Chapter Two

"I swear to god it was them, It had to be," the bank teller cried. " I swear to god it was Bulma and Vegeta." Officer Son sadly shook his head. He’s been on their case for 3 years and just when you think you have them, they slip between your fingers.

"Thank you for the help Ma’am," Goku Son sighed. Bulma and Vegeta were just here not even 24 hours ago. He slowly started to walk out of the bank. Things had changed since he was a boy, sure there were robberies back then but you would always track them down pretty fast. Bulma and Vegeta were a different case. Three years, three damn years and there was hardly a trace of them.

Goku sighed again and sat down to think some more.


"Uhhhhhh," Bulma moaned and sat up. Her long blue locks blocking her view. Slowly she moved them out of the way and looked at the open road. "How long have I been out for Vegeta?"

"Since, we left the hotel," He gruffly replied. Bulma opened her mouth to speak but Vegeta sensed it and cut her off. "We’re almost at the Oklahoma/Texas border, but first we are going to stop at restaurant to get you to freshen up."

"Vegeta do I have to flirt with those disgusting guards? The last time they almost made me gag."

"What , Do you want ME to flirt with them?" Vegeta almost laughed. "Come on, For me? Listen why do we do this? Why do we rob banks?"

"Well we rob banks for excitement, for money and for a life."

"How about we make a deal? $500, 000 and thats, that. No more. We will start the family you want, get a house, Have a wedding anything you want. With 500,000 dollars we will be set for life." Bulma stared at him wide eyed. Thousands of thoughts raced through her mind.

Bulma grinned from ear to ear. "Oh my God, do you mean it?" She squealed and jumped right onto Vegeta to hug him.

"Ahhh," Vegeta yelled and swerved to miss the oncoming traffic. Vegeta stared at Bulma for a moment or two. Bulma was back in her seat nervously staring at him.

"Sorry," she meekly said and stared back into the road.


"Hello Sir," Bulma cheerfully and seductively whispered to the grotesque guard.

"Howdy ma’am," the guard snorted. " Got any ID?" Bulga nodded and pulled it out to show him. "Travelling with anyone?"

"No Sir?" she said and winked at him. He stared wide eyed and gulped. He handed back her ID and frantically waved at the man at the booth to let her through. She giggled and stepped on the gas and sped away leaving a stunned guard behind.

Vegetal’s head poked up from behind. "Why did we steal this cramped up buggy thing?" He slid into the front awkwardly.

"Well if you weren’t the only one with flaming hair, then you wouldn’t have to be cramped back there."

"Where’s our first robbery?" Vegetal asked. Bulga smile.

"Wichita Falls." Vegetal smirked, leaned back and laughed.


"I’ll be right there," Goku said and cut off the radio connection. ‘Damn Guard, They’d do anything for a pretty face.’ He shook his head sadly and drove as quickly as he could to get to the border.

"I better call Chi-chi first," he said out load. ‘At this rate I won’t get there till tomorrow morning’

* * * * *

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