Bulma and Vegeta
By: Miss Lizz

Chapter One

Bulma giggled excitedly, kneeling on the bed in front of a pile of money. Her long blue hair cascading down her back and over her shoulders. Her eyes were beaming with happiness. Never in her whole life did she ever think she was going to be this lucky. She had money, excitement in her once boring life and her love...Vegeta.

She lifted her head up and shone her eyes his way. He was sitting across the bed on a chair. He just sat there his dark eyes staring at her and a sly smirk on his face.

"I canít believe it baby, three banks in three days. God I love you," she stood up wobbling on the bed and jumped off in Vegetaís direction. She walked over to him and sat on his lap. Bulma wrapped her arms around his neck and lovingly kiss his lips.

"How much did you count?" Vegeta asked once she pulled away. His eyes were like flames to her ice cold eyes and she could just melt in them. His hair was no different for it shot up into a black flame and made you think.

"250 000 dollars Vegeta. Pretty good if you ask me," She got up and skipped over to the bed. "So when are we leaving this one horse town?"

"Tonight, donít need the police to catch up to us now, do we?" He said getting up and stretching. "We should really get some sleep. Its going to be along drive to get to Dallas."

"Weíre going to visit your family!" Bulma squealed excitedly and started jumping on the bed. Her long hair wildly swaying and jumping with her every move. "Come on Vegeta itís fun." She pulled him up onto the bed, money flying everywhere. Vegeta shrugged his shoulder and started jumping too. Vegeta bent over picked up a handful of money and threw it up into the air.

Bulma giggled and started tossing money too. You could hear them laughing down the hallway of the dusty and old hotel but nobody would have even guessed that they were Americaís most wanted, that they were Bulma and Vegeta.

* * * * *

More to come.................

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