away, but her own momentum sent her tumbling after him. She landed by his side and tried to punch his side. He caught her hand and pulled her on top of him. She tried pounding her fists on his chest, but he restrained her. The rolled over a few times on the ground, each trying to get the advantage, neither succeeded.

Finally, all movement came to a halt as the two tired fighters gave out. Bulma laid her head on his shoulder and fell against his body. Their breathing slowed and they just laid there in silence.

Vegeta’s grunt broke the quiet. "Too bad you had to use that contraption to beat me." Bulma started to jerk slightly at his side, and it took him a minute to realize she was laughing. "What? What’s so funny?" He frowned down at the top of her head. She shifted in his arms and raised her arm weakly. She pulled the ring off and he stared in shock.

"It was never turned on." She whispered in his ear before tossing it away and rolling up to straddle his stomach with one leg on each side. Leaning over she came face to face with him once again. Vegeta was too tired to fight anymore. His eyes were about to shut when she touched her lips to his gently. His eyes snapped open. She brushed her mouth over his and then pulled back to look at his response. His face was filled with wonder.

"Not bad, the fight I mean. You had me fooled." He covered.

"I know. It’s too bad I wore you out. I was kind of hopping you’d let me take you up on some of those offers you’ve been making." He knew exactly to what she was referring and he felt himself tighten. He could feel a little of his energy back. He rolled her onto her back and traded positions with her. She was surprised, yet unhappy about the turn of events. She had just been teasing, but he wasn’t going to let her get away with it this time.

"It’s a good thing I keep a couple sensu beans handy for just such cases, then, isn’t it?" He pulled them out of his dented armor.

"What!?" She stared at them almost in horror. Then she let a smirk trickle up her face. ‘This might not be so bad after all…’ She guarded that thought. She was looking forward to this, almost as much as Vegeta was.

He slid a bean between her lips and she grabbed his hand and sucked on his finger before swallowing the sensu bean. Vegeta almost groaned.

"We’ve waited long enough. It’s time to complete this bond." Vegeta grit his teeth and growled into her neck before nipping at her jaw. Bulma’s energy restored and she over powered him. She pulled the remaining bean from his hand and returned to her position on top.

"You forgot to take your own medicine, monkey boy. Here let me help you." She placed the bean between her own front teeth and leaned in to give him his "medicine". She dropped it into his mouth as she roughly pressed her lips to his in a passionate kiss. He chewed and swallowed it before opening to her and letting her in more fully. Their kiss deepened. They began to roll around in the dirt, their arms and hands around the other’s neck.


When Trunks first looked he thought they were fighting, because of the fading light, but on closer inspection he learned their true coarse of action. He turned and flew off silently. ‘How could she betray me? How could she love him and not me?" He was angry, but he waited until he was far enough away before unleashing his anger and letting out a yell of hate and rage and pain.


Vegeta felt the boy’s presence, but Bulma was too caught up in winding her fingers in Vegeta’s hair to notice. ‘Good, let him know that she is mine, completely.’ He ran his hands down Bulma’s side. Her exposed stomach and back were all dirty form rolling in the grass. Vegeta broke the kiss and stood, pulling Bulma up as well. She looked very wanton and sexy with her swollen lips and lustful eyes. Her hair, which was up in a ponytail, had several wisps of loose strands floating about her face, sticking to her sweaty for head.

"Not here." Vegeta said simply. It took them fifteen seconds flat to fly to her window and get inside. There, they immediately resumed their actions. He kissed and sucked on her neck and face. She ran her finger through his hair and down over his shoulders and arms. They locked fingers and fell back on her bed kissing and rolling again. She pulled his sweaty armor off, followed swiftly by his shirt. She licked his nipples and bit them gently. He pulled the band out of her hair and ruffled it loose with his hands. It was sweaty and silken and smelled of shampoo and fight and woman. He inhaled the scent and let out a soft moan. She lifted her head to grin at him playfully.

She sat up and pulled her top over her head, freeing her chest. Vegeta stopped himself from staring and sat up underneath her to kiss her and wrap his arms around her. She held the side of his face with her hands and thrust her tongue into his mouth. She ran in over his sharp teeth and wrestled with his tongue. He rubbed her back with his hands and then moved down to hold onto her side. Her breast pressed against his bare chest and he felt her nipples brush his own.

He quickly moved his hands in-between them and she leaned back to allow him more room to play. He cupped her with both his hands and squeezed softly. She arched her back as he moved forward to replace one of his hands with his mouth. He circled her left nipple with kisses before finally latching on like an infant child, needy and aching for what she could give him.

Bulma’s back arched even more. ‘It’s just like in that image he sent…’ she thought.

‘-That’s because it was a promise, little one, and I have more to keep…-’ He sent her mind. She shivered in anticipation. He felt her shudder below him and felt his pleasure increase. His tongue was wreaking havoc on her tight nub, but the other one was neglected. He switched sides, just to be fair. Bulma’s hands were gripping the elastic waist band on his pants in a desperate attempt to hold on.

When he finally released her she leaned her head against his shoulder. He smiled at his triumph over her. "Your not tired out already, are you?" He questioned teasingly.

She sat up straight, trying to give him a tough look. She couldn’t help the lop-sided grin that crept up her face. "Not on your life!" She pushed him back and pulled his pants off of him. She straddled his thighs and held his arms over his head. Then she looked down acting surprised, but she knew that he knew that she knew that Saiyans never where boxers or briefs. (Until now that is :p)… get it… briefs… Bulma Briefs… oh forget it…)

"Hmmm, not half bad, for a Saiyan." She looked him in the eyes challenging.

"And how would you know?" He asked sounding a little upset.

"Well…" She smiled and he flipped her rolling off the bed. She let out a laugh that sent a tingle up his spine. He was over her now, smiling down into her face, she smiled right back.

"You know, you’re actually half decent looking when you smile for real instead of that sarcastic smirk you always wear." She ran her finger over his nose and lips. He nipped playfully at her finger and she pulled it back. She could feel his hard penis poking her in the stomach. She rolled them onto their sides. "Here, let me help you with that…" She ran her hand down and gripped him tightly. He leaned back his head and grit his teeth. She began to rub up and down his length. When she reached the base she would run her knuckled over his balls carefully. She even twisted gently causing him to let out an uncontrolled growl.

"Ah, I love it when you growl like that, maybe I should do that again…" He pulled her hand away and buried his head in her shoulder. Locking fingers he growled again, almost purring as he kissed his way down between her breasts and over her stomach. He growled as he dipped his tongue into her belly button. She groaned. Vegeta grabbed her hips and pulled her into his lap. Growling as he nibbled her earlobes, the vibrations sending jolts through her body.

‘-Ok, enough, that’s so… wonderful… I can’t take it much longer…-’ She pleaded into his mind. She was so wet Vegeta began to feel it through her clothing. The scent of her juice drifted into his nose, nearly driving him mad. He reached his hand down to her waist and slid his hand under her clothes. His hand covered her whole mound of soft hair and slid even lower. His fingers found her center and brushed over her entrance.

‘-Wet, you’re so wet for me… Are you ready…-’ he sent her a glimpse of what was coming.

She nodded her head ferociously sending her hair dancing around her face. "Don’t tease anymore…" She begged out loud.

He lifted her onto the edge of the bed and knelt in front of her. She raised her hips so he could remove her pants and underwear with a swift tug. He spread her legs with his hands on her thighs and peered into her. His right hand moved up the short distance to her flower and his pointer finger disappeared inside her. She lifted her head and opened her mouth to the ceiling in a silent moan.

He pulled back and then assaulted her again. He met with a slight barrier. ‘-So you’re pure… it’s as it should be. You will be only mine for the rest of eternity.-’ he tried two fingers pushing all the way to her hymen over and over before attempting three fingers. She was so tight three fingers was a squeeze and she fell back against the bed with full out yell in pleasure. His thumb flicked her clit sending shivers of enjoyment all the way to her toes. She slammed her fist onto the bed and gripped the blankets as he continued to pleasure her.

After a few moments he pulled his fingers out and replaced his hand on her thigh. She let out a sob of disappointment and attempted to sit up. His tongue soon replaced the emptiness left by his hand and she stopped her ascent and returned to her former position with a cry of ecstasy. His tongue dipped in and out and then Vegeta licked form her entrance over her clitoris and between her second pair of lips. Bulma almost blacked out, but she let out another scream.

‘-That’s enough.-’ He thought simply licking his lips and swallowing the wetness left in his mouth. "Now I claim you." His voice was quiet, yet intense at the same time. He positioned himself and dived in, no hesitation, and broke her barrier. In one painful movement she was no longer a virgin, and Bulma shed a tear. Vegeta noticed and kissed it away. "Are you ok?"

She smiled at his concern. "Yes, I’m alright. In fact, I’m perfect. Your perfect, this is all… perfect." She kissed him and the pain faded. He started to move inside her, building the tempo slowly. As he pumped her she let out quiet moans, and then cries and then screams as he thrust into her at a speed not attainable for normal human beings. Her breasts bounced as he rocked her quickly. She climaxed screaming at the top of her longs and breathing heavily, and still he continued to thrust, faster and faster. She was just trying to catch her breath sucking in air noisily as she climbed the summit of sensuality again.

She raised her hips and began to take some control countering his moves with her own. He smiled down at her and continued until she came again and fell back against the bed limply. He didn’t stop there, he still had his own pinnacle to ascend to. Bulma’s mind was reeling as he continued to pump over her, but she realized that Vegeta still hadn’t finished. She slid her hands down his chest and his stomach and through his own patch of hair. Her fingers found their way behind his testicles as he continued to drill her and she began to push and probe. Vegeta let out a loud cry as she pressed one of his buttons, but never paused in his throbbing tempo.

Bulma felt a fuzzy appendage wrap around her wrist and she yelped in surprise. Vegeta didn’t even noticed. ‘His tail, how could I forget about his tail? Word is, they’re super sensitive…’ She got a Saiyan like smirk on her face as she removed her hand and moved it behind his back. She grabbed his tail, careful not to hurt him and began to squeeze it. In two seconds flat Vegeta released inside her with a roar and fell against her. He was panting hard and sweat was dripping of his nose and onto Bulma’s lips.

She tasted his salty flavor and kissed him. Vegeta took only a minute to catch his breath, and with Bulma’s hand still on his tail, it wasn’t long before he was ready to go again. Instead of starting again he pulled out despite Bulma’s protests. She sat up quickly on the edge of the bed, still. He placed a finger on her lips and silenced her. He wrapped his hands around her waist and lifted her farther onto the bed. He also turned her on her stomach. She was on her hands and knees, waiting.

She knew about this position, but had always wanted to avoid it because she though it was too animalistic, or barbaric. She decided to let Vegeta have his way and shut her eyes. Vegeta sensed her fear and leaned over her shoulder.

"Relax, woman. This is for you, trust me." Vegeta waited until she let out the tension before entering her from behind. She inhaled quickly. Vegeta’s tail wrapped around her stomach as he began to push in and out of her.

‘This isn’t so bad… Bulma thought as she began to relax and rock with Vegeta’s pace.

‘-See, I told you so…-’ Vegeta smirked behind her as he let his tail wonder up to tickle over her breast. She giggled a little as his tail flicked over her nipples.

‘-I just had to get the tail involved…-’ She sent him the playful jibe. ‘-This is kinda weird…-’ She admitted.

‘-Don’t insult the tail…-’ Vegeta sent back. As if for revenge, the aforementioned appendage dropped to wrap around her hips. It’s tip stroked her aroused clit. She moaned loudly and arched her head back. In her move she rose of her hands and righted her self a little. With this action, Vegeta’s next entrance touched somewhere inside her that sent lighting through out her and she froze in her third climax. Vegeta wrapped his arms around her and cupped her tits with his hands.

Bulma tilted her hips so that Vegeta hit her in that electric spot every thrust and Bulma was set flying with a jolt every time. Vegeta somehow managed to squeeze his tail inside her with his large penis and Bulma thought maybe she was going to just melt. It wasn’t long before she came again.

Vegeta pulled his dripping tail out of her and danced it in front of her face. She grabbed it and stuck it in her mouth sucking mercilessly. Vegeta burst inside her and they both fell onto the bed. Vegeta rolled to the side, so as not to crush Bulma, and lay on his back. He pulled the ruffled sheets up around them.

Bulma pulled herself onto his chest and looked into his eyes. ‘-This is more amazing then I could ever have imagined. Thank you-’ She kissed him gently on his mouth, softly caressing his lips with her lips and teeth and tongue. He kissed back weakly and locked onto her blue eyes with his black ones. He guarded all his thoughts and feelings. Pulling her into his arms he kissed her passionately, turning them on their sides.

When Vegeta spoke his voice was quiet and ruff. "I still have much to teach you, little one." He closed his eyes.

"You’re not going to sleep now?" She asked loudly. He didn’t open his eyes, just smiled.

"Let me rest for a moment, then we can continue if you like." Bulma let him rest for exactly fifteen minutes before she swung her leg over him and straddled his hips.

"I think you’re done "resting", Vegeta. I wanna play some more." She licked his eyelids one after the other and then began petting his tail. He growled deep in his through and Bulma smiled. She ground her hips into his, but the sheet between them kept them separated. "Vegeta…" Bulma whined a little. "Can Vegeta come out and play…?" She said as she slid down his legs and pulled the sheet off of him. Eyeing his stiffening member she knew that she was having the desired effect. She took him in her mouth and began to run her tongue over his dick. Vegeta’s hips involuntarily bucked forward. She pulled back.

"You know. It’s a good thing Saiyans and Humans are so biologically similar and reproductively compatible. I’d hate spending eternity with someone I couldn’t blow…" She smiled as he opened one eye to stare at her. "Yeah, in high school they called me Blow Job Bulma. She laughed as she licked the end of his penis and then blew on it. Suddenly she was underneath a growling Vegeta.

"Liar. I know very well that you were home schooled and that I am the only man you have ever been with in any way." He tried to keep the angry act going, but when she smiled like a child and started bucking her hips under him he couldn’t help but smile a little.

"You’re right of course, but it’s always been a fantasy of mine. Dose this mean you’re going to play now?"

‘-Greedy she-devil… you never will get enough, will you?-’ He taunted.

‘-I don’t think I could ever get enough of you, Vegeta.-’ She thought to him seriously. He seemed uncomfortable with the intimate words. Sex was one thing, but love? ‘No, not yet.’ Bulma warned her self and changed the subject by trading places with him again. She positioned her self and lowered onto him. She began to rise and fall with his breathing. As he breathed harder and faster she moved harder and faster. His hands were on her hips helping her to build the tension. She leaned back a little to get a better angle and started to get lost in the heat.

Vegeta, not fully satisfied and used to being in control turned them again only to feel Bulma’s legs clench around his waist. She used her knees to help Vegeta keep up the pace. Her whole body was moving in time with his, as one.

At one point, after her fifth or sixth climax she looked up into his eyes and caught a totally open look on his face, one of honest passion and caring. It was quickly lost as he came again, leaning back to howl at the ceiling.

‘He may not know it yet, but he will love me, some day. He’s already started, and I know it won’t be long before I lose my heart to him completely.’ She carefully blocked her thoughts from him as they lay back together again, this time, ready for sleep. Their bodies were covered in sweat and come, their minds exhausted.

She curled up against his side with her head resting on his shoulder. ‘-Please be here when I wake up, Vegeta.-’ She thought as he drifted to sleep. She wasn’t sure he’d heard her before he drifted of, but she hoped he had.


When she opened her eyes and found Vegeta looking at her and playing with her hair she gave him a bright smile and hugged him fiercely. "Thank you", she said into his chest.

"For what?" He asked. The same old Vegeta was back.

"For being here. I’m going to shower now. I really need to get cleaned up…" She rose from bed and walked into her bathroom. She turned on the hot water and stepped into her huge shower stall. The entire room was soon filled with steam as Bulma soaped up and cleaned herself off. She knew Vegeta was standing behind her the whole time, but figure it was time for her to keep one of her promises. She turned to face him, barely visible through the steam. She raised her arms over her head and stretched. Leaving her arms up she leaned against the wall and gave Vegeta a steamy look.

"Your not just gonna stand there all day, are you? We do have training to do today, you know." He stepped towards her and wrapped his arms around her back, pulling her close. "That’s more like it." She kissed him as water poured over the both of them. Needless to say it was the most interesting and stimulating shower Bulma had ever taken.

At breakfast Dr. and Mrs. Briefs were oddly silent. Bulma’s mom still held her clueless smile, and her father wore his perpetual frown, but neither of them said anything for the entire meal. The room was painfully silent, as Vegeta and Bulma weren’t about to speak either.

When they finished eating Bulma picked up her gym bag and started to walk out side.

"I’ll be training all day again today, mom, so would you mind sending out some lunch about noon or so?"

Her mom looked worried. "Sure, honey, but are you sure you’re up for a full day of training? After all, you did have such a busy night…" She faded off as her husband cleared his throat and shook his head at her. "Um, have a good day, Bulma." Mrs. Briefs smiled and turned to clear the table. Bulma’s face was starting to redden and she was glad Vegeta had already gone outside.

‘Oops, I guess we’ll have to be more quiet from now on.-’ She gave a light laugh as she headed out side to join Vegeta.

‘I should go see Trunks tonight, after training, before the festivities…’ She thought as she stretched, preparing for their early morning spar. Vegeta was a few feet away doing pushups. Bulma purposely bent over to touch her toes right in front of Vegeta. She almost missed the quiet growl he made. She looked between her legs and gave him a naughty grin.

"Stop it, woman. There are times for play, and there are times for work. Now, we work. We can play later." He was stern as if chastising a small child. She stood and turned to him, with a pouty look on her face.

"You promise?" She asked as if near tears.

He just growled in response. It was more on an angry growl, but Bulma laughed anyway. "Geez, Vegeta. Lighten up." She held up three fingers. "Girl scouts honor, I won’t purposely do anything to make you lose your concentration so that I win and you look bad." She laughed and continued her training.

Vegeta suddenly stood over her. "Nothing you could do could make me lose my train of thought. I am a trained Saiyan warrior; nothing breaks my concentration when I’m fighting." She faced him.

"That almost sounds like a challenge." Bulma threw the gauntlet down. She knew a lot about Saiyans and their impeccable record for accepting challenges of any kind.

Vegeta clinched his teeth together. "Don’t be stupid, Woman. We don’t have time for these little games, besides, didn’t you just give some kind of oath not to purposely try to distract me?" If she didn’t know better she’d say he was worried. She wasn’t going to give him an excuse to turn her down.

"Eh, well, yeah." She shrugged. Then she leaned in and whispered in his ear. "But you should know that I was never a girl scout." She blew on his ear and then punched him in the stomach. He grunted and the sparing session began.

Surprisingly Bulma didn’t pull anything resembling a sexual advance until the end, when Vegeta was least expecting it. Vegeta sent a ki blast at Bulma, who easily dodged it and appeared behind him and wrapped her legs around his waist. She locked them tight and covered his eyes with her hands "Guess who…" She whispered in his ear. Then she moved one arm behind her to grab his tail while her other arm moved over both his eyes. They looked a little ridiculous, Bulma on Vegeta’s back with one arm around his head and the other behind her back holding his tail.

Every time Vegeta tried to pull Bulma’s arms or legs off she gave his tail a warning tug. Vegeta hated feeling helpless, he was getting a little angry; or rather, a lot angry.

"Woman! Get off of me, now!" He shouted.

"It’s just come to my attention that you have never called me by my real name, despite the fact that I know you know what it is." She said very seriously.

Vegeta growled and thrashed his head and body. Bulma pulled his tail a little harder. He froze instantly. "If you want me to let go of your tail then I suggest you do me the simple consideration of saying my name."

"Never!" Vegeta wasn’t about to get beat by his own student so soon, despite the fact that it seemed she was much stronger then she ever let on. Her legs were like a vice a round his waist. He grabbed her legs and started flying around in a careless manner.

"Don’t make me hurt you, Vegeta. I know how much you Saiyans are ruled by your tail." She pulled somewhat harder, but Vegeta just grit his teeth and continued to thrash around. "Make it easy on yourself, Vegeta. It’s a simple thing." She looped his tail around her hand and twisted violently. ‘I must show him how strong I am. I’m not afraid to cause my mate pain.’ She talked to her self. Inside, her stomach turned as felt a twinge of pain where her tail would have been. Nothing compared to what Vegeta was going through, though.

Vegeta howled and slammed the both of them into the dirt. In the impact Bulma lost hold of Vegeta’s eyes and tail. Taking advantage, Vegeta rolled over on top of Bulma, who was still holding on to him with her legs. He tried pressing her into the ground to get her off.

Bulma felt all of Vegeta’s weight on her as he pushed. She could feel her bones starting to strain. She kicked up a ki shield that lessened the weight slightly, but she was far from comfortable. It was Vegeta’s turn to be in control.

"Give up, woman." He accentuated the woman part. "You’re not anywhere near strong enough. Let go now and I’ll forget this little insulting bout." He was testing her now and she knew it.

"Dream on. You’ve underestimated me for the last time, Vegeta!" She screamed as he pushed harder. She opened their mental link to full capacity, letting her pain flood over him, as well as her determination to win. Vegeta winced as he felt his own bones straining, but more from her tightening legs then their physical bond. He cried out shortly.

Bulma took this moment to out her hands beside her head and pushed up with her entire body. She flipped them over, and Vegeta found himself face down in the earth with her on his back. In one fluid motion she rolled him beneath her and grabbed his tail once again. She was straddling his hips and his hands were pinned under her knees, leaving her hands free to play.

Vegeta stared in amazement. ‘She’s managed to get on top again. But how?’ He wondered.

"I guess punishment just won’t work with you, will it Vegeta. Nope, your too thick headed and stubborn. Well, I can be stubborn, too, as well as patient. I am a woman, a cunning woman, and you are about to feel my some of my persuasive powers."

"Stop talking yourself into trouble before you choke on your ankle." Vegeta’s smart mouth never failed to amuse Bulma, as well as frustrate her at times.

"If you insist, I’ll start on my next move to get what I want." She looked at him with half lidded eyes as she leaned over to get right in his face. "Brace yourself." She sat back and pulled his tail in front of him and took it in both hands, making easy access to a good two feet of tail between her hands. "We’ll see if you react better under different motivation." She placed her mouth on his tail, as if she were going bite it. Vegeta shut his eyes and braced himself for the pain.

Instead of biting down hard, Bulma ran her teeth along the length gently. Vegeta shuddered, but with pleasure instead of pain. He suddenly became very aware of the position she was in. Bulma felt him start to harden underneath her. She smiled wickedly. ‘-That’s right, it won’t be long before you’re right were I want you.-’ She stuck the end of his tail in her mouth and began to suck and bob and massage it with her tongue. ‘-Just imagine if this were another part of your anatomy, Vegeta…-’ He shut his eyes and moaned as she sent him the mental image for him. He tightened more. She twisted her hips a little and felt him complete his transition.

"Now, Vegeta. Say my name for me, won’t you?" She removed his tail temporarily, but as soon as she was finished making her request she placed it back into her mouth to continue her pleasant torture. She nipped the tip of it gently. Pain and pleasure mixed and Vegeta found that he could only shake his head. He didn’t trust himself to open his mouth for fear his body would betray him. "No? You need more motivation, I see." She leaned over him and pressed her chest to his. She nuzzled his neck and nibbled his ear.

"Uh," Vegeta moaned. He could feel himself starting to lose it. He was no longer fighting her, but just letting her have her way. She released his tail from her left hand and let if wonder under his shirt. She danced her fingers up his abs and over his pecs. She removed her hand in order to rip his shirt and armor off his body. She licked his nipples and even bit him lightly. Vegeta arched his back and let out a tormented growl. Bulma’s hands were all over his chest, pinching and touching. His tail, momentarily forgotten, flicked back and forth to Bulma’s left. It wrapped unconsciously around her stomach and Bulma laughed as it tickled her slightly.

"Ah, ha. I have discovered a weakness. You… are… ticklish." Vegeta breathed through her ministrations. "Who needs hands when you have a tail?" Vegeta laughed as he tortured her with his fuzzy limb. She bucked and squirmed under his attentions, but never lost her grip, or her balance. Suddenly she stopped.

"Gotcha." She watched his face drop as she with stood his next attempts flawlessly.

He bared his teeth. "You’re still going to pay for all this, woman."

"Promise?" She leaned over him again. "And the name’s Bulma." She pulled her top over her head exposing her perfect, and somewhat large breasts. She watched Vegeta try to divert his eyes, and couldn’t help smiling triumphantly when he gave up and just stared at the sight of her. She lifted one hand to her neck and ran it down over her body slowly. Her finger stopped over one of her pert little nipples and she flicked it quickly. Vegeta tensed. "Too bad you won’t let me free your arms, but I can’t trust that you wouldn’t try and get away. And that would spoil all my fun, now wouldn’t it. Vegeta remained stone faced.

‘Time to try something new…’ Bulma thought. She sliced her fingernail over her nipple with speed hard to follow, and hissed in pain. She’d left a half inch long cut down the center of her right nipple. It started bleeding almost immediately. "Wanna taste?" She asked as she leaned over Vegeta’s face. He tried to keep his mouth closed tightly, but the smell of her blood was driving him mad. She let a small drop of blood fall onto her finger and then she touched it to Vegeta’s lips. His tongue betrayed him as it darted out for a taste.

‘So… sweet… so desirable… so strong. I must have more of her…’ Vegeta reached up his head and caught her in his mouth. He sucked hungrily as the blood dripped over his tongue and down his throat. It took every once of will he possessed not to bite her to get more of the sweet nectar. She grabbed his head and pulled him away. He looked up at her with accusing eyes.

"No, no more until you say it." She watched him struggle, looking from her face to the blood running down her breast and onto her stomach. It was slowing down, and soon it would stop flowing all together. He caught the words in his throat, remembering his vow not to let her win.

She arched an eyebrow, sensing his hesitation. ‘Oh, he’s good. I thought for sure that would get the blood thirst Saiyan to bow to my whims. He’s tough, but I’m tougher.’ She stood off of him, the last thing he expected She gathered her sports bra and put it back on, blocking his view, and stealing away his treat. He was not pleased.

"What are you doing?" He asked suspiciously. He was very alert now, wondering what her new plan was.

She started walking away. "I guess I can’t conquer you, might Prince of the Planet of the Apes. I don’t think we should train together anymore. We’re not getting any work done."

"And I’m supposed to share some blame in that?" He raised form the ground, obviously still very aroused.

"Well, yes. You don’t present enough of a challenge anymore, I need a more worthy opponent. Besides, I think I’ll go see if Trunks and Goku are… hungry. She tossed over her shoulder.

Vegeta flew off the handle and tackled her from behind. They rolled a few timed before coming to a halt several yard away. "You will not train with those low-class, half-breed, bakas. They are not worthy of you, and you certainly will not let them anywhere near your… luscious… breasts…" His words sounded angry, but as he pulled her bra back off his voice faded. He began to lick up the drying blood on her stomach and breast before sucking her dry.

"Say it…" She said huskily against his hair. ‘-Say it once…-’ He lifted his head and kissed her.

"Bulma…" He said softly, passionately, as he lowered his head to concentrate on her neck. They barely made it to the bedroom before they tore the remaining close off each other and embraced in their love making hold.

"So much for lunch and a full day of training." Mrs. Briefs said from her porch, where she and her husband sat watching the sun rise in the sky, and their daughter tame the Saiyan Prince. "We really are going to have to talk to them about privacy and wide open, sunlight places."

"Dear!" Dr. Briefs exclaimed.

"It’s either that, or we move. I have a feeling we’re not going to get any sleep tonight if we stay here."

"We should take a trip. Let the youngsters have some time alone. And let us get some rest…" Dr. Briefs agreed with his wife.

"I though you’d never ask!" Mrs. Briefs smiled and threw her arms around her husband’s neck.

"What is it you said about wide open, sun light places…?" He started and his wife planted a big wet one on his mustache. ‘Now I know where Bulma gets it.’ He thought hopelessly.

The next day Bulma rose early and dressed quietly, so as not to wake Vegeta. She flew as fast as she could to Goku’s house, hoping to catch them before breakfast. She succeeded, and found only Chichi up and fixing the morning meal.

"Hey, Chichi, good morning. Is Trunks still asleep?" She asked the busy woman.

"Yes, all the guys stayed out late training. They won’t be up until I ring the food bell. Then it’ll be a regular stampede." Chichi said in her usual bitter tone.

"I’m going to go wake him, ok. Then I’ll help you finish breakfast, how bout that." She gave her friend a small hug and walked towards the stairs.

Chichi mumbled behind her back, but Bulma just smiled and looked for Trunks room. She found it soon enough and entered silently. She pulled a chair up next to Trunks bed and sat in it backwards. She folded her arms over the back of the chair and watched him sleep for a moment.

‘He looks so peaceful when he sleeps. He’s had such a hard life. I wish I could have been what he needed me to be for him, but I know Vegeta is the only man I can ever be with. There’s got to be someone out there for him, someone more worthy of his innocent devotion and pure strength then me. I really do love him, though. I’ve missed him so much. I hope he doesn’t hate me now.’ "Hey, Trunks." She whispered quietly.

Trunks woke. He wasn’t sure what had woken him, but as he opened his eyes and beheld Bulma smiling at him he smiled back. He couldn’t help himself. "Hey."

"Good morning, sleeping beauty." She just looked at him and they shared a silent moment of understanding. Trunks could smell Vegeta on her. His sense of smell was not as good as a full-blooded Saiyan, but the sent was very strong. Bulma hadn’t taken a shower before coming. His heart ached, but he pushed it aside.

Bulma saw the sadness creep into his eyes and felt a little guilty for the pain she caused him. She wanted to apologize, but somehow she knew that it would only make things worse, and that he didn’t really blame her anyway. That didn’t make things any easier, though.

After a few minutes Trunks yawned and broke the spell. He stretched and rolled onto his back. "What are you doing here so early?" He asked when his mouth returned to its normal size.

"I wanted to get an early start. I need you guys’ help on something, well, I need Goku’s help on something, and I figure I’d stop in and make sure you weren’t mad at me." She turned the end of her sentence up into a question.

Trunks tried to make his face frown. He looked at his ceiling and considered it. "Well, I don’t know…?" He said mock seriously.

"You know, Trunks. I’ve improved a lot, and I can beet you up know, with out the ki enhancer, so consider your answer carefully." She leaned tipped the chair to peer down at him.

Trunks laughed at her attempts to be intimidating. "I’ll get you for that! No body laughs at me and gets away with it." Bulma leapt over the chair and pounced on Trunks. She began to tickle him through his tank top. They wrestled for a minute before hugged her from behind and she leaned her head against his shoulder. His arms covering hers he breathed in the sent of her hair.

They sat in silence for another minute that way. A bell began to ring downstairs and Trunks snapped out of his trance and released Bulma. "I need to get dressed for breakfast." He climbed out of bead from behind her and looked for some pants to pull over his boxers.

Bulma laughed. "Just like Chichi said… a regular stampede." She stood and waited for Trunks to pull a t-shirt over his head. Then she looped her arm in his and pulled him downstairs. "Read any books lately? Let’s see, what’s next? X-ray vision? Laser beam eyes? Oh, I got it! Secrets of the cosmos right?"

Trunks laughed. "Something about mongoose eating habits I think…"

"Oh, that outta be useful." They were almost knocked over by Goku as he ran past them and down the stairs. "We better hurry. If I remember Goku’s eating habits correctly, there might not me much left." She was right. Between Goku and Gohan, she and Trunks had to move fast to grab the last two waffles.

After every crumb was inhaled Goku noticed Bulma’s presence.

"Hey, Bulma! What are you doing here?" He laughed in a friendly, but clueless way.

"I remembered it’s been over a year since our last wish, and thought maybe we should get Yamcha, Tien and Chaotzu back. We’ll need them for the fight against Frieza. I brought the Dragon radar, and figured that, with you instant transmission technique we could get them all in one day. What do you say?"

Goku considered it. "I think your right about getting the dragon balls, but I don’t think we should use them just yet. King Kai contacted me shortly after the battle with Vegeta to let me know that they were training with them. If we call them back now they won’t be much help. They’d probably only get killed again and then what? They’d be gone for good. We’ll probably need the dragon’s help to win the fight anyway."

"But what about the one year rule? If we wait till the next time the dragon balls are ready it’ll be way too late. Then it won’t matter anyway." Bulma had given it a lot of though lately.

"Oh, yeah, I guess I didn’t think of that. Well, let’s gather the dragon balls. We can figure out what to do with them later." He compromised.

"Ok, sounds good. You ready?"

"Yep! Thanks for breakfast, Chichi!" He called as he ran out the door. Bulma followed quickly with Gohan on her heels leaving Trunks sitting in a stupor next to the silent Chichi.

"What are Dragon balls?" He asked, dumbfounded. It took Chichi a while to explain.

* * * * *

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