Part 3


The first thing he noticed as he was so forcefully awaken was that the pod was totally out of control. The next thing he noticed was that was that there was a massive asteroid, and just like Freeza's scout ship from before, it was heading straight for him. But this time there was no last minute maneuvering that could be done. The pod controls were not responding. Vegeta quickly strapped himself down and braced for the full impact of the asteroid while praying that the tiny pod would be able to take the blow and remain in tact, and cursing Bardock and all his ancestors for his horrible craftsmanship. Everything seemed to move in slow motion for the Saiyan no Ouji. His mind was barely able to make sense of it all. And with a hand of fate from his ancestors and an act of grace from the gods the tiny pod got caught in the gravitational pull of a nearby planet, which changed the little pod's flight path. This caused it to only clip the edge of the asteroid, ricocheting the pod downward and further into the planet's gravitational pull. Vegeta frantically tried to regain control of the pod's malfunctioning systems, but the gods would not have it. As he was sling shot into the planet's atmosphere he briefly wondered if the third little blue planet from the sun could support saiyan life, and even if possible, be advanced enough to where he could send a message to his father and explain his already bleak situation. As the pod furiously rocked back and forth as he cleared the planet's atmosphere, Vegeta briefly got an eyeful of the planet's surface, and noticed that he was descending way too fast. Suddenly, getting in contact with his father no longer seemed as significant as making sure he survived the pod's landing. Scrambling to do what ever he could to stop the pod's speed he inadvertently began to power up cursing in every language he knew and slamming his fist down on the console as he began to collide with the planet's native vegetation. Although it was painfully slamming his pod back and forward, the vegetation managed to slow the pod's speed down tremendously. Vegeta let out a sigh of relief as he realized his chances for surviving the landing had just doubled. But he was not allowed to enjoy that thought for long as his body suddenly felt as if it hit had a brick wall.


The day was like any other mid summer day in July. The temperature was high but pleasant and Bulma Briefs was spending it with her friends. She was spending it lying around on a small private island owned by a perverted old man along with her best friends in the world, and getting the perfect beach tan. They had decided to get together this mid July day to celebrate the up coming Tenkaichi Budokai which everyone knew Goku would win. Though it was a great chance to get together with old friends and catch up on what had been going on in everyone's life.


Kami, how many years had passed sense the day she had almost run over the strange little boy with a tail? Time had gone by so fast and Goku, well Goku was no longer a little boy but a newly married man about to start a family of his own. Bulma wonder if she would ever have a family with the fairy tale prince she once dreamed of. She thought briefly on that young girl who had gone on a search for the mysterious dragon balls oh so many years ago. Kami how here life had chance since then. At one part and time she thought Yamcha, her desert bandit, would be her prince charming and sweep her off her feet into happily ever after with the two point five kids and the white picket fence. But that little fantasy was shattered by the reality and time would tell that Yamcha was no prince and that they were simply not meant to be. Sure he was a great friend but a friend none the less. In fact, that was all Bulma could find: men who were only meant be her friends. All frogs and no prince. Sure they were all great in oneway or another but none quite had that…well that missing thing that was missing. The fact was she was starting to believe that the missing thing was all in her head and that maybe no man on earth had what she was looking forand that she was meant to miss what she never had. She quickly rose from her beach chair a decided to take a brisk walk on the beach to clear her head.

"That the problem when you a genius you're a genius. You tend to think too much" she stated to herself out loud.

With no thought she wrapped her arms around her body in a silent embrace drawing warmth to herself as she watch the sun go down and begin to fade into a starry night. Looking up to the sky as the cooling summer breezewhipped through her azure locks she saw what appeared to be a shooting star. Remembering a tale she was told as a child, she closed her eyes to make a silent wish. She reopened them only to realize what she was seeing was nostar at all and just as that realization set in, all her friends rushed out to join her on the beach.

"Hey guys you won't believe what I think I just saw!" she stated excitedly.

The Z team just stood there looking deep in thought staring up at the sky.

"Hey guys did you hear what I said I think I just saw a UFO! I don't know what it is but I'm sure it was not a shooting star! Hey guys…HELLO! Are any of you listening to me!" she began to shout.

"Something's coming," Krillin answered.

"Something very powerful," Goku answered, "like I've never felt before!"

Just as that was said a massive ball of light covered the horizon and a massive sonic boom echoed across the land causing a massive tidal wave to form heading straight for the tiny island.

As the thought "I AM SO GOING DIE" raced through Bulma's mind she heard Goku and Krillin call out

"Kame Hame Ha!"

And then they let loose two powerful ki blasts, cutting through the twenty foot high tsunami that was heading for them, causing it to split in two and break apart onto the ocean floor.

"Whoa guys what just happened? What was that!" Bulma asked slight confused by what was all going on.

"I don't know Bulma but the power we felt earlier is fading. It must have been injured in the crash." Goku stated as he raised to the skies only to be followed by Krillin, Tien and the others.

"Goku" Krillin called out "We don't even know if this thing is good or not! What if it's here to try to take over the world or something!"

And with Goku's most infinite wisdom he said "Well I guess we will just have to see what happens, but it needs our help right now." He and took off for the crash site with the rest of the Z fighters in tow leaving Bulma alone on the island with just the old pervert to fend for her self.

* * * * *

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