Part 4: What the Heck?!


She awoke abruptly as the bed was pulled out from under her. ‘No, I’m still on the bed…’ Looking over the edge of the bed she found Trunks with his hand around Vegeta’s neck.

"What did you do to her you alien prick?!" Trunks grip loosened as Vegeta glared at him and said, "Nothing," in a very dangerous tone. Vegeta pushed Trunks off of him and threw him against the wall. Then they began wrestling and rolling around on the floor, knocking over and destroying anything that got in their path.

"What’s going on?" Bulma pushed herself up with her hands and glared at the two fighting men. She jumped out of bed, a little dizzy at first, but quickly steadied herself as she tried to break up the fight at her feet. "Stop it! Cut it out, you two! Right now!" She grabbed Trunks by the ear and pulled him up. "Trunks! Stop this! What’s the matter with you?" She stepped between him and Vegeta, whom had stood quickly and was preparing to attack again.

"Vegeta! No! What’s the matter?" She placed her hand on his chest and looked him in the eye.

He growled at her and then sent a death glance at Trunks from behind her. "Ask him. He’s the one who rudely pulled me out of bed this morning. His attack was unprovoked. I was just defending myself." Vegeta frowned. ‘I’m starting to sound like a weakling. I’m going to have to watch myself.

Bulma hear his thought in her head and gave a start.

"He wasn’t in his bed, he was in yours, Bulma. Did he hurt you?" Trunks glared back at Vegeta, but sounded concerned as he spoke to her.

‘Vegeta was in my bed… I can read his mind… What’s going on? I remember us fighting, and him taking away my strength and then… I think I bit him, but everything after that is just kind of a blur… I slept in the same bed with Vegeta?’

"No, no he didn’t hurt me. In fact, I think he kept me safe…" She said unsurely. ‘I remember the bad dreams, and then that warms and safety… Was that Vegeta? –What were you doing in my bed, Vegeta?-’ She purposely sent the thought to him experimentally. Vegeta’s eyes widened for a split second before returning to their usual slits.

‘-I… I was just trying to get some sleep. You seemed troubled and you wouldn’t shut up, so I shut you up.-’ Vegeta stuttered mentally to explain. Trunks watched the silence between the pair with suspicion.

‘-By climbing in bed with me? That usually makes girls nervous.-’

‘-Yet it seemed to help you…-’

‘-Yeah, and how did you know that it would, hu?-’ Bulma parried. Their little metal match was something both of them found invigorating.

‘-That’s simple. Were bonded.-’ Vegeta thrived on the shocked look on her face and the gasp that came from her mouth as she leaned back against her bed. A smirk spread slowly up his face.

"We’re what!??" She yelled out loud.

"Hu? What’s going on here?" Trunks looked back and forth.

"We’re bonded, mentally and physically."

"Whoa! Physically bonded? That sound’s like… I thought you didn’t…" Bulma couldn’t seem to get the words out.

"I didn’t. If I had, you’d have known about it." His smirked darkened to a jeering look and it didn’t take a genius to pick up on his innuendo.

"Why you egotistical, conceited…" She put her hands on her hips and began to spout insults. Vegeta only bowed slightly.

"In the flesh…"

Goku spoke up from the doorway. "So if you didn’t… ahem… what is physical and mental bonding?" Trunks, Bulma, and Vegeta had been so involved in their little episode that they hadn’t noticed Goku, Krillin, Gohan, and Piccolo standing just outside the room.

"How long have you guys been standing there?" Bulma asked.

Piccolo answered. "Long enough to know that there is something going on between you and Vegeta. Something serious, since you seem to have a telepathic link…"

"You know?" Bulma asked stunned. "Telepathic means reading minds, right?"

"Among other things." Vegeta said sourly.

"Like what?" Bulma relied spitefully.

Instead of answering, Vegeta just sent Bulma a pure line of feelings, specifically the lustful kind. She received images of what he could do to her. Pictures flashed in her head of him sucking one of her nipples while kneading the other breast with his hand. It was as if she were in actually experiencing what she was seeing in her head. Her body writhed as she leaned back onto the bed.

The sensations were cut short as the images ceased. Bulma dropped to the floor, a layer of perspiration on her face. She was breathing heavily. "Don’t you ever do that again!" She ordered out loud, embarrassed that her friends had seen her in such a state.

‘-Why not? You seemed to be enjoying yourself.-’ Vegeta smirked.

‘-If you can do that to me… then I can do that right back, can I not?-’ She leveled her gaze at him. Vegeta flinched, barely. ‘-I’d say that if you don’t want things that go around to come around, you better not start anything with me, monkey boy.-’ She challenged. Vegeta’s eyebrows raised.

‘A worthy challenge… but this is not the time or the place.’ He thought to himself, consciously blocking the thought form Bulma.

Bulma flinched as she noticed the small puddle drying in her underwear. ‘He did that to me with out even laying a hand on me. I’m going to have to be careful. Note to self: learn how to do that.’ Bulma filed away in her own private thoughts.

"Excuse us, but would you mind including us in the conversation?" Piccolo said. "And if it isn’t too much to ask, would you mind explaining to all of us in spoken English just exactly what bonding is?"

"Fair enough." Vegeta jumped up on his bed and sad on the edge to begin his explanation. "On Vegetasei there are three forms of relationships between an unrelated man and woman. There is mating which evolves intercourse. It is not binding or monogamous. A man can be mated with several women and women with several men. This is the most popular because it is the safest. There is no commitment and no risk."

"Typical male dominated culture." Bulma scoffed. Vegeta ignored her and continued.

"The other two forms are both apart of ‘bonding’. There is Physical and Mental Bonding. Mental bonding is the joining or linking of two minds. When a man and woman have a mental bond they are able to read the other’s thoughts and feelings as if they were their own. This bond is not common, but happens mostly among unromantic friends. They came only be mentally bonded to one person, and one-sided mental bonds were often heard of. Master teachers sometimes make a bond with favored students to be able to teach them more fully, but the Royal house was always forbidden to make any kind of bond with anyone." Vegeta bowed his head a little as he continued.

"And what about physical bonding? What is that?" Bulma asked anxious to hear.

"There is a ritual that is done. It is instinctual to every Saiyan, but all who are wise resist it. It is the most dangerous, and because it is avoided little is known about it. Legend has it that once a Saiyan has a physical bond with a female, his body is only one half of a whole being. Physically bonded pairs share a connection that cannot be described. When one feels pain, the other hurts, and when one dies, the other fails to breathe." Vegeta’s voice took on an ominous, but respectful tone as he spoke the words of his people’s legends.

"It intensifies the other two bonds, if they exist. It too can only be had between one man and one woman. It’s side effects are unknown and unexplored because of fear. Fear of what it could do, of what it’s possibilities can be." He stopped speaking and the room was silent.

Bulma was the one to shatter the silence. "And we have a mental bond?" It was more of a statement then a questioned.

"Yes, and a physical one as well." Vegeta said intensely.

Fear shown in Bulma’s eyes. "But I thought you said there was a ritual…?"

"Which you, however unknowingly, forced upon both of us." His voice was harsh and frightened Bulma.

"How…?" She whispered.

"When you bit my neck. If I hadn’t returned the ritual we would both be dead right now. We’re stuck to each other. Being apart for more then a few weeks would probably drive us both made, although I’m wondering if a few days together won’t bring about the same result." Vegeta chuckled, trying to cover up his own reservations about this revelation.

"We’re going to have to learn to live with each other, but I will not be stuck with a weakling. You will have to learn to fight and control your ki on your own." Vegeta asserted his commands.

"Who do you think you are? You’d think we were married…"

"In essence. Yes, we are." Vegeta said bluntly.

"But…! We don’t even like each other!" She yelled into his face.

Vegeta let out a cruel laugh. "That hardly has anything to do with it."

"But I always thought that I’d marry someone I loved…" Bulma said, almost to her self.

"And I never thought I’d bond at all. We both have to make some sacrifices because of what you’ve done… You’ll just have to get over it, and get used to it." His words were final. "Enough of my stories. I believe the boy was going to give us his explanation when we were so rudely interrupted."

"Yeah," Goku said. "We never did get to hear about you, Trunks."

"Well, I…" He stuttered, remembering that he had started to tell them about himself. "Well, now that we’re all together and everyone’s alive and well, and conscious, I guess this is the best time. Bulma, is there somewhere we can go that’s a little more comfortable?"

"Yeah, sure. Upstairs, but what are you guys talking about?" Bulma’s face was searching theirs for an explanation.

"Lead the way, I’ll explain." Goku said as he placed a hand on Bulma’s back. Vegeta noted with a growl and jumped off the bed.


When they arrived at the entertainment room with all of it’s couches and easy chairs Bulma was nodding her head as Goku finished his story.

"So Trunks is one of you Saiyans…? And now he’s going to tell us why he thinks such a thing is possible?"

"If he ever gets to it." Vegeta said irritantly. "Well, get on with it, boy. We’re all here." They all sat down with Trunks in the middle.

"Actually, I was kind of hoping Gohan would leave."

"Gohan, I think you should do as Trunks asked." Goku said.

"But, Dad, I wanna know too." Gohan whinnied.

"Do as I say, Gohan. I’m sure Trunks has a good reason." Goku put a hand on his son’s shoulder gently.

"Nothing personal, Gohan. I just don’t think you should know everything about me just yet. You’ll have to trust me on this one." Trunks gave the reluctant boy a small smile. Gohan dropped his chin to his chest.

"Alright. I’ll go." He submitted and began to leave the room.

"Hey, Gohan. Go down to the kitchen and get some cookies from my mom. Tell her I’m awake and ok, for me, would you?" Bulma flashed him a charming smile.

"Ok!" Gohan’s face brightened and he ran out of the room and out of sight.

"No more delays!" Vegeta barked, growing seriously impatient.

"Alright, I’ll tell you what I think." Trunks sat down and began his tale. "The reason I can be half Saiyan is because I’m from the future." He let this sink in.

"How is that possible?" Bulma seemed curious and doubtful all at once.

"In the future that I come from, the world is dead, killed by the same monsters that murdered my… my father. It’s a world were nuclear winter has killed everyone, and a world my mother thought she could save by inventing a time machine. She was too late, she only managed to save me, but in return, I have saved this world.

You see, Dr. Gero, a mad scientist type…" He was interrupted.

"Dr. Gero!" Bulma and Goku yelled at the same time.

"Do you know him?" Trunks asked.

"I was the one who defeated his red ribbon army a few years back." Goku spouted.

"He’s one of the worlds top scientific minds…" Bulma put in her two cents.

Trunks was a little surprised by this. He knew nothing of Dr. Gero besides his creations, and had never figured on him having a big past.

"If you knew of him, why didn’t you stop him?" Trunks was a little angry. He had always believed that the doctor had taken the world entirely by surprise, and that there had never been any notice of the danger he possessed until it was too late.

"Stop him from what?" Goku had a very blank look on his face.

Trunks realized that maybe there wasn’t any real knowledge of the threat he had been. "He created two androids that were basically invincible and that are the undoing of my world. At first they just wanted to fly around blowing up buildings and killing people, but then they blew up a nuclear plant and were very impressed by the size of it’s explosion and fascinated by the mushroom cloud it made." Disgust was notable in Trunks voice. "After that they searched for more entertainment and managed to destroy all of the world’s nuclear manufacturing buildings. The radiation and the fires and the waste that amassed ruined the planet in a matter of weeks. The only survivors were those who were prepared with underground fall out shelters and radiation protection equipment." Trunks tone was getting more and more angry the more he told.

"That’s how I survived. When I was two my mother placed me in an underground shelter, and when I was three she sealed the doors with her on the outside. She needed to find parts for her invention and she was always helping to save as many people as possible. My father also stayed above to fight. I only had robo-bots to raise me, feed me, and care for me. The only time I saw my parents was on tapes and holo-vids that my mother sent down through her cleansing port. Occasionally I got to speak face to face with my parents by screen-phone, but those times were rare. My father was always out trying to find a way to stop the androids, fighting them whenever he could. He managed to avoid radiation poisoning because of his ki, but eventually the androids killed him. That was when I was thirteen. My mother always wore a special suit when she went out, but she still got heavy radiation burns. Whenever I saw her she always had a mask on over her face." The memories were painful, but he forced himself to continue.

"I don’t even know my mothers name. I lived in my safe house and read my books and learned to fight from my father’s holo-vids while the world died, and there was nothing I could do to stop it. Eventually, my mother finished her time machine, but by then, it was too late. The whole human race was near extinction and she’d figured out that her creation couldn’t save our world anyway, that it would only create an alternate timeline, a different universe of sorts. She couldn’t save them, but she could save me. She sacrificed everything for them, for nothing. Just before she died she sent the time machine down to me in a capsule. That’s the only way it would fit in the cleansing tube. She gave me instructions to come back to this time and destroy Dr. Gero and his lab before he had a chance to create the monsters. When I found him he was still working on the prototype android thirteen. The androids that destroyed my time weren’t even conceived of yet. And now, I’ve made sure they never will be."

"The explosion near South City, where I first met you. That was you, wasn’t it? You blew up Dr. Gero’s lab." Bulma said amazed.

"Yes, and now this world will not suffer the same fate as mine." Trunks said firmly, proudly.

"But what about us?" Krillin asked. "What about the z-senshi? Why didn’t we stop the androids?"

"My guess is that you were all killed. I don’t remember anything about the first years of the androids. I wasn’t even a year old when they first arrived, and my father never told me anything about you guys or his past. I only knew his name." Trunks said ominously.

"Well what was it? You put of telling us long enough. Just say it." Vegeta ordered.

Trunks glared at Vegeta. "My father’s name was Gohan." Trunks admitted and watched shocked faces surround him.

"So that explains it!" Goku said, "It all makes sense now. Now we know." He said happily.

"Hey, Goku, doesn’t that make Trunks your Grandson?" Krillin said with a smile.

"Yeah, it does. Heh, heh, heh," Goku chuckled. "It’s a funny thing, though. He doesn’t look a bit like me, or Gohan." Everyone laughed a little, except Vegeta and Piccolo.

Trunks got a funny look on his face. "It would mean a lot to me if you guys wouldn’t tell Gohan that he’s going to be my father. I don’t know what it’ll change, but I don’t want to risk not being born. I might have changed everything already anyway, by telling you guys, but I figured you had a right to know."

"Sure. We’ll keep this a secret for you, grandson!" Goku laughed again at the thought and slapped Trunks on the back.

"Well, now that that is solved, I say we get to training." Vegeta stood up, ready to go.

"Not so fast, Vegeta. We won’t have to worry about the androids, Trunks already took care of them. The Saiyans aren’t a threat anymore, you’ve joined us! What do we have to train for?"

"Frieza." Vegeta said between clenched teeth. "My former master. He’s the one who sent us Saiyans out here in the first place. When I don’t return he’s going to send out the hounds. Your troubles just started, but with me on your side you might stand a chance, if you start training now." Vegeta’s words put the whole room in shock.

"Really? Wow! No rest for the weary, hu guys? Guess I’m going to get to use all my new techniques after all. Let’s go guys. Vegeta’ right, we should get started right away. Goku, Piccolo and Krillin turned to go. Vegeta folded her arms and Bulma felt like she was ready to break down and cry.

"More fighting? More training?" Will it never end?" She sank back to the couch. "You guys always go off training, and I’m stuck here to worry and wait. Well, I’m sick of it. Do you hear me? Sick!" She jumped up and yelled at the startled warriors. Vegeta put a hand on her shoulder.

"This time it’ll be different. You get to train, too. Like I said, I won’t have a weak mate." Vegeta said sternly.

"What? Me train?" The blood drained form her face. "That means I’ll most likely have to fight as well, right?"

"Something wrong with that? You didn’t seem to have a problem fighting a few days ago." Vegeta scowled at her cowardice.

"That was different. I…" She struggled to find an excuse.

Vegeta gripped her arm and pulled her closer. Goku, Krillin, and Piccolo took that moment to slip out and Trunks just watched horrified at Vegeta’s treatment of Bulma. "No, it wasn’t any different. What happened to that blood thirst little she-devil that bit me because I was taking her power away?" Vegeta tried to stir up some of her anger, to get her to remember that feeling.

She thought for a moment, Vegeta listened to her arguing with her own reasoning. ‘That was just the ring, right? But I do still remember that feeling, the feeling of power and strength. I’d do anything to have it back, but how. It’s too dangerous to put the ring back on… isn’t it?’

"No, not if we start you out slowly. We’ll use it to help you get used to ki, and then you can go out on your own." Vegeta answered her out loud. Trunks knew immediately what he was talking about, despite missing the first half of the "conversation".

"No way. You can’t put the ki enhancer back on. It’s too dangerous." He stood up, face to face with Vegeta.

"Not if we don’t let it get out of control, besides we don’t really have time to wait for her to learn on her own." Vegeta got right back in Trunks face, not willing to back down form a challenge. The two looked ready to duke it out again. Bulma put a hand on Trunks shoulder and pulled him back.

"It’s ok, Trunks, and despite his underestimation of my abilities to catch on quickly," She glared at Vegeta, who only smirked back, "He is right. It is safe, if we take it slow, and we don’t have time." She looked away form Vegeta’s triumphant look to face Trunks rejected one.

‘I’ve lost her for good. She’s on his side now…’ Trunks nodded sadly to Bulma. "Ok, if you say so. I guess I’m going to catch up to Goku and Krillin. I think I’ll train with them. Don’t expect to see me around her much. I think I’ll be moving out soon anyway." Trunks turned and walked away.

Bulma could guess why he looked so defeated, so could Vegeta. He’d sensed the boy’s connection to the woman and knew of their history when he had been inside Bulma’s head. He also knew that the woman didn’t feel the same way for the boy.

"Trunks, wait." Bulma started to go after her friend, but Vegeta pulled her back.

"Let him go. He knows that you belong to me now." He put a possessive hand on her shoulder. Bulma stared at if in anger.

"Who do you think you are?!" She pushed his hand away and started to yell into his face. "You don’t own me! No one does! Get that through your skull right now. You can’t order me around, just because we have some kind of bond. I do what ever I want!" She poked him in the chest with her finger.

‘That’s it little one, bring it on.’ "Don’t yell so much, woman. If you want to fight, so be it, but don’t screech so, it’s giving me a headache." He stood his ground, arms crossed over his chest.

Bulma fumed at his insolence. "Ooh, you… you… jerk!" She screamed at him as she turned to walk out.

"Is that the best you can do? That’s pathetic, I hope you get more intelligent from now on." He called after her. She didn’t dignify his words with a response. She only lifted a finger to him as she left.

Vegeta chuckled. ‘Eventually, woman, but not yet, just be patient, the time will come.’

‘-I heard that! In your wildest dreams, buddy!-’ Even from another room, Vegeta caught her thoughts loud and clear.


Later that night, however, Bulma found herself pacing her floor. "Why can’t I sleep?" She asked out loud to her room. ‘I can’t seem to calm down. It can’t be that stupid bond, can it?’ She walked back and forth a few more times before throwing up her hands in frustration. "Ok, fine! I give up!" She left her room and walked straight to where Vegeta was. She wasn’t sure how she knew; she could just feel him. He was only a few doors down in one of the guest rooms. She opened the door silently peeking in. He was laying on his bed, full armor with his arms behind his head, on top of the covers, but his eyes were shut.

‘How come he can sleep and I can’t?’ She wondered spitefully. She tiptoed in quietly and looked down at his form. ‘I hate having to do this, but I’m exhausted.’ She sat down on the bed and say back slowly. She tried to keep form touching him, so as not to wake him, but she didn’t have much room. She turned on her side, her back to him, feeling much better already.

"I was wondering how long it would take you to come to me." His voice startled her, but she kept her scream inside.

"Not a word, Vegeta." She said as she closed her eyes and drifted off.

* * * * *

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