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Vega-Sei was once known as the saiyan equivalent of paradise. With it’s tremendously lush landscape of green lands with all types of vegetation, and wildlife. It had the highs of quality hunting grounds with the best tasting game. But at the time the Saiyan no Ou reached the once beautiful sister world to Vegeta-Sei it laid in ruin. Death and destruction lied everywhere.

"Ousama I strongly suggest that you not be here!" The first commander of the royal saiyan elite military Nappa suggested.

"And I strongly suggest that you not presume to tell me, the Saiyan no Ou of all Vegeta-Sei the most powerful warrior of our race, what to do Nappa! Unless you wish to join the dead and claim Vega-Sei as your final resting place!" a very irate Saiyan no Ou screamed at his first commander.

"NO of course not sire! I would never dare to think to presume to tell you…" Nappa very quickly and fearfully stumbled out trying to calm the Ousama going temper.

"Of course you would not commander." The Ousama stated patronizingly.

"The gods know I hate to agree with Nappa about anything sire, but I also believe you should not be on this world." Bradock stated boldly.

"Not you to Bradock! I will not sit by idly at the palace and hide while thousands of my people are slaughtered! They need me!"

"They need you to stay alive sire! They need you to lead to them to victory! To always be there to fight the great fight!" Bradock stated forcefully.

"Old friend the gods have brought me to this world to fight that great fight! And in the gods hands and the gods alone does my fate lie. If I am to die this night or any night after this one let me die with the fight, within battle with honor as every Ou… as every fully born saiyan has the right do!" Ousama stated not willing to accept any arguement, or reply but simply walking away before anyone could get a word in else wise joining the soldiers on the front lines.


He was very severally injured; it was a he that much she was sure of. Who he was where came from, and why he was here she was not so sure of. But the one thing she did know was that Master Roshi’s island was not the place to treat him. And seeing as he had what appeared to be a tail and well literally fell from the sky Bulma did not think it was best to bring him to a regular hospital either. So it was decided that the medical wing at Capsule Corps headquarters would be the best choice to heal the injured man.

"He is simply remarkable" Dr. Briefs commented pulling his daughter out of a trance. She had been staring at their new houseguest for quiet some time. Below the layer of dried up blood and grime that covered his bronze skin was an amazingly handsome man…er alien. He had such a strong jaw line and cheekbones, long black eyelashes with jet-black hair and try as she might to smooth his soft ebony mane down it kept defying gravity and sticking itself back up. What was the saying ‘tall dark and handsome’ well two out of three was bad and that described him to a T.

Finally realizing her father was speaking to her she mumbled out "What was that daddy?" hoping her father did not witness her drooling.

"I said this boy is remarkable the fact that he is still in one piece and all. Any normal man would have been instantly killed from the water pressure or from the sheer impact that his craft made as he slammed into the ocean."

"Wow" was all that Bulma could make out as she looked on with amazement at the mystery man.

Unexpectedly he began to stir and show sign of coming back to life Suddenly ebony eyes flickered open to meet her blue ones.

"Wh…hi!" was all Bulma managed to get out as his eyes pierced through hers.

He tried to lift himself up out of the bed but was quickly stopped by both an ample amount of pain soaring to his midsection his arms quickly wrapping themselves to his injured side and. Bulma’s gentle push back down to the bed.

"I would not try that if I were you. You were badly injured when my friends found you and it’s going to be awhile before you’re going to be moving around without being in pain." "Where?" was all he could groan out.

"Where are you?" she asked and he just weakly nodded.

"Well you’re at my home the Capsule Corporation headquarters in the Western Capital of Japan on the planet Earth."

He just sighed and let his eyes close for a second or two before he begin to stare at her again.

"My name is Bulma by the way, Bulma, Bulma Briefs. And you would be?"

"Saiyan no Ouji Vegeta no o juuyon."

"O…Kay… Saiyan no Ouji Vegeta no o juuyon where are you from and why are you here if you don’t mind me asking." She wondered curiously, but before Vegeta could reply with an answer Goku and the others burst into the room.

"Bulma is the stranger o.k.?" he asked as he flew through the doors. "I felt his ki rise."

"Bradock!?!" Vegeta weakly blurted out.

"Bradock?" Bulma stated confused. "I don’t know who or what a ‘Bradock’ is but Vegeta no Ouji no o juuyon met Son Goku."

"No Ouji?" Goku asked curious "No Ouji of what?"

Vegeta just continued to stare at Goku not replying.

"Of the Saiyanjins" Bulma chimed in.

"Oh" Goku answered back then scratched his head and asked, "What’s a Saiyanjin?"

"It’s what you are!" Vegeta answered, "You must be Kakarrot! Bradock youngest son that was sent away right after Freeza"s first wave of attacks!"

"Ah Vegeta, you most have me confused with someone else. I don’t know of any Bradock and I am from here I was born and raised here on earth I’m human."

"You will address me as Vegeta no Ouji third class! You are and will always be saiyanjin! Besides you are the image of that sorry excuse for an engineer father of yours. He is the cause of my crash here. But enough about you Kakarrot I need to know if this sorry excuse of planet of yours has any technology that could be useful to the empire!"

"Why? Is that why you are here?" Bulma blurted out.

"Kakarrot tell your mate that this dose not concern her or her weak little race." Vegeta said with superiority.

"WHAT!?!" Bulma screamed out as her temper began to flare. "First of all if mate is anything like boyfriend or husband Goku is so not mine! Second if it has to do with technology or technical know how I am the one you need to be begging for it from seeing that I am the most brilliant being on this ‘sorry excuse for a planet’ as you put it! Last but not least how dare you…."

Bulma’s rant was cut off short as Goku grabbed her and pulled her away from the injured man. He knew how Bulma could be once her temper got started and he wished that wrath on no man.

"Bulma calm down I’m sure he did not know we were just friends." He states calmly while lightly laughing at his now very pissed off friend.

"Bulma just "Humph’ed" and stormed out the room in disbelief leaving the two saiyanjin alone to talk about things.


Death was all around.

The salty mixtured smell of blood and charred flesh was everywhere.

He would fight to his last breath if need be.

The Ginyu came from out of no where and screams of terror where heard all over.

They where too fast and too many for most but he was still on his feet going blast for blast blow for blow until the unthinkable arrived on the battlefield.

With a flash of light he felt his flesh begin to boil over and burn.

He looked down to his right as his blood poured over his eye burring with pain to see his friend die right before him at the hand of the enemy.

He ran over blinded by pain and rage only to watch the world he now knew go to black.

When Bradock returned to the land of the living again he was in a regeneration tank in the medical wing of the palace. His mind raced to why the gods would spare his life and not that of his friend. All he could do was pray for the quick return of the Ouji…no the new Ousama. He only hoped Vegetasei would still be there to great him upon that return.


Time passed Vegeta grew stronger and was soon almost well enough to be back on his journey across space. Of course this was with the help of Bulma and her technical genius. Soon after she left the medical bay furious at the Saiyanjin she began to try to make repairs to his ship so that he could leave as soon as possible. But the damage to the pod caused by the apparent asteroid that he hit and the impact of the ocean was to great. She deiced it was best to salvage what she could from the pod and build him a new ship to soar across the heavens in using a little capsule corps technology and her own specifications and design. While busy on her know pet project she managed to stay away from her not so pleasant house guest although she saw him every now and then he spent most of his time preparing for the up coming Tenka-Ichi Budokai.

Due to some heavy encouragement from Goku and an argument from Bulma Vegeta deiced to participate in what he referred to as ‘a useless form of weakling entertainment’! But the chance to take out his frustrations of being stuck on this planet on someone, and being able to rub it in that onna’s face that he won and was the strongest being in the universe was just to good of an opportunity to pass up. The onna in some way or another his mind always drifted back to her. She was just always there. Sure he was staying at her home but did that mean she had to always be around him asking him questions dressed in those incredibley short shorts showing off her long creamy legs… Ahhh and if that was not enough every time he screamed and yelled at her she actually had the audacity to scream back at him! Him! The Saiyan no Ouji of all Vegetasei, one of the most feared and strongest beings in the known universe and she actually screamed and yelled and cursed out words that even he did not know. Her blue eyes would burn an icy fire her face would flush, and blood would rush to her cheeks and lips making her look so kissable. It was right after their first really big fight that he began to feel this way that’s when he started to notice how saiyan like she really was. She had been pestering him for awhile to teach her saiyango so that she could better study the functions on his pod to build a better one. And of course there was no way in hell he was going to take the time out of his training to teach her and kindly told her so.

"Look onna your feeble little human mind could not come close to understanding the complicity of saiyango."

Like he was to know that she would totally flip and the literally attack him! Her tiny hands went straight for his neck wrapping around it, and as soon as she realized that was not going to effect him she began to punch him until her hand turned red. In the shock of it all Vegeta just stood there letting her hit him. He could not believe she was actually attacking him. Her eyes blazed an inferno, and he could smell the sweet scent of her anger rush. She was appealing to all his senses and for that he considered her dangerous very dangerous!

* * * * *

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